Dr. Kizza Besigye detained AGAIN! By the UPF in Kampala today


Is this democracy in action? No sir!  What it is you say? It is bullshit in action. I have written many times and addressed how the NRM regime reacts to their oppisistion. An today again Dr. Kizza Besigye gettting unlawful actions against him. He continues to be strong, while being unjustfully treated by Uganda Police Force. Which serves more as a party police for the NRM! Then doing what their initally supposed to be. Securing peace within the territory of the Government of Uganda. And with the continuation of detaining of oppisistion and the people who isn’t Museveni loyalists. Time to continue to the fight, but you can’t be a man who follows the situation and life of the oppisistion. Without feeling sorry for “the people’s president” Dr. Kizza Besigye! And the world should take notes of it, but seem like they only care when also Amama Mbabazi getting jail-time. Peace.