Opinion: It isn’t really about Bobi Wine…

At this point of time, we can establish one fact. That it isn’t really about Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine nor his pressure group, the People Power Movement (PPM). No, it is all about the President and his fellow loyal authorities. That is what its all about.

The Consultation meetings of Bobi Wine has been squashed and stopped, his concerts has been blocked and stopped. Everything he touches, except for meetings in his garden and on his plot is stopped. He can only act in- and around his own building. Everything else is stopped.

As a Presidential Candidate, as a newcomer trying to comply and follow directives is impossible. Because, the goal-posts switches, not only has he to follow Presidential Elections Act and Public Order Management Act, but also the Electoral Commission Elections Road Map in coordination with the Police Force. All of this is blended together in a mix, which is a distasteful arrogance of the state to stifle his and their efforts of actually ensure a steady campaign ahead of 2021.

I wonder, why doesn’t any other candidate go through this mess? Why isn’t it this hard for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and their candidates to hold rallies for Jim Muhwezi or Sam Kuteesa’s daughter? Why are they off the hook?

Well, it is because it’s not about them. It is about the President and his lack of popularity. Bobi Wine has a popularity and a swagger, which the President cannot replicate. A sort of political finesse, which he doesn’t have. Even if he appoints every single from the ghetto and pays them off. He will still not have the flair nor the ability to gain support like Bobi Wine.

That’s why these hardships for the PPM and Bobi Wine. Is initially all about the President and the President’s Men. Who are all fighting to show their support of the President and his cause. They are making it impossible for Bobi Wine to do his bidding and his consultations. Because, that serves the State House and the Kitchen Cabinet. It all makes sense.

It is not like the President could win in a free and fair election. If so, he would be gone a long time ago. He has to trick the stats, rig the ballot boxes and have all his appointed buddies in every single government body to ensure V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. Because, it is not like he would win it by his message, nor his track-record in office.

So, the struggles of the PPM and Bobi Wine isn’t really about them. It is about the President and the orders from “high above”. Bobi Wine and team can comply all they want, but it won’t amount to anything. Only prolong the agony and shed more tears, as the time is spoiled ahead of the 2021 elections.

An election where the results are already cooked, ready made and soon served. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine needs to serenade the authorities before he gets a go sign

What we learned today from CP Fred Enaga Presser on the People Power Movement and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine newly scheduled consultations as a Presidential Candidate ahead of 2021 elections, which is bound to happen in about a weeks time. Now, the Police Force are asking for more. Even as the People Power Movement have notified and delivered their paperwork on locations in time.

Still, CP Enaga said the PPM could just give a letter and go. Well, has the officer read the Public Order Management Act of 2013 himself. Which states: “5. Notice of public meeting. (1) An organizer shall give notice in writing signing by the organiser or his or her agent to the authorised officer of the intention to hold a public meeting, at least three days but not more than fifteen days before the proposed date of the public meeting” (POMA, 2013).

This is very clear, Mr. Officer, that as along as the organizer and their agent has informed the Police within three days ahead of an public meeting. They are kosher and good. That is after the laws, which the Police Force is supposed to enforce. There doesn’t state or any stipulation that the People Power Movement have to kneel, go into any police station in the Republic and ask directly for permission to hold any public meetings. There are no law saying that at this point. The law is clear, even as vindictive and monitoring it is.

This laws gives the police possibility to manoeuvrer and enforce their control over an building and make the owners stop it from happening. Which it has been able to do before, to block venues and close the people from gathering at these places. The POMA is giving the space the Police needs to do this without having any wire-tap, any direct spyware or any other expensive equipment to collect data on the opposition. The POMA gives way for that.

That is why the Police Force is moving the Goal Post. When the Spokesperson for the Police is saying a letter of intent isn’t enough. They have already held extra meetings, which neither decreed, stipulated nor put forward in law. If not, than the UPF and the NRM needs to invent invisible laws.

I’m sure CP Enaga and ACP Namaye wouldn’t mind a free concert on ‘One Love Beach’ with the Firebase Crew and all the associates of Bobi Wine. Maybe then he would be allowed to hold some meetings. If not, at least he got to perform and was allowed to do that for a little minute. But don’t expect this to happen.

I expect more blocked venues, more tear-gas, more arrests and lack of political space for Bobi Wine. Because, the Police Force has other rules for him. There is no way in hell he can comply, if he does A, they will ask for B; and if he does B, they will ask for C.

He can buy the shoes, shine them, iron his suit, clean his SUV and be ready to travel across the Republic. Nevertheless, expect it all to be dirty. Even if he was dressed smart, but looks like rag when the Police is done with him.

Seemingly, Bobi Wine needs to go to every Police Station and serenade the Officers, sing soft tunes of love and harmony before they let him go. Not that it will change anything, because there is no law saying he needs to do it. However, they will say so.

That he needs a sit-down and put every single scenario into paper and be humble before them. Like a little child who went out, even if the parents had given him curfew. The Police have given Bobi Wine curfew, even if there are law directly putting that on him. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine needs his own way

There are some wrangles inside the Democratic Party, where both Members of Parliament loyal to Norbert Mao and others whose siding with Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine are fighting. They are battling over the Presidency of DP and also whose the man being the Presidential Candidate on the DP Party Ticket.

However, as the People Power Movement (PPM) is a pressure group. It is not an formal political party, neither is registered as that. The membership there are from various of parties and from all walks of life. Therefore, Bobi Wine can spread the message of change and “People Power, Our Power” as he deems fit.

That is why the recent week is special, as Mathias Mpuuga MP has claimed the People Power being a baby of the DP. While the PPM haven’t addressed this nor said anything. Just like it didn’t address the bastard child allegation of defiance and Dr. Kizza Besigye from Andrew Mwenda. I’m sure that if Bobi Wine would address this, he would say its his own and his nobodies baby. But inspired by several of people, who has fought dictatorship and defied it.

That is why there are more into this, as the DP and the DP Block trying to find relevance. As there are internal squabble, as some people have lost faith in Mao and others want to try other ways. That is not strange, as Mao went all behind Amama Mbabazi in the previous race and that went horrible. Now Amama is cosying up to Mzee and left all his allies in Opposition behind.

That Bwanika and Mabikke doesn’t have the structures nor the following, they were on-man parties and could be deemed as brief-case parties by some. That they joined Mao doesn’t make it a power move, but more a consolidation of former DP’s. In this way, combined with the work of Alliance for National Transition (ANT)’s Mugisha Muntu, the move of also getting Bobi Wine would be to have another IPC or TDA into the 2021 elections.

That is giving way to President Museveni and his camp. Instead of selling more visions and showing more expression of will of change. The Opposition would trade it all and only look hungry for power. Which it shouldn’t be. They should look a viable difference and someone who has an idea for what is up next post-Museveni.

In this regard, Bobi Wine doesn’t need the DP ticket. He shouldn’t vie for the DP ticket, that would trade his difference and make him a stooge of Mao. Bobi Wine doesn’t want to be knock-off Mao. He needs his own way and continue to walk alone in alliance as the PPM. The PPM can work with the DP, but shouldn’t be indirectly inside it. Neither, should the PPM be a part of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) or anyone else. The PPM should work with them and find a common ground, but not be solidify their ticket with them. Then the Opposition is trading away their viable candidates and their messages to send to the NRM.

Bobi Wine can be in association, but he should trade away his significant platform for the DP. The DP should send Mao or whoever the delegates deems fit for the Presidential Elections in 2021. Unless, they are going behind someone else like they did in 2016.

Time will tell, but Bobi Wine shouldn’t involve himself to much with the DP and work with his own thing. There is where hope lays. Not playing second fiddle, something he shouldn’t do at this point. Unless, he doesn’t believe in his own cause. Then he can just be another pawn in the game of chess. Peace.

Opinion: Is Bobi Wine banned from the public?

Well, why do I ask? Well, yesterday at a thanksgiving ceremony in Kasanda North. Robert Kyagulanyi MP aka Bobi Wine was not allowed to participate or to hold a speech. As he was invited by the son-of-the deceased Patrick Nsamba MP. The DPC pleaded the People Power MP and his associates to leave. Before he teargassed the venue and ordered anyone to leave. Even grabbed the microphone from the public and promised to shoot if people didn’t leave.

That is the state of affairs within the Republic. As a Presidential Candidate whose not allowed to consult, speak nor hold concerts. Bobi Wine is practically blocked from his profession, his possible outlet of political activism and as a person, which freedom of speech is silenced.

The People Power Movement is stifled at any given day. The Police Force is there, ready, set and armed to harm and to violate people. They are doing it for “security”, but more as a brutal force to stop him from speaking and engaging the crowds.

Now, he wasn’t allowed to participate and be a part of a thanksgiving ceremony, which he was invited too. That is how petty, how belittling the state is. There is no boundaries to these sort of efforts. Where the man got to be silenced.

That’s why there needs soon to be a amended law, which states: “Thus from this date … … the ones associated with People Power Movement, Robert Kyagulanyi and et all; Are though not allowed to participate, be in public nor able to function as viable citizens. As they are a threat, a terrorist organization and hoodlums, which from now on. Shall only be allowed to certain limited freedom, which entails eating in own homes, be in office and within smallest margins of the population. Thus not generate crowds, processions and other public functions, which gathers more than three people at any given time”.

Because, if the state did that. It would be sincere. Not that it would be any good. Not that it would be justified, but by its actions towards the man and his associates. It would make sense. As the President can be gallivanting where-ever he may please, do whatever sort of public stunt and rally without any consideration in the world. While Bobi Wine cannot even look at a public venue, before seeing the Police and their orders from “high above”.

I would wish this was joke, but this is serious. This is how severe things are. That there is no escape from the madness and the toils of the police. They go these steps to silence someone. They have done this to others in the past and continues to harm them as well. But the big-man of the hour is Bobi Wine. Peace.

Opinion: Does the POMA only apply to the Opposition?

Why do I ask this question to myself? Why does ask it all?

Well, the circumstance of the Public Order Management Act of 2013 was designated to control and monitor the actions of Dr. Kizza Beisgye. That’s why it came to existence in the first place. We all should know that by now, but for the ones who didn’t, I was glad to inform you.

With this in regard, as the Police Force issued a statement of monitoring consultation meetings and claiming threats of public safety. While at the same time, the President held campaign meetings and long walks. Either there was no issues where he was, but everywhere else where the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) did party works or where Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine did their thing.

So in regards to that, it seems like the POMA is targeting only the opposition like Besigye and Bobi Wine. Muntu is walking free and also Moses Byamugisha, but they are not a threat to anyone. Mugisha Muntu wouldn’t even touch a grasshopper if it was in his way. He would try to reason with it to let him pass. While seemingly Besigye and Bobi Wine are dangerous, like they are carrying diseases and nuclear weapons, as they are passing the republic trying to gather people around them.

Because, no matter what they do, they get into legal trouble. Neither missing the mark on the venue, not enough toilets, not enough sniffer-dogs, not enough paperwork and not enough windows to escape from the locations. There is always misgivings and reasons to shut it down. Take up the tear-gas, send the mambas, drag the cars, abduct the leadership to unknown locations. Like no matter what these men does, they will get into trouble.

I am sure they could have smallest gathering in the vaults of a bank and it would still be deemed unsafe. Even if that vault was built for a nuclear holocaust and the biblical apocalypse. It wouldn’t have enough doors, enough air or space for the Police Officers to secure the venue. They would block it and take the leaders to nearest prison anyhow.

It doesn’t matter if the People Power or FDC complies with the EC Guidelines and the POMA. The Police and the Army going to go all in. They will show no mercy and make excuses afterwards. Surely, the was something in the air, on the ground or intel that told that a grand macho narcissist of a terrorist would attend. That is why they had to block the venue, even if there is no proof of the existence of the terrorist. Still, the UPF and other agencies will claim so, until Jesus returns.

And as always, we can be rest assured that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) can hold rallies, processions and whatnot without any issues. There is never any issues with the NRM. They can just spontaneously put a tent in any town at any given time and call it rally without anyone bothering them. They can auction goats, cows and their souls without any consideration of POMA. Because, why bother right? They are the rulers, they reign supreme, the others should beg them.

That is how it seems, because the NRM can hold any kind of function without any police interference. Without the army bamboozling the crowds and tear-gas hurting toddlers. Well, that is because they rule the Republic, the others are dissidents.

As long as they are dissidents, the monitoring and the demands will follow. Because they are not following the paradigm of the NRM. That’s why it is like it is. We could laugh about it, but to many have been hurt by this policy. To many whose just by-standers and happen to be in town when the political actors are having their gatherings. So, many have been caught in this web and the ones to blame is the state authorities and their weapons. Since, the opposition didn’t come with guns, but came in SUVs to planned venues, no with intent of violence, but the violence that came was from the state. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Police Closely Monitoring Consultative Preparations (27.01.2020)

Hypocrisy: Capt. Mukula Team holds a Semi-Rally and Concert in Serere District!

Captain Mike Mukula, the owner of Voice of Teso was able to hold rallies in Serere District and concerts sponsored by him too. That all happen under the guise of promoting the radio station with artists like Bebe Cool. Bebe Cool is a official mobilizer for the NRM party. That shows levels of hypocrisy, which the state is in. So, it was a semi-National Resistance Movement rally at the Serere District Headquarters.

That it happen now on the 18th January 2020. Is really insulting to the troubles of others to hold consultation meetings and do party work itself without any issues. Mukula has been able to gain a lot of power within the leadership and the State House. As his been able to get vast fortunes on corruption scandals, even been serving time in jail for that. Still, his still in the inner circle of power and has never left.

That is why the likes of the Captain and his ‘Voice of Teso’ is allowed to hold concerts and rallies. Even if the grace of the owner and political juggernaut Mukula. While also Bebe Cool was also allowed to address the crowds in Serere District.

That there was no police force, no toilets, no sniffer dogs and not any proof of applications for a formal announcement from the Electoral Commission with notification. Neither, any proof of following the Public Order Management Act (POMA). Since, they just announced the whole trip and promotion tour in Serere, but seemingly needed no paperwork. Even made a concert into a semi-rally. If the FDC or Bobi Wine even did this, they would be ambushed or blocked from doing so.

It shows the double standard. However, that is not new, as the state party can act as they want too. While the opposition has to beg for meeting and greeting outside of campaign season. While the state can organize any sort of function, for any sort of figure of the party and call it a day. That is what this is. As the Voice of Teso is like a privately owned “state radio”, as they working for the things the NRM does too. Peace.

Opinion: Kania’s nonsense [concerning Bobi Wine]

It is the duty of security right now to see where Bobi Wine is. Whether they do it overtly or covertly, they must do it because Bobi Wine is an asset in this country. when he reaches the point of nomination that is when the IGP will come in and say now “you must be surrounded with this security, you cannot sleep in such and such a place,”Obiga Kania, the Minister of State for Internal Affairs (16.01.2020)

What Minister Kania said today about what the Police Force done lately with the People Power Movement and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is a lie or deluded. If Kania believes the words coming out of mouth. His surely not making sense. This is not common sense.

Kania might think this is a trick. That he can defend the actions of the Police Force, but it doesn’t. Because the PPM and Bobi Wine wasn’t shielded, defended nor secured in Lira or Kasangati. No, they were taken from the public space, arrested and forced away from their consultation meetings.

Bobi Wine wasn’t secured or safely treated by the authorities. Neither was any of his associates nor the activists who was supposed to be there too. They were all threaten and arrested. The public was bathed in tear-gas, live-bullets and whatnot.

The blocking of the venues, the threats to the owners of businesses closing it for the People Power. That is not for safeguarding Bobi Wine. All of this is a lie.

That is not how you treat assets for the Republic. The way you treat assets is the way you put President Museveni on a pedestal and let him held rallies in the middle of the streets in whatever town in the Republic.

What is also a bit funny. There was no covert operation in this, unless they had secret orders from high above stopping Bobi Wine. This wouldn’t be shocking, but also following a pattern.

That the state addresses Bobi Wine and misuse their power. Is what the state has done for ages with their opposition and dissidents. The ones they fear, they will ensure they will struggle to organize and do their political work. Find any way of doing so and also use the Public Order Management Act and Penal Code. Whatever fits the bill, any given day.

Therefore, Kania might think he was smart or even brilliant. But then again, than he thinks the public is stupid or dumb. That they will eat this crap and call it luxurious meal. Because, this is delusional blend of rubbish from the Minister.

Kania might able to sell this to a few, but the signs on the horizon is clear. The state is using their force to make it impossible to be Bobi Wine. Not because his an asset, but because his a target. They aim, they shoot and they detain. It is a game-drive, where the Simba (the Lion) is always captured. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine and People Power are apparently inhaling wrong

Exhale, inhale, exhale inhale.


Exhale, Inhale, exhale and inhale.

Take a breath. This week been hectic, a mess and the Police Force continues to harass and attack Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and the whole People Power Movement. The People Power are doing everything wrong. They are singing the songs in wrong tones, they are spreading the news of consultations badly and no matter what they does its just negative.

PPM and Bobi Wine are addressed in a manner, which they cannot do anything right. I am sure, the side of road they are driving is wrong. The way they pass into the sub-counties in up-country are apparently in the wrong way. They were driving on the wrong route into Lira and Kasangati. Neither were they able to say “hello” in Gulu. Just like they had to stop the consultation meeting in Adjumani too.

So, it is rich for the Police to say PPM is all wrong and don’t know this correctly. Bobi Wine is blamed for everything. It is just like he could be singing “Put the Blame On Me” by Akon. He could sing that on facebook and that would be real at this point. Because, no matter what Bobi Wine do. His to blame. He cannot cross the country without the Police Force being on his tail. They are prepared and armed to their teeth, with anti-riot police and everything.

That is why today’s statement is really enriching. As they police doesn’t take any blame for violent interceptions. For their pre-emptive arrests and their partisan politicking. Because, these folks and these authorities wouldn’t even side-step on any sudden public gathering around the President nor his campaigning outside of the Election Road Map for 2021.

So, the Police Force better get their act right. They are not acting righteous, but as a partisan force for the regime itself. They are singing a ordinary song, which happens to be a blame game. Bobi Wine should do this and that, but the Police Force did nothing wrong. It sounds insane, with the knowledge of a baby tear-gassed, own police officer shoot with a live-bullet and so-on. More stories are shadowed by the sealing of venues and tear-gassing towns across the Republic. But the Police Force will stand-up for that. Because, that mean they would pay for their sins, which they will not do.

Only, PPM and Bobi Wine is to blame. They got to be careful, while the Police Force can a vile force of venom and poisoning the political climate. They can poison the wells, but blame the public from drinking it. By all means, that doesn’t make sense.

So, exhale, inhale, exhale and inhale.


Exhale, inhale, exhale and inhale.

Breathe. Stop. Please. Think. This is some utter nonsense from the authorities. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Police Narrative on Stakeholders Meeting with Electoral Commission over Consultations (10.01.2020)