FDC: “Re: Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu Report from Nationalwide Consultation about FDC Election Outcome” (26.09.2018)

What is weird with the ‘New Formation’ Launch: And a look into the deflecting MPs!

Well, let’s be clear, I wish all opposition a good journey, a safe journey and hopefully a blessed life. However, there are something rare about this Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, how he is allowed to operate without any clear indication or interference from the authorities. Because if Besigye or Bobi Wine does what he does, they are either behind bars or their gear is destroyed. There will be tear-gas and the authorities will hurt the activists.

While, Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine are retaliated against, the acts of Muntu just walks away without any heartache or pain, he can just continue his existence and is allowed to do so. Without any of the consequences, even Amama Mbabazi went through the fire and felt the punishment of the NRM, when he started the Go Forward in 2015 before the 2016 General Election.

What is more weird is the brigade of Members of Parliament that joins the New Formation. AS they might risk their seats or even their standing in own parties. The independents has nothing to lose. The NRM have been anti Age-Limit and are considered rebels, who are in hot-water anyways. Therefore, they are just configuring another journey, hoping for a new home.

From the Forum for Democratic Change, these MPs:

Elijah Okupa, Paul Mwiru, Herbert Ariko and Angeline Osegge.

From the National Resistance Movment (NRM):

Gaffa Mbwatekamwa and John Baptist Nambeshe.

From the Independent MPs, these MPs:

Anna Adeke and Gerald Karuhanga.

The ones that strike me and is weird to me, is that Paul Mwiru who has had such a standing and support from the FDC. Could so easily support Muntu and his new party. That Elijah Okupa, who is in his fourth term as MP for FDC. As he was displeased with the reshuffle of the shadow government with the FDC. Therefore, we knew he could bail and has shown it now.

Paul Mwiru, who has been elected since the 2011 General Election in Jinja, have now also decided to leave the FDC. The two term MP and recently won the By-Election in Jinja East, are clearly sending signs of being disgruntled in the party. His been into turmoil and been part of the MPs whose been charged after the Arua By-Election in August 2018. Therefore, we can wonder why he switches sides and are in favour of Muntu.

Herbert Ariko on the other hand is been called a liberal FDC MP from Soroti, however, he has said rapist should be shot by firing squad. So, who knows what his stances are and what politically motivates him, as he has been anti Social Media Tax. But who knows, why he goes to this extent.

Angeline Osegge, is the Soroti Woman MP, but also the National Treasurer of the FDC. Who knows what her concern is in this manner, or just political opportunities. She got suspended over the age-limit in Parliament during the 2017.

That is just the ones from the FDC. The NRM MPs are rebels against the Age Limit too. Who is now seeking a home. That the independents are finding a home is interesting, as the Anna Adeke is the Youth MP, who formed a Youth Pressure Group in 2017, as she worked against the Age Limit too and wanted something countering the NRM Youth League.

While Gerald Karuhanga is a part of the group of MPs who was detained after the Arua By-Election in August 2018. He was also against the Age-Limit, and even returned the 29 million shillings for consultation money. Therefore, he has been a vocal critic and part of the Parliament for two terms now. Therefore, he has knowledge too. Now finding a home apparently.

What is striking about the list is the youthfulness or the disgruntled, the rebels and the ones who are in the fringes. As Muntu tries to establish himself as a moderate to the Defiance Campaign and the Civil Disobedience of the FDC. Still, he made sure and ensured that while he was the head of the party there, until POA won over him.

What we can wonder, is how come he is allowed to introduce his plans and his party without any sort of reactions or twists from the NRM or even the Police? They usually appear out of nowhere and crashes the party.

We will not know before Christmas what all of this means, but he is trying to spin-it, like he is the difference from the defiance, than you’re the compliance of the state? What makes you significant and what is your message?

Gen. Muntu, why are you not releasing the report of the Consultations taken from November until now? Why? Are you afraid of the people looking into the activity and what that has presented? Doesn’t it fit your narrative and your spin? Because you have to look like the golden goose when leaving?

There are many questions, but like always, the consequence is that Muntu can walk away and it doesn’t cost. Some of his allies and supporters, even the MPs has been in dire need; it has costed them to stand against the dictatorship. However, it has not costed Muntu much of yet. We can wonder if the New Formation will make a difference or just be his flagship. Now, he will build on his own. He will be either Builder Bob or the lackie who’s too important to lead, but the honourable who everyone is supposed to listen too. Peace.

Gen. Mugisha Muntu: Statement on ‘New Formation’ (27.09.2018)

Today Gen. Mugisha Muntu starts walking through the desert!

The cool heat, the hot air and lack of humid is now starting to hit the face of former General Mugisha Muntu. As he yesterday launched his farewell and leaving the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). A party where he has had ambition in, ever since its inception in 2004. Now 14 years later and one Presidential Period of the party since November 2012 until he lost to Patrick Oboi Amuriat in November 2017. Therefore, we knew he would be humiliated by losing to another fraction.

Many of us thought he would flee the scene quicker and start a fresh in November last year. However, he waited to inform the public yesterday. Who knows why Muntu waited as long. He has tried to use his ambition and run for the highest office. However, the delegates voted for Dr. Kizza Besigye in 2015. Therefore, he lost there to, but was still the Party President, but not becoming the Presidential Candidate.

Muntu is clearly a lost bird, trying to find his nest. Now he promised a third-force, whatever that might be. Tomorrow, he will unleash it, but what it will be. That is all up to him. It might just be hot-air, but it is bloated ambition, which is the reason.

Muntu is walking in the same shoes as Amama Mbabazi did before him in 2015, when he started the Go Forward Initiative, which was launched right before the 2016 General Elections. As his ambition to become President wasn’t allowed or accepted within the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Now, Muntu has never had the chance of battling or having the popularity within the FDC to beat Besigye and his support there. That is why he was second-fiddle, and since November, he was just relic of the past.

Clearly, Muntu didn’t want to be a relic without any power or any place to reign. Muntu needs to enforce and be himself. He doesn’t want to be guided or follow principals. He wants to stay on top and be the priority. So, whatever he starts, he will be king and no one should challenge that.

Someone should buy him a Nile Brew, he needs a splash, he needs drinks for the heat. Muntu needs to drink and keep cool. As the desert is hot, the heat hits the skin and the flesh starts to sweat. You need a drizzle of water and needs to keep refreshed while walking. As you don’t want to see mirages or dreams, as you want to find the next source and security. Get to closest village and secure shelter before dawn.

That is why Muntu is now reaching, as he is on a quest for his own shelter. He will be trying to find himself in the political landscape. Muntu might have his backers and supporters from his time in the FDC. They might follow him, the MPs whose loyal to him, maybe following him too. But then they are going to something unknown, where the sun is only thing promised. As the Go Forward haven’t created anything substantial since its inception. Whatever name of Muntu Party, he will a long battle ahead.

Muntu will need his shelter and care-package to secure himself. As the only thing steady is heat, as he now walks alone. He might has some support around him. But they will not provide or delegate provisions. This is something he has create on his own. Therefore, Muntu are starting to walk and has a long road ahead.

Is he prepared, I don’t know, as there been many bright minds building the FDC and its protocols. Who knows who joins him and what is mission. Other than one, which has been clear along.

The naked ambition. Where that is taking him. That is not certain. That it will be hot, little humidity and little help. Hope he has brought enough water and care-packages, to get him through the desert. But we can really be wondering, if this moderate politician are ready to run on his own. Peace.

Gen. Muntu: I thought you left for a ‘Third Force’ last November, but you waited another 10 months!

I was wrong, I thought Gen. Mugisha Muntu was ready to move and start on his own, as he lost to Patrick Oboi Amuriat in the Presidential Election of 2017 in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Muntu has since then, been working on his on, as he has done his parts and been together with the party, but not in official fashion. Now, today it got leaked early, but stated later through an official statement, that Muntu was leaving the party he was establishing 2004.

I was thinking he wanted to leave earlier, when he wrote this in November last year: “I want to operate in an environment where I feel I am trusted by those that I am working with. So colleagues, I don’t want to be unfair to you nor do I want to say that you are being unfair to me. Therefore, at a personal level, there are decisions I will have to make in the coming days and weeks. I ask for your patience and prayers. We need to bear with each other even as we ponder on the decision that we will have to make. We do our part as human beings and the rest we leave it to God” (Mugisha Muntu, 25.11.2017).

That is why I expected him earlier, as he didn’t trust the FDC anymore and not the ones leading, as he wasn’t one in charge. His fraction of the FDC wasn’t moving the masses or the delegates of the party, as they decided someone else than Muntu. This shows, as long as he rose to prominence in the party and had relevance, he would stay, but when the steering of the ship needed another turn. He feels the needs to bail and led something on his own.

That is why I take s small piece from his statement upon leaving the FDC:

It is no secret that there have been calls from the population for new political actors. In the aftermath of our party presidential elections, there was talk of formation of a ‘Third Force’. There was also anecdotal evidence of a need for this; the number of independent MPs and leaders has been steadily growing, several people even within the ruling party have been dissatisfied with their party but not convinced enough to join ours and there is a huge number of youth, especially among the working class, that is critical of government but sceptical of the opposition as well. These are facts that every political actor must seek to understand. Nature abhors a vacuum. When we started FDC, there were already established parties. Yet the reality was, none of them was fulfilling the political desires of the people at the time. Indeed, within a few months of our formation, we had membership that far surpassed that of all other established opposition parties” (Gen Muntu: Why We are Quitting FDC, 25.09.2018).

Therefore, today isn’t a shock, I was expecting it to be happening much sooner, I was wrong on that, but my expectation of press conference at Hotel Africana in November 2017. I anticipated so much more, as the fallout of losing would add pressure. As his place and position in the party was eradicated and no special VIP place was made for him. He was a moving car without any place to park.

Now, that the car has officially crashed and he is telling more what he is up to tomorrow. This is far from the end of the FDC. Even if the rumored part of “independent” MPs, as it was indicated of a Fang Fang meeting in August 2018, where 29 FDC MPs was planning a rebellion and stopping paying their monthly contribution to the party. If these are the “we”, Muntu have been talking about all day. It would make sense, as there are moderates and compliance MPs, who has had no trouble with a soft approach to steering the conversation and also the change of leadership from the NRM. Instead of going heads-on with defiance and civil disobedience towards the state. That is why, most likely, the ones in favor of the Shadow Government. Are the ones following Muntu.

However, that will be revealed at a later junction. We who had a hunch in November 2017, was right. It though it would happen much quicker, but it was a slow force, a ‘third force’. In this manner, there shouldn’t be a worry for the FDC. The FDC has an administration and protocols, as well as established party. They should be function without Muntu and his fraction. Just like they have done with other major political operatives leaving the party. They have seen this with others and continued their agenda. So the FDC should just continue. Whatever or whoever that follow Muntu on ‘Third Force’, as him and his allies will find their way. Certainly, he intend to led and reign in that, as he cannot be controlled or be a second fiddle there.

Muntu has proven that, he will do his thing, by any means. Muntu couldn’t manage to find a new way or even seek other positions within the FDC. If he as such a Party Builder, why wouldn’t he like to see the spoils? Now he plans to start a ‘Third Force’ and bring with him the possible moderates?

We have to see the 27th September 2018 Press Conference, whatever he brings to the table as he jumps ship. We just have to await that one, but he is not FDC anymore, which has been his home since 2004. He was there for 14 years, working and building, but when they didn’t give him confidence. Muntu decided to leave, instead of waiting for a new role. Peace.

FDC Statement wishing a farewell to Gen. Mugisha Muntu (25.09.2018)

Gen. Mugisha Muntu Statement: That he leaves the FDC with immediate efffect (25.09.2018)

Official release:

Gen. Mugisha Muntu statement (09.08.2018)

Opinion: Are we seeing an original FDC split? – Into two Parliamentary Groups?

Just as things merger for a political outcome, things can also dismantle for the same reason. That is maybe something we are seeing these days, as the new leadership inside the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is splitting the party, as the hardliners and the ones who are more favorable working with the National Resistance Movement (NRM) are separating. There been two fractions, the ones who stood by Gen. Mugisha Muntu and the ones who are now behind newly elected Patrick Oboi Amuriat. Therefore, this fraction has appeared ever since the last election of the FDC Party President.

Now that POA has taken his first major leadership move inside the party, there seemingly quick to address and show their allegiance. They are not working with the party, but already showing their attitude and lack of serving their party, even their constituents, as they are more into their committee roles and perks. Than actually thinking, that these are allocated by their respective parties and not because of entitlement.

Reported meeting at Fang Fang:

The fired Leader of Opposition, Winnie Kiiza and 28 other Members of Parliament on the Forum for Democratic Change ticket are said to have resolved to form a separate entity at Parliament. Sources are telling us the MPs, who sat at Fang Fang Hotel Kampala for up to 6 hours last night, decided to cautiously detach from FDC leadership in Najjankumbi, mobilize other opposition parties and leaning independent colleagues to establish a significant numerical opposition power house targeting over 70 members” (…) ““We have decided to come up with a separate entity in the house for all opposition members and independent leaning MPs,” one of the sources who attended the meeting told us. ChimpReports has learnt that, the 29 FDC MPs will immediately withdraw the Shs 500,000 monthly contributions to the party” (Dickens H. Okello – ‘Winnie Kiiza and Team to End FDC Ties, Form Parallel Group’ 08.08.2018 link: https://chimpreports.com/winnie-kiiza-and-team-to-end-fdc-ties-form-parallel-group/).

Extract from Statement by Winne Kiiza:

Allow me to thank the FDC party under the leadership of, Gen. (Rtd) Gregory Mugisha MUNTU for the opportunity they gave me to serve my country. It is one I will never regret. It is some opportunity that saw us move strides together for a common and a better tomorrow. I would like in a special way to thank my colleagues from all opposition parties in the 10th Parliament. Equally, those in the NRM who stood with me and supported the voice of reason when the situation demanded” (Winnie Kiiza, 08.08.2018).

What I am thinking when reading this are we going back in time before the 2006 elections, when the FDC hadn’t been established and was negotiations between two parliamentary groups named Reform Agenda (RA) and Parliamentary Advocacy Forum (PAFO), even some of the gentlemen who was apart of these units are in the midst of these movements today. This is Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Reagan Okumu, Odonga Otto and so on. These people are still in the mix and playing this out.

Are these now playing their cards to answer back to Besigye or are they trying to figure out a new way. Because the old merger didn’t play out as they wanted? Now that their fraction are now loosing and their loyalty to Muntu is making them looking weak inside the FDC. As the POA is putting his stamp on the organization.

Since, there is sources of an informal FDC spilt within the Parliament, are the PAFO sort of organization opening and becoming a new party for the 2021. That will be official in 2020. If so, than we might see Muntu running it, even if he screams: “Country before Self” every time he can. Surely, he does not like being in the shadow of Besigye and POA. Who like being pushed to the side, when you have worked for a long time as a Party President.

However, this is just speculations, I expected when POA won the Presidency, that Gen. Muntu would start on his own. Now, that his allegiance of people are starting their own parallel parliament group. This is the marsh towards 2021 elections. Clearly, this could be the next move for him to join these 27 MPs and try to get another position as he is a fringe candidate within the FDC. As these people are already stopping to associate themselves with the party.

That is why we are seeing another Reform Agenda Versus Parliamentary Advocacy Forum in the 10th Parliament. The FDC is established, but with the loss of 27 MPs, these are really showing the force right now. But if the voters will be so forgiving, that is another scenario. Time will tell and if these people still have suction at all or if they will fall back, as there is always some who goes back in the needs of campaign. To get the needed support and machine behind them.

This is not a positive move, it is only doing justice to the wish of Museveni. Who wished to destroy the opposition after the 2016 General Election. Just as he has skirmished in the Democratic Party (DP) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), he can continue to purge the opposition with the Parallel FDC Parliament Group, who he surely can drop envelopes to secure the needed votes in the Parliament.

Let see how this goes or if the rebellion will even become something of power or if they are falling flat with time. Nevertheless, this is a victory for Museveni. As he has possibly put the FDC in pre-2006 state, where it was two fractions.

Therefore we have FDC and FDC Parallel, which is two different entities. Clearly, to make sure the party are weaken. Because by the election of 2016, the party had 36 MPs. This means if all of the 26 MPs are leaving 10 MPs, but there was 10 Independent at that time, so if it is 10 independent plus 16 MPs. Means that there are left 20 MPs who are loyal to the case. It is still a big defeat, but shows the marginalization of the FDC in parliament. The numbers have changed with by-elections, so there would be a few more FDC MPs, but the damage is still severe.

Now, its just have to play out. Peace.

[Insert Malicious Charge] Put on Besigye: Because why not?

Again, and again, there are charges and possible legal trouble towards the opposition leader and founder of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Dr. Kizza Besigye. Yesterday, was yet another day for him to be put on the spot. Not that anyone of the charges that he has gotten in the past has been verified and the regime haven’t followed up on them.

He has more than once been charged of treason, he has been taken into custody without warrant and been detained more times than it is possible to count. Especially in and around General Elections, he is pending jail, while campaigning. Therefore, this is really just he way the National Resistance Movement (NRM) are acting towards him. So yesterday is nothing new, but still needs to be addressed.

Now, they are pinning random murders on him. Besigye get the blame for even more stuff. Even if he was gardening in Wakiso or on a Campaign Trail, they would blame him. The NRM and the Police Force are monitoring him. It is insane and that is why this is suddenly news.

Four suspects arrested by Security gurus from Busia have linked the FDC Party and some of its top leaders including the Party Chief Mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe and four time Presidential Candidate Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye to various crimes in the country” (91.2 Crooze FM, 10.07.2018).

This is just as reading charge sheets and making up crimes. To fill the time of the FDC leadership behind bars, instead of continuing to build the party. Not like the Police are actually solving crimes, but manufacturing charges on him and the FDC. Besigye is used as a pawn by the authorities.

It is really insulting, that he again is under fire. That is because the NRM and the Police Force needs to divert attention. They need him to be martyr, but this time is not to serious. Since he still walks freely, while they are continuing blaming him for everything.

Besigye is being used and abused. He has been played and tortured, been detained and kidnapped before. Therefore, nothing they are doing is new, they have sprayed him and destroyed his SUV just for the hell of it.

That is why I don’t believe this charges or anyone else. It is a political farce and mockery of intelligence. If any of the charges had sticked, if any of the previous arrests or time of detaining behind any bars in- and around Uganda. Than, it would be believable, however, this is just yet another mad cow put into the public.

The mad-cow decease from Rwakitura farm that is killing wisdom and common sense at a rapid rate. That is why the Police Force as political force as it was under previous leadership. The new IGP is doing as a favor to the President. While making no sense charging Besigye again for nothing.

That is why the previous charges pinned on Besigye haven’t gone anywhere. They are just used to stifle is support and his political activism. However, the trick has gone out and fuse has run out. This has grown old, just like the President.

Time revamp and change, because this is just a mockery of rule of law. It is not funny, but just tragic. Besigye is being used and this has happen more times than worth counting. Peace.