#SituakaMay5: Lord Mayor Lukwago is still under House-Arrest on the Second Day!

Lukwago 06.05.2016

Just as yesterday’s demonstrations occured and the house-arrest of certain markie leaders of the opposition happen in the midst of early morning on the 5th May. The Police Force never plans to leave, just as the actions of the Police in Kasangati, the same is now happening in Wakaliga in the Rubaga Division. Where Erias Lukwago the incumbent and elected Lord Mayor of Kampala is now under house arrest on the second day!

Here is the final report that have surfaced:

“Right now at LORDMAYOR’S home even today they have denied him access to go to his chambers to money for buying food for his family and practice his dutys “.

So the Uganda Police Force has yet again used their laws to their benefit as they again take their citizens for granted and detain their leaders without impunity. As the hours go without a court-order or a charge against Lord Mayor Hajj Erias Lukwago Ssalongo! Peace.