Bank of Namibia: Response to Global Finance Central Bankers’ Report (17.01.2022)

Namibia: Legal Assistance Centre – Luhl v. Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration – Neglecting the Children’s Best Interests (20.04.2021)

Namibia: Ministry of Health and Social Services – A Response to the Video Clips on the Alleged Death of a Baby at Oshikuku Catholic Hospital circulating on Social and Print Media Platform (11.01.2021)

Namibia: Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) – Press Statement (21.10.2020)

Namibia: Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) – Press Statement (19.10.2020)

Namibia: Press Briefing by Major General Oscar Peter Embubulu on Unlawful Demonstrations taking place in the Country (10.10.2020)

Namibia: Office of the Prime Minister – Government’s Reaction on the Gender Based Violence Petition (10.10.2020)

Namibian Human Rights Defenders and Civil Society Organisations: Press Statement – Condemning Human Rights Violations and Transphobia in Namibia. (05.05.2020)

Namibia: The Presidency – On World Press Freedom Day, President Hage G. Gein applauds the role of the Press in the fight against COVID-19 (03.05.2020)

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