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Press Release: SDPP concerned about International Communities the rejection of the Puntland and Somali Election Model (13.02.2016)


On 13 February 2016, (SWEDEN) SDPP, Chairman Mataan Ali Hassan strongly concern the Puntland rejects the efforts of international community over Somali election model and Mataan Ali strongly welcomed the efforts with three days UN envoy Micheal Keating and ambassadors from, Sweden, UK, USA, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and IGAD with representatives AU, EU have taken meeting with the President of Punltand Abdiweli Mohamed Ali in Garowe.

SDPP, Chairman Mataan Ali Hassan on behalf the Somali Democracy of Political Party and Somali Diaspora, civil society living in Sweden call on the President of Punltand Abdiweli Mohamed Ali in Garowe, to accept the stakeholders result of National consultative forum in Mogadishu on the electoral model and efforts of International community over Somali election model.

We will continue our local and international levels consultations, dialogue and reconciliations with regional administration, Somali political parts and international partners on how to best advance Somalis stability democracy, good governance and security.

SDPP- Somali Democracy of Political Party:

Chairman of SDPP.

Mr. Mataan Ali Hassan.
Somali Democracy of Political Party (SDPP)
Address, Location:


Puntland Traditional Elders Forum – A Position paper on the electoral model for 2016 (08.02.2016)

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