Opinion: The UPF should just launch the “Operation Red Beret”

The Uganda Police Force came out with a statement to the grand public after they raided the National Unity Platform offices in Moroto today. This just show how far the state goes against and their expression of their party colours and clothes. That they are wearing military fatigue and the red berets. This the state is clearly targeting, as they have already raided the offices in Jinja and in Kamwokya, Kampala for the same reasons.

Today’s statement says this:

This morning (05th November 2020) at about 0714/c, a joint security intelligence led operation succeeded in arresting one suspect identified as Angulo Andrew Lokong, the NUP coordinator in Karamoja. The operation was carried out in the area of Camp Swahili South division in Moroto municipality. This follows a series of videos that were seen making rounds on social platforms this week, showing youths dressed in clothes similar to government stores (military attire). The suspect has been charged and is detained at Moroto Police Station. A search has also carried out following his arrest. Further investigation into this matter is on going to bring all the perpetrators to book. Military uniform or clothes similar to it, or any other government stores for that matter are a prerogative of the government and should no be abused in any way” (Uganda Police Force – ‘ABUSE OF GOVERNMENT STORES’ 05.11.2020).

The state is clearly targeting the NUP and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. There is no other way to look at it. Just like the state has made a Joint Committee with security organizations and media houses. This is all acts done to stop the party from campaigning and able to get more grass-root support.

The UPF cannot deny the fact. They have never arrested any NRM with a yellow similar looking military attire. Never had any issues with NRM members wearing fatigue or even military inspired clothes. The President have even wore it in Parliament and for speeches to prove a point. The NRM at Kyankwanzi is copying the UPDF to a tee.

Therefore, it is easy to state how the Police Force is a partisan organization. Just like the NUP is targeted this time around. The UPF have gone after dr. Kizza Besigye and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

They are clearly targeting the NUP with a purpose. Just like they did arrest a 70 year old lady for wearing red clothes. The same way they arrested some T-Shirt makers for making it with a picture of Besigye. The state is doing the same sins, but has another target this time around.

It is the colour red, the NUP and Bobi Wine. The message and the powerful signal of their clothes is raising alarm for the authorities and the “high above” who has to prove a point. Because, nobody is supposed to really challenge him. This is why he goes so hard against Bobi Wine and his associates.

They are daring and aiming at the King. They best not miss. Bobi Wine have to be strong, because the state will not let go. The UPF and NRM are doing this to scare and intimidate. This is what they do. Just prove that they are the oppressors, who has one law for their own and another for others.

This should be codenamed as “Operation Red Beret” … that would be fitting. Because this is just going after that. That is the message the UPF is telling the public. At least the memo I am getting by the deliberate actions made by the authorities in the cases concerning the NUP. Peace.

Opinion: Colour me red…

This isn’t Red Dead Redemption or any other thing associated with the colour. No, this is just a small piece of utter rubbish thrown the way of National Unity Platform, the Political Party of the People Power Movement, which is lead by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

He has ruffled some feathers; he has stood tall during trouble. While remaining calm and collected. Others might have given up or traded for greener pastures, but Bobi Wine has carried that stick and taken that burden with him. Just like others who has worked for the same cause in the past. Bobi Wine isn’t the first and hopefully not the last. He has taken a stand and works against the oppression, militarism and the ability to enjoy liberty and freedom in the Republic.

So, now that the Electoral Commission are warning of the usage of colour, the party NUP of using red, because its owned by Uganda People’s Congress (UPC). You know things has gone stupid. As the UPC has three colours, FDC has three colours and so has plenty of other parties. The same has NUP, but they are defiant in their red beret and colour of the umbrella.

It just like the state agency, the government are looking for any excuse, reason or argument to deregister the NUP. While using allies in the UPC as a shield. Using Akena, the son of Obote as a spokesperson for the foolish attempt to tarnish and to talk in defence of the colour red. Jimmy could have talked about black and blue too? Why haven’t the UPC tried to block FDC from using blue?

Because it’s a foolish enterprise like selling sand in the middle of a desert. That is how it is and only idiots are eating up the hot garbage.

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, who knew you would sell out this way? Who knew you would trade away your father’s legacy and party over such insignificant thing? How narrow-minded are you Jimmy?

I just got to ask, because, there is no way in the world the UPC owns a colour. That is just nonsense. Because, Justice Forum (JEEMA) is blue, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is blue, National Convention For Democracy (NCD) in blue and Liberal Democratic Transparency (LDT) is blue too.

So, why can’t NUP and UPC both be RED? What’s the issue, unless you’re a pawn for the grand party and want to be used?

Akena wants to be on the bus so badly. Since he knows his no conducting anything fruitful. A pawn and he hate it. He wants to be a big shot, but isn’t, he cannot even come out of the shadow of Otunnu. That is such a poor leader he is.

That is why he got use his platform to attack NUP. Since he knows that is the only way he can get brownie points and get a moment of nostalgia with the Head of State. If he doesn’t he will be forgotten and not seen as useful at all. That is why he does this.

We can all see, the partisan Electoral Commission can let four parties have the colour blue, so why not two have the colour red, suddenly?

That’s how dumb this is. Peace.