Opinion: The Movement Aspirants states a bitter fact [about the ‘Art of Peer Pressure’]

Members of the ruling National Resistance Movement who contested and failed in the previous party primary elections have formed an association to stop future ‘sham elections. The association dubbed Action for Transformation and Sustainable Development also seeks to help members recover from the loss and strategize for the 2026 election” (Gerald Matembu – ‘NRM losers form Association to stop electoral malpractice’ 13.10.2021, Nile Post).

We are used too that National Resistant Movement aspirants or members who loses their primaries stands as “independents”. That is very common with this party and is common at the last elections. The NRM Electoral Commission haven’t been able to handle or had the manpower to secure it either. Neither does the party suspend or sends letter of expulsion to the former aspirants either. Therefore, today’s new association is really inspiring.

This must be insulting to the Chairman, the NRM Central Executive Committee and the NRM EC. All of the heads who vouch for the system and has created it this way. The President and every single Minister must feel insulted. They have all been elected through the system.

These are the new stock of NRM Rebels and that’s not the ‘Correct Line’. With that in mind, we can wonder what is the next step? What will they do? How will they plea or have their cases heard?

Not like Secretary General Richard Todwong will have a listen. He is a loyal cadre of the President and cannot handle this. This man will not accept the scrutiny or allegations. The former SG Justine Kasule-Lumumba was hostile towards to the NRM EC Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi. The internal elections has been an issue, but not properly resolved.

What is striking is that this is happening after NRM Primaries was held with voting in line. They were standing behind the candidate they did prefer. Now the aspirants are saying this isn’t fair. Which is striking, since this was changed between the 2015 and 2020 after wishes of the President. They are saying his voting system isn’t fair. That must infuriate him when he gets the call or the memo.

We were plenty of outsiders saying this and called it the ‘Art of Peer Pressure’ as it was a clear signal of popularity and not a secret ballot. This was clear from the get-go, but the aspirants accept this school-yard way of challenging the polls. So, in their regards its a bit late. They can hope for a better way of running it next time. However, that is all up to the President and the NRM CEC. Peace.

A look into NRM SG Todwong’s pity party [a response to his ODM letter]

I write to draw your attention and those of your ilk to the individual and collective comments you made against the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party, the sovereign Government of the Republic of Uganda and above all, the personal disrespect and insults you accorded His Excellency General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda and the entire Country” (Todwong, 06.08.2021).

The Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Richard Todwong has written a critical letter in response to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) press conference earlier this week. Which happened because the Deputy President William Ruto was blocked to leave Wilson Airport to Uganda. Therefore, the letter dated the 6th August 2021 is interesting, but also a lot of self-pity.

The SG of NRM has to write this way and be defensive. Because the ODM obliterated the NRM and that hurts the pride of the party naturally. Also, the remarks about Museveni must have been seen as damaging. Though all the words was in my opinion on point, but the ones living and breathing NRM will feel infuriated, because their gig is up.

It is just like magic like statement like these: “Dear Honourable Member, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party that you referred to in your hurriedly-released press conference started in the early 1960s as a student movement. This was when its founder-chairman H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, whom you insulted, realized that the post-colonial administrative structures/systems we inherited could not solve the major social, economic and political questions of Uganda” (Todwong, 06.08.2021).

Because the National Resistance Army started in 1981 after the elections that year. Before that he had a short stint with the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM). Even before that Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) was emerging in 1971 but fully formed in 1973 and lasted until 1979. When he became the Vice Chairman in the Military Council until the 1980 election. The earliest group formed by Museveni was the University Students’ African Revolutionary Front (USARF) which was a political student group. Therefore, if Todwong is saying this… just like his master… than the origin of NRM traces back to University days and there is no trace of NRM there. Only that the personification of the state was the Chairman like he is today of the NRM. Since the university he has had several of outfits, but they are bursting in comparison to the NRM we know today. If it was early 1960s it must have been at Nkore school. Todwong, I would also say 67 is late 60s and not early by ordinary definition.

Todwong continues: “The State had virtually collapsed and there was nothing to talk or write about Uganda in economic terms. The NRM and President Museveni picked this country from zero and embarked on systematic rebuilding and restructuring it by restoring social order and discipline among the populations through promoting peace, stability, rule of law and democracy” (Todwong, 06.08.2021).

Just like his questionable facts or narrow fiction of the tale of NRM. He continues as he states certain things the NRM and the fellow Movement people are telling each other. However, it is with margins of error. Yes, the state was a wreck when Museveni took over in 1986. That’s because the previous leaders didn’t have stability or the core government had been in warfare for years. There was no way Museveni could do worse and he got help from donors to stabilize the economy for some time and also institutionalize things for a time being. However, with time these things has withered and the NRM cannot accept that the personification is corrupting and weakening the state.

Not like the current financial or economic status is to seek for. The underdeveloped, the lack of domestic revenue and evil cycle of recycling debt to pay for a over-bloated and expensive state organization. Which features more nepotism and lack or merits. While the state isn’t creating a sound investments or even generating policies that can be sustained or outgrow the potential of the state. Therefore, the core basics are wrong.

Last point, about the democracy in Uganda is hallow at best. There are “multi-party” democracy but only on paper in some regards. They are only there to show the world they have it. However, the NRM hold the control and the majority, by gerrymandering and controlling all the needed institutions to do so. It is not like Museveni or the NRM would make a peaceful transition to another party. No, they are rigging election, interfering and using the military to settle civilian scores. If not the military is fixing the problems, because that is what H.E. trusts and Todwong knows this.

Another very obvious lie is this one: “The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party does not and will never interfere with the internal affairs of any country” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). The SG must think people are blind and forgotten things quickly. The NRM and Museveni has entangled himself all across the East Africa and Central Africa. He has toppled the two Presidents in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There been questions if he was involved in the helicopter crashes of Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana and Dr. Joseph Garang of SPLM/A of South Sudan. The NRM was also supporting the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and helped them in the takeover as allies in Rwanda in 1994. Therefore, the NRM and Museveni has done lots of foreign interference and it cannot just shaded over this easily.

Todwong continues: “The NRM party is strong and has led Uganda for the last 35 consecutive years because peace, security and human rights are our major pillars” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). We know that they have Safe-Houses, civilians in Military Courts, extra judicial-killings and keeping political prisoners. The army and authorities are allowed to kidnap and detain people without any court or warrants. The state can also suddenly block and silence critics. The state can issue warnings and suddenly use soldiers to quell demonstrations and protests without any hesitation. Therefore, the NRM and the government of Uganda doesn’t have a stellar human rights record and this is just skimming track-record that nobody should want to copy.

He further states: “Our President whom you insulted is massively elected by the population every time we go for general elections. Your statement is an insult to the sovereignty and integrity of Ugandans who always elect their leaders as mentioned above” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). Well, the rigged elections can make anyone a victor. There haven’t been parades and giant celebrations of the general public after his “victories” of late. The pre-ticked ballots and results of the Presidential Elections has been questioned, as the algorithms and stats is non-equated Math. Which only pre-fixed for the result of making Museveni the winner. If the NRM and Museveni is insulted by stating this. Maybe they should actually hold “free and fair” elections… and not just rig them like they are currently doing.

Another one of these comes here: “Uganda’s record on fighting graft is laudable, we have a well-functional institutional anti-corruption mechanism that has drastically reduced corruption at all levels of government” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). The SG must have forgotten the Presidential Handshake saga and all the other corruption scandals. All the tenders, Dott Services and whatnot who has appeared in-front of us over the years. Not to forget the Ugandan Proverb “Missing Funds” which is an implied corruption scandal. Where ghosts, demeans and inner-circle are eating of the plate with no results to show for it. Plus the additional road-costs which is vastly overpriced because of the set-up corruption schemes needed to procure, work and get the ability to construct the kilo-meters of gravel.

We know his just reckless and doesn’t care about the truth when one of his statements is: “I won’t dwell so much on poverty” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). It just shows how little they are bothered, because they know they cannot prove advancement or any justification after all these years. They have been helped, aided and had United Nations Organizations to cover their bases all along. Therefore, the NRM haven’t found proper measures or policies to create livelihoods or an economy where the majority can prosper. Because, that sort of work would not suffice or make it possible for the President and his elite to live lavish. This is why he will not dwell on it… and it shows the true character here.

In this regard… this is enough of this letter and SG Todwong should be able to be a truth-teller, but then would risk offending the Don and the ones who is blessing him on the regular. That is why he had to write like this and this doesn’t make it a fact. This is why someone had to debunk it and Todwong shouldn’t get of the hook. The NRM and Museveni cannot revise or edit history. Still, they try but people shouldn’t let them. Peace.

Opinion: Todwong dines in a den of thieves

“The choice is in our hands and the responsibility falls on our shoulders to save our homeland from this ‘cancer’ of corruption and embezzlement of public funds with impunity” – Richard Todwong

The newly minted Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Richard Todwong have come out guns blazing as his tenure starts. However, he knows his comrades and fellow party affiliates. Its not like he don’t know and seen their modus operandi.

If fellow peers are corrupt and grand corruption is still a thing. They will not cease their operations over a few mere words. Then the striking, ranging thunder and tales of old would have made people go into fear mode a long time ago.

The SG will be no different. He has in the past addressed the mismanagement and lack of investments in schools. As he visited one wrecked school up-country. Nevertheless, the man didn’t do much or use much energy to invest more in the school system. He just raged a minute and let it all go.

Now, his talking of fighting corruption. I doubt he will challenge the Kitchen Cabinet nor the High Above. Neither will he go for the family enterprises or the lack of tenders. He will not delegate the PPDA, IGG or OAG somewhere useful. Also, he will not give a word to the Anti-Corruption Unit at the State House. That is only for the anointed one.

Therefore, this is just another lie for the façade. This is not for reality or for anything truthful. Don’t expect things to change. Not as long as the same fella is running the game and everyone is following his directives. There isn’t even a need for laws or legislation. If his directive is in play. Everyone will dance to the music he provides. The almighty DJ, inviting everyone to dance.

Todwong might mean well, but it seems like a ploy to sound legit. Since the game is already up and the corruption cases doesn’t cease to exist. That is just a mere fact. The Secretary General knows this, and he can act a fool, but his still not that stupid.

If he wants to treat this illness and go to core of the problem. Then the NRM needs to go to their roots, their rise to power and the reason for its existence. That’s where the problem is laying. Right in-front of them in plain sight. They all know it, but they are not allowed act upon it.

If they do. Then, they are challenging the master and that is something that is a cardinal sin. They will never be forgiven and will be feed to the wolves. There will be no return and the grave will await them. Peace.

I wish I had the guts of Todwong: He forgets who NRM really are!

For us at NRM, we knew this was an accident about to happen, there was a lot of confusion in that home and what happened was the climax of what was happening over time. It portrays FDC as a party that can’t handle internal contradictions, it portrays a party with members who have an ego bigger than the party. We’ve seen this in all political parties like DP and UPC, when a party is formed out of one specific agenda like remove an individual from power, these are the outcomes. To us as NRM, we really say they weren’t ready enough to have a political party” – Richard Todwong at NBS Frontline, 27.09.2018.

Let’s put things in perspective, the National Resistance Movement wouldn’t be like they are, if they didn’t have power or didn’t have the army. They need both to exist, as well, as they are following the guidelines and all principals of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The only man with a vision and leadership capacity within the party. That is why no-one has been able to succeed him since the 1980 election and the following Bush-War and the 32 years of ruling since.

It is like the NRM honcho Richard Todwong forgets that, as the biggest EGO of the land is Museveni. Not Kizza Besigye, Not Mugisha Muntu or even James Akena. But the biggest is Bosco.

NRM are not even ready to have another President, another ruler of the NRM and the Republic. Because no one is supposed to question the almighty Bosco.

In FDC where this problems all steams from, is because their delegates picked their third Party President since its inception. Something, that is still not happening in the NRM. They cannot even think of running against Bosco in the next presidential either. He is the sole-candidate for life.

Let’s be honest. If their been succession in the NRM, there wouldn’t have been no Reform Agenda or Forum for Democratic Change, because internally, the leadership would have rotated so that Besigye and Amama Mbabazi could eventually lead it. There would still be a DP and UPC. However, they we’re there before NRM and before UPM, the party before the now ruling party.

When the NRM says the FDC aren’t ready to be a political party, why are the NRM only able to change leadership, when they starting to get ambition for the throne and not before? Why are you taking out the Gilbert Bukenya and Mbabazi, when they want to get more? Not because of political differences or even mere policies, but for their naked ambition.

So, maybe the NRM isn’t ready for being a political party and only being the armed wing of the juggernaut called Bosco. Aye? Peace.

Opinion: Todwong is right on the money!

There been many voices saying the same thing as Deputy Secretary of National Resistance Movement Richard Todwong. Not that they have been listen to or neither acted upon. Because the state sanction the nepotism, the family affairs of Museveni and his elite. That Todwong is still a part of, as he is a crony within the system. It is splendid that he says these things, but that the NRM and Museveni is most unlikely, the rampant corruption and ghosts, are evident even with the refugees and the other beneficiary structures surrounding this administration. Therefore, it is nice to hear in the ears, but has a hard time believe that the NRM will change, when Museveni is still the Kingpin on top!

“However, Todwong shocked the house when he turned guns on his own party, lamenting that they are responsible for a litany of issues that have gone wrong. “We also need to manage greed, during the debate of a transition, those in leadership position may want to collect as much as possible because they don’t see themselves coming back to power. That kind of greed, insensitivity to national issues makes people disgusted to those in government,” Todwong commenced his speech. “Corruption, greed nepotism are things that are making Ugandans more disgusted in the leadership of our party in government. I have to be honest because my church told me to, I have told this to the president,” he added” (…) “The former member of parliament lashed out at government officials for what he termed as “theft with impunity” and misuse of public resources, saying they are the reason the NRM will soon be pushed out to the streets. “If we can’t restrain or control our greed in how we use public resource, how we steal with impunity, then Ugandans will push us out of power. The hills of Kampala are expanding with buildings but schools and hospitals are shrinking, so where do people get this money from?” Toswong posed. “And the owners of these structures are commissioners, permanent secretaries, ministers and directors, people are disgusted,” he added” (Nelson Bwire Kapo – ‘We are stealing the country’s resources with impunity, people are disgusted- NRM’s Todwong’ 06.04.2018, NilePost.Co.Ug).

It is refreshing to hear it, but the state has made their ways, but they are not significant. Whatever regulations the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED), Bank of Uganda (BoU), Attorney General (AG), Inspectorate General of Government (IGG) and The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) is clearly not sufficient. They are still able to get away with murder and see the paychecks go into thin air. Therefore, when you have all of these and nothing happens. You can wonder why they are going to work everyday and if they are really doing anything.

There are so many busy bodies and such, that the rampant corruption should be impossible, as well as the Uganda Police Force and the Courts, should sanction investigations and have cases that logs the corruption cases in the state. However, that seems like a far-fetched scenario where the beneficiary are the ones on top. While all the institutions and the government bodies are fleeing their responsibilities, because if they act upon their mandate. They will naturally hurt allies and friendly cronies of the Kingpin. Because a state with that many different bodies involved, should have capacity to stop. Unless they are all there to collect salaries, smile and move-on.

The Presidential Handshake and the tokens of gifts for the vote to abolish the Age Limit, shows how open the corruption is and how little it matters. Since the big-men are eating and the President wants it this way. Therefore, a nice gathering of thoughts of Todwong, but will the NRM act upon it? Nah, they have already dozens of institutions and mandates to hunt them down. Nevertheless, they don’t, because that might implicate the Kingpin and they don’t want to do that! Peace.

NRM National Secretariat letter to Mzee: “Re: Petition to meet you as the NRM Secretariat Staff over the conduct of the Secretary General (01.03.2016)

NRM 01.03.2016 P1NRM 01.03.2016 P2NRM 01.03.2016 P3

Ugandan Presidential Candidates debate; serious attitude comes forward; two kings leaves the race while the servants stay put

NTV Uganda Presidential Debate 2016

We are at strange place when it comes the 15th January and the general debate for presidential candidates in Uganda. People are throwing blame and I stand by calling Mzee a chicken-out from the debate. We all know why! He can’t spin it to his benefit and worried that he will look weak compared to the other men. His quotes will forever stay there and will be remembered, like Mzee has skipped before in 2011, 2006 and 1996. Well, let see what else been said on the issue during the day, this is starting to farce. Let me elaborate on that.

First the Presidential Candidate Hon. Amama Mbabazi said this: “There are 8 people in the race, if 2 have pulled out of the debate, then that doesn’t mean we can’t debate “.

Bary for President

Other that has verified that they will show-up for the debate is Prof. Venansius Bayramureeba and Abed Bwanika.

Besigye Amama

Also today Dr. Kizza Besigye commented: ““So this time when I challenged Mr. Museveni to a debate, I knew that he is averse to having a direct debate- which is unfortunate because in a situation like ours where there are deep contradictions, it is important to have a direct debate so that people are able to determine the candidates’ positions and policies.” (…)”The debate should be between two opposing sides its madness of me to take a day or two off my tight schedule to meet my colleagues for a debate”.

While we yesterday got the reports from two of his men and one of his men Ofwono Opondo clarified clearly to the people that President Museveni wouldn’t show up; because he has a busy schedule and would be missed because the trouble with the travel for 6 hours to be at the Serena Hotel and wants to rather be with the people!

Richard Todwong

So Mzee has decided to alter the debate and add a new figure to represent him. Today we have the new reports the change too southpaw; so he added of the mysterious Minister without Portfolio Richard Todwong. Hon. Todwong will be his mouthpiece when necessary it’s seems in a way to cash his paycheck. In that way we have the fourth candidate which happens to be a representative for the presidency and not himself.

While the James Ogola the spokesperson for The Elders’ Forum of Uganda (TEFU), the organizer of the public debate on live TV which is to be broadcasted through all channels in Uganda from NTV cameras, he said this yesterday: “If the candidate cannot come, we shall not accept representation. That chair will remain empty”.

The TEFU statement said this on the 7th January: “During a meeting held with all the eight presidential candidates’ campaign managers and agents on January 6, at Protea Hotel Kampala, all the participants unanimously agreed that candidates have a lot to gain by personal appearance in the debates and much more to lose by non-appearance,” noted a statement that IRCU released on January 7th 2016.

With this being said and written by the TEFU then the Minister without Portfolio Todwong will not be allowed to be in the chair instead of Mzee. So Dr. Kizza Besigye can’t send Nandala Mafabi or Mugisha Muntu in his stead, though I think they rather stay on the campaign trail as well. FDC have the honor to really shun the event because the President can’t take the time all of sudden.

That Hon. Amama Mbabazi want to be there is understandable he want to gain political capital by being the one left of the giant three to actually show up. He is one of the main candidates. We all know that the Professor Barya and Bwanika would be secondary or third wheels with Amama, Kizza and Yoweri, and they all know it. Ofwono Opondo went a bit far though on Friday on radio the Capital Gang when he said: “I don’t know who you are”. This Opondo utter out the mouth while Abed Bwanika where in the studio. Even I know who he is and that he have campaigned and been a presidential candidate at-least two times before and his party hasn’t the reach yet. Still are more popular than Professor Barya. Since some of his crowds are as big as lines for airtime in the morning Mondays after a busy weekend. Not enough yet!

I wish the People’s President also just showed up even if Mzee didn’t have the guts to. Even if I understand the motive of Besigye; that Mbabazi is trying to get political capital is smart, but he still doesn’t the machine as FDC has, that is why he has tried more than twice to settle the difference between them and get him to step-down for him. That hasn’t actually worked.


The President has already lost the battle of supremacy and it’s viable with the way this have gone, his spokesmen Opondo and the other guy the campaign manager can’t chant a tune to save this charade. Besigye get to look lost in the battle for defiance instead of being the true giant in the matter, he could be golden and righteous in a two-hour battle as well; Even if the commander in chief chickens out instead of proving that his mouth and brain moves.

So that Mbabazi and the other guys might have a ball. The debate will be powerful in its way, but without Besigye and Museveni it misses all of the top three presidential candidates. That is weak and foolish. We all know the TEFU behind it and this will make it look like they don’t have the touch to get them speaking live on TV that day. But it’s their choice and not the parties involved. TEFU is just a tool to Museveni as everything else, and Besigye don’t want to look foolish compared to his nemesis M7.

The other candidates will have the say The Independent Coalition Maureen Kyala Wamuumbe and Joseph Mabirizi will get bigger stage then normal. Just like the other rest of them. They will gladly show up to it instead of being campaigning they will capitalize on it. Besigye and Museveni thinks they earn on not showing up. Where is Gen. Benon Biraaro at this point? Or I am missing the channels where he is occupied all the space? Because nowhere spoken his mind on the matter!

The reason for why Mzee doesn’t show up doesn’t add up to his own fear for the platform and lose of creative control and editing power. Since he can shut-up and will utter some nonsense with the bush-war mentality that he thinks all Ugandans will eat up like matooki. Instead they listen and wonder why that argument where used for building roads between Masindi and Kampala. While the other candidate actually speaks proper policy or regulations on the question; the same is the actions of Mzee. Besigye would have answered properly though anti-NRM rhetoric. The same with Mbabazi who will add with the new fresh spin and also say that he wasn’t an executive power like his former chief. Well, we will not see the whole picture and live broadcast; the first time in history with all presidential candidates unless Mzee wishes to show balls and be a real presidential candidate for once. Presidential Candidates should be able to debate in public with other candidates instead of only singing their own tune on the campaign trail and rallies. Surely Mzee have checked the questions asked from media the press conference to secure him what message that comes out and have control of what is in the press, if the press doesn’t follow then he shuts them down. Like he have done with the Daily Monitor, KFM Radio and other media stations when they have gone too far with the wrong message.

Mzee can’t handle a person like me or the press who questions his authority and rule. So if he would be on a debate he would not have the ability to save his face. Besigye follows suit because he doesn’t see the other candidates as viable opposition and feels that if the incumbent president doesn’t show-up it’s the B-Team on Live-TV instead of the whole group of people. So Mbabazi is the golden kid in this because people will even blame Besigye for backing out and questions remain what it would have been with him in the mix. There is a loss that two of magnificent trio is out. You have the six candidates and one happen to be a major one that makes the tally weak. So Mzee proves yet again that he can’t or doesn’t have it in him to debate or argue for his longevity and perseverance, Besigye will not come with fighting spirit in it, we will have the usual suspect and meager attendance that doesn’t cover the spectrum from PRO-Yellow to the mellow and to the ordinary fellow. Peace.

Press Release: New party elections dates set for the NRM-Party (06.10.2015)


The Electoral Commission of the National Resistance Movement has set new dates for key party elections

At a press conference addressed by NRM deputy Secretary General Richard Todwong, Deputy Treasurer Kenneth Omona and Part EC chairman Tanga Odoi, elections for LCIII chairpersons, LCIII councilors, LCIII women councilors, LCV councilors, municipal councilors, division councilors and city division councilors for Buganda and Kampala will take place on October 12.

“On 26/11/2016, primaries for Constituency MPs, Woman MPs, LCV chairpersons, Lord mayor and Municipal Mayors,” A press release signed by Mr Todwong and Dr. Odoi reads in part.

Elections for LCIII chairpersons/councilors and district councilors for Bushenyi and Kanungu Districts will take place at date to be agreed on after meeting elders and stakeholders of the two districts on the 15th and 16th for Bushenyi and Kanungu respectively. Elections for Kyeizoba NRM 111 will take place on Saturday October 17.

At the same media briefing, it was announced that the first meeting of the third national conference will take place between October 30-Nov 2nd at Namboole.

“Nomination of the NRM presidential candidate H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will take place on November 3.” Thereafter the President will address a post-nomination public rally at Kololo.

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