Press Release from the UPF: Use of Malicious Posters (02.11.2015)


Press Statement: ‪#‎TIC‬ On the Besigye-Mbabazi talks in London (26.10.2015)

Mbabazi Besigye

TIC welcomes all efforts that are aimed at ensuring that the opposition in Uganda manages a SMART victory in the 2016 elections. We underline the word SMART, BECAUSE THIS VICTORY WILL NOT BE LIKE THE ONE YOU ARE USED TO.

We would like to give some advice though. Uganda’s political future cannot be left in the hands of these two respectable gentlemen and their ardent supporters.

There are so many well organized, experienced and well resourced political forces of Ugandans within Uganda and abroad. Let no one deceive themselves that political change will/can come unless these groups have been consulted in a concerted manner. Without a broad based input, whatever we imagine as possibilities might become nightmares.

Uganda’s political space is no longer a preserve of those who emerged from the Luwero bushes in 1986 and their allies. If it were the case, the matters at TDA would have been very simple to handle. What made them rather complicated, until we have to travel to Kenya and now London?

We just have to scratch a little deeper than we are doing right now.
This is the same call we made during the TDA days. We repeat it here in a different way.

The key to change is not where you wish it should be. It is where it really is. And we have to be SMART enough to find it, by first of all dropping all manner of arrogance of either individuals or political parties, organizations or pressure groups.