Eritrea: Shabait finally commits to partaking in Tigray as an ally and talks of military drills…

In Asmara, one-part of the Tripartite Alliance has reacted to the publication of an article on the Ethiopian news-outlet the “Borkena”. That isn’t ordinary but extraordinary. Since, the Shabait and the Ministry of Information tends to refute “western” publications and articles. Not go after reporting in the neighbourhood.

That’s why today is extra-extra, read all about it sort of vibe. Shabait published their retort today under this banner: “ Press Release – Disinformation that stems from and feeds innuendos” which isn’t striking or out of the ordinary. No, this is common practice and the Shabait just have to enlighten everyone.

What is just unique is how revealing parts of the texts are and how blatant it has become. They are not even trying to conceal or hide things. The Shabait and Eritrean Ministry of Information is just emptying out of their chest. If this is planned, it is weird and wonders why… because it just shows their actions to the whole wide world.

I’m only taking parts of points 3 and 4 from the “press release” because that was so juicy.

Let me show you and then discuss.

Point 3:

Eritrea and Ethiopia duly cooperated in the counter-offensive operations to thwart the huge threat that both countries faced when the TPLF regime unleashed its unprovoked War of Insurrection in November 2020. The cooperation freely agreed and worked out by both countries had various components at the time. To stretch this cooperation and peddle false allegations is factually wrong and morally deplorable. There are of course various forces, especially outside the region, which were perturbed by the historic Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Agreement of 2018 and who continue to leave no stone unturned to scuttle the process. BORKENA may have unwittingly fallen into their trap; or it has all along belonged to the same league, although this has remained under the surface until this latest publication” (Shabait, 12.05.2023).

Point 4:

Finally, BORKENA claims that “Eritrea has embarked on new military exercise in all corners of the country”. Again this is pure hyperbole that stems from ignorance; if not driven by outright sinister agenda. The Eritrean army conducts a couple of days’ refresher exercises – mostly physical exercises – of its reserve army every six months or so. The recent physical exercises are the routine norms carried out in peace time” (Shabait, 12.05.2023).

What is striking about Point 3? Well, the Shabait is now saying they were an ally in the “Law Enforcement Operation” and partook in the Tigray War. They are now saying they went into it and worked together with Ethiopia. This is not trying to hide the fact and is acknowledging their military involvement in the war. They have in the past tried to hide this fact and act like they were innocent, which was far from the case. That’s why today’s paragraph was more than interesting.

We know Shabait wants to rewrite the “start” or “reason for the war”. That is something all of the Tripartite Alliance has worked upon. They have all tried to deflect and disguise their planned efforts for war and conflict. Because, the Amhara, the ENDF and the EDF was all ready to attack the Tigray region. This was all co-ordinated and they have to mask this a “counter-offensive, which is just obnoxious… knowing how the ENDF, Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” and the EDF was all battle-ready and wanted to invade Tigray. Therefore, Shabait is taking people for fools… thinking the units, mechanical divisions and such just happened on the “blink of an eye” in November 2020…

When we see Point 4 it is just a old tale of being caught “red-handed”. The Eritrean authorities and Shabait has for years tried to act like it doesn’t do it and wouldn’t enrage the neighbours. Nevertheless, now they are stating the ordinary “military drills” which happens to be in the border regions. That has caused a stir and diplomatic mission to be concerned. It is really unique to see the Shabait doubling down this way and revealing things it normally doesn’t do.

Borkena needs to write more about Eritrea and spread more “disinformation”. Just so the Shabait can reveal more “hidden secrets” to the world to know. Peace.

Eritrea: Shabait celebrates the final election of this era…

The local radio in Asmara describes the referendum choice simply as: ‘Do you choose freedom or slavery?’ Because of the high level of illiteracy, the ballot papers are coloured. Blue is for yes, red is for no. Or, as the local radio helpfully puts it, ‘Red is for blood.’ (Observer 28 March 1993)” (Refworld – ‘Ethiopia: Exact wording of question for referendum of April 1993 regarding Eritrean independence; whether or not the question made reference to a choice between slavery and freedom’ 19.07.2001).

Today, the Shabait published an editorial called: “Referendum: A demonstration of civilized people and mature leadership” which by all means are a fine piece. The Shabait should celebrate and educate the masses on Eritrean history and culture. That’s all fine and dandy.

However, it is funny that the Shabait and the State of Eritrea is celebrating the referendum of 1993. Especially, considering that this one was the final vote or last election to ever be held in Eritrea.

It is partly like satire and unreal reading these quotes from Shabait that says this: “The people of Eritrea have picked up the national legacy and armed themselves with civilized culture and full discipline. Finally, the results of the “Do you support Eritrea becoming an independent and sovereign country?” 99.8% were “Yes to Independence”. The blood-guaranteed right was repeated by voice – in front of the world. This result was neither sudden nor unexpected. The issue was obvious because it was a question of belonging or not belonging to a people. It is a satisfactory and acceptable historical conclusion of the election of the people of Eritrea. As a result, on 24 May 1993 -Eritrea became the 182nd member of the United Nations” (Shabait, 22.04.2023).

We know the referendum was an important one, a vital one and a monumental one. That is understandable and getting recognized as an independent nation is important for anyone. Eritrea is no different than any other nation in this. I salute them for that. That is well earned, but it is everything after that is distasteful and disgusting.

It is fun that the Shabait says the people of Eritrea showed civilized culture and full discipline in 1993. So, the same people have never been able to show that? The Eritrean who was armed themselves with these things just vanished. Because, the authorities, the regime and the ones in office never let them vote again.

The Shabait piece ended with this: “The referendum decision, therefore, was forward-looking -a demonstration of a civilized people and mature leadership” (Shabait, 22.04.2023).

So, the vote for either “yes” or “no”, or for “freedom or “slavery” was forward-looking and civilized. Alas, here is the case. The ideals of the referendum is all fine. The cause I am all in for. That is not why I am bugging.

The reason I am bugging is that Shabait is pulling a trick. It is celebrating one election and never allowing the will of the people ever again. The leadership allowed the Eritrean to give them the independence and become a recognized nation. However, the people within the Republic and within the State of Eritrea haven’t been allowed to exercise their rights or duties in an election ever again. That was a one-time bargain and since then never ever happened.

The PFDJ and Afewerki will not be mature enough or believe in the discipline of the people to allow them to vote again. If so… they would have done it already. However, here we are years later. 30 years to be exact and the current regime would never allow the people to vote with their conscience or belief. No, they have to follow the orders and the regime’s whims. That’s what they do.

It is ironic that the people in 1993 voted against “slavery”. They got released from one master and got another one instead. The people of 1993 stopped one entity from captivating them… but unleashed another to do the same.

It is tragic, but the reality we live in. Eritreans fought for independence from one entity, but got another brutal dictator in its stead. A brutal dictator that was their liberator and is now their tormentor. A man who has no faith in their abilities or their civilized ways to elect their representatives. No, it’s only the judgement of the inner-circle or His Excellency himself who is deemed fit. Peace.

Eritrea: The Proclamations versus the Shabait response doesn’t add up…

3. Payment of Rehabilitation Tax

With the exception of those who have limited income and are exempt from paying income tax, any individual with income, shall according to the articles specified in this proclamation, has the obligation to pay a rehabilitation tax that takes care of disabled freedom fighters, members of the family of disabled freedom fighters and the martyrs, and those members of the society who sustain injury due to natural catastrophes” (Proclamation 17, 10.12.1991).

I don’t know about you… but when you have old texts and proclamations, which is the legal texts for the theme in question. There should be no shadow of a doubt what is going on. No one should be shocked if the Eritrean government is willing to lie or deceive. That’s what they are known for doing and this regard… they are doing it again.

Yes, the Ministry of Information or Shabait is trying to dismiss stories written about the involuntarily imposed tax. A taxation of the diaspora and a measure, which states that Eritrean citizens in the diaspora have the obligation and shall pay the tax. That differs from the wordings in the article or statement posted yesterday. The Proclamations of 1991 and 1995 isn’t aligned with the wording of Shabait. That should be compelling and telling about how they want it all to look like. Instead of being sincere and honest about the tax. They are instead acting holier then thou, because they don’t think people have access to the documents, which are the basis for the tax in the first place.

As it continues in the 1995 proclamation…

1. Short title

This proclamation is called “Proclamation Number 67/1995, a Tax Payment Proclamation for Eritreans in Diaspora Who Have Income”.

2. Tax payment

Any Eritrean citizen who lives outside of Eritrea and earns an income from employment, rent from movable and non-movable property, from business, from professional, or from a service charge of any other work or activity must be a 2% (two percent) tax of the net income on a monthly or annual basis” (Tax Payment Proclamation for Eritreans in Diaspora Who Have Income, 10.02.1995).

Now that you have read this part, which are blatant and direct. Both Proclamations was made by the Eritrean government and not grassroot organizations. This was government program or policy, which are a way of raising domestic revenue from outside sources. That is very clear and the intent is there. The proclamations are direct about who has to pay and such. In the 1995 proclamation the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for collecting the tax payment and have to use the entities or offices associated with the Ministry in the diaspora to do so. The Ministry later is ordered to directly deposit the tax payments to the Ministry of Finance and Development’s treasury account in the Bank of Eritrea. Therefore, we can see the scheme and tax is implemented with a clear goal.

That’s why you have to read these small fragments of the Shabait response on the matter.

Shabait Response in 2023:

The overriding desire was to imbue some structure and uniformity to what was effectively a burgeoning spontaneous and voluntary grassroots movement. Subsequently with clear objective of funding countries’ social and development programs, in 1994, the Eritrean National Assembly enacted the Rehabilitation and Recovery Tax Proclamation (RRT). The RRT Proclamation specifically targets only Eritrean citizens in the Diaspora, not citizens of other countries of Eritrean descent. The rate was fixed at a low of 2% of net income; in a country where personal income tax is progressive and reaches 38%.” (…) “The legality of the RRT is unambiguous, and purposes laudable. It represents a symbolic burden shared by the Eritreans in Diaspora with the people inside the country. In this sense, its historical, moral, humanitarian and patriotic contents and values are more significant and profound than its material dividend. In fact, the funds collected annually are modest that should not be overstated when compared with the government budget and expenditure on basic social services” (Shabait – ‘Eritrea’s Response to the SEMG, 2014’ 23.02.2023).

I find it very interesting the way and the manner of which Shabait portrays this. It is compelling and really deep, in the sense of despair and need to address it. Yes, the international scrutiny of it can cause a stir. That is only sensible, as the way the Eritrean government has created a diaspora and later taxing them. This is people who has fled the regime and after that they got to pay them too. It isn’t a noble idea or cause, but just shows what the GoE is willing to do with their citizens. Even the citizens who fled into asylum and sought refuge far away from the rulers of Asmara.

Therefore, the premiss for the tax is false. This isn’t done voluntary by the citizens in the diaspora. Neither is the whole thing made out of patriotic values or sentiments. Yes, the proclamations can speak of the martyrs and the families who lost their lives in the war of Independence. However, the monies are directed to the Bank of Eritrea and Ministry of Finance and Development. No one knows what happens with these funds after they are deposited. Neither are the any due diligence or accountability on the matter. The President and his men can spend these funds recklessly. Possibly create new asylum seekers by funding labour camps or keeping soldiers conscripted for years. Therefore, the Shabait must think people are stupid or blind.

This tax is only benefiting the elite and the inner-circle. They are getting a push and revenue to continue to operate their government. That is the gist of things here. While this tax is also a reminder where your loyalty lay and where your home is. So, the Eritrean government got a hold on you… even if you tried to flee into exile.

Home still haunts you and they want 2% of your earnings. You shall pay the percentages and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are directed to get you to pay them. Peace.

Opinion: Afwerki wants it both ways…

“I have no intention of interfering in this matter despite the disinformation campaign going on trying to disrupt the process of peace in Ethiopia” (…) “You talk about withdrawal or no withdrawal (of Eritrean forces), and we say this is nonsense. Why are we bothered if Eritrean troops were there or not there?” (…) “Everybody talking about human rights violations (by Eritrean forces), rape, looting, this is a fantasy in the minds of those who own this factory that I call a factory of fabricating misinformation” – President Isaias Afwerki (09.02.2022).

A President for Life without elections, political opposition or any sort of accountability. He is the man to talk about responsibility and disinformation. When he himself controls every word about himself and whatever that is reported in the State of Eritrea. Shabait will only write favourably about him and his reign. Even where there is no proof of positive vibes or reforms. However, that doesn’t matter… as long as President Isaias Afwerki is crowned King.

No one should be surprised that Afwerki is blaming others for his own gains. That is what he does and he has tried to settle old grudges by going to war. The PIA or the President of Eritrea have tried to end the nemesis and old enemies of Tigray to no avail. He has retaliated and he has done what he could to avenge the past. However, as part of the Tripartite Alliance to tear Tigray apart isn’t over.

That’s why he has talked in Kenya and in a separate interview on Eri-TV where he has called it the proxy war of the United States of America. Like the TPLF wasn’t attacking Asmara in self-defence, as the borders of the region was filled with armies prepared to invade in November 2020. We are just supposed to forget that and not know the initial preparation, as a part of the peace-agreement, which is kept secret. That is why for some of us… the agreement made between Abiy and Afwerki seems like a war-pact. When you see what happened after the 2018 “peace” agreement.

It isn’t hard to believe that Afwerki wants to distort and downplay the role his armies and allies played in Tigray. That’s what his doing in the retorts in Kenya and in the interview on Eri-TV. He wants to be righteous and be a reasonable man. Even when his totally wrong and knows the acts of his armies within Ethiopia. They are there on accord with the ruling regime and the sovereign allowed it.

Still, the Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) didn’t come in peace, and it wasn’t intended to be this way. It was a war that was to be fought in darkness and create shallow graves of the ones who defied Addis Ababa and Asmara. That was the gist of this, the manner of which Afwerki got to retaliate and revenge Mekelle for past transgressions. That’s why this is personal to him, and he got to loot the ones who fought against him.

President Afwerki is willing to lie about it all and disregard anyone else. That’s why his like this and speaks about in this manner. It is all to create an alternative perception and make it seems differently. However, the reports and the proof of their actions in Tigray is there. Anyone would be naïve to think otherwise. That the men and the people who participated, ordered and sanctioned the atrocities would say it openly. Afwerki wants a clean-slate and act like the EDF wasn’t part of it. Alas, make it seem like they only participated in it in self-defence, which isn’t true. The Tripartite Alliance prepared, planned and enforced this war. That’s why he wants the spot-light on the victims and blame for their demise. Peace.

Eritrea: Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the United States of America – Council on Foreign Relations Recycles a Blatant Lie (25.07.2022)

Eritrea: Embassy of the State of Eritrea – United Kingdom – Eritrea the Epitome of Religious Harmony (07.07.2022)

Eritrea: Statement of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights situaton in Eritrea, Mr Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker – 50th Session of the Human Rights Council – Ineractive Dialogue on Eritrea – 13 June 2022 (13.06.2022)

Ethiopia-Eritrea: Shabait says Badme is theirs, the conflict over the Badme triangle… never ends…

Even before the economic issue became important, however, in July 1997, Ethiopian forces occupied part of the Badda District, a small, remote, but more fertile area close to the Danakil depression, and replaced the Eritrean administration in the village of Adi Murug. The claim was on historical grounds, and based on the “inaccuracy” of current maps. The most widely used map of Eritrea, published in 1995 by the Eritrean Government in cooperation with the University of Berne, shows only Eritrean territory; neighbouring countries are simply marked in grey. Unhelpfully, this map shows neither Adi Murug nor Badme nor places just across the Ethiopian border, such as Zalambessa. Despite its claims, the map presented by the Ethiopian government to representatives of the international community in Addis Ababa in May 1998 showed the border in the same way as in all current atlases. A month later, however, the provincial authorities in Mekelle (Tigray) produced a different map – funded, in their case, in cooperation with the German government which showed several areas hitherto considered part of Eritrea coming within the Ethiopian border” (Margaret Fielding – ‘BAD TIMES IN BADME: BITTER WARFARE CONTINUES ALONG THE ERITREA-ETHIOPIA BORDER’ – IBRU Boundary and Security Bulletin Spring 1999).

The Tripartite Alliance are still very active and there is reports of furthering the war in the Tigray Region. The reports that the Eritrean Defence Force has been stationed and vital in the warfare in the Tigrayan war of late is an understatement. The EDF has been one of the reasons why the Tigray region was invaded and they occupied it whole for some time. That was a retaliation of old grudges and wanted to settle old grievances. Therefore… that Shabait brings back the Badme Triangle.

Shows that the Eritrean government planned all along to annex and get the territory, which has been contested. The Ethiopian government has also claimed this land and the Badme Territory. Now, the Eritrean government claims it theirs and that the recent peace agreement of 2018 is stating so. This means the Tigray Regional Government have to give up this territory and let the demarcation of the border continue. That is evident and the Eritrean government does this… as they have allies in Addis Ababa and wants Mekelle to know that.

Here is the most interesting parts of the Shabait piece published today:

When TPLF’s military campaigns was thwarted by a costly defeat at the Assab Front in June 2000, it was finally forced to accept cessation of hostilities and later the entire Algiers Peace Agreement on December 12, 2000. The Algiers Agreement created a court of arbitration, the EEBC. The Algiers Agreement also stipulated, in categorical terms, that “the parties agree that the delimitation and demarcation determinations of the Commission shall be final and binding”. But notwithstanding the unequivocal provisions of the Algiers Agreement, the EEBC decision was not enforced by the UN Security Council because principal sponsors – especially the US and the EU – failed to honour their obligations for their own narrow geopolitical considerations. When the EEBC decision was announced, Seyoum Mesfin, Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister at the time falsely claimed that “Badme was awarded to Ethiopia”. He urged the international community to use punitive sanctions if necessary, to secure Eritrea’s full and immediate compliance with the provisions of the EEBC Award. The Foreign Minister and his government were soon to make a u-turn, sing a different song and reject the EEBC Award. Subsequent sessions of the EEBC were marked by Ethiopia’s dilatory tactics. Thus, in its 16th Report to the UN in 2006, the Commission was compelled to write: “Ethiopia is not prepared to allow demarcation to continue in the manner laid down in the demarcation directions and in accordance with the timeline set by the Commission.” (…) “The course of events changed when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared Ethiopia’s readiness to accept and implement in full the Decision of the Boundary Commission. Following his visit to Asmara, a Joint Declaration on Peace and Friendship was signed between Eritrea and Ethiopia on July 9, 2018. The Declaration brought to an end eighteen years of ‘no war no peace’ between Ethiopia and Eritrea and opened a new era of peace and friendship. Article four of the Joint Agreement stipulates that “The two countries will implement the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission decision.” (Shabait – ‘We do Not Relinquish What is ours; Nor do We Covet What Belongs to Others: (Natna Aynhbn Zeynatna Ayndeln)’ 13.04.2022).

We know these ideals of Badme is old by now. As it has been part of the independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia. The Eritrean government is willing to use Italian colonial maps to prove it too. That the land and territory belongs to them.

That’s why Eritrea Daily wrote this in 2005: “At worst, the status of Badme is unclear, at best, Badme is part of Eritrea and never Ethiopian. Regardless, if there is any one left that believes Ethiopia has accepted the border ruling, here is the proof to the contrary: In a clear demonstration of its defiance of the border ruling, Ethiopia today reported that it has started registering voters in the village of Eritrean Badme for the upcoming “elections.” The international community cannot remain indifferent to this Ethiopia’s provocative action?” (EDNews, 22.01.2005).

So, the Eritrean claims are old and they are pursuing them still. What is striking is the Tripartite Alliance way of violating, war-crimes and weaponizing humanitarian assistance isn’t helping the cause of Asmara. Even if the Badme triangle or parts of Badda district is belonging to Eritrea. Their forces and the acts done in Tigray region will not help them legitimizing it. Instead, there will no goodwill and no wishes of recognizing the border between the two nations. They will rather ensure the investigations into the warfare, the violations of the Geneva convention and crimes against humanity.

The Eritrean government could be within their rights and have historical basis for the territory. However, when they are known for their actions and use of force against unarmed civilians within the Tigray region. Very few to none will give them a bouquet of flowers and give the Republic more territory.

The WikiLeaks cable says this: “Legwaila, who has served as UNMEE SRSG for five years, detailed how both Ethiopia and Eritrea had initially committed to accept any decision by the EEBC, at December 2000 cease-fire talks in Algiers. Upon the announcement of the EEBC’s decision in April 2002, Ethiopia’s foreign minister hosted a celebration and issued a statement hailing the decision as a victory for both parties; however, Ethiopia had not realized that Badame had been awarded to Eritrea. The reason for this is the EEBC did not identify Badame so it took sometime for the experts to determine to whom Badame had been given. Legwaila observed that delimitation of the border (i.e., determining where it lies) was complete, whereas demarcation (i.e., placing physical markers) was stalemated. Delimitation of the border had been conducted professionally and impartially, Legwaila said, through an Asmara-based chief surveyor armed with GPS equipment and assistance from New Zealand experts, and with aerial mapping conducted by a Swedish company. Demarcation would reflect the boundaries determined by delimiation — there would be very little change, e.g. Badame would remain in Eritrea” (WikiLeaks – ‘UNITED NATIONS REQUESTS USG ASSISTANCE TO MONITOR AND RESOLVE ERITREA-ETHIOPIA CRISIS’ 28.10.2008).

Time will tell if Prime Minister Abiy will honour his peace agreement with Asmara. Which is what Shabait hopes it does. The Tripartite Alliance has been favourable for the PM and his reign. That has helped his causes and he couldn’t continue or hold on so long with warfare in Ethiopia. He needs the EDF and he knows that. Therefore, if the Tripartite Alliance is able to silence and annihilate the Tigray region. That’s what the alliance wants to achieve.

Alas, the Eritrean government is clearly saying by publishing this on Shabait. That they want it legitimized and recognized. This is the what it is initially saying. While we can wonder how Mekelle is thinking about this. Since, this is taking away territory it had occupied for a few decades now. While the current federal government of Ethiopia might offer it and do it, because Abiy has a good relations with Afewerki. Peace.

Opinion: Obasanjo has an unforgiving mission in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, March 21, 2016 – Some of Africa’s leaders are responsible for instability on the continent because they have failed to manage diversity in their societies, the former Nigerian President, General Olusegun Obasanjo, has said” (TANA Forum – ‘Press Statement: “Some African leaders to blame for conflicts” – Obasanjo’ 21.03.2016).

Today Olusegun Obasanjo as the Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union for the Horn of Africa. One of his key objectives and mandate is to mediate in the Ethiopian conflict. Alas, he has a mountain to climb and it’s an unforgiving job. This is a position and a office, which isn’t for the kind-hearted. Since, the parties here are in the trenches and in a brutal war. They are not in this for a small token or to get global recognition.

Obasanjo is now meddling and intervening within a battle, which has become broader and wider than what the Tripartite Alliance anticipated. The alliance of FDRE, SOE and Amhara allies didn’t anticipate the formation of a broad alliance of nationalities to combat the Tripartite Alliance. Therefore, at this point, the war isn’t only Addis Ababa-Asmara versus Mekelle. No, it is much more wider and with the objective of rectifying the leadership structure of the nation.

This is why the African Union (AU) is late here and the talks is only stalling things. The mediator can drop a statement saying today: “I am optimistic that common ground towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict can be secured. The interlocutors I have engaged on all sides have stated their wish for peace, security, and stability in Ethiopia. The main point of difference between the actors is in the means by which they seek to achieve this essential objective. War represents a failure of politics. Thus dialogue remains the only reliable and sustainable avenue to peace. There is no military solution to the conflict and battlefield victory cannot guarantee political stability in Ethiopia. I, therefore, appeal to the leadership of all sides to halt their military offensives. This will allow an opportunity for dialogue to continue to progress. Such talks cannot deliver in an environment of escalated military hostilities” (African Union – ‘Statement on the Prospects for Peace in Ethiopia by H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo High representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for the Horn of Africa’ 14.11.2021).

It is like Obasanjo haven’t learned from his own experience. Just 5 years ago as a Tana Forum speaker or delegate. He spoke of the reason why we are seeing a war within Ethiopia today. The diversity and marginalization of certain groups is the reason for the conflict in Ethiopia. That’s because one man wanted to consolidate all power and use old grievances to settle it. He wanted to overcome the TPLF and by doing so hurt the Tigrayan ethnic group. This he got done by getting allies who has suffered, because of the leadership in Mekelle.

Deep down, I think Obasanjo know the difference and the difficulties here. The parties are not willing to really talk. These are just cordial meetings to buy time. We know the United Front against Prosperity Party is running towards Addis Ababa. This is just common knowledge as they are aiming to use arms to change the leadership. They are not trusting or having faith in negotiations. That’s why the former President is to hopeful in this manner.

I don’t see Abiy or Afewerki talking to Debretsion. I wish I could, but these have already vilified and gone total genocide on the enemy. They are arresting people for being associated or allegedly associated with either Tigray Defence Force (TDF) or Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Therefore, seeing them talking or having a meeting seems unlikely. If the TPLF/OLF went to talk. I would be worried of arrests and authorities surrounding the venue. This is why the hope is very dishonest at this moment of time.

The talks Obasanjo was maybe positive and had a good vibe. However, those vibes will not change the matters on the ground. As the FDRE is going into a “survival campaign” mode and the TDF-OLA is slowly advancing towards their target. This is not a time or a moment of thinking these will give way. No party will earn on it and that would only salvage the reign of Abiy. A ruler, which is a warlord and someone who many wants gone. Therefore, if Obasanjo wants to save his term or if he wants peace. That is two difference objectives….

I don’t see the hope or the possibilities of quick or brief ceasing of military operations. That means an unilateral ceasefire, which means all parties would silence their guns. The Tripartite Alliance never did that and only played the facade of that. While they we’re still annexing Western Tigray and besieging the rest of Tigray region. Therefore, Obasanjo is too positive or naive. I doubt any of the parties will give way. These parties will fight to the death or until they have to go to exile. Peace.

Eritrea: Permanent Mission of the State of Eritrea to the United Nations – Eritrea’s Re-Election to the United Nations Human Rights Council (14.10.2021)

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