Congolese rebel Tshibangu and Meru Aspirant Governor Mwenda connected by looted gold!

The rebel and former Lieutenant General John Tshibangu who has left the during “Africa’s World War”. He has been reported and rumored to been a part of the M23, but that was never official, neither was any of his other enterprises since. He has been reported for violence in Kasai-Oriental in 2012 and trying to create a revolt in the Congolese Army. He has started and together with close members running a rebel group, who even recruits fellow rebels in Central African Republic as well as in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here is some of the brief news from the rebel. Before the questionable transaction in Kenya, by the outlaw and the conflict minerals in the hands of Kenyan businesses. They should know better!

Therefore, this has been recent reports of the man:

For John Tshibangu, his two collaborators were in Bangui visit because they have family on site. “Two of my men were arrested four days ago in Bangui: Colonel Freddy Libeba, my deputy in charge of operations, and Alexandre Mithsiabu, the intelligence director of our movement. They have their hands handcuffed since Friday, “also confirmed for his part, the colonel deserter of the Congolese army to the head of the FPCCD. He accuses Joseph Kabila of organizing the tracking of opponents inside and outside the DRC and said they fear for their lives if they were to be extradited. No demand for extradition has been formally sent by Kinshasa for the moment, but the will has been expressed, said one in Bangui. “We rose up because Joseph Kabila did not win the elections in 2011, and everyone knows. But we have been observing for a while the negotiations led by the bishops and we realize that Mr. Kabila does not respect the signed agreement. We can not let it happen because article 64 of the Constitution allows us to block the road by all means. That’s why we were raised, “said the FPCCD leader” (MediaCongo, 2017).

Friday, June 9, 2017, at least 3 relatives of Colonel rd Congolese John Tshibangu, were arrested in Bangui Central African Republic. They are Freddy Libeba and Alexander Mitshiabu, according to the confession of Colonel Tshibangu, who confided to the press because he fears that their extradition in the DR Congo. “I confirm that the two men were arrested. They are involved in activities of destabilization of the regime in the Central African Republic, but also in the DRC, “the Central African security and interior minister, Jean Serge Bokassa, quoted by Voice of America as saying on the telephone. The Central African statesman assured that an investigation is under way and further arrests may follow. “There are other acolytes who could be arrested. And there are many here. For now, we are leaving the case in the hands of the judiciary and we can later decide to extradite them to the DRC, “added Minister Bokassa. In the Central African Republic, the authorities are actively investigating the alleged members of the CTCCF, John Tshibangu, a Congolese political-military movement close to the former M23 rebellion suspected of links with Central African armed groups from the former Seleka. Investigations obviously triggered after the arrival of the Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Leonard She Okitundu, three weeks ago. Freddy Libeba is a DR Congo subject who appears in the UN expert report of December 2016. He would have arrived in Bangui in July of last year. According to a source close to the investigation, he lived in the CAR under a false identity and was charged by the leader of the FCCPD, Colonel John Tshibangu, to recruit men from the Congolese diaspora rd and to conclude an agreement with an elder Leader of the former Seleka, Joseph Zoundeko, for possible operations in the DR Congo as in the Central African Republic. Since Zoundeko was killed, but Bangui suspects the CSCFP also to participate in the operations of the Coalition in eastern CAR” (J.N., 2017).

When you would know that the rebel who are using all sort of funds to ignite violence and oppress people, even use it buy arms and ammunition to fight government and other militias, the Kenyan enterprises should sway away from the 1000 kilograms of gold worth USD 37 Million. This happen in April 2017, months before the news of violent and arrests of people surrounding his movement in Central African Republic, but it still shows the capacity of the former General in the Congolese Army. That he can cross borders and use his position to gain and train more rebels. This could only be done with the money to buy needed equipment and pay his ‘soldiers’.

Because, Eye on Security Company received 1000 kilogram of unrefined gold. The monies of this gold and the value of USD 37 Million. This was put in Diamond Trust Bank. And put under the company of Sea Land Destiny Limited. This shows that illegitimate funds and conflict minerals are entering the Kenyan financial system and banks.

The ones make sure of this transaction is:

Eye on Security is a firm being supervised by an inside and out luxuriously experienced CEO. Mr. Mbijiwe Mwenda is a previous missile administrator in Kenya Air power. Aside from working air and ground rockets, this squadron additionally handles uncommon operations in counter terrorism and salvage operations. His administration as a marine has completely prepared Mr. Mbijiwe with sufficient learning of each point in security. Mr. Mbijiwe served in the power so passionately and he conveys even an uplifted level of passion to this firm. He is dead set to work with determination in making this nation and the whole world a superior spot to live” (Eye on Security – link:

The rich Security Analyst and CEO and founder of Eye on Security, has even been thought of as a Jubilee Candidate for Governor in Meru on the Jubilee Ticket. This was reported on KTN News earlier this year. He even had a statement of certainty of others, while the truth of his company isn’t that swell.

Like this one from 22nd January 2017:

As a Meru leader, am ashamed that campaign materials of an aspirant or opposing party can be pulled down in a move clearly aimed at weakening them. This is undemocratic and cheap. Political victory is not gained by physically harming or maiming your opponent! Real men go to political battle democratically. They fight it out in the field and the best wins. No one goes high by bringing others down! We expect leaders to observe political decency! Only cowards do that kind of shameful thing! The youth is the strength of every rising community and they shouldn’t be misused. The role of the youth in politics is not to create an environment of despondency and violence but engage in constructive politics. Meru is greater than any individual, political formation or political movement. A people united can never be defeated” (Mbijiwe Mwenda, 22.01.2017).  

What is amazing on the claim of the corporation of the aspiring governor of Meru, Mr Mwenda stated: “We, Eye On Security, further confirm that the goods in our custody are legally earned and cleared of non-criminal origin, free on any liens or encumbrance and freely transferable upon the instructions only of the authoritized signatory (depositor)” (Eye On Security, Mr. Mustafa – placed on 12th April 2017). Certainly the company of the aspiring governor should know and look into the history of Lt. Gen. Tshibangu who is well-known rebel and recent history isn’t peaceful. Certainly, the company has no trouble with the way the gold came into their possession and how they transferred funds from Diamond Trust Bank.

This story is clearly not been told and not been touched, how a Meru Governor Aspirant Mwenda are involved with Congolese Rebel and his looted gold. This is like novel, a fiction, but the paper that has been released proves the story. The other was just quick research on the fellows involved in the transaction. The rest is up to you and to see if someone differs on the story. Because the details are there and the others, are actual reported by various sources. Peace.


J.N. – ‘FPCCD : John Tshibangu, Freddy Libeba et Alexandre Mitshiabu, ses proches, arrêtés en RCA’ (16.06.2017) link:

MediaCongo – ‘RCA: des rebelles du colonel John Tshibangu soupçonnés de lien avec l’ex. Seleka’ (16.06.2017) link:

Rwanda 1994: Gen. Paul Kagame letter of 10. August 1994 (Confidentiel)

RDC: MSR/G7 Afrique du Sud – Communique de Presse du 29 Mars 2017

In Nord-Kivu province where M23 continue to kill and is also captured!


Earlier this year there we’re reports that, all of sudden M23 soldiers had left the barracks in Uganda and crossed the borders again into Democratic Republic of Congo. With that the Congolese authorities and Ugandan Authorities showing lacking concern of the ex-militants, that apparently is still rebels and militants attacking civilians and army in North Kivu. This with the knowledge of the former Gen. Sultani Makenga who left his house as well, as most of the soldiers fled the barracks too. This is a return of violence and killings in DRC, in time for a needed crisis for President Joseph Kabila.

Here are recent reports on their struggle and hazardous behaviour in Congo. M23 continues where they left-off when they had come to Uganda as relieved rebels and promised to leave their past behind. Still, the UPDF kept them in barracks and in a military facility. So you could wonder how these former rebels should get another career when the armed militants got possibility of army training as they we’re pardoned by the Ugandan Government or a sort of amnesty if they left the militia. Still, they apparently had the ability to flee for the Congolese soil and create havoc again in Nord-Kivu.

North Kivu / Goma: 12 M23 Rebels were killed, 68 captured and 39 rendered in a violent confrontation between the congolese army and the rebels m23 from Wednesday to Thursday, 23 February 2017 in the group Of busanza in rutshuru territory in the province of north kivu in the east of the #DRC”  (100 Citoyens journalistes de RD Congo, 24.02.2017)

Official Reports:

“The Democratic Republic of Congo’s army has killed at least 16 former members of a rebel group after they re-entered the country’s east, the military’s spokesperson said Thursday. Fighting near Rutshuru began on Wednesday and by Thursday the army had captured 68 former M23 rebels and 39 others surrendered, said Major Ndjike Kaiko. “We are tracking the fleeing M23 fighters who are seeking to infiltrate Kinyandoni and into the Virunga National Park,” he said” (The Great Lakes Post, 24.02.2016).


M23 wants ransom from DRC Government:  

“M23: $ 1 million to liberate the colonel of Georgia on 27 January, two combat helicopters of the congolese army were crashing at a hundred miles of Goma (North Kivu) doing three wounded and 4 missing. Three members of the first aircraft manufacturing (Russian) turned out to be also of Russian nationality. Initially the authorities in the drc explained that a first aircraft that was flying at low altitude would have hit the trees and would therefore be accidentally crushed. The second helicopter launched in search of the first, flying too low, would have crashed in turn… really out of luck! Some observers were amazed that these “accidents” in series occurred in a border area where m23 rebels are known to be present. In fact, we learn these last few hours, that the M23 seeks $ 1 million in exchange for the release of one of the two pilots. The man whose identity has been disclosed would respond to the identity of soso osurauli. Ex Colonel “retired” since 10 years of the Georgian armed forces, it would have taken from service in 2014 for the benefit of the armed forces of the DRC. Thus, it appears that the two aircraft were very likely to be slaughtered and not victims of the bad weather. Since Mid-January reports of a significant incursion of rebels of the March 23 movement from Uganda. Monuc during a press conference reported Wednesday, 22 February, what followed “with an extreme attention” the evolution of the situation” (Congo Intelligence, 23.02.2017).

M23 fleeing to Kisoro:

“Images-videos and photos of 56 M23 who fled the fighting of the hill Songo for finding refuge in Kisoro, Uganda reveal the reality of this armed group. The FARDC have managed to capture 20 during the fighting which started on Monday 20 February until Thursday, 23 February 2017 and which proves the superiority of the FARDC on this rebel movement. The first reports of war we brought back by our colleague auster malivika speak volumes. The Rebels sitting on the floor in Kisoro, Uganda supervised by Ugandan officers. On the field of battle in the DRC, a corpse swaddled in a plastic bag and the traces of leakage through the grouping Busanza” (Magloire Paluku, RadioKivu1, 25.02.2017)

Militants from Uganda in RDC:

“Kambale Musubao Blaise is an avid militant of the MSR / G7. During the last visit of the CENI vice-president to Beni, he allegedly stigmatized the harassment that the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) is applying at the border of the Rwenzori group with Uganda against Congolese people in that neighboring country who would like to be enrolled. Since the outbreak of massacres of civilians in the Beni region in October 2014, several Congolese have sought refuge on the Ugandan side of the border. Mr. Kambale had to raise this issue publicly during the meeting that the vice president of the CENI held with the authorities of the place in the multipurpose room of the Hotel Beni. Which now draws him any kind of boredom from the executioners of his community” (BLO, 2017).

As you can see the M23 continues in Nord-Kivu and create the armed acts against civilians and army. Where they can and still cause problems as they force themselves on innocent and the army themselves. So, M23 doesn’t have a plan of peace, but of control with fear and weapons. As MONUSCO and FARDC doesn’t stop them totally, as they fled again! You can also wonder what the UPDF does as they come from Uganda and is still close on their border and the ones taken by the army in Uganda is small contingent of the ones that left the barracks earlier this year with Gen. Sultani Makenga. There are so many questions, but certain reasons for the acts of brutality and killing. So that President Kabila can continue to reign without any mandate. Peace.


BLO – ‘Alerte! Kambale Musubao Blaise en danger à Beni’ (26.02.2017) link:

RDC: Point de Presse de Pierre Lumbi Okongo, President du G7 (23.02.2017)


RDC: G7 Communique du G7 (22.02.2017)


RDC: Mise au Point du Mouvement sur les Allegations gratuites d’une Presudo ONG (22.02.2017)


Opinion: M23 operations only there for Kabila to postpone the elections!

Earlier in November 2016, there we’re reports of movement from the M23 from Uganda into the Democratic Republic of Congo. As there we’re even clear violence from the rebels in December. Now that we in 2017 and another month gone, there are reports and official reports that Brigadier Sultani Makenga has fled his home and is on the move.

In mid-January the Ministry of Defence Minister Henry Okello Oryem in Uganda claimed there we’re little movement and they we’re still captured. Still, there we’re at the same time said to be 200 rebel soldiers moving across into the DRC.


Just as of yesterday when the news broke of fleeing Makenga and the raids of Police Stations in and around Kasese District and Rwenzori Sub-Region. As the raids we’re going after guns and bullets in these police stations. As Bwera Police Station we’re put on fire and they also burned down Luwero Town Council, therefore armed militants seems to be on the move.

There we’re reports in January from Nord-Kivu Governor Julien Paluku we’re writing of the movement of the M23 across the borders. Still, the reminiscent of past was not certain at that point. Because in the past the M23 has had sufficient weapons and training in Kisoro on the Ugandan border, where the UN had witness affidavits briefing the UNSC on the rebels. That was the Local Governor that broke the news and the FARDC and the Central Government in Kinshasa did not verify it. Therefore the intelligence between the Central and Local was different. Just as of now, there are indicated violence and attacks inside Uganda, but also news of escalation of M23 prescience of them in the DRC.

As it happen and news we’re out of M23, the DRC government and transitional government under “third term” President Joseph Kabila are running on it and keeping their power as they have to fight another militant group creating chaos in North and South Kivu’s. This is just a curious timing that the M23 just happen to come after the CENCO agreement and the new timeline for elections, elections where President Kabila cannot be a candidate with the current Constitution of the 3rd Republic.

It is just like a rabbit out of the hat, the M23 get guns and run-wild in Kasese and Rwenzori Sub-Regions, as the numbers of militants has differed from who is counting. Some said a 101 soldiers crossed the borders other said about 230. In mid-January the M23 we’re reported to take the village of Ishasha in Nord-Kivu. Reports in late-January we’re that FARDC lost two military helicopters in running battles in a town called Rushuru, also in Nord-Kivu, which is close to the Rwandan border. Therefore the insurgency could be from both Rwanda and Uganda as the attacks are happening close to the too nation at separate time.

Therefore the sudden resurgence of M23 and the message from Kinshasa seems so fitting and just. So all of a sudden the Elections have to be postponed again and give political mileage for Kabila. So he can be the hero who fights M23 again. We can question and should question why this is an issue that can destroy the elections when ADF-NALU and Mayi-Mayi are already causing issues in the provinces in the Kivu’s, as well as the FDLR that is still creating havoc. So M23 isn’t the only militants and rebels in the region.

That is why it is suspicious that the M23 are the sole reason for postponing the elections and ballots so there can be another government running the Republic. If there we’re other circumstances that we’re less fishy and without having the history of both M23 and the Kabila Regime, it might been substantial. Since it isn’t so and the actors and the politicians has played these ploys before we should question the reasoning and the effects of the violence.

The ones dying, the ones losing property and innocent suffering for the political games of the big-men in the region, that they uses rebels and militants to sufficiently steady their political life is demeaning. The M23 we’re as off the Nairobi Agreement deserters in Uganda. Some was also expected to come back and be contained in the DRC. Instead they are now returning with vile force, some are seen as thieves in the border regions, others are implicating that the M23 and UPDF is covering their tracks with burning of Police Stations and other facilities to make it seem like a fleeing insurgent force returning to Nord-Kivu.

We can certainly question the efforts and the timing, as it fits the time-frame and evidence Kabila needs to overstay in power without changing the laws. That has been the goal since long before the negotiations with CENCO or anybody else, it wasn’t like President Kabila we’re intent to stepdown. He even runs a transitional term before twice elected. Therefore that Kabila tries to succumb the rules and still being the President without any election. That is why the sudden launch of M23 into the Kivu’s of recent days and months. This story will not end, if so then the Kabila presidency would also have ended. Peace.   

RDC: Mission de la RDC à l’ONU – Adresse le retour de la M23 à la nation du Rwanda et de l’Ouganda dans une lettre le 27 janvier 2017


Uganda: Government Statement on M23 Rebels (19.01.2017)

Somali National Army training at Bihanga Military Training School, Uganda
Somali National Army training at Bihanga Military Training School, Uganda

The Uganda Government would like to inform the public and the international community that the M23 rebels that have been cantoned at Bihanga Military Training School in Ibanda District since the Agreement of 2014 have been quietly escaping into the general public and some to unknown places.

Last night, the Uganda Security intercepted four (4) vehicles at Mbarara that were carrying 101 former M23 combatants who were travelling on their way to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

These had disguised themselves as ordinary travelling passengers upon interrogation, it was established that they were part of the M23 former combatants who had been cantoned at Bihanga Barracks. These were stealthily leaving their gazetted place of abode contrary to the Agreement of 2014 and the protocols signed with the DRC Government.

Consequently, they were apprehended and are now being detained at Makenke Barracks, the second division Headquarters near Mbarara town. These 101 were following an earlier group of 40 that were discovered to have escaped seven (7) days ago and their whereabouts are not known.

Uganda would like to inform the public and international community that currently there are 270 former M23 combatants still cantoned at Buhanga.

We would like to restate our commitment to live by the agreements and obligations that were entered into in 2014.
Uganda will not and does not support any armed activities to distabilise the Democratic Republic of Congo.
We invite the media and observers to go to Makenke and conduct their own verification of these 101 former M23 detainees

Ofwono Opondo
Executive Director Uganda Media Centre and Government Spokesperson

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