Maldives: Protect the Rights to Expression, Peaceful Assembly and Association and halt the Obstruction of Protests (10.01.2023)

Maldives: Maldives Journalist Association – Concern over a government media official chairing MMC (15.12.2022)

Maldives: Association for Democracy in the Maldives (ADM) – Stop delaying minimum wage for migrant workers, sign the Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families (26.09.2022)

Maldives: Joint Press Statement – Comments made by the Minister of Health on ChangeNDA petition, at teh People’s Majlis Petition Committee’s 16th Meeting held on 18th September 2021 (20.04.2022)

Maldives: Association for Democracy in the Maldives – Press Release (20.01.2022)

Maldives: Progressive Congress Coalition – Press Statement (15.12.2021)

Maldives: Transparency Maldives – TM expresses concern over the Parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee vote to Initiate the process of dismissal of all members of the Anti-Corruption Commission (13.12.2021)

Maldives: Progressive Congress Coalition – Police Report demonstrates electoral fraud in the 2018 Presidential Election (12.12.2021)

Maldives: Association for Democracy in the Maldives – Publication of Information by local clerics that contradict the amendments to the Sexual Offenses Act (07.12.2021)

Maldives: Progressive Congress Coalition – Statement (30.11.2021)

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