The Chairperson of the African Union Commission Urges the People of Kenya to Respect the Judgement of the Supreme Court (01.09.2017)

Opinion: Kenyatta calling “Magara a thug” at the Burma Market rally after Supreme Court ruling!

That the incumbent President Kenyatta are feeling disappointing today would be natural, that the incumbent Jubilee Party leader who was annulled today. That the Supreme Court has put the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission electoral procedures and their counting of the ballots. That was fraudulent and wasn’t just, therefore the ruling today was positive. I had little faith in the process as the ICT and the verification of votes through IEBC was suspect at least. However, the winner thinks otherwise and says this!

Uhuru Kenyatta speaks at rally after Supreme Court ruling at the Burma Market, Nairobi:

Let those five, six people know, since the Kenyan people will still decide, they should wait for us to act after the people have made their decision” (…) “We are keeping a close eye on them. We are keeping a eye close on them. But let us deal with the election first. We are not afraid” (…) [Chief Justice] Maraga and his thugs have decided to cancel the election. Now I am no longer the president-elect, I am serving president… Maraga should know that he is now dealing with the serving president” (Uhuru Kenyatta, 01.09.2017).

Seems like the incumbent cannot handle that other makes decisions then himself. Therefore, that Supreme Court Judges voted against him, seems to have hit his nerves. He is angry and calling the legal expertise of Kenya, thugs. Meriam Webster defines a thug: “a brutal ruffian or assassin : gangster, tough” (Meriam Webster – ‘Thug’ link: It should be flabbergasting that Kenyatta calls the highest legal minds in the republic as ruffian and as gangsters. He did this to his supporters at Burma Market, hours after the Supreme Court ruling. Starting his campaign for November 2017. The second campaign and Presidential Election.

President Kenyatta, the incumbent shouldn’t say that Maraga decided the election, the IEBC and the ones who decided to rig the vote. It wasn’t Maraga and the Supreme Court who made the IEBC use fraudulent numbers and publishing wrong declaration forms of the polling stations. Kenyatta should know what happen at Bomas and in the IEBC, as he has orders and had CS Joseph Nkaissery making sure the election went well. That until his death, the same with others who died in the days ahead of the August 8th 2017.

I am not shocked that President Kenyatta calls SCJ Magara a thug, a gangster and threaten him and his kind for their acts against him. The Jubilee Party and Kenyatta are now attacking the Supreme Court, because they didn’t follow his lead. Kenyatta has now taken on the Supreme Court, because they didn’t just obey his command. As of his statement as he says 6 people overturned the will of the people and the people has to wait to make their decision. This should already have happen, but the acts of the IEBC didn’t respect the ballots and the votes. They did not respect the will of the people, the will of the people was disrespected on the days after 8th August 2017.

Kenyatta should have acted with some honor. He started to campaign seconds after the verdict. He assaulted the Courts within hours. He said in the press conference that he disagreed with the Court, but respected it. So therefore, when he attacked them later at a rally, he is not acting in peace, but in direct calling them thugs. It is not like respect the judges and neither rule of law. When he SCJ Maraga being called out for doing what is just and right. That the rule of law, that the law and electoral commission was not following the constitution. Therefore, the ruling was a good one, a needed one, since the trust of IEBC been shattered, also the electronic evidence was worrying for the state of the respecting the votes.

Kenyatta should therefore acting different. He should be humble and not attack the Supreme Court, he should have thought of a remedy to gain popular support, not disgrace the Supreme Court Justices. This is just disrespectful. We would understand, that he feels a bit betrayed and being hurt by the verdict. That doesn’t mean he should address the judges in this manner. His own administration has had scandals upon scandals, both corruption and others with misuse of state reserves, that is on its own a crime, but some has gotten away with it. Therefore, he shouldn’t judge the judges, but stand up for what his government has done in his term. The Kenyatta and Jubilee haven’t been truthful or transparent.

Therefore, the ruling has had pivotal impact and taken away the direct power from Kenyatta. He has to campaign again and cannot get the same sort of cheating again to regain the throne. Kenyatta and the IEBC cannot run the same kind of electoral process within 60 days. Then the Kenyans will be played with again, the IEBC Portal and the process of the ballots has to righteous. Kenyans deserve a measured candidate who respects rule of law, not who puts himself above it. Like Kenyatta did today, that he is disappointed, that is fine and if he was disgruntled. That would been fine as well. If he was in sorrow over the ruling, that would be fine as well. But he should not call the ones who has taken the oath to withhold the Constitution. That is what the Supreme Court is doing.

So, can you please at your next rally Kenyatta, you might respect fellow brothers a bit more. Your own racket might be lost as well. Kenyatta your gravy-train of government supplies might dwindle away, because of reckless loans and the grand corruption happening on his terms. President Kenyatta should no better, but apparently he doesn’t. He just don’t care… Peace.

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