K2 Telecom Uganda and 87.7 KFM- They Recognize and Congratulates Dr. Kizza Besigye! (22.02.2016)

KB Recognised

Management and Staff of K2 TELECOM.
Would like to congratulate the people’s choice.
His Excellency Rtd Col Dr. Kizza Besigye upon being.
Elected as President Of The Republic Of Uganda.
May the Almighty Lord / Allah guide you.

K2 Uganda

Another Company recognizing him!

KFM Logo

Ugandans Voted For Kizza Besigye.
No matter what, You are our President.
The People’s President.
The People’s President.

FDC – Press Statement: Democracy on Trial – The Results of the Presidential Elections must be rejected (20.02.2016)

FDC 20.02.2016 P1FDC 20.02.2016 P2FDC 20.02.2016 P3

Puntland Traditional Elders Forum – A Position paper on the electoral model for 2016 (08.02.2016)

Puntland P1Puntland P2

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