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Trump-Ukraine: US. House Committee’s Subpoena letter to Attorney John Dowd concerning Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman (10.10.2019)

Trump-Ukraine: White House Counsel Pat Cipollone letter to U.S. House Committee’s Chairmen (08.10.2019)

Trump-Ukraine: Rep. Mark Pocan letter to the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (08.10.2019)

U.S. Senate Intelligence Report: IRA worked in-favour of Trump!

We know already by the various reports dropped post United States Elections 2016. Plus the Mueller Report and others have verified over the years how the Russians used Social Media and how they weaponized it, as an advantage for the President. This was all an advantage for President Trump and his closest associates, whatever the Russians did and what disinformation, what sort of peddling of fake-news and so on.

Which in the Social Media report from the U.S. Senate Intelligence released today. Has some quotes worth mentioning still. It is just a little more flesh on the bone. But still not the whole chicken. They are not releasing everything and some things are still seen as secret. They are still redacted and therefore, some information are kept secret.

However, what is said is saying a little and shows a pattern, that is known already.

The Committee found that the Russian government tasked and supported the IRA’ s interference in the 2016 U.S. election. This finding is consistent with the Committee’s understanding of the relationship between IRA owner Yevgeniy Prigozhin and the Kremlin, the aim and scope of the interference by the IRA, and the correlation between the IRA’s actions and electoral interference by the Russian government in other contexts and by other means. Despite Moscow’s denials, the direction and financial involvement of Russian oligarch Yevgeniy Prigozhin, as well as his close ties to high-level Russian government officials including President Vladimir Putin, point to significant Kremlin support, authorization, and direction of the IRA’ s operations and goals”.

The IRA built a wide-ranging information operation designed to complement these other Russian influence activities directed toward interfering with and undermining U.S. democracy in 2016. The expanse and depth of this effort would only be understood in the aftermath of that campaign”

At the direction of the Kremlin, the IRA sought to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election by harming Hillary Clinton’s chances of success and supporting Donald. Trump”

Evidence of an overarching pro-Trump and anti-Clinton bias leading up to Election Day 2016 is also found in information obtained by Special Counsel’s Office. For instance, IRA employees were directed to focus on U.S. politics and to “use any opportunity to criticize Hillary and the rest (except Sanders and Trump-we support”them)”.

These three quotes from the report was the vital ones from me. They say what their mission was, why did what they did and how. It is a deliberate act of the IRA on directions and orders from Kremlin to do this, to favour Trump and his candidacy. Nothing else can be taken from this. That is what the Russians did in 2016. They used social media and various of media techniques to spread their message. This can only been seen as an direct interference in favour of one candidate.

To think otherwise is naive and Kremlin won with their strategy and got their man in office. Certainly, the world see that and has seen that with the results afterwards. As the President is very Moscow friendly. That has been seen with time.

What is clear that they dropped this now, while the impeachment process is under way. Certainly, to deflect from the Trump-Ukraine scandal. Peace.

Opinion: Trump’s IRS Tax Returns still shelved, but how many more steps till they are released?

It is amazing that we are in October 2019, three years in the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and this is still a recurring thing. The thing is that there are investigations going on, in association with the Trump Organization in the state of New York. Which the Attorney General for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) have subpoenaed the Marzars USA Limited, the accounting firm for the Trump Organization.

Today, the United States District Judge Victor Marreno dismissed the claim of uniqueness and said the SDNY Attorney General could get 8 years of IRS Tax Returns concerning Trump and his business. However, his team has since then filed an new briefing order and therefore ended up with an “stay order”. Where the case will be filed and will get new scheduled dates, as the subpoena is still not valid. Even if it was one once in the system.

This is really what the President is doing. Mr. Transparency, Mr I am not Corrupt. Mr. I am a stable genius. Sorry, brother, the filing of the judge was reasonable in his judgement. That no President preside over the law and that a president can be investigated. Just like Bill Clinton could be investigated, and Richard Nixon. Both of them was subpoenaed and had to deliver documentation of their impeachment hearings and so-on.

Still, Trump thinks his above that. Richard Nixon even stated: “He concedes that he, like every other citizen, is under a legal duty to produce relevant, non-privileged evidence when called upon to do so”. So, when one crooked President like Nixon could do it. Than, the current one should have the ability to do it also. Especially, since this is the tax-returns. This is not some nuclear codes, some sensitive secret protocol only seen by a few mystique people at area 51 in 1960s before Project Manhattan. No, this is the documentation that assess the financial structure and the possible assets, which the state and federal authorities are taxing President Trump. This isn’t an document of science-fiction nor Scientology. Therefore, the man should be able to release it. That is if, if he has nothing to cover. But by the day, it seems more and more likely his covering a lot.

We have been waiting for the IRS Tax Returns of this man since before he was the Republican Party Nominee and before he was sworn-in President. The candidates in that race put it out and got the scrutiny. The looked through and found investments, estates and questionable enterprises, if there was any. But the President and the one in-charge now. Has kept this to his chest.

First off, his must be really poor. Not only morally, but out of pocket. His bankrupt. That is why his spending all the days of his Presidency or most part of it, on his estates boosting his business. If not using foreign assets and foreign diplomacy to further his business with trademarks and opportunities while being in office. This doesn’t seem to be a business booming, when it has to this way.

Secondly, when he needed again to postpone it and stop the ruling today. It just shows, that his stalling out of time and hoping for another verdict in another court. In that regard, the judge today put it brilliantly: “A synthesis of Burr, Nixon, Fitzgerald, and Clinton suggest that the Supreme Court would reject interpretation and application of presidential powers and functions that would “sustain an absolute, unqualified Presidential privilege of immunity from judicial process under all circumstances”.

We know that Trump and his team thinks they are above the law. Even there is no specification or stipulation, or even a code, which says so. Therefore, what has been done today. Is just another injunction in the road of releasing it, eventually.

This just shows again. That his hiding something. If not, he would have released before even running for President. Apparently, there is a lot of skeletons in the closet and he don’t want those bogeymen to hit the streets. Peace.

Trump-Ukraine: US House Committees Subpoena letter to Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper (07.10.2019)

Trump-Ukraine: U.S. House Committees request documents from Vice-President Mike Pence (04.10.2019)

Opinion: It’s all in the memo, Trump said so… and the texts messages confirms it.

President Donald J. Trump whose openly on TV asking foreign powers to intervene, participate and investigate opposition in the run-up to the next election. Is now in hot-water and in trouble, as the United States House Committees are gearing up for impeachment trials and investigations. Into the troubling and ill acts of President in concern with getting Joe Biden and his Son Hunter Biden into legal trouble in Ukraine.

This is all know, as the Memorandum of the telephone call came out. The proof is in the pudding. Nevertheless, with the revelation of texts between the Foreign Envoys and staff, combined with the pursuit of Trumps own personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. There is a pattern of misuse of power and use foreign powers to intervene in elections.

We can all act a fool, be aloof as the Republic Party or as deflective, but that would stupid. Because, there are laws for a reason, and they are not supposed to be broken. Even if this President openly tries to make it a staple. That doesn’t shatter the fact, that Trump is violating and possible damaging the Republic only for his own personal gains.

He withheld arms and financial backing to Ukraine, since they didn’t support his cause to investigate and put Hunter Biden into legal jeopardy. For something the previous Attorney General of Ukraine, says was fine, because there is no evidence of any wrong doing at this point. However, since its enemies and challengers of Trump, they are fair game.

Trump can easily target others, but when the guns shoots for him. They are attacking the Republic; they are killing the American spirit and the sanctity of life itself. If hypocrisy and a liar has a face in the dictionary, it should be with his one as the prime example.

The leaks of texts from Adam Schiff. Sets the standard between the gentlemen involved in Ukraine from the counter-part of the US. The way they tried to work out and do the bidding of the President. As long, as the Ukrainians wanted to play ball and if they didn’t the carrot of financial and arms would be on-hold. That is what sort of business the Trump Administration did and are doing.

They are using foreign support and donations to help own re-election campaign. Doing it in the open and for the whole world to see. The Ukrainian President has lost his clearest ally and his supposed powerful backer against Russia and Kremlin. Which is not weird, since Trump doesn’t want to expose more golden showers and whatnot from his visit in Moscow. As well, as not releasing transcripts of talks and calls with Putin. This shows that there is something there. That could tie it all together. Because, with these actions in Ukraine, his actually helping Putin, to weaken a state that he wants to control. No denying in that. Putin wants a hold on Ukraine. To not think that is naïve.

But lets be clear, the releases of the texts combined with memo is really evidence of the realities at hand. That the President of US will use leverage to his own personal advantage, no matter what cause. No matter what price, as long as the foreigners are doing his bidding. He will play, but if you don’t pay what he asks for, you’re sent astray.

Hopefully, the subpoenas, the investigation of impeachment will serve, show the pattern as a whole. As the characters, the ones involved will testify and answer to what they did in-course of time. The GOP and Republican party, the so-called party of law-and-order, is now currently more the party of breaking the law, and asking for order. That is what they are doing.

President Trump has used his powers, his state apparatus for personal gains, and to be a hurdle for his political opponents. While his crying foul, he did foul and thinks he can run away with it. He might got off the hook, with the Russian interference, but now the pattern is clearer and he asks for the same again on TV yesterday. Surely, the proof is all there. Nothing more to say really.

This should be sanctioned, but not expect the Senate to save the day. I expect it die out in the House of Representatives, as there is more Democrats, but the Republicans will not hang one of their own. Even if it means they are accepting to be puppets of foreign powers instead of actually standing tall on their own. Because at this point, it seems like Putin has a hold on the Republicans and it doesn’t make them look good. Peace.

Trump-Ukraine: Memorandum from Chairman Elijah E. Cummings to Members of the Committee on Oversight and Reform – Re: Notice of Intent to Issue Subpoena (02.10.2019)

Trump-Ukraine: House Letter to Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan – Re: Pompeo, Witness/Whistleblower (01.10.2019)

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