Opinion: Farmaajo wants to go from delaying into a “transition”

The first term of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo oended on the 8th February 2021. Now we are already in the end of March 2021 or on the 28th March 2021 to be precise. He is keeping himself in power by being “interim” President as the negotiations and the agreements are stalled.

Farmaajo and allies are hoping to stall this even further. As himself and his opponents cannot agree on the way ahead. Farmaajo is hoping his “Gorgor” and Somali National Army (SNA) can keep him in office. Farmaajo is not willing to risk his huge influence and power at Villa Somalia. That is how everything seems.

The out-of-date President is willing to fix the Lower House of Parliament. Where he wanted to get a two-year extension for no apparent reason. He wants the Members of Parliament to just accept. There is reporting that speaker of Lower House Mursal believes this is the right thing to do. That after the Lower House have expelled 15 MPs who opposed the Farmaajo line and the further expansion.

Farmaajo is set to have a closed doors meeting with all the MPs, leaders of Security Agencies and Media Aides. All done today before tomorrows Parliamentary Session in the Lower House. Which is supposed to give him a “legitimate” vote to stay in power without an election. Mursal would clearly do his to deliver this for the President.

By all means… it seems by now that Farmaajo never had the pure interest to resolve the election stand-off. If he did… he wouldn’t have held such conferences that close to the deadline. Neither shown intent or tried to figure out ways forward. Instead, he has ordered the Gorgor on protestors. Have had heavy armed presence on the airport of Mogadishu and even ordered soldiers to Gedo Region in Jubbaland. That is what he does to stay ahead.

Farmaajo must take people for fools. His game is for a long-con. He will blame the International Community. He will blame Kenyan interference. Farmaajo will blame anyone else. Even as he knows perfectly well that he needs international support and without military support from foreigners he wouldn’t even be in office at this current moment.

The interim president seemingly wants to create a huge crisis and other problems as excuses to stay in power. There is not end to this. No matter what the opponents or the Somali National Salvation Forum does. The Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) haven’t come with any significant solutions either. Maybe they have in closed doors meetings, but none of that has leaked out. As Farmaajo seems to enjoy the “impasse” and the “transitional” period.

Farmaajo wants to be unelected and have all excuses. He wants to pull off what others has done in the region. The Somali President wants to await elections just like Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy did. That is his goal it seems.

So, even if the International Community would warn Mursal and the Lower House. Don’t expect much from there. When they could easily “ban” opposition MPs like they did. They will clearly not care, if they are all on borrowed time and without an official mandate. These folks are just there to be loyal subjects of Farmaajo and deliver his wishes. That is why the previous speaker was kicked out and the Prime Minister too. All of them, because Farmaajo needed with certainty to have loyal cadres in all the right places.

He ensured a delay, now he wants to be in transition from himself and hopefully in that time. Find a way to install himself again legitimately. That is the end-game here. Either by the hook or by crook. Peace.

Opinion: Turkey ‘gave’ Farmaajo the Gorgor

The Gorgor forces are members of the Somali forces that have received high-level training at the Turkish base in Mogadishu (TURKSOM). Their number ranges between 4,500 and 5,000 supplied with weapons and ammunition from Turkey. They are stationed in Mogadishu, Tosmurib and Beled Hawo, with TURKSOM as their main base. In addition to receiving their orders directly from President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo, these forces are under the command of Turkish officers at the base” (The Arab Weekly – ‘Turkish-trained special forces take Somalia back to days of civil war’ 20.02.2021).

I don’t know where President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is standing in regard to the military expansion in Somalia. Neither does I know his reason for arming the Gorgor Special Unit, which is following direct orders of the former President Farmaajo. This is vital as his term has ended and there is an election stalemate, which has turned bloody.

There is warnings of war, civil-war. A war that Farmaajo has created and State Presidents is calling him out. Not only the Council of Presidential Candidates’ Union (CPC), but the likes of Puntland President and others too. They are calling Farmaajo a dictator and someone who will force himself on the public. This he thinks he can do, because the Turkish armed him with ‘Gorgor’.

That is a monster and vicious beast the Turkish has offered to Farmaajo. Now, since his seen the usage of it in the past. He thinks he can control the conversation and silence his critics with this Unit. Gorgor is the unit that’s been in the streets and used bullets against the demonstrators. The Turkish trained troops was used against the opposition and that shows what Farmaajo does.

He has a unit of 5000 trained soldiers that he can order around. Farmaajo has a small army who he controls and intends to use. Just to prove to his enemies that he got power. That he will not back-down and will destroy the ones in his way.

That is why Turkey better take some responsibility here. The Turkish maybe trained these soldiers to beat Al-Shabaab, but at the same time. They are now useful to quell and silence opposition. Even kill them, if they have too.

Gorgor is their beast. It is now a tool that Farmaajo uses to get his way. As he hopes his forces can weaken and destroy the will of the other political actors. Since, he got the guns. He can brutally get rid of the ones opposing him. Gorgor will do it for him and threaten them, intimidate them and stop them from challenging him.

That is how it seems. The violence of Gorgor on the 18th and 19th February is a sign of what’s to come. Villa Somalia and Farmaajo is clearly aiming at the stars and hitting the moons. Because, they are clearly not in it to talk or negotiate at this given moment. The Turks and Erdoğan have to take their responsibility too. Not just write a vague Press Statement and think we forgets.

The incumbent President and now ‘caretaker’ or ‘interim’ Commander-in-Chief got to carry this too. His the reason for all of this and the one who ordered Gorgor on the streets of Mogadishu. Also the man who couldn’t resolve difference ahead or during the Dhusamareb Summit. Farmaajo has had his time, but now he uses soldiers to grip power. That is clearly his motivation.

Farmaajo should send tokens and gifts to Ankara. Since they are the ones who is shielding his throne. Without Gorgor, the caretaker would have no force to reckon with or even dare to order anyone to the streets. Peace.

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