Kasangati Court the Besigye case flies away mysteriously overnight to the High Court!

Kasangati 22.03.2016

As the sun yet another day set over the Kasangati Magistrate Court and the final ruling on the petition from the lawyers of Dr. Kizza Besigye and his house-arrest since mid-February right before Election Day. The Police had without any information or assurance of the stakeholders of his case.

As the people and supporters had gained around the court had also the IGP Kayihura and DPC Kawalya of Kasangati deployed more police force and mambas, as the Police Force was ready and determined to block any rally for Kizza Besigye and the FDC Presidential Candidate.

Kasangati 22.03.2016 P2

Even on the roads leading to his home from the Trading Centre the Police had set up blockades and block the people from getting from Kasangati TC to his home. As the Police has no interest of following the demands of releasing Besigye out of his long-deemed house-arrest.

This saga does not seem to end as the Police and government of Uganda has no interest of letting the People’s President free from Preventative Arrest and making his home, his home again and not a prision as it, STILL!

The People in the area lost their cool when they heard that the case had been sent to the High Court. Peace.

KB Case 22.03 P1KB Case 22.03 P2

Kasangati Court petition of Dr. Kizza Besigye house-arrest continues – Final ruling set to be tomorrow!

Kasangati Court 21.03.2016

Today the legal-team of Dr. Kizza Besigye entered the Kasangati Magistrates court to continue the petition and filing of the case against the state and police house-arrest of his home in Kasangati, as it has been mid-February.

Witness comment on the matter today:

“Kasangati court has once again adjurned the ruling of the case in which Dr. KIZZA Besigye through his lawyer David Mpanga file a case against Inspector general of police and Regional police commader Kampala North to tommorrow ( tuesday) 10 am Kizza Besigye’s lawyers want court to order the with withdraw of police from Kizza Besigye’s home. This was after Prosy Katushabe the Kasangati court grade 1 magistrate over ruled the objection of state attoney calling for dismissal of the case. The magistrate gave Kizza Besigye’s lawyers to make their final submission by today 2pm. Hundreds of Besigye and FDC suppoters had thronged the the Kasangati court to witnessed the outcome of the court ruling”.

Besigye Legal Team 21.03.2016

Lukwago and legal team visit Besigye’s home:

“At Dr. Besigye’s residence with Hon. Latiff Ssebaggala, Hon Kassiano Wadri and counsel Shifrah Lukwago. The Kasangati Chief Magistrate has overruled the state objection to Dr. Besigye’s application challenging the continued incarceration at his home and ordered the matter to be heard on merit. The final ruling shall be delivered tomorrow at 10am. The struggle continues”

Also the car of Dr. Kizza Besigye has been returned after being under Police custody for three weeks, and as the Kizza Besigye and fellow friends look over the car, they found that the Police had made new finishes to the car and added spy-ware and tracking devices to the car. As the criminal and fugitive they act as he is, as the Government and the Police still have him under house-arrest, keeps arresting fellow opposition activist as they are supposed in the Supreme Court Petition of Amama Mbabazi these days.

So the struggle continues kigwa leero! Peace.