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Opinion: Evariste Ndayishimiye will not bring peace…

This is it huh? This is what it all boiled down to? Swearing-in the General, the former Rebel Leader and loyal commander of the previous blood-thirsty ruler Pierre Nkurunziza. Today, the eminent and newly minted President Evariste Ndayishimiye was sworn-in in Gitega, Burundi.

After “winning” the May election and his predecessor allegedly dying of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus recently. The man was able to do this because the appointed Constitutional Court validate his request and ensured a safe journey into inauguration. Even if was months ahead of schedule and the predecessor hadn’t finished his last pet-pees before leaving planet earth.

Why do I don’t have faith in the man?

Well, you can tell who you are by the friends you associate yourself with. This is the loyal cadre who has gone up the ranks, been in various of positions and ran a political party in the midst of oppression and violence against the ones who stood in their way. The bloodshed and suffering put on Burundi. Has been on the watch and during the time of “Neva” or Ndayishimiye.

The President will by all means follow the foot steps of Nkurunziza. As his been the Party Secretary and is a hot headed General. That’s why we can expect more pain. It would be a shocker. Especially since he spoke with same regards about foreigners like the predecessors. They don’t want them to look or see the evil they do.

The CNDD-FDD and all of its state apparatus will use force and intimidate. If not silence and make their enemies stop. That is what this government do. They even have a violent youth wing (Imbonerakura) of the party, which is known results in that field. How the come as gang against their enemies and destroy them completely.

So with this knowledge and natural cynicism, I doubt the men who is around “Neva” and the ones who follows him will bring peace. They will continue their path. These men cannot stop now. The leadership has used this tactic since the civil war. They will not let it go now. That is all they know. This will not change. 15 years of it under Nkurunziza will not suddenly vanish with the new guy.

That is naive and foolish at best. Especially when the whole team is still behind. The only man who has left was the head and the “supreme guide”. There rest is still there and they know the drill. Peace.

Burundi: Cour Constitutionnelle – Arret RCCB 393 du 12 Juin 2020 (12.06.2020)

Burundi: Rumours of high ranking cases of COVID-19

When a Republic like Burundi kept on pushing the envelope and hold campaign rallies in the midst of a global pandemic. As the COVID-19 and Coronavirus outbreak hit internationally and also the Republic. It is weird that the state didn’t take any steps nor measure to contain it. This is why today is heartbreaking, because this could have been avoided to a certain extent. However, the late President bravado and self-belief was this ego could conquer this with the help of God. Apparently, God didn’t answer his prayers nor his faith in him. Since the fate of in-action and scrupulous acts were fatal.

Just as the alleged COVID-19 case of the late President Pierre Nkurunziza. There are reports that Evariste Ndayishimiye, the President-Elect is in the ICU at the Hospital with the illness. The mother of President Nkurunziza, Domitillie Minani, has passed on due to the disease at a hospital in Ngozi. A sister of the President is also in the ICU. ‎Pascal Nyabenda, the Speaker of the National Assembly and Interim President until 20th August 2020 is also in a hospital because of the disease. The Speaker and President-Elect is both admitted to the Bumureki Hospital in Bujumbura. They have already tested positive for COVID-19 or the coronavirus. That is the alleged rumours on this for now.

This is all alleged, not yet verified as the CNDD-FDD and the authorities are keeping facts to their chest. Something they are known for and withholding information isn’t new. Especially, when all the big-men and their families are involved. This is not only the President’s fate, but his family. After that its his close associates and successor were talking about. That is why they are so mum about it all.

If the high ranking officials and the first family of Nkurunziza is hit so hard. What does that say about the rest of Republic? What sort of levels or amount cases are there now?

Since the start of the global pandemic, the Burundian government didn’t purchase or procure testing kits even for it. They were not in the loop or concerned about in the end of March 2020. Therefore, the lack of testing in combination with no social distancing. Might have produced a gap and also uncertain amount cases. As the backlog in combination of mismanagement from the top. Which wasn’t steering into this, as everything was a go and nothing was supposed to stop.

The Supreme Leader of Patriotism and Eternal Guide said so. That is why everything went aloof and nothing was done. They were just praying and hoping for the best. Because, that is how you solve a crisis of a pandemic.

What we are seeing is a free-for-all created from the top. The man leading is gone. His interim successor is in ICU and the successor is also in the ICU. With that in mind its a hectic days ahead. Especially if anyone of these succumbs to the disease as well. The state is already downplaying the First Lady Denise Nkurunziza. The state isn’t official about the others either. Even as the reports of the death of mother is trickling in.

The COVID-19 Crisis in Burundi is real. The state, the President and everyone involved with him is to blame. They didn’t do their job and the result is his demise with others. As they could get the experts intelligence and wisdom. However, they made he WHO Experts “Person Non Grata” and banished them.

The gig is up and the dumb-foolery got to stop. There are lives at stake and instability to be created by these fluid changes. Even as horrific, brutal and destructive the reign of the Nkurunziza was. Still, this sort of affair is tragic, because this could have been avoided. However, that wasn’t in him. He wouldn’t let it happen, as he knew better than doctors and experts. That is who the President was and he went from being a militia leader to President to dead of COVID. He could beat a civil war, but he couldn’t challenge the invisible enemy Coronavirus. Peace.

Burundi: Congres National pour la Liberte – Message de Condoleance du Parti CNL suite au Deces de Son Excellence Pierre Nkurunziza, President de la Republique du Burundi (10.06.2020)

Opinion: Nkurunziza died allegedly of COVID-19 [official report: Cardiac Arrest]

Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza is today announced dead by the Authorities. On the 6th June 2020 he was admitted at night at Cinquantenaire Hospital in Karuzi. One entire block of hospital became his and bodyguards of the President evacuated the rest there.

Already on Saturday, the President was in critical condition, by Monday his health was deteriorating more and more. By afternoon on Monday, there was reports of his death. As it was announced today of cardiac arrest.

There are speculations that this is in association with complications made with COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. Which is possible, as his wife Denise Nkurunziza is battling for her life at Aga Khan in Nairobi, Kenya. After being airlifted there last week because of testing positve for COVID-19. At the same time. There was reports that 4 bodyguards of hers also has the COVID-19. Therefore, the possibility of Pierre having it become more likely.

That the state only wants to blame cardiac arrest isn’t shocking. They don’t want the COVID-19 pandemic to look bad now. Especially, since the ruling party has downplayed it. They have sent WHO Team of Experts home and banished them from the Republic. That’s why they don’t need any lessons or any Hindsight 20/20. No, they rather live in ignorance and not in fear.

Anna Harleen says: “Increasing, data shows that other organ systems, including the cardiovascular system, are at risk. A retrospective study of 416 patients in Wuhan, China found that 1 in 5 confirmed COVID-19 patients developed cardiac injury. This observed harm to heart was associated with greater mortality. COVID-19 patients are developing heart problems – and are also dying of cardiac arrest” (AVIVE – ‘COVID-19 and the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest’ 14.04.2020).

Erin Donnelly Michos, M.D., M.H.S. wrote: “Early reports coming out of China and Italy, two areas where COVID-19 took hold earlier in the pandemic, show that up to 1 in 5 patients with the illness end up with heart damage. Heart failure has been the cause of death in COVID-19 patients, even those without severe breathing problems such as acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS” (Johns Hopkins – ‘Can Coronavirus Cause Heart Damage?’ 24.04.2020).

So, its not like the issue of heart attacks and COVID-19 is a new phenomenon. This is not something I take out of thin-air and says it. There are so many cases of cardiac arrest and COVID-19. If you google it and look into it. You will see there is a grand issue of this.

That’s why the authorities of Burundi could just come out with something sincere. As this man was supposed to be a healthy footballer, the Supreme Leader of Patriotism and the Third Term Wonder-boy of the Republic.

That’s why the possible alleged COVID-19 case in concern of Pierre Nkurunziza becomes more dire. As this a result of the lax actions towards the pandemic in the Republic. This is known as the Republic went ahead with campaigns, no social distancing and any sort of recommended measures to possibly stop the spread.

This is why we know about very few cases, as the Ministry of Health haven’t done mass-testing. Neither has the state invested or shown interest in combatting it. As it has wanted to pray it away and believed this was the way out.

Now we are possibly seeing one big-man, one strong-man and one dictator fallen because of COVID-19. It also makes sense that the state won’t say it was this. Since, then they are showing their failure from the top and also could incite fear of the disease too. It cost less to do some propaganda, than actually tell the alleged truth. Peace.

Burundi: Communique du Gouvernment de la Republique du Burundi Portant Annonce Deces Inopine de son Excellence Pierre Nkurunziza, President de la Republique du Burundi (09.06.2020)

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