Burundi: The Senate starts moving the offices to Gitega!

19th January 2019 – PNB loaded these trucks with furniture’s.

The movement of Capital in Burundi is winding up, as President Pierre Nkurunziza wants a more peaceful to continue his reign from. As the place of studies and such, which haven’t had the infrastructure nor the development are not stationed to be the political capital of the Republic.

CNDD-FDD and Nkrunziza are now taking steps to get things ready in Gitega. From the 18th January until 2nd February 2019, the various offices of the Senate are moving as per order on the 16th January 2019. That was ordered by the Senat President Renovat Niyonzima. On the 19th January, the PNB started moving furniture on the 19th January 2019. Therefore, the move is happening and not just orders.

That is why it is clear, that the move of capital is happening. Surely sooner or later, the CNDD-FDD and Nkurunziza will ask for funds, loans and grants to develop the Capital. As there are not as much in Gitega compared to Bujumbura. Even if Gitega is the Capital of Kings, there is hard to compare the places in buildings and in infrastructure.

What is really special about the move, there are no budget or direct plan on how to do it within a month. Just dates on movement. You can wonder about housing and the places to stay for the ones working at the Senate and the Senators themselves. Just because the PNB starts driving away furniture, the placement and space in buildings has to be cleared or made. In a month is very short time limit, especially with no budget. Meaning needed funding for making Gitega the Capital.

We have to see how this continues, see if the IMF or World Bank will fix funds or even the CNDD-FDD will ask for viable funds through loans in the China Exim Bank. That would be natural for them, as the expenses of the transfer of the political capital there. Because, the state should have finance and funds ready to cover expenses. But they only had a vote and now they have a paper sheet for the move. Therefore, the plans are limited and the President have fixated on a more peaceful living in Gitega, than in Bujumbura.

This here looks a personal gift to him and his will. Not looking like a viable move. More of the same and more living like almighty king he is.

President Nkurunziza thinks this is wise, but really making him look foolish. Even as the Gitega is the historical town of Kings. Still, it doesn’t mean it yet is fit for the prospects of housing all parts of the political sphere of the Republic. That should been planned over a long time and also had sustainable funds for moving. However, this seems forced and unplanned. Peace.

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Burundi: Is President Nkurunziza planning to move the capital now?

There are now reports and indications, as of the Council of Ministers have made an arrangement to work on a law, where the goal is for the political capital of Burundi to be moved from Bujumbura to second biggest city, Gitega. As it was the Second Minute from the Council of Ministers today.

This is clear indication that the President and his party are planning a move. That Pierre Nkurunziza has another giant project, than his own re-election in 2020. Something only a dictator would do, to make his mark.

What is special is that Nkurunziza had parts of his early life in Gitega and went to Secondary School there. So this would be going back to his roots. Gitega is also strategic in the geography of the Republic. But seemingly, the guess would be to get foreign donations and loans to sustain a move like this. As the Burundian government have felt the falling regard with donors. Not so strange, when several foreign NGOs are closing because they will not follow the new laws on ethnic employment standards, which the government has put on them.

Now, the CNDD-FDD and the Council of Ministers are planning a move, there are reports that the capital will be separate, that the Financial Part will still be in Bujumbura, but the political will be in Gitega. Than, its a partial move from the authorities. No matter what, this is move done on a purpose.

Either to solidify the CNDD-FDD and the Presidency with a giant symbolic project like this. If the President does this, he keeps his old promise from 2007. Maybe, at the same time, he should be able to raise funds to make the defunct airport working again. But, that would be a side-show in the schemes of things.

Gitega or Kitega Town was the town of the kings or the Mwami. That would be fitting for the Imboneza yamaho or the eternal leader of the Republic. His wishes has to be honored. Now that he is more secured, ensured the laws on his side and the all the branches of government follows him. He can move the Capital of the Kings. So, that he can be the eternal leader from where the kings reigned in the past.

It would make sense in that regard to move it there. As the Eternal Leader would follow the proud Kingdom of Burundi, even if the last king was killed there in 1972. He still would follow and continue that, as the Bujumbura would be where the money is, but the power would be in Gitega.

What is more rare, is that Bujumbura has about 497,000, while Gitega has about 22,000 citizens in it. Therefore, he sizes and vast difference is obvious. As the new capital would only be a power move and a way of diverting funds. Since the government would need massive changes and funding to make Gitega a viable political capital, like a National Assembly and other houses of the branches of government there. Which is today in Bujumbura. They would also need to inquire the allies and the ones with diplomatic mission to move, if they want to be close to sphere of power.

This is all, just mere speculations at this point. As the Parliament haven’t voted for the bill and it is in the works. The text of the law have not yet been leaked or any sort of draft either. Therefore, who knows the whole piece of the puzzle. However, this is a major move and an expensive one.

A clear message by the President and his party. That Nkurunziza are not fooling around and want it all his way. The Eternal Leader, in the town of the Kings and residing there would be more peaceful, than in Bujumbura. Peace.

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