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White House Sack-Race continues with Priebus as the latest victim!

The Republican Party should be shocked and in awe of the latest casualty in the White House. The former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, the long-time Republican National Committee (RNC) staffer. Who know was dispatched out of the White House like a cold coffee. This after the new Director of Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci has unleashed headbanging interviews and tweets about the possible leaks from Prebius. Not that he is the only one, but he main culprit in the eyes of President Trump and his new hire.

The White House under President Trump hasn’t been stable and will not be so. Since the in-fighting and power-struggle, seems to be order of the day. Instead of leading a steady ship, Trump prefer reality-show shocks and scandals. This is West-Wing and Political Drama’s on TV on Steroids. But this is just another Friday for the Donald.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer left because of Scaramucci, Mike Dubke resigned in May from his position as Communication Director in May 2017. Than, after the Spicer left, the Deputy Spokeperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders become the Spokesperson! Gen. Mike Flynn was fired after foreign relations and financial support, that damaged his position in the cabinet as a National Security Adviser after 18 days. So that the Reince Priebus leaves the White House, says a lot about the 6 months of Trump. And the General John Kelly are the one, who has the stomach to control the White House. So, the General went today from being Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to White House Chief of Staff. Clearly, he is running for loyalty to the state, but might as so many before be eaten by Trump’s leadership.

So the ones coming directly from the GOP or the Republican Party are now the first to fly the ship. The ones who has political suction and worked directly for the party. It isn’t the ones coming from Goldman Sachs, the ones coming from the Wall Street or as business leaders. They are staying in their cabinet position. But the ones who had a political affiliation and political life before becoming part of the Trump Administration. Are now being left behind, they are the rare fruit in the administration. The New York Gang is trying to wreck the White House.

The are now reports that the GOP loyalist plan is a max exodus from the White House, since they have now cut deep ties with the Republican Party. This with firing Priebus and Spicer. Even Dubke has worked directly for the party. There aren’t many officials left in the cabinet or around Trump who resemble the party, unless the RNC and GOP represent the 1% of the Republic. If so, than it’s status is perfect. Plus, most of the ones behind has some history and connections to Moscow or had financial ties with Russian associates, which at this present moment is a giant plus if Trump wants to hire your American to his staff.

We can just wonder what else will unfold. Since there been rumors for a week that Priebus might fall. There been similar on Sessions, but he doesn’t have the heart and wants to serve the Republic. Therefore, Trump has directly axes him and make it publicly. That will yet another step into Obstruction of Justice, but at this point, Trump is a villain in a public office. Civil Servants and people wanting to make a career should wait until this presidency is over. Since the risk of total humiliation and utter disgrace might happen to you.

Do you think Priebus wanted this stain on his legacy, do you think Spicer will be proud showing clips of his defense of Trump to his grand-kids? Surely somewhere is White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon pounding on how to use his Breitbart back-channel and how else to play out his political career behind the scenes. Since President Trump get all the slack, while he can in the backroom do as he pleases. Even Vice President Mike Pence should wonder what is next, since he has to come with a lie and excuse, when Trump does something or tweets some nonsense. That is just occurring with steady pace and unlimited misunderstandings of role as President.

Enough for today, President Trump might unleash more foolishness soon. We can never know, but deflections from what matters is essential. Because knowledge of misuse of power and lawbreaking breaches to reach power should never be accepted. Peace.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied on the SF86 saying ‘No’ to meetings with ‘Foreign Government Contact’!

The United States Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, who goes by the street name Jeff Sessions. He was sworn-in, even after a former President didn’t see him fit, but President Donald Trump did so. Since he values loyalty over truthfulness or even honesty. This can now be said not only since Mr. Sessions in Congress hearings couldn’t recall his grandmothers name or even what he ate at lunch.

Today, the Department of Justice released one page of the SF86, the Questionnaire for National Security Positions, which the United States (U.S.) Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the purpose of the form is this:

This form will be used by the United States (U.S.) Government in conducting background investigations, reinvestigations, and continuous evaluations of persons under consideration for, or retention of, national security positions as defined in 5 CFR 732, and for individuals requiring eligibility for access to classified information under Executive Order 12968. This form may also be used by agencies in determining whether a subject performing work for, or on behalf of, the Government under a contract should be deemed eligible for logical or physical access when the nature of the work to be performed is sensitive and could bring about an adverse effect on the national security” ( QUESTIONNAIRE FOR NATIONAL SECURITY POSITIONS – Standard Form 86 Revised December 2010 U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 5 CFR Parts 731, 732, and 736 – December 2010).

So when Jeff Sessions filled in this form for evaluation of his credibility and his ethical background. He had to answer questions that the government and institutions could verify to make sure they don’t appoint someone who isn’t what they say they are. That they are acting accordingly to law and to the aspects of the job.

Because on the 13th July 2016 on the question of ‘Foreign Government Contact’ – where the question ask clearly: “Have you or any member of your immediate family in the past seven (7) years had any contact with a foreign government, its establishment (such as embassy, consulate, agency, military service, intelligence or secret service, etc) or its representatives, whether inside or outside the U.S.? (Answer ‘No’ if the contact was for routine visa applications and border crossings related to either official U.S. Government travel or foreign travel on U.S. Passport.).”

When you read that one, you know the seriousness of it, as the disclaimer and explanation of the what it all means. It meant both traveling to Havanna or just popping by the embassy of Hungry. That all had to be disclosed as the person wanted to get the proper clearance or ready to become part of the central government and intelligence. Certainly, that is why the state and the core needs to know if they have worked for foreign powers, since the loyalty and justice has to be in the Republic and not loyalty to another state, that is treason.

Therefore, with that in mind, it is worrying that the State Attorney delivered on the 13th July 2016 before being sworn-in, he answered ‘No’ to the question. Even as the man himself met with Sergey Kislyak on the 14th April 2016, 19th July 2016 and 8th September 2016. Jeff Sessions met with the Russian Ambassador at different venues and times. Still he didn’t disclose it to the government. This proves his troubling recent past, not only all the viscous acts as Attorney General in Alabama. But that is for another day.

No is just clear, that the Attorney General Sessions has no issues with lying for personal gain, just like his President, who does the same and therefore they support each other. They are similar in that fashion. Sessions just proving that he had no problems with lying to the state offices before becoming Attorney General of the United States. That proves how little he values the office and his own little concern of the times while being on the campaign trail with Trump.

The Shameful Era is here and all the Kings Men are proving their loyalty to the Manchurian Candidate. Not to the state, not to the institutions, but to the man and his family. This isn’t the America we seen before, but we see it now. Nothing is holy and nothing is worth to care about. Unless, it is personal gain over state. That is why Jeff Sessions could lie and deceive the offices who looked into his CV and papers.

You can be sure that he has other contacts than Kislyak, since that is the little we do know, but the tides of enlightenment is turning. The distasteful grunts of devious attempt of impunity might be over. As the revelations of conspiracy and acts of betrayal are getting closer. When the Attorney General, the sons of the President and the Trump Campaign Team are all lying. You know the lie must be big and the truth most be dire. Peace.

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