Zimbabwe: EU EOPM Press Release – Improved political climate, but un-level playing field and lack of trust in the process (01.08.2018)

Opinion: ZEC busy cooking and ZANU-PF winning, while they are warning the Opposition!

Not, that I am in any doubt of the results, seemingly the announced winners of Members of Parliament are mostly Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), whose has slammed these elections. Therefore, if the MP elections are a warning of what to come, than the ruling regime are getting the Executive like it has since 1980. However, there indications of other results and for the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance) Nelson Chamisa. That is why the government have issued an order, that the public are not allowed to announce results.

That way this is done now, is to force people to accept the results from Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the appointed men from Zanu-PF. That being people loyal to the cause and maybe even Operation Restore Legacy, therefore, the cause might be to re-elect and make sure President Emmerson Mnangagwa is legitimate. I have already questioned the long awaited result, as it was officially to announced on the 4th August 2018. FIVE Whole days from the polls, which is amazingly long in the life of a politician and longer for major Presidential Candidates. It is like slow boiling it and hoping you don’t burn the stew.

Why I am extra worry, when the government sponsored and run newspaper print this today:

GOVERNMENT has warned political parties and individuals to desist from the unlawful announcement of results of yesterday’s 2018 harmonised election results as this is a serious offence and they risks arrest. This was said by Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Dr Obert Mpofu this evening. Dr Mpofu’s pronouncement comes after MDC Alliance principals Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti turned to social media and press conferences to announce that they have won the elections. Section 66A of the Electoral Act (Chapter 2:13) outlaws the unofficial or false announcement of poll results. Announcements of official results are a prerogative of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission” (The Herald, 31.07.2018).

It is like the ZEC and ZANU-PF doesn’t under stand this, as they have blocked the V11 Forms to be published today, showing the official results from the polling stations. This to make sure the citizens can crunch the numbers together with civil society organizations and opposition parties can go through the counted ballots. It doesn’t help that the Police are sending water-canons to Morgan Tsvangirai House in Harare. This is all just suspicious and also divert the attention from the reality on the ground.

The lateness and distorted way of announcing the results are not making it better. There are questions opening up, I am still boggled that the ZEC used another voter roll, than the ones they delivered to the parties before the elections. It is like they have hidden something from them. To ensure their final verdict for announcement. If they had done it all within the bounds, it wouldn’t be questionable and would be fair. Instead, all the issues are weird, as the ZEC are continuing pushing numbers that are fitting the ZANU-PF. Seemingly, like always they are getting most seats and positions, just like under the Goblin.

The only difference, is some of the names and that MDC are getting some pieces… but not anything substantial. Just like Mugabe’s new party – NPF got one MP as well, because why not, right?

All numbers and all MPs seems to be fitted for another term of supremacy, this isn’t child’s play. We can just wonder what sort of numbers they are cooking, because the momentum of MDC seems to be scratched away, like it was lie, but these numbers might be lies. Because the ZANU-PF and ZEC are telling only to believe their numbers and only their announcements. Not ask or check others who has crunched the numbers. That is a worrying sign and could show the next level.

The tiredness of ZANU-PF, shouldn’t give them a giant slam and secure the Parliament, however it does. That just doesn’t make sense, neither did the Bond-Notes, but they still gave the public that too.

Let see how this goes, but just hours after the polls and the doubts of just play is in the air and within reason. This just make it all sounds like weird and like we are repeating other hopeful times. Where the hope of rallies and campaigns have been there for the opposition, but when the election comes. All results still fits like a glove for the ZANU-PF. That is how today seems and we have been here before. This isn’t the first nor the last election where this will happen.

ZANU-PF controlled ZEC and didn’t reform electoral laws before the election. This was made to secure their place and their majority. The proof is in the pudding. Just taste the bitter-sweet treat and hope you doesn’t vomit later. Peace.

Zimbabwe: ZESN 2018 Harmonised Election – Preliminary Statement (31.07.2018)

Zimbabwe: Movement for Democratic Change – “Re: Official Statement on Election Results” (31.07.2018)

Opinion: We now have the Long Wait to the 4th August 2018 for the Presidential Results!

There will be a long awaited result, as we are now waiting to the 4th August. That is when the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) shall announce the winner of the Presidential Election. The first one since the coup in November 2017. That means it takes 5 days for the ZEC to validate the ballots and secure the results from all parts of Zimbabwe. That is a long time.

That opens up the question, as the Voter Roll changed and was never shown, the lacking quality of the ballot paper has also been told to the Press. Combined with the 1 % of voters turned away from the Polling Stations. The good news that the public didn’t meet intimidation or violence this time around.

There are big questions, there will be a lot of speculation and if the preliminary results will be right or the ones announced will be different. That is what you can wonder. When it takes such a long time to announce, you start to question the ZEC.

As we can hope the reality will be positive and hope not for rigging, but you get insecure, when the ZEC have so long time and made sure they have allocated that to themselves. That is what I am worrying about.

I hope I am terribly wrong and that the positive indications are working in favor of the power of the people, that the general feedback are positive, even if there are some places where the old practices are happening. Like Polling Station Officials telling voters to not look at counting and not wait for he official result from the Polling Station. Just like earlier report of lost Polling Stations and also some bribery of giving rice and other goodies to the voters. That shouldn’t be happening, but still has occurred.

We can just hope, that the tight knit race between ZANU-PF and MDC-Alliance will end well, not in violence or relentless politics that even more destructive, but the ZEC should have secured the big questions and delivered results as quickly as it could. This just seems deliberate to configure the numbers in favor of someone.

We can just pray for ending well, as the campaign has been peaceful, even with minor incidents of violence between camps. But nothing like in the past. There are hope and good spirit in the air. Let’s hope ZEC delivers and not only gives the public false hope of possible change.

It is now Post-Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Let’s hope that his ghosts doesn’t roam in the institutions and take control just to favor Emmerson Mnangagwa, but what the public want in general. If that is Nelson Chamisa, let that happen and not rig the numbers. Peace.

24 hours truce breaks before the polls: Addressing the fire-ball message from the Goblin!

The power of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwean politics is now proven. Why I say that is because, both key candidates for the Presidency, for tomorrow the 30th July 2018 polls, have both suddenly addressed the public.

On the holiday, the day-before-the-day. The First Post-Mugabe vote, that suddenly have become all about the ousted President of last year. Without any concern, he threw his views, and opinions like hot-air. This was like a bait and all candidates ate it. They took a spoon of the venom and ate it. Instead of acting decent, both Nelson Chamisa of Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance) and Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

Today, Mugabe held a presser, a sudden un-announced one at the Blue-Roof, where he trolled the candidates, which for some reason put them in pickle. This happen in such a swift action, that MDC-Alliance was calling in their own Press Conference, even breaking the electoral codes to do so. Than, after the Chamisa had held his presser, the incumbent President Mnangagwa made his video message. It is like they both had intent to break the code. Both did, ZEC have already announced to turn in Chamisa, will they do that to Mnangagwa too? That would be justice or the Junta not turning on itself?

Here of the surprising statements from both candidates, first Chamisa, before Mnangagwa!

Chamisa today:

We’ve told all our people be ready to defend your vote, ready to secure your vote, more importantly God is in it. This is a crucial election, it is a do or die, it’s not about the past but it’s about the future. It’s not about Mr Mugabe, he’s not on the ballot. It’s about these candidates’ appeal to all the citizens to have a vote if anything. My biggest task is to make sure that I unite this nation. I will not waste my time going into the internal fights within ZANU-PF. There is lost of trust in ZANU-PF, but look I have my party to take care of and I have the country to take care of.” (SABC – ‘Chamisa confident of victory’ 29.07.2018, Link:


I will accept any voter with a clear mind and a clean heart. I need every support. But this election is not about the past. it’s about the future. I will meet any citizen…but there is no room for Grace Mugabe….I say to her…leave me alone. Deal with your own man” (…) “These foreigners are actually fake news mercenaries. Their duty is to concoct, manufacture, engineer and produce fictitious and fallacious videos, news stories and then send them out to you, send them out to the world to confuse the voters. We have the names of those people and at the appropriate time we will release them” (…) “We are not open to looting. Any skullduggery will not be accepted, victory was certain. Any outcome of the election with ED (Mnangagwa) as the victor is not an election. We know what people want, and we will confirm the will of the people” – Nelson Chamisa at Press Conference on the 29th July 2018 (Peta Thornycroft – ‘ Chamisa accepts #Mugabe endorsement, slams ‘fake news mercenaries’ 29.07.2018 link: https://www.iol.co.za/news/africa/chamisa-accepts-mugabe-endorsement-slams-fake-news-mercenaries-16308285).

Mnangagwa today:

Now that it is clear to all that Chamisa have forged a deal with Mugabe. We can no longer believe his intentions are to transform Zimbabwe and rebuild our nation. The choice is clear, you either vote for Mugabe under the guise of Chamisa or you vote for a New Zimbabwe under my leadership and the ZANU-PF. Real change is coming! We should all be a part of it. God Bless Zimbabwe” – Emmerson Mnangagwa Video Message on 29th July 2018.

It is like they both know this perfectly well, but are working hard to spin it. Everyone knows that Mugabe is toxic these days and knowingly, they want to distance themselves from him. That is why Mnangagwa are saying what he is, even if he has been second in command for years and worked directly under Mugabe. If anyone was working for and held the cup for Mugabe, it was Mnangagwa until he was fired last year. Than, he took revenge and toppled him. Still, Mnangagwa has a career because of Mugabe and learned his tricks. If he doesn’t get a report by the same Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), like Chamisa have earlier today, than the ZEC is proving what we have been saying all along. That they are loyal stooges of ZANU-PF and works for them, not for the Republic.

Mnangagwa broke the same code and Chamisa with this press conference. That they would say this in the final hours before the polls is flabbergasting. It is really like a bad political flick of twist and turns that doesn’t make sense. They are both playing this backwards, instead of looking forward.

This is just way to nervous and lack of tact from all parties. That the trolling of Mugabe was this effective, that he put them both in a tailspin and forgetting the day of truce: “no campaign, message or advert on the day before the polls, 24 hours of Peace” code, shows the power of the voice and message of Mugabe. That both Chamisa and Mnangagwa broke it. That Chamisa started the ball after Mugabe isn’t that important, he shouldn’t have used this way of addressing the public. He should have remained silent. Mnangagwa should have done the same. Both look like lucky losers and Mugabe looks like he pulled the rabbit out of the hat, proven his power is still there.

These two things proves that and the worry it creates by the candidates. The words and manner of it all, is not what you wish. Especially just in the last minute before the polls. Both should have shown strength and been silent. Instead, they both been bullied by the Goblin. They have been played by a 94 year old retired dictator.

That is not strength, but weakness by both candidates. Nothing good, but mere speculations are coming out of this. Also that ZEC Acting Chief Elections Officer, Mr Utoile Silaigwana, reports Mnangagwa as well, since they both broke the codes. That is if there is any justice in Zimbabwe. Peace.

Mugabe just had to do his final trolling before the polls!

Just as you thought there wasn’t enough Robert Mugabe in the first election without him. He comes from the Blue Roof like phoenix arises from the ashes. Instead of being humble as he is breathing and living well in the mansion of choice. He still bickers over the November Coup of 2017. Like he shouldn’t be happy that it was a bloodless coup in 2017. As the Harmonized Elections are happening tomorrow and the no-campaign is happening today. He had to break the silence and show his words to the public. The Grand Old Dictator, the man who used force and used the state against people, had to complain and troll the public another time.

There is no vindication, he has enriched himself and indulged himself on the state for 37 years, while people have been living in massive poverty, he has been living lavish. Therefore, I have hard time accepting his complaint. The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) was based around him and his whims. That is why the Mnangagwa administration is still following his principals and not really changed since November 2017.

The man who built it like that since 1980, should be a little more careful, if the state is rotten and the lack of transparency is there, it is because he built it like that. That the Mnangagwa has only put a few sprinkles on it, but he hasn’t reformed it yet. Reforms is a slow process. Therefore, I won’t blame him directly, but he should have tried more to be believable at this point. There should be more

Extract from the Press Conference today from Open Parliament Zimbabwe on Twitter:

I thought l should invite as many voices as possible just to hear my own feelings. We had since November an environment in our country which was far from being free, even politically. The very person they said they wanted to protect was whom they removed. They will tell that l resigned. And when l resigned and l said l have done so in order to avoid blood shed. Why did they do this (Coup) in order to secure a leadership position for one person. Was there no better route? He was going to resign in December 2017 and open up our system. I had in mind to support a candidate. I had in mind Dr Sekeramayi. Thabo Mbeki asked me who l wanted to take over l said l think Dr Sekeramayi would be my choice. I was going to argue at that congress to choose him (Sekeramayi). ED could have argued as well that he deserves to be chosen. Well that did not happen. All the nonsense that the president wanted to leave his wife after his resignation. All the nonsense that Perence Shiri told the Tanzanians is utter nonsense. I was sacked from the party l founded. I was regarded now as an enemy. But if the coup was to protect me how come l am treated now as an opponent of those in government, the new government. Persons are not allowed to visit me. If anyone came and was allowed to pass through the gates. Afterwards they are asked what did he say. Relatives were harrased properties taken from them why? Cases nonsensical cases completely absurd where raised against them. Why arrest, harass relatives? Decisions are taken on the basis of who is my friend, who is my relative. Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere and Zhuwao are said to be the leaders of the G40. Have we become savages, terrorists to ourselves. The tanks that rolled across the country who was their enemy? I said NO. I still say NO. This was wrong. This is the greatest injustice we have done to ourselves. Is this now the Zimbabwe that has become soo undemocratic…in its actions. Let the people go and vote. Let them go and vote freely and l am glad even ED people will be allowed to vote freely. I cannot vote for those who have tormented me. No l can’t, I will make my choice among the other 22, I worked with mai Mujuru, l worked with mai Khupe, Nelson Chamisa seems do be doing well based by his rallies. Whoever wins. I wish him well. This is what l regard as the greatest event that should happen, will reform, will thrust away military form of government and bring us back to constitutionality. We must have a democratic constitution. That is what we fought for. The peoples freedom first. We had that freedom after 1980. The peoples freedom to speak, organize themselves as they liked, to go about freely in their country. To feel free. Now at present people are terribly frightened. terribly frightened l tell you. Now its the gun directing politics. There should be a big no to guns directing politics. Shall we see the return of the same rule we experienced since November. I say in advance Congratulations to which soever party wins the day and let us accept that verdict. Let us all pray that tomorrow brings us good news. I believe that good news to everyone is that we get our freedom back” (Robert Mugabe, 29.07.2018).

I just stopped caring to copy extracts, when he started bitching and whining like a spoiled brat over his blue roof and his pension. Than, I gave up on the old man. Just got to be honest.

However, let me comment on his words, which I feel we have too. He is speaking of freedom and harassment, his regime was vindictive and was a pure dictatorship; where activists suddenly gone and never returned. There have been plenty of people who suddenly behind bars, police brutality and made demonstrations illegal under his rule. There are so many people who has been hurt by the rule of Mugabe. Therefore, he should not say the current one is bad. As this has not occurred since he left power. There are still indications of misuse of power from the Zanu-PF, but not to level where demonstrations and where rallies are attacked by the police or the army.

Mugabe might feel violated, but the scores and thousands of people he has hurt in his rule. He should be happy he is not behind bars. His dictatorship was unreasonable and not needed today. Mugabe, should be silent and just drop his ballot. The promise of freedom of 1980, was not there and that is why so many of the others has lingered and been activists battling his regime.

Mugabe killed democracy and consolidated all power with him. That should never be forgotten, all the military misuse, the North Korean trained brigades killing civilians under his orders. The military attacking demonstrators and the courts detaining opposition.

Mnangagwa isn’t perfect, he was his helper and his second in command. The man now running the show and not behind the scenes. Him together with the army took power from Mugabe, that was the only way Mugabe would step down. All other elections have been rigged in favor of Mugabe.

Tomorrow, might be different, but Zanu-PF is still Zanu-PF. MDC-Alliance might have momentum, they have had that before and it haven’t mattered. The army and the state reserves are in the hand of Mnangagwa and not Chamisa. Who knows, the entitled regime might linger on.

Mugabe can complain, but he has no right too. He should be happy and silent. He is breathing fresh air in a mansion and he is not in bracelets. Peace.

Opinion: Mnangagwa warns observers, as if it was the “good-old” days!

I want to tell observers that they should do what they came to Zimbabwe for, they should not meddle in the internal politics of this country, the airport is there, they will leave.”Emmerson Mnangagwa on the Final Rally in Harare yesterday, 28.07.2018.

Just like the weirdness of Nelson Chamisa endorsing Mugabe yesterday, there was one thing that was like another relic of the past, that shouldn’t be there. Now the incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa have used the scare tactics of his previous master. If he was democratic and had faith in the institutions of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), he should not fear the observers and their reports. They are just stating what they see on the ground and possible misgivings in the process.

It is just so weird that in the final stages of the election, the relics of Mugabe are re-appearing for the people to see. Just like November 2017 had less value. You can wonder if Mnangagwa couldn’t hold his tongue, since he had to be like his previous boss. He has learned from Mugabe and clearly shown that will rule like him. It is just the change of head, but the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) are still run like the old ones did. Just a few minor changes, more PR stunts, but less reforms than needed.

Mugabe in 2008:

Mugabe went on to say that U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe James McGee would be expelled from the country if he “persisted in meddling in Zimbabwe’s electoral process,” the newspaper reported. The fallout from Zimbabwe’s stalled election has brought international criticism, with Frazer taking the most emphatic stance. In April, Frazer accused Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe for nearly three decades, of “trying to steal the election” and “intimidating the population and election officials as well.” (CNN – ‘Mugabe labels U.S. diplomat a ‘prostitute’ 26.05.2008).

We should not hear the relics of the past, Mugabeisms should be gone and went away in November 2017. But that shows his power behind the scenes and how much impact he has in his Presidency, as the now incumbent sounds just like him. Mnangagwa should know better, but with his confidence, he is thinking this is wise. That the government shield itself and not like to act all transparent and act with questionable behavior. This is why people have found ghosts in the voter rolls and found misgivings in the questions of the ballots. There are so many open questions and the polls are around the corner.

However, Mnangagwa acts like he was Mugabe. That is not a good sign for the polls and neither for the coming days. As who knows how this will play out. There been positive signs, but there are still a strong Zanu-PF, that I doubt would accept loosing, neither would MDC-Alliance. Therefore, the polls and the aftermath will be something else.

Let’s have hope for a better tomorrow and not more return of old. Zimbabwe don’t need that, it needs to move-on into greener pastures. Peace.

Opinion: Chamisa should have swayed away from Mugabe!

Robert Mugabe is a citizen of Zimbabwe, former president, the president of the first republic who is going to hand over to the second president of the republic – myself here, present.” Nelson Chamisa on the Final Rally before the Vote today, 28th July 2018.

It is like the 15th November 2017, the end of the long dictatorship of Mugabe is sort of pointless, even after his end. He trolls the political landscape and make sure to make the elections more interesting, than they need to be. Robert Mugabe shouldn’t matter in politics today, but he does because he interferes and the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance, Presidential Candidate Nelson Chamisa bring him back to the table.

This is gold goose for the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and the incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Even though the he has been his second in command and helper for the last 37 years, still it will be golden brownie points to see and hear this. Especially in the final stages before the polls. You cannot make this up.

I don’t understand Chamisa, he should celebrate and fight the continued struggle of Morgan Tsvangirai, the fight to end the dictatorship of Mugabe. Not use his endorsement and be the bearer of his legacy now. It is not like the MDC have been in favor of Mugabe, they have worked against him. The Zanu-PF could have had more use of it, since they are his party and is his second in commands. The people in and around Mnangagwa is still the ones who worked closely with Mugabe.

The coup d’etat in November, might changed the President and the VP, but the same leadership is based on what Mugabe built and that is what Mnangagwa inherited. The political landscape is like when he left. There might been more peaceful campaigns, might been an inch more open and little progress, but not to the level of transparency and where Zanu-PF have lost any control. Therefore, the election might be without the direct army control and intimidation, but the Zanu-PF still owns the institutions and the opposition might struggle on the day of the polls.

These sort of statements and usage of Mugabe is weird from the MDC-Alliance. Chamisa should know better, this is not a positive, it is a negative. It is vindictive to his own cause, it is not making him look like a grown politician or outsmart tactician. It make him look like a stooge and pawn, instead of a leader of the future. He should disown and disengage Mugabe.

No sane man, miss the days of Mugabe, just like it has been the Mugabe 2.0 under Mnangagwa. Some more scarfs, some more positive signs, but a lot like the good old days under Mugabe. Chamisa could have played more on it. Instead, its like he blindly like to go into a trap. He should have dismissed it and made a fool out of himself.

The cheers and joys of toppling him, seems like forgotten by Chamisa, he just want the added strength, that Mugabe still have, but will it though?

Chamisa, for me this is a rookie mistake and the Zanu-PF will pound on it, even if it just barely hours left before the polls. That is because he opened a can of worms. How that might sting, who knows, but clearly not words of wisdom.

Mnangagwa can this and will, even if he the old-guard, the ones keeping the legacy of Mugabe and acting kind of like him. Chamisa should use that, not speak of endorsement and friendly. That train should have been past this November.

However, that is not how it went. Let see how this plays out. This is not brilliant, but more headache and worry, as the outcome are most likely rigged in favor of Mnangagwa, because ZEC is owned by the party. Nevertheless, the reality is that if your trying to prove a point and be different than Zanu-PF, why be positive about the man entrapping society for 37 years?

That bothers me and shouldn’t be acceptable, if your a candidate that is against the old regime and the current one. It just doesn’t make sense to me. That is just it. Peace.

Opinion: Chamisa comes with a voice of reason, meanwhile Mnangagwa offers him prison!

This is not breaking news, that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is biased and is working deliberate for the ruling regime, just like it did under President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe might be hiding out at the Blue Roof, but his spirit is still part of all government organizations. Even if the current successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa are trying to succeed in the General Election this 30th July 2018. This has been done with a lot of flair and fashion, but not much strength. Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) are naturally steering for their own victory. That is why they haven’t been open and transparent about any parts of the tenders, production of voter rolls, neither ballots as well. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission could shown another flair and fashion, actually proven to all parties that they want to something else than a nodding machine for Zanu-PF.

That is why it is relieving to hear Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance Presidential Candidate Nelson Chamisa, whose in first campaign rolling out the big-guns and creating a positive atmosphere for change. Still, the regime haven’t shown the same favor in the campaign, even the Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has himself claimed the coup of November 2017 isn’t until the polls are over in 30th July. Therefore, the comments from Chamisa makes sense. When the VP and ZEC haven’t shown transparency and democratic values, even if the public spirit is behind. He doubts in the system. That is natural, as the junta and dictatorship have lasted for over three decades and will want to stay there.

Chamisa’s own words:

We will not boycott the election, we can’t boycott our victory, we can’t boycott our mandate… we are the winners of the July 30 elections” (…) “It is clear we have a ZEC that is biased. It has lost the confidence and trust of the people of Zimbabwe. We have a ZEC that has thrown away the whistle as a referee and decided to join another team.” (…) “There has been a clear and consistent negation of standards … Even at this stage, information on the number of ballots printed, where they were printed and their security remains unknown,” (…) ““We know them and from our intelligence, they are panicking and afraid of an election. [Zanu-PF and Zimbabwean President Emmerson] Mnangagwa knows that defeat is starring in his face” (…) “We want to assure [Mnangagwa] him that he has nothing to fear. He has done his part. He should not be afraid of the inevitable. Victory is certain” (…) “He must be there to accept defeat in magnanimity. And we are ready to embrace him as we go forward as a citizen, a former president and a liberation icon” – Nelson Chamisa at Press Conference on 25th July 2018 (Africa News Agency – ‘Chamisa rules out poll boycott’ 25.07.2018 link: http://www.polity.org.za/article/chamisa-rules-out-poll-boycott-2018-07-25

If you would think the last days before the polls would be peaceful and nice. You are terribly wrong. The Words of Chamisa makes sense. But ZANU-PF are clearly not playing around and shows the reason for the words of the MDC-Alliance Presidential Candidate. If Mnangagwa and Chiwenga was democratic stature, the words portrayed by Mnangagwa today wouldn’t have even been uttered:

As political parties, we signed a pledge for peace ahead of elections. All 55 parties taking part in the elections signed, but to my surprise, some little boy and a small party turns around to say he wants to shut down Harare” (…) “Oooooh, my father Shumba! How does he want to achieve that? As who? Getting support from where?” (…) “I heard that he changed his heart and said he wanted peace and if he does that, we welcome him. He is our son, we allow him to traverse throughout the country asking for your vote, but if he chooses chaos, law and order will prevail” (…) “If you act in a peaceful manner, we will not touch you. You will stay in opposition doing your things while time moves and we will continue ruling over you. We can’t close out opposition because we need it. If it’s not there, then we won’t have anyone to rule over” (BLESSED MHLANGA /RICHARD CHIDZA/EVERSON MUSHAVA – ‘We’ll arrest Chamisa: ED’ 25.07.2018 link: https://www.newsday.co.zw/2018/07/well-arrest-chamisa-ed/).

Mnangagwa really shows his trait, as he wants to detain and arrest. Want to continue to rule, like Chamisa is lucky to be traveling around Zimbabwe, but after campaigning; he is just another citizen to control. That really shows how far and what happens when a party rule to long. The entitlement are there and natural. When Mnangagwa are expecting the result in his favor and have the machinery behind it to get that result.

Chamisa also talked about victory, but the rallies upon rallies have shown the popularity behind him and not empty confidence from the opposition leader. Mnangagwa clearly have to intimidate, as he has done as leader, instead of building a peaceful way into the elections. The lack of transparency and trust in the institutions of Zanu-PF is because of this. The personal cult around Mugabe have been moved to Mnangagwa, but he thinks it is for the grabs and can do as in past.

However, the world have moved and is ready for something from August 2018. They are ready to put their trust in someone else, than the ones who helped Mugabe and his administration. They are still there lingering and taking the state for granted. Like the people don’t know and haven’t seen the lack of change since November 2017. That is the reality.

Chamisa and all the others have exposed that. Mnangagwa should have another tone. This is inciting fear and misuse of power, not being a statesman. Mnangagwa should know better, but he don’t. Who can blame him? He has gone in-schooling of Mugabe for decades and that shows.

It is just days, the real result is to come, what the outcome will be, but Zanu-PF are ready to use their resources and state machinery to get their way. Peace.

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