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Opinion: Is Kagame’s Ghosts Coming to Haunt him?

Callixte Sankara

In exile, I was the one who spoke real loudly about the Rwanda genocide—the Rwandan genocide; not two genocides. . . . If we Rwandans don’t reconcile, and sit down honestly and talk, then we might see history repeating itself because the Rwandan government as of now also has been involved in many massacres. This is what I talk about” – Paul Rusesabagina (Daniel Kovalik interview ‘Hotel Rwanda Revisited: an Interview with Paul Rusesabagina’ 11.01.2013).

After decades of fighting and supporting militias within the Kivu Provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. President Paul Kagame’s own militia men and soldiers comes to haunt him in his land. This here will an introduction to the people behind the new Mouvement Rwandais pour le Changement Democratique (M.R.C.D) or Rwandan Movement For Democratic Change.

First the Political parties behind the coalition is The Party for Democracy in Rwanda (PDR-IHUMURE), The National Council for Renewal and Democracy (CNRD-UBWIYUNGE) and The Rwandese Revolutionary Movement (RRM). RRM joined the March 2018.

Secondly, I will look into the three key men running this organization and militia, one is Rwandan in exile, that has been played by Don Cheadle, the second is a former leader and rebel from FDLR. While the third and the spokesman is from RRM.

Who also have the financial backing of the man, whose based of the movie Hotel Rwanda, Mr. Paul Rusesabagina and his political group PDR-Ihumure. His political supportive of the new movement from Brussels, but his supposed net worth is only $600k, therefore, he cannot be the main backer behind itm but he can be the political face of it.

Another leader the former ex-FDLR Laurent Ndagijimana aka Wilson Irategeka, who even formed Conseil National pour le Renouveau et la Democratie (CNRD)-Ubwiyunge in 2016 with 50 officers too. He must be the military arm behind it, as he has been a vital part of the FDLR in the DRC. With the reports through the UN Reports, there was about 600-800 soldiers joining in when CNRD-Ubiyunge split.

The military side of CNRD was this:

Command of FLN was given to the former FDLR South Kivu sector commander, “Colonel” Hamada Harerimana (also known as Junior Mulamba). “Colonel” Anastase Munyaneza (also known as Job Rukundo) became the South Kivu sector commander and “Colonel” Shemeki became the North Kivu sector commander. The only sanctioned individual who joined CNRD is the new head of operations in South Kivu, “Colonel” Félicien Nzanzubukira (also known as Fred Irakiza)” (S/2016/1102), Who surely would matter if they are attacking on Rwandan soil now.

Last leader is Callixte Nsabimana aka Sankara, who is the Spokesperson of both the political arm and the military one. He comes from the RRM and is the most shadow character, but the one who has posted himself as key name on the Press Release, released on the 15th July 2018, which stated:

We, the leaders of the RMDC, decided to rise as one man to face all forms of racism, regionalism, excessive injustice and human rights abuses. The youth of the RMDC, which has already transcended the spirit of segregation that characterizes the RPF, is set to fly to the rescue of Rwanda; We therefore created the armed forces known as the National Liberation Forces (NLF) and we assigned them the mission to put an immediate end to the dictatorial power of the RPF-Kagame. The NLF will use all possible means including the armed struggle to drive the RPF out of power, since it refused all peaceful ways. The NLF comes to the rescue of ALL Rwandans since the young men and women who compose them come from all ethnic divides – Hutu, Tutsi and Twa- and they swore to give their heart and mind to the cause of Rwanda, even if they should pay with their own lives to snatch the victory” (M.R.C.D. – Communique de Presse, 15.07.2018).

After all of this, we can now know, that the Burundian supported militia haven’t attacked Rwanda recently, as the Burundian government verified. However, they might have a base in Burundi, as they CNRD used to be in Burundi and strike the DRC. Now, they might have changed behavior and finally gone after their mission, starting to assault Rwanda. Therefore, the attacks from the Cibitoka Province from the Kibra Forrest into the Nyungewe Forrest in Ruhengeri District. This could be fitting why there was reports of 31st Brigade from the Rwandan Defence Force (RDF) and parts of military choppers from 4th Division in the same area. If they was hunting CNRD or Ex-FDLR rebels attacking Rwanda. That would have made sense. Especially since this has tried to be silenced by the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and their control of media. However, the Police have verified, but called them thugs crossing borders. Not saying who they are, but if they we’re the M.R.C.D. there are interesting times ahead.

That this is previous FDLR and part of the deflectors of 2016. This is not a minor group and who knows how much part of the illegal smuggling from the Kivu’s the CNRD have gotten over the last two years. Also, what part the two other parties of the coalition play. This being RRM and the PDR-Ihumure, I wonder what they are bringing to the party, if they are giving political leverage or even legitimacy of some kind. Because, there is not much to find on these and what they are about. If they even have a size or is built around the individuals and nothing else.

Time will tell about this, as this has been sudden, but the MRCD established in 2017, became three parties in 2018 and attacked Rwanda in July 2018. Therefore, time will tell, but it is hard to know by now.

This is what I found out today. Peace.


Congo Brazzaville: Aux Cures des Paroisses et Responsables des Communates Religieuses – “Objet: Information sur le Pere Claver Boundja, op” (20.03.2018)

Congo Brazzaville: Federation de l’Opposition Congolaise – Communique de Presse (20.03.2018)

Congo Brazzaville – ANC: Communique de Presse (12.08.2017)

Patrice Lumbaba CIA files: What can we learn from the Cables?

There are lot of information in the covert operation done by the American Government. It is well known for most that the main supporter and donor to Democratic Republic of Congo was the United States after Independence. This was to stop the Soviet interference during the Cold-War. It would seem most likely that the CIA or any other paid assassins from the US to assassinate the first President Patrice Lumumba, to secure their ally and political beneficiary Mobutu. Therefore, the newly declassified CIA cables, can say a lot that hasn’t be reviled about the plans and how it happen. Take a look!

A CIA Cable from August 6th 1960:

Appreciate excellent reporting your reference and commend his Alert Rolf. We wish to give every positive support in eliminating Lumumba from any possibility resuming governmental position or if he fails in Leop. Setting himself in Stanleyville or elsewhere. While fully aware of nefarious plotting Ghana, Guinea, UAR. To restore Lumumba, greatly disturbed at reference to and particulary as member of this cliques. Can you suggest any action we can propose to obacid or take otherwise to help detach them from Lumumba” (CIA, August 1960).

A CIA Cable from 19th October 1960:

We still have political stalemate in Leopoldville, but Lumumba ‘s long-term political prospects may have been boosted by indications of support from UN quarters, and by Mobutu’s insecure hold on Congo army. A. Hammerskjold told Ambassador Wadsworth 15 October he still regards Lumumba as legal premier. Added that he plans to “break” Tshombe by insisting that Belgians and others route all Congo through the UN. 1. Hammerskjold probably softening his opposition to Lumumba in order to keep support of many African states for UN operations in the Congo” (…) “III. Mobutu appears to have dropped idea of reconvening parliament in order to strip Lumumba of his immunity from arrest. Neither side appears confident of strong parliamentary support” (CIA, 1960).

A CIA Cable from 30th November 1960:

Orientale Province controlled by Lumumba forces since mid-October, despite some opposition from army elements loyal to Mobutu. A. Lumumba, describing situation Orientale, recently observed that “liberation movement in Congo could be launched from there”. Probably hopes to consolidate position there, then build up his following in other areas. B. Lumumba agents, the UAR, and the Soviet bloc continue active in support of this goal” (…) “III. On 28 November, Lumumba partisans in Stanleyville launched sweeping arrests of Europeans, including UN personnel. Most released, but many beaten. UN representative in Stanleyville asked for emergency air evacuation of 1,000 Europeans on 29 November, but request dropped on 30 November with UN reporting Stanleyville “quiet” (…) “Mobutu’s Commissioners decided on 29 November to mount military operations against Lumumba forces at Stanleyville. This would be difficult. If UN unable to prevent such action, result would be a civil war” (CIA, November 1960).

A CIA Cable from 28 December 1960:

1. Rival regimes in Leopoldville and Stanleyville continue to spar. A. Mobutu hampered by logistical problems operating against distant Oriental province. B. Gizenga threatened by critical shortage food and gasoline in Stanleyville. II. Gizenga has broken Mobutu’s “economic blockade”, however, by moving forces in Kivu Province which should relieve pressure on food supply Stanleyville” (CIA, 1960).

A CIA Cable from January 19 1961:

1. Thanks for Patrice. If we had known he was coming we would have baked a snake. 2. Per GOK had no advance word what so ever. Lumumba severly beaten at airport by gendarmerie, then taken Jadotville prison where guarded by all white guards. GOK does not plan to liquidate Lumumba. Fears changes of Balubakat uprsing in Eville considerable increased” (CIA, 1961).

A CIA Cable from February 10 1961:

Lumumba fate is best kept secret in Katanga. In addition Embassy demarche to Mukongo to request humane treatment for Lumumba has caused gok make every effort deny firm data to Odyoke, United States. 2. In above context following is review of reports received by Eliz since 17 Jan. A. From dr. De Coster (pediatrician from Stanleyville now living in Eville, we got data from unknown doctor who claims verified death). Lumumba, Mpolo and Ok to executed just off road from Eville to Jadotville on 17 Jan. B. Doctor Lauveau, Belgian Physician with good local contacts, stated on 19 Jan that Lumumba if not already executed was about to be. Mentioned GOK ministers had each been allowed to beat Lumumba first. C. On 1 Feb Commandant Roger Van Der Stock, G-2 Sud Kasai Army, stated categorically that Lumumba dead, but refused reveal source. Said knows man who executed him. D. On 2 Feb Dutch dentist St. Van Baalen, whose wife is secretary Tshombe office, stated definitly Lumumba dead” (CIA, 1961).

A CIA Cable from October 11th 1975:

Gottlieb testified poison intended for Lumumba came from Agency’s stockpile “… and (was) sent to a CIA agent in the Congo now known as Zaire for use against Lumumba.” Poison plan was never used as Lumumba was killed by unknown assassins in Katanga Province just few days before inauguration President Kennedy Jan 1961. In 1961 Gottlieb headed Central Division which among other things handled requests for poison by agents in field. He confirmed a number of critical details regarding earlier allegations that the Intelligence Agency was involved in trying to poison Lumumba” (CIA, October 1975).

So there are clear talks of both project of Poisoning Lumumba, that some sent a message to Washington to bake a snake to him already in January 1961, therefore, there are clear indications that the United States and the CIA was involved in the killings. It is sad that Roger Van Der Stock never revealed his sources and neither who he believed did it. You wouldn’t send this sort of messages from the DRC to Washington if you hadn’t something sinister planned. The United States wanted to stop the fraction run by Patrice Lumumba, who we’re supported and had Marxist view, which was countering the ideals of Washington. That was why the death and demise of Lumumba, fit the US very well and the new puppet dictator Mobutu fit the program. Therefore, anyone with a beautiful mind, would understand the value of assassinate Lumumba, to get loyalty to Washington, instead of Moscow. Peace.

Congolese rebel Tshibangu and Meru Aspirant Governor Mwenda connected by looted gold!

The rebel and former Lieutenant General John Tshibangu who has left the during “Africa’s World War”. He has been reported and rumored to been a part of the M23, but that was never official, neither was any of his other enterprises since. He has been reported for violence in Kasai-Oriental in 2012 and trying to create a revolt in the Congolese Army. He has started and together with close members running a rebel group, who even recruits fellow rebels in Central African Republic as well as in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here is some of the brief news from the rebel. Before the questionable transaction in Kenya, by the outlaw and the conflict minerals in the hands of Kenyan businesses. They should know better!

Therefore, this has been recent reports of the man:

For John Tshibangu, his two collaborators were in Bangui visit because they have family on site. “Two of my men were arrested four days ago in Bangui: Colonel Freddy Libeba, my deputy in charge of operations, and Alexandre Mithsiabu, the intelligence director of our movement. They have their hands handcuffed since Friday, “also confirmed for his part, the colonel deserter of the Congolese army to the head of the FPCCD. He accuses Joseph Kabila of organizing the tracking of opponents inside and outside the DRC and said they fear for their lives if they were to be extradited. No demand for extradition has been formally sent by Kinshasa for the moment, but the will has been expressed, said one in Bangui. “We rose up because Joseph Kabila did not win the elections in 2011, and everyone knows. But we have been observing for a while the negotiations led by the bishops and we realize that Mr. Kabila does not respect the signed agreement. We can not let it happen because article 64 of the Constitution allows us to block the road by all means. That’s why we were raised, “said the FPCCD leader” (MediaCongo, 2017).

Friday, June 9, 2017, at least 3 relatives of Colonel rd Congolese John Tshibangu, were arrested in Bangui Central African Republic. They are Freddy Libeba and Alexander Mitshiabu, according to the confession of Colonel Tshibangu, who confided to the press because he fears that their extradition in the DR Congo. “I confirm that the two men were arrested. They are involved in activities of destabilization of the regime in the Central African Republic, but also in the DRC, “the Central African security and interior minister, Jean Serge Bokassa, quoted by Voice of America as saying on the telephone. The Central African statesman assured that an investigation is under way and further arrests may follow. “There are other acolytes who could be arrested. And there are many here. For now, we are leaving the case in the hands of the judiciary and we can later decide to extradite them to the DRC, “added Minister Bokassa. In the Central African Republic, the authorities are actively investigating the alleged members of the CTCCF, John Tshibangu, a Congolese political-military movement close to the former M23 rebellion suspected of links with Central African armed groups from the former Seleka. Investigations obviously triggered after the arrival of the Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Leonard She Okitundu, three weeks ago. Freddy Libeba is a DR Congo subject who appears in the UN expert report of December 2016. He would have arrived in Bangui in July of last year. According to a source close to the investigation, he lived in the CAR under a false identity and was charged by the leader of the FCCPD, Colonel John Tshibangu, to recruit men from the Congolese diaspora rd and to conclude an agreement with an elder Leader of the former Seleka, Joseph Zoundeko, for possible operations in the DR Congo as in the Central African Republic. Since Zoundeko was killed, but Bangui suspects the CSCFP also to participate in the operations of the Coalition in eastern CAR” (J.N., 2017).

When you would know that the rebel who are using all sort of funds to ignite violence and oppress people, even use it buy arms and ammunition to fight government and other militias, the Kenyan enterprises should sway away from the 1000 kilograms of gold worth USD 37 Million. This happen in April 2017, months before the news of violent and arrests of people surrounding his movement in Central African Republic, but it still shows the capacity of the former General in the Congolese Army. That he can cross borders and use his position to gain and train more rebels. This could only be done with the money to buy needed equipment and pay his ‘soldiers’.

Because, Eye on Security Company received 1000 kilogram of unrefined gold. The monies of this gold and the value of USD 37 Million. This was put in Diamond Trust Bank. And put under the company of Sea Land Destiny Limited. This shows that illegitimate funds and conflict minerals are entering the Kenyan financial system and banks.

The ones make sure of this transaction is:

Eye on Security is a firm being supervised by an inside and out luxuriously experienced CEO. Mr. Mbijiwe Mwenda is a previous missile administrator in Kenya Air power. Aside from working air and ground rockets, this squadron additionally handles uncommon operations in counter terrorism and salvage operations. His administration as a marine has completely prepared Mr. Mbijiwe with sufficient learning of each point in security. Mr. Mbijiwe served in the power so passionately and he conveys even an uplifted level of passion to this firm. He is dead set to work with determination in making this nation and the whole world a superior spot to live” (Eye on Security – link: https://www.eyeonsecurity.co.ke/team/).

The rich Security Analyst and CEO and founder of Eye on Security, has even been thought of as a Jubilee Candidate for Governor in Meru on the Jubilee Ticket. This was reported on KTN News earlier this year. He even had a statement of certainty of others, while the truth of his company isn’t that swell.

Like this one from 22nd January 2017:

As a Meru leader, am ashamed that campaign materials of an aspirant or opposing party can be pulled down in a move clearly aimed at weakening them. This is undemocratic and cheap. Political victory is not gained by physically harming or maiming your opponent! Real men go to political battle democratically. They fight it out in the field and the best wins. No one goes high by bringing others down! We expect leaders to observe political decency! Only cowards do that kind of shameful thing! The youth is the strength of every rising community and they shouldn’t be misused. The role of the youth in politics is not to create an environment of despondency and violence but engage in constructive politics. Meru is greater than any individual, political formation or political movement. A people united can never be defeated” (Mbijiwe Mwenda, 22.01.2017).  

What is amazing on the claim of the corporation of the aspiring governor of Meru, Mr Mwenda stated: “We, Eye On Security, further confirm that the goods in our custody are legally earned and cleared of non-criminal origin, free on any liens or encumbrance and freely transferable upon the instructions only of the authoritized signatory (depositor)” (Eye On Security, Mr. Mustafa – placed on 12th April 2017). Certainly the company of the aspiring governor should know and look into the history of Lt. Gen. Tshibangu who is well-known rebel and recent history isn’t peaceful. Certainly, the company has no trouble with the way the gold came into their possession and how they transferred funds from Diamond Trust Bank.

This story is clearly not been told and not been touched, how a Meru Governor Aspirant Mwenda are involved with Congolese Rebel and his looted gold. This is like novel, a fiction, but the paper that has been released proves the story. The other was just quick research on the fellows involved in the transaction. The rest is up to you and to see if someone differs on the story. Because the details are there and the others, are actual reported by various sources. Peace.


J.N. – ‘FPCCD : John Tshibangu, Freddy Libeba et Alexandre Mitshiabu, ses proches, arrêtés en RCA’ (16.06.2017) link:


MediaCongo – ‘RCA: des rebelles du colonel John Tshibangu soupçonnés de lien avec l’ex. Seleka’ (16.06.2017) link: http://www.mediacongo.net/article-actualite-27546.html

Debatt: Hva hadde skjedd i Norge om en leiesoldat eller fremmedkriger hadde tatt liv?

Idag er Joshua French tilbake i Norge, på selveste 17. Mai etter 8 år i fengel i Kongolesiske fengler. I en fremmed republikk der han reiste inn uten lovlig våpen, sammen med en kollega (Tjolstov Moland) som var innvolvert i mulig drap av deres sjåfør. Dette etter å vært en del av ulisensiert selskap i Kampala, Uganda. Der våpentrening og ammunisjon ble brukt i Uganda. Alt dette har skjedd, det er definitivt at de var en del av ulisensiert sikkerhetsselkap som reiste på oppdrag inn i Kongo. Det er akkurat som dette er glemt. Til og med Politisjef eller Politidirektør Edward Kale Kayihura kjente ikke til den virksomheten eller hadde registrert selskapet som French jobbet for. Alt dette burde sees som skeptisk på de motiv og de jobber de hadde i Øst-Afrika.

Derfor er ikke jeg helt sjarmert eller synes det er helt greit at han kommer hjem. Ville vi latt det samme skjedd om mennesker kom med ulovlig våpen, med ulisensiert sikkerhetsselskap og vært involvert i drapssak. Ville vi latt disse menneskene bare forlate landet og ikke respektere det livet som har gått tapt. At den kongolesiske rettstat og suverenitet ikke virker respektert. Den flatterende holdningen fra nrodmenn. Som ser ned på beskriver rettsaken som brutalt og nedverdigende. Vi burde kanskje passe oss selv, vi har selv et rettsvesen som ikke er perfekt der vi sender mindreårige asylsøkere til konfliktsoner og krigssoner, uten å tenke konsekvenser. Der vi bryter med internasjon rett og justis.

Jeg er ikk stolt av den norske regjering idag og det de har fått til. De har satt dobbelt-moral i spill, der en nordmann kan komme hjem, som en fri person etter drap i utland. Der ja, personen har sonet i fengsel og moren har fulgt etter. Likevel, det er en familie og lite en rettstat verdig. Jeg er ikke stolt. Heller fortvilet. Alle sprer gleden, men burde vi være det? Hva om lignende hadde skjedd i Norge?

Hva om et drap hadde skjedd på Lund i Kristiansand. Der det var to utlandsk statsborger uten opphold eller våpentillatelse hadde drept en norsk taxi-sjåfør. De begge jobbet for et utlandsk sikkerhetsselskap som ikke lisensert i Norge, ei heller i Sverige hvor de opererte fra. Der de hadde hatt våpentrening i Uppsala. Der de planla oppdrag og jobbet samme med andre. Hadde vi godtatt denne holdnigen og hatt denne reaksjonen. Om vi visste at to personer med utlandsk statsborgerskap hadde drept en norsk taxi-sjåfør på Lund i Kristiansand. Ville vi latt personene forlate landet og uten benådning? Ville vi godtatt at personene fikk gått fri og uten noen tvist med landet som de kommer fra?

Dette er dobbelt-moral og hvorfor det er irriterende. At vi oppter så hyklerisk. Det er ubeskrivelig og forkastelig. At en person som har vært med på lyssky virksomhet i Uganda og Demokratisk Republikken i Kongo (DRC). Ville vi har latt en person eller flere, hvis de drev med virksomhet som leiesoldater eller fremmedkrigere, ulovlige sikkerhetsvakter- og sikkerhetsselskap i Norge. Ville vi latt disse gått fri etter drap her i Norge/Kristiansand?

Jeg tror ikke det, det ville overgått vår rettsforståelse, våre tanker rundt det tapte livet og vår forståelse hva som rett. Vi kunne ikke godta at noen tok liv her og for så å kunne forlate kongeriket etter få år sonet her. Der de da ville være fri menn i landet de er statsborger i. Hvis ikke du ser hvor krenkende dette er på kongolesiske myndigheter og deres rettvesen, så vet ikke jeg hvor blind du på den falske frihetssfølelsen som man innhar.

Da lever i fortsatt i en kolonialistiske tankegang, der vi er mer verdt or vår rettstat betyr mer den kongolesiske. Noe denne saken viser at mange gjør. Til å med Statsminister Erna Solberg, gir krass kritikk av den Kongolesisk stat og dens rettstat, nå som French returnernte til Norge. Vi burde også ha gitt kritikk til nordmann som drev lyssky virksomhet og som burde under alle omstendigheter vært under soning i Norge. Ikke fri, eller er det greit at nordmenn i utlandet dreper? For slik kan vi også tolke denne dagen, at drapsmenn fra utlandet vil vi gjerne ha tilbake igjen?

Vi vil bare ikke ha fremmedkrigere som ikke er etnisk Norske tilbake igjen, de som drar til Syria og dreper for grupperinger der. De kan sone fengselsstraffer, men om en «ekte» nordmann er med på drap i Kongo. Så er det fest- og glede. Lenge leve dobbelt-moralen og kongeriket Norge. Der vi frigjør lykkejegere og drapsmennen på det Afrikanske kontinent, men har problem med andre. Peace.

Mine tanker om French-Saken og Nordmenns dobbeltmoral!

James Bamford skriver dette i artikkleN 'Raiders of the Congo' i GQ Magasin den 7. November 2012

James Bamford skriver dette i artikkleN ‘Raiders of the Congo’ i GQ Magasin den 7. November 2012

“Moral er forsvaret for de forbrytelser som er gjort”– Helge Krog

“Kunne jeg gått tilbake åtte år, så hadde jeg gjort absolutt alt jeg kunne for å ha kjøpt Joshua fri. Det er det første vi skulle ha prøvd. Så har det bare ballet på seg og nå er vi avhengig av en diplomatisk løsning” – Kari Hilde French (Præsttun, 2017)

Moralen i historien som vi blir lært i norske medier er solid og klar. Der til og med moren til Joshua French i intervju uten å blunke sier at hun skulle ønsket at hun hadde betalt statelige ansatte penger for å frigjøre sønnen. Dette hadde hun ønsket at hun hadde brøte med alle kjerneverdier fordi hennes sønn skal kunne gjøre akkurat som han vil. Det er slik det kan tolkes. At familien French og slike som han kan reise til utlandet, leke soldater og ta med seg våpen fra Uganda.


“I de første meldingene fra Kongo ble det hevdet at Moland og French var leiesoldater, tilknyttet selskapet Special Intervention Group (SIG). VG omtalte dette allerede 13. mai, dagen etter pågripelsen ble kjent. Det private sikkerhets- og livvaktselskapet SIG var godt kjent i Norge, etter at det høsten 2007 kom fram at Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste etterforsket selskapet for mulige krigsforbrytelser i Irak” (…) “Under VGs første besøk i Kisangani fikk vi tilgang til deler av militærtribunalets etterforskningsmateriale. Dette skjedde etter en dialog med sjefetterforsker Roger Wavara, som viste det fram for å underbygge mistanken mot nordmennene. Blant dette materialet var to visittkort fra SIG. Det ene bar navnet Tjostolv Moland, oppført som ”Security Consultant” i SIG. Det andre bar navnet John Hunt, oppført som ”Chief Operation Officer” i SIG. På kortet stod samme adresse til SIG Uganda som vi hadde funnet i vervebrosjyren fra 2008. VGs team i Oslo kontaktet Friksen for å konfrontere ham med visittkortene. Han hevdet Moland flere år tilbake hadde fått et standardkort som mange som hadde ønsket å knytte seg til SIG hadde fått. John Hunt ville han ikke si noe om, ei heller Mike Callan. Han avviste igjen at det hadde vært noe samarbeid mellom SIG og de fengslede nordmennene i Kongo” (…) “Under arbeidet med denne saken søkte VG i de to ulike våpenregistrene i Uganda for å undersøke om riflen beslaglagt i Uganda eller pumpehaglen de ble tatt med i Kongo var lovlig registrert – slik Moland og French hadde hevdet overfor flere norske medier. VG søkte på deres ekte navn, på deres dekknavn, og på kombinasjoner av disse. Men ingen av våpnene var oppført i registrene” (Johsen, Riseth & Hopperstad, 2009).

Hvis du lurer på om SIG var bare oppsspinn så kunne man lese i en dansk avis i 2008 dette om selskapet: “Otte danskere har arbejdet som livvagter- og lejesoldater i det borgerkrigshærgede land Uganda. Flere har været gennem danske kurser” (…) ” det borgerkrigshærgede nordlige Uganda har otte danskere arbejdet for det norske sikkerhedsfirma SIG-Protection – som arbejder i gråzonen mellem lejesoldater og livvagter” (…) “»Hvis vi bliver skudt på, så skyder selvfølgelig igen. Vi skal beskytte vores kunder,« siger direktør Torgeir Friksen til Nyhedsavisen” (Fogt, 2008).

Så SIG hadde norske og danske livvakter og leiesoldater. Blant disse to nordmenns om var plutselig på oppdrag i den Demokratiske Republikken i Kongo. Selskapet SIG er idag nedlagt fordi de ikke hadde lisens til drift i Uganda og deres lyssky virksomhet var kritikkverdig også i hjemlandet til de som drev selskapet. Derfor ville de slutte med sin virksomhet, ettersom Politiet i Norge og også i Uganda visste om dette. Ettersom i VGs egen etterforskning snakket de da med IGP Kale Kayihura, som er øverste kommanderende for Politiet i Uganda.


Dersom man er leiesoldat og livvakt, i et selskap uten lisens i utlandet, tar med seg våpen over grensen mellom Uganda og Kongo. Da er du ikke der på safari, ei heller så veldig uskyldig. Dette bør vites. Jeg legger bare frem disse gamle bevisene for å vise hvorfor dette er dobbeltmoral. Det er moralsk ukorrekt å ønske Joshua French hjem. Da bør alle som har drept for penger løslates i Norge, siden Joshua French kan bli benådet for sin forbrytelse, hvorfor kan ikke dette skje med de som gjør det her i Norge? Er han så spesiell siden han var med på kriminelle handlinger i Kongo? Står nordmenn over Kongolesisk lovgivning?

Dette stod i Sunday Monitor i Uganda den 7. Oktober 2009:

“It’s true the owner of Back Packers rang me one evening that he had got some security “I went there and he informed me that he had heard about two Norwegians arrested in DR Congo. He said the two had been his clients and after he got the news of their arrest, he checked in their room,” Gen. Kayihura narrated” (…) He led me to the room and we found an assortment of military fatigues and one sophisticated rifle. They had different types of military uniform including the Monuc (UN peacekeeping outfit in DR Congo) uniform. “I wondered how they managed to smuggle in military things into the country and even how they smuggled them to Back Packers yet the place is guarded by security,” Maj. Gen. Kayihura told Sunday Monitor at his office, adding that “since the matter had issues to deal with military hardware, I handed the matter to CMI for further investigations. information he wanted to share with me,” Maj. Gen. Kayihura told Sunday Monitor” (…) “Definitely it’s an issue that also puzzles us but we are investigating. They did commit any crime while in Kampala but definitely if they came back, we would have arrested them and interrogated them.” (…) “Maj. Gen. Kayihura said that the two are said to have planned to start a security firm here but that he did not, as the authoriser of private firms, receive their application” (Obore & Izama, 2009).

I 2009 sa kommandøren av politiet i Uganda Gen. Kale Kayihura at han ville ha avhørt de for deres selskap alene uten lisens i landet der han er politisjef. Så det viser at French har ikke bare brutt loven i Kongo, men også i Uganda. Likevel, skal vi alle bare være positive til den tidligere leiesoldaten fordi moren vil ha våres sympati. Han har etter mest sannsynligvis brutt lover i Kongo også i Uganda. Er det greit?

La meg være litt breial: Hvis to kongolesisk personer hadde vært med i et dansk livvakt og sikkerhetsselskap. Der de hadde bedret lyssky virksomhet og øvd med våpen, uten lisens i Danmark for så å komme over med Color Line til Norge. Hvor da de plutselig på oppdrag dreper den norske sjåføren på vei mot Oslo, ikke så langt unna Arendal ved Harebakken. Da ville det ikke blitt aktuelt å frigjøre eller vise ydmykhet etter 8 år for drapet på den norske sjåføren. Etter endt rettssak ville disse måtte sone sin straff og følge de rettslige vederlag som er pålagt enn. Uansett om moren hadde flyttet til nærmeste by der person var fengslet. Det norske folket ville ikke hatt sympati og ettergitt. De ville heller ikke godtatt om moren hadde prøvd å betale den norske stat penger for å frigi sin sønn. Dette ville bli sett som fornærmelse mot den norske stat.


Men siden Joshua French er i fengsel i Kinshasa, i Kongo, så er både korrupsjon og drap greit. I alle fall hvis norsk media tar pulsen. Så lenge en ikke dreper som leiesoldat innen norsk territorium. Man kan være nordmenn i utlandet å være kriminell og drepe, men da skal man skape nok sympati, få hjelp av Rune Edvardsen og plutselig er de en helgener. Selv om man var leiesoldat og livvakt i et selskap uten lisens, med våpen som ikke var registret i Uganda eller Kongo. Der en var på oppdrag nær Kisangani uten direkte bekreftelse på hvem de var eller på  hvordan oppdrag de hadde. Dette er alt greit i Norge virker det som!

Ville det vært greit om Kongolesiske leiesoldater/sikkerhetsvakter for ett ulisensiert Dansk selskap hadde gjort oppdrag i Norge, uten rett og lov til dette. For deretter å drepe eller gjøre straffbare handlinger. For deretter få Kongolesiske styresmakter til ønske overflytting av de dømte personene og forvente at disse ville være frie-mennesker i Kongo. Ville ikke dette ødelegge hvor forståelse av hva som er rett. De gjorde en straffbar handling i Norge og når de kommer til Kongo så er de fri?

Ville vi godtatt og klappet i hendene, ønsket dette og latt dette skje uten å stille spørsmål. Det er både krenkende og usaklig at en ikke anser den selvstendige republikken som en rettslig stat som har sin rett til å dømme French og andre som misbruker sitt besøk innen sine grenser. Det samme ville vi spørre oss om det samme hadde skjedd her.

Derfor er det begredelig dobbeltmoralen og ønske om å frigjøre han etter den dommen han fikk. Ettersom han kobling til firma som drev med leiesoldater/sikkerhetsvakter i Uganda, der også Dansker var med på virksomheten. At nordmenn tror at de kan bedrive slik virksomhet i utlandet og komme unna er ubegripelig. Å at familie og venner vil bruke media for å få sympati. Der en tilslutt også sier i 2017 år etter en var dømt for udåden. At en ønsket at kjøpe seg fri fra mord og få frihet etter å tatt liv. Det er det moren til French sa og at ‘ballet på seg’ så nå må hun ‘diplomatisk løsning’. Dette er provoserende!

Det er dobbeltmoralen, at hun har rett til å frigjøre sin sønn som har gjort en forbrytelse, at hun skal betale for drapet på sjåføren, mens han hadde ulovlig våpen, for et uregistrert sikkerhetsselskap som hadde krysset grensen på et oppdrag der en ender opp med drap. Dette skal hun ha retten til å kjøpe seg fri fra og bruke norsk diplomati for å frigjøre sønnen.

Hvis Kongolesiske myndigheter hadde prøvd samme her, så ville ikke det blitt noe sympati eller hjelp. Det ville gått på verdigheten løs til vår stat og vår ide om vår rettstat. Om det som har mistet sin sønn eller datter, ettersom de kongolesiske leiesoldater gjorde ved Arendal. Bare tenk på det og da tenk om det forsatt er rett med benåding av French. Ville vi benådet en drapsdømt leiesoldat i Norge fra Kongo? Ville vi virkelig det?


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Historique: Lettre de Lambert Mende sur Etienne Tshisekedi, 8 Avril 1995.


Opinon: On the day ECOWAS forces are fighting for the Gambian Democracy; What if other Regional Bodies like EAC, IGAD or SADC did similar in their regions?


In this days we see the strength of one collaborate effort from Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS), which has the strength of the Nigerian Army and other ones in the unity. The trading partnership of these nations involved in the regional group are now showing strength by supporting the The Gambian Republic and their wish for a change of an executive as they have put a joint operation from Senegal to invade and put the newly elected President Adama Barrow. The President, the incumbent Yahya Jammeh doesn’t want to step down, even as his army are filled with deserters and his loyal ministers who have resigned. Soldiers are even said be to be staying in the barracks instead of being in the field battling the joint operation. The others have fled to Senegal if they we’re legal counsel or minister, where the President-Elect where Barrow are sworn-in today.

What we should wish if there we’re other regional efforts who cleared the way and paths for nations to be free from their dictators and leaders who don’t stepdown. This would be a step up for international bodies where they actually have the ability to do something quickly without too long procedures. The United Nations Security Council and the African Union Peace and Security Council usually tend to use to long time to be able to fix it or even get voted mandate to engage in the troubled nation.


Gambia has had an election and now the ECOWAS have their army besides the borders. This is happening as the reports from Banjul hasn’t been hopeful as there still Presidential Guards around the Mansion of Jammeh today. The capital is also said to be a ghost time as the fear of the coming ECOWAS army arriving with the newly elected President. If they will come they will bring something new to Democracies around the world. That with or without mandate from the United Nations; the Regional Effort would deal with a thieving of a nation from one man. There reports that ECOWAS are sending the fighter jets over Gambian land, to prove that their behind Barrow and not Jammeh. This proves their will of standing behind the will of the citizens of Gambia. The warships have also blocked the waterways out of Gambia, so the incumbent should feel fenced in.

So what if these we’re common acts when people stole power and wouldn’t leave the Republic’s or nations. Like if Southern African Development Community (SADC) had gone in after the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and opposition presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai won the election over incumbent Zanu-PF leader and President Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe in the year of 2002; that after a fraudulent election where the incumbent did ballot stuffing and other tricks to secure mandate for another term. If SADC had been honest and had military power they could have come with a joint operation of armies of Angola, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and less battalions from the other representative nations. As they would be stationed in South Africa and covered the borders with jet planes and tanks to settle grievances between a rigged election and the citizens who demands democracy in Zimbabwe.

Just as we could wish Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) would do something when they have lingering Presidents in power, which they would use their levels of experience and armies to prove that the people’s wishes should matter. The IGAD could have used their forces on the border and taken acts against civilians as acts against humanity, where the IGAD structure would shield their people like in the Republic who has the headquarter in Addis Ababa, so that means that Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan and South Sudan would have armies besides the border for the violence and killings in Oromia and Amhara in 2016. The same would be for the Kenyan, Ugandan, Sudan and Ethiopian who would act against the civil war and killings inside South Sudan. The same as people have been claimed that President Museveni has cheated himself into power and therefore an illegitimate government. This is something that could have happen and has already happen; would the IGAD act upon it?

Than we have the Eastern African Confederation (EAC), which is based in Arusha in Tanzania. That one has the co-operation between East African Countries. If this one really cared about invalid and illegitimate elections would the EAC have voluntarily sent troops to Burundi to stop the internal bloodshed and the assault on liberties; as the illegitimate government of President Pierre Nkurunziza came into power through a farce of an election in 2015! This could also been done from the EAC when we are thinking of the acts of the TGoNU in South Sudan as the violence escalated in 2016 after they had become a member state in the EAC. That would be of legitimate concerns and not with monetary gains as the UPDF went into the Republic to shield President Salva Kiir Mayardit before the new peace-agreement with him and Dr. Riek Machar. This time around they could go in shield the nation from both parties as they are victims of a power struggle against SPLM and SPLM-IO.

Nigerian Army in Senegal 18.01.2017

Nigerian Army in Senegal 18.01.2017

So the SADC, EAC and IGAD doesn’t have the reach or the wanted play to stand by the citizens, it’s more like it is a Presidents clubs where they can lounge and drink tea abroad. They should be unites and cooperation for the benefit of all the member states and their citizens. These ones shouldn’t just be for general trade and infrastructure projects between the nations. If they would be functional they would serve the people when needed. Still, this is a dreamful wish. Not that I wish them to have functional army, but joint operations like the one in Gambia happening today in the favour of the winning President Barrow. We should hope for more of these engagements and operations to besiege an already illegitimate regimes in nations, where the neighbours and the cooperatives their parts of are taken matters into their own hands. This is ten times better than when the United States, France, Germany or United Kingdom is sending their mercenaries to overpower and to overthrow a foreign power. This acts of today in Gambia, will not be seen as a neo-colonial relic put into our present day, instead it will be remembered for the collective effort of fellow nations on the continent acting on their own will and for the best of the Gambian democracy. That is rare and hopes for the best of humanity, not the last as the citizens of the world deserve a fair beating of the tyrants who clings to power. Peace.

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