U.S. Department of State Internal Letter on #MuslimBan (27.01.2017)


The Trump Administration plans to go on rampage against immigration in two new proposed Executive Orders!


Well, in the recent days the first Immigration laws under the Trump Administration has been into effect, which has led to international scrutiny and internal obstacles for the new government under President Trump. Trump himself an arrogant and wealthy individual who has used any ploy to run government around his finger, apparently fears that all aliens and immigrants that comes to the shores of Atlantic City or other cities will do the same. That they will start businesses, stifle local entrepreneurs and not pay tax, just like the President himself done for decades. Since he gets in power he wants to silence and get rid of the illegal and hardworking citizens in the United States. As he wants to deport and get rid of these people who he doesn’t see to be fit living in the American Republic under his rule. Let the drafts of the new Executive Order’s explain the wishes of the new administration of Trump.

Section 1:

“Our Immigration’s laws are designed to protect American taxpayers and promote immigrant self-sufficiently. Yet households headed by aliens are more likely than those headed by citizens to use Federal means-tested public benefits. Our immigration laws must be enforced in a manner that protects our taxpayers and promotes self-sufficiency”.

Section 2:

“(a) deny admission to any alien who likely to become a public charge”.

“(b) identify and remove, as expeditiously as possible, any alien who has become a public charge and is a subject to removal”

“(c) seek reimbursement from all sponsors of immigrants for the cost of Federal means-tested public benefits provided to sponsored immigrants”.

If this doesn’t make your heart boil and make your shrink then nothing does. Than you got no heart and fear in your mind; I hope that the ones that makes these bills or generations after them has to flee America and the doors will closed for them, as they are themselves are in-charge of draconian laws that despicable for all humanity. That they can call an “Alien” an Public charge is it’s absurd and also insulting to the nation of United States that is built on immigration. The President himself is just a Second Generation American, half-Scottish and whatnot. His wife is an immigrant from Slovakia. Therefore the President himself is setting the standard on other human beings as he is using all tools to even deport for the immigrants and aliens to deport them, in their hour in need, secondly he wants the United Nations or the partners of United States to foot the bill for the person who is settling in the Republic. The nerve of trying to sell the immigrant as a on the open market as the “sponsor” and the ones who helped the individual flee has also to pay for the new-beginning.

Section 3: Reforms to Immigration Policies and Procedures:

“(a) the Secretary of Homeland Security:

  • to rescind any field guidance concerning the inadmissibility or deportability of aliens on the ground that they are likely to be or have become public charges, as applicable (public-charge grounds), and replace it immediately with new field guidance consistent with the provisions of this order;
  • to propose for notice and comment a rule that provides standards for determining which aliens are inadmissible or deplorable on public-charge grounds, and that specifies that an alien is inadmissible as a public-charge if he is likely to receive, and is deplorable as a public-charge if he does receive, public benefits for which eligibility or amount is determined in any way on the basis income, resources, financial need:”
  • “within 270 days of this date of this order, to submit to the President a report, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, describing steps taken to combat the problem of “birth tourism” whereby individuals travel for the purpose of giving birth in the United States”.

Than after this section the President oblige his Secretaries and Department heads to find ways to set standards of the usage of public benefits, even find out how much of the affidavits and courts can be cleared the funds to make sure the procedure and make sure the government saves funds while deporting and get sponsors to fit the bills. As the government are also going to scrutinize the public who is on the food-stamps and public benefits, as if they are aliens or immigrants than they are automatically eating of the plate of the government; they will not return that benefit with work or even make sure the coming generation payback in the time of need. Like Trump’s family wouldn’t have businesses in United States, if the State of the USA didn’t let in his parents and such to settle down in country. But that is just for another day. The Trump Administrations has even more planned for making sure the immigration totally cease to exist in America.

The Second Executive Order isn’t hopeful, as they are not only giving us new methods of settling immigrants that wishes to work in the United States. United States are apparently under siege by other who wants to steal the jobs of common American, instead of coming there in hope for their future and build a stronger America. That is where I am wrong if the American people like this executive order:

Section 2:

“Our country’s immigration policies should be designed and implemented t to serve, first and foremost, the U.S. national interest. In particular, visa programs for foreign workers , as well as all the other lawful methods of admission to our country that authorize foreign nationals to work here, should be administered in a manner that protects the civil rights of American workers and current lawful residents, and that prioritizes that protection of American workers-our forgotten working people-and the jobs they hold”.

Section 4:

“(a) The Secretary of Homeland Security:

  • Within 90 days of this date of this order, review all regulations that allow foreign nationals to work in the United States, determine which of those regulations violate the immigration laws or are otherwise not in the national interest and should be rescinded, and propose for notice and comment a rule to rescind or modify such regulations”.

(viii) propose for notice and comment a regulation that would clarify comprehensively what activity is and is not permissible by aliens who enter on business/tourist visas, ensuring that the statutory prohibition on the performance of skilled or unskilled labor in such status is enforced”

“(d) the Secretary of Labor shall-

  • In consultation with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security,
  • Initiate an investigation of the extent of any injury to U.S. workers caused by the employment in the United States of foreign workers admitted under non-immigrant visa programs or by the receipt of services from such foreign workers by American employers, and
  • Within 18 months of the date of this order, provide the President a report based on such investigation”.

The Trump Administration are really wishing to whatever in their capacity to find people and methods of making America in the spirit of it inner-self instead of realizing that the immigrants are the ones that build America. United States will go against their past of immigration and immigration workers. As they will use all sort of review of visa programs, look through any sort of green-card or ways of hiring of foreign nationals to get jobs in the United States under scrutiny. As in the minds of the Trump Administration, all foreign nationals are in general stealing and taking the jobs from honest American people, instead of making America what it is. Therefore President Trump are using all sort of departments and all sorts of investigations to look through and find even people using loopholes to get jobs in the U.S. to get that out. This is all done in order to save jobs and at the same time, also stop the process of immigration; which he already started with the first anti-immigration presidential order last week.

This is just quick and brief outtakes of the orders that are proposed and might be signed by the United States of America President Donald J. Trump, as it was days before the other Executive Orders, they we’re signed and official practice by the government. Therefore we are seeing the countries of concern are not allowed to enter the Republic. This has had massive effects and also changed a lot. These two orders might do the same, as the Departments and the heads have to act upon the order of the President.

This is surely interesting times, by every minute and every day, the inclusive and friendly nation of United States is dying, the positive and melting pot is dwindling down. The fire under the melting pot is taken away for the mercy of the national interest and the Trump Administration in order to salvage nickels and dimes. Surely, the vast wealth doesn’t come with closing the gap or exhausting the legal system. It might do, because every single order has a tendency to end-up with litigations. These ones surely will not be without any public disregard or without anyone suing the government.


Executive Order – ‘Protecting Taxpayers  Resources by Ensuring Immigrations Laws Promote Accountability and Responsibility” (24.01.2017)

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