Opinion: VP Mohadi is useless…

“We got our independence but the white man never gave us knowledge on how to run our economy, we only know how to run General Dealers shops, the white man never taught us how to run a proper economy” – Vice President Kembo Mohadi

What legislation? What policy is Kembo Mohadi known for? I cannot think of anything. I cannot imagine anything he has done in power and as a government lackey. There is nothing he has delivered or done, that has made profound changes.

That is why its striking that one of the laziest legislators, one of the laziest in the cabinet and in general are blaming the colonial masters. The United Kingdom have their short-coming and did their bad things, while they were the ruler of Zimbabwe back-in-the-day. However, that is 40 years ago or about 2 generations ago.

There have been plenty of moons since the British had any say or did anything in Harare. It has all been ZANU-PF who has reigned and with brutal force. They have used the same means of the colonial to strike against the citizens. They were the new oppressors taking over for the old one.

That is why its very fitting. That one of the VPs are speaking out. One of the Deputies of the President in 2020 blaming the ones governing in the 1970s for the shortcomings today. No, it is not Mugabe and Mnangagwa. No, its Ian fucking Smith. The White Bastard of Rhodesia. Yes, the minority tyrant of Zimbabwe. Yes, he was a son-of-bitch. Yes, Smith was oppressive and deserved by all records to be overthrown.

However, there been plenty of water under the bridge since then. There been plenty of time to fix, amend and make a difference.

The problems of 2020 isn’t because of Smith and his bad regime. No, its because of the inept, corrupt and mismanaged rule of ZANU-PF. That is, it. We all know it is easier to blame someone else, then look into your own shortcomings. That is just what Mohadi did.

The VP looked to the predecessors, the ones in power 40 years ago. It is like blaming The Beatles for the sucking pop-music of the current age. It just doesn’t add up. The ZANU-PF, if they wanted too. They would have learned, they would have acknowledged and asked for counsel. So, that they could have fixed the economy and followed financial experts. Nevertheless, that haven’t been the case. It has tanked, because of how they operate.

So, blaming the leadership of the 1960s, 1970s and such on the trouble in the 2000s, 2010s and in 2020. Is beyond bonkers. That is not taking any accountability for the 40 YEARS in power. The ZANU-PF have had a lifetime to make things work. Instead they have depleted it all and blames its soon on the dead.

So long live the President, long live the Republic and Lord have mercy on the VP Mohadi, because he needs it. Peace.

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Opinion: Mugabe, a hero turned goblin!

Well, his final day was finally here. He turned 95 years old. He held office for over 37 years. Robert Gabriel Mugabe was special, was unique, but also very very brutal. He was conning, smart and knew what to say. What is even more striking about this man, he knew perfectly well, but still had the ability to destroy the good graces given to him.

The Republic of Zimbabwe, the Republic he liberated and made his own after the brutal and despotic rule of minority white rule under Ian Smith. The Rhodesia, which became Zimbabwe. That he fought from the outside. Went into exile, combined forces with other rebels and in the end signed a grand agreement at the Lancaster House. Which till to this is cherish and respected, because of that achievement.

What was to come, was someone who would use the colonial laws and expertise and use it on his population. Someone who had the breadbasket of the Southern African hemisphere. But destroyed it and now the state is importing needed food stuff. A country with a positive economy, functioning state institutions and so on. But no is questionable at best. That is shown by where he died. He didn’t die in one of the public hospitals in Harare. No his final days was in Singapore. Where he travelled to in the recent years for his medical and health care check-ups. That is sign of how mismanaged the Republic has been. As the head-of-state cannot trust his own civil service or the delivery of common health care.

President Mugabe will be remembered for 5th Brigade and its slaughter between 1983 to 1987. A brigade trained by the North Koreans to assault and kill the ones that betrayed and voted against the Presidency. The tribe that didn’t follow Uncle Bob. This was something he never said sorry for or ever addressed, as if it was a created myth, which wasn’t important.

Well, in consideration after that, he used his time in power to linger there. To destroy the nation he started to build Instead of leaving a legacy of greatness, of servitude and hope. He leaves behind many destroyed families, many families without answers, people abducted, people killed and activists scorned by them standing up his regime. There was a First Republic under Mugabe that was cherished.

He was so cherished at one point, that you could say, at one point in time. He was the Mandela of Zimbabwe. The unifier and the hope of the Republic. The one being honoured by the Queen of England. The one who was mentioned with good words. But that was only until he shown his true colours and what gave him power. He used methods of fear, the state to silence opposition and arrest them. Even aimed at killing them like he tried to do at least twice with Morgan Tsvangirai.

Just like Mugabe buried the remaining part of his former friend and ally turned opposition Ndabaningi Sithole Friday, who in December 1997 was charged with conspiracy to kill him at the tender age of 77. Clearly, a political imprisonment of someone who had the ability and the wording to challenge the President. This is the sort of acts, that will remember how a liberation hero turned oppressor.

Mugabe went from hero to a zero. By his own defaults, by his own measures, he had it, but spoilt it. By his greed, patronage and will to stay in power. Instead of letting go to next man by succession, he had to be overthrown in a coup, that wasn’t a coup in November 2017. Because, he couldn’t resign, when he was already at the stages of advanced age. He was supposed to be the biblical forever ruling Head-of-State. That was who he was or who he became.

He knew how to speak, he knew how to use words and show his brightness. No doubt about that. His speeches are colourful and shows his wit. No doubt about that, his quotes and wordings will be running past our life time. But, that wasn’t all.

Because, Mugabe was a lot, his tyranny went to a point, where people was arrested for calling him names. Being a foreigner supporting the wrong NGOs or whatever sorry excuse the state could find. This was more important than developing the nation or even trying to make it run on default. As the spiralling inflation, the deconstruction of its currency, the lack of foreign exchange and bountiful spending on the first family. The Mugabe’s was living lavish, while the ordinary man couldn’t afford bread. That is end-game of this family and this man.

A man that rose through the ranks of a righteous rebellion, who consolidated the power. Got the Republic, made it in his imaged and wrecked it. He could have passed it on, but decided to linger on. In the end dying in Singapore, because he hadn’t done his job at home. He did serve as the Head of State for over 3 decades, but still couldn’t get medical treatment at home. That shows his disgraceful governing right there. That is not strength, but weakness.

Mugabe, the one that freed Zimbabwe, was not the same man who was overthrown in a coup. Neither was he the same after he ordered and accepted the killings in Gukurahundi in the 1980s. His a man of many things, of many stories, countless ones actually. Even falling a sleep in the United Nations General Assembly. The man reading up the wrong speech at a rally. That is the sort of thing he did too.

Therefore, it isn’t one picture. Even though for me, he went from a hero to become a Goblin. A man who went from being respected for fighting for the righteous cause to destroy it all on his own. He could have been stature, a man of all seasons. Instead, he will be remembered by many for the hurt, the pain and suffering he ordered while being office. Peace.

Zanu-PF: Condolence Message by His Excellency the President Cde. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, following the Death of Founding President of Zimbabwe, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe, 6th September 2019 (06.09.2019)


Opinion: I don’t expect Dictators to fall, unless serious changes befall on them!

After Zimbabwe, people have started to blaze the horns and expecting other dictators to fall. Well, I am humbly saying, I hope so, but don’t expect so. Unless, there are vital changes, unless they lose their support and their weapons behind them. If the support and armies are not behind them, than the Robert Mugabe story can be repeated elsewhere. But it will be different from state to state, from president to president. As each President has built around a stronger or weaker system of orders, strength of institutions and also personal cult around themselves. We also know they are using their myths and their state media to serve their interests.

President’s that I will honor with a mention are Joseph Kabila, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Pierre Nkurunziza, Faure Gnassingbe, Hailemariam Desalegn, Isias Afwerki, Omar Al-Bashir, Idriss Deby, Paul Biya, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasango, Mahamadou Issoufou, Paul Kagame and Ismaïl Omar Guelleh. These are a list of honorable mentions, there several more that could be put on a list, but these was the first to mention, if feel someone is left behind. Please leave that in the comments down below(I know that sounds like a Youtuber, but I had to take inspiration from somewhere).

All of these men in their republics knows that they use power and security organizations to quell, silence and oppress their opposition. They are keeping control of the state reserves and has their party as filled of loyalists and cronies. All of this states are militarized, there is state controlled media and has various of different rules. They are strict and controlling from the state houses and the freedom in these states are limited. The state and business are usually connected with the President and his family. If not there are cronies who also have business and fortunes. So the dictators are for the moment having control and making sure the people is not uprising.

What we can know is that if these dictators take it to far and the fear for the repercussion from the state. So as long as the public and opposition are detained for arbitrary arrests and citizens hurt after demonstrations. While the state reserves and donor funds are eaten by the elite, while the countries are kept poor. As long as the republic’s are poor, than they still need more foreign donors and supply. So it is good for the dictators to keep their nations poor, as the Western and Multi-National Organization can continue to supply them with non-binding funds. That they are free to use on military and one themselves, instead of building institutions and good governance, it is all controlled by the one man on top and his loyal subjects around.

This is well known and for different reasons, these men should always worry about their decisions and their capacity to rule. Nothing last for ever. There will be some who might want to take their place and replace them. Someone will always be opposition and fight for democratic values, but sooner or later they will succeed. It is just a matter of how and how long it takes.

They are all based on strong military control, even minor specialized groups who are like Presidential Guards/Republican Guards or Special Forces. These are controlled usually by either relations or trusted generals, who are loyal not to turn against the President. The Presidents promotes and demotes leaders inside their armies often, the same in the police force/service to compensate and also to make sure the old guard of warrior and soldiers who fought for the President. Will not be seen as a threat or have power to ever topple him. That is why they are trying to distance themselves from the ones who brought them to power, because they will know their inner-tactics; that is why the stalwarts and historicals are more public personas, but not people of power. Even if they did have so in past.

That is done to secure the role and secure the commander-in-chief, even the President always need the historical battles and origin story to keep himself relevant and prove his place. He don’t needs ones who fought with him and his cause. They will just ask for checks- and balances on the promises made in liberation and in the battles against previous oppressors. That is why they are not entangled with these, unless they give them phony medals and grant money, to hopefully silence them.

Still, with all the protocol and strength of the army, they are still vulnerable as they know this too. That why they are calculating and trying to find out the next person who wants their role and their positions. Which is why there are changes in their cabinets, Vice-Presidents and Prime Ministers. Until they find persons and people they trust to not ambitions to overpower them. Also, they want to stop other MPs and other voices to install hope in the population and to create popularity that is bigger then their personal cult and their teachings.

However, there are ways to bring them down by actually not fearing the state security organizations, waiting for the President to act swiftly without feeling the tensions within his own party. Like President Robert Mugabe did recently. If not actually know you have lost all legitimacy in recent elections, but not willing to step down like Yayha Jammeh. That was ECOWAS and Senegal who intervened on behalf of the newly elected President. Which was the reason for the dictator ending in Exile recently.

Therefore, we have to hope for leaders who have capacity to capture the pulse of the people who are oppressed, of the ones who are marginalized and the ones who are captured by the state. Since the dictatorships doesn’t give up easy, unless there is no escape. History has learned us that and therefore, the lesson needs to be learned. We in our time cannot give in and accept that the liberty, freedom and government are taken by one elite and one ruler.

Certainly, it will not be easy, the fight against oppressors will cost and take time. That is proven time in and time out. The same will happen here, but with their aging and their lack of control. Their trust in family members and trying to create family dynasties. They might fall like Mugabe. Even if some are sons of former presidents. Doesn’t mean they can continue owning the title and running the state. It is proven that is not accepted and that is all within reason. This is what happen in Zimbabwe and we understand if similar events transpire elsewhere.

In the end it is all up to the public for change, the public reactions and their demonstrations, boycotts and their inner works to dismantle the oppressive dictatorship. Often the international community and international counterparts will not intervene as they wants mineral resources and other commodities for cheap; and as long one partner can be bribed, the workers and resources don’t need to paid-in-full or proper. This prospers foreign investments and multi-national companies. This is not well-spoken of, but should be revealed, as it is so often shady dealings with resources sold or land to investors from these dictators. They are funding the state and military, that together with aid are keeping these regimes afloat.

With all this in mind, we have to continue the struggle against these men that are keeping people hostage and taking away freedom and liberty, freedom to assembly and to be activists. They are licensing and authorizing businesses and if people are allowed to have parties and civil society organizations. This are all in different ways, the same with the media and other public ways of sharing information. These are often controlled like all else are in society and in the republic.

We can just wonder if we let this repeat itself, let them continue to oppress and letting these multi-national corporations earn on this forms of government. If we can accept that aid and multi-national organizations keeping budgets and keeping them as leaders, because if these leaders would struggle more economically, more loyalists and more cronies would actually deflect quicker. Also, that if the economy struggle and the security organizations are not paid-off. They could instead of turning their weapons against the public, they could turn against the government/regime. So there are many ways together with public uprising that is needed to topple these dictatorships. Peace.