Rwomushana says: “Aine a Symbol of Violence in the Elections” (Youtube-Clip)

“Rwomushana says police does not have power to censure him. He says he is monitoring the Leopard” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).

Go-Forward activist jailed for mobilizing today!

Go Forward Release on Bond 14.01.2016

There are some strange laws in Uganda where the Go-Forward participations are forbidden. Charles Basoga where just doing duties for the polticial choice he has picked. Not touching the leopards anus.

I don’t know what law that they are specificly following, but somewhere between the Public Order Management Act and Gen. Kale Kayihura orders. Not sure one what term this happen, but surely not justified or court of law. This is just an typical act of the NRM-Regime because they can’t help themselves. Peace. 

Go-Forward had campaigns in Kibuku district; later blocked by the Calvary to travel to Butaleja

Amama 11.10.2016 Campaign Rally P1

We have now seen how the Police like to make life hard for Go-Forward Presidential Candidate Amama Mbabazi. He held peaceful campaigns in Kasaria and Kibuku. While his third district wasn’t able to reach today; because he isn’t Mzee and can’t campaign after the late time set by the Electoral Commission. So the Police will step in and block his actions. Even if he might travel to a hotel in Butaleja in the darkness and surely knows it’s late for campaign rally in Busolwe.

Amama 11.10.2016 Campaign Rally P2

Message from Amama Mbabazi today:

“From Kasasira in Kibuku to Kobolwa Primary School, today I spoke on various issues affecting Kibuku. I supported the creation of Kibuku district to enable services get closer to the people” (…)”Kibuku has not yet realised this dream. The Go forward manifesto contains my promise to the people. For better healthcare, cooperatives, jobs for youth and quality education”. Later today he stated this: “Kasasira and Kobolwa today. We were not able to make it to Butaleja before dark. My plea to apologise to the people of Busolwe fell on deaf ears”.

The Road Block from the local Police who stops Go-Forward Campaign Convoy enroute from Mulagi to Bulsolwe:

Amama Blocked from enroute Mulagi to Busolwa 11.01.2016

I think that is enough for now. Peace.

The People’s President held peaceful campaign rallies today in Nakapiripirit and Amudat; While the Calvary defaced and pinned over posters; They even sieged the Amudat Hospital

FDC Amudat Rally 090116

If you we’re in Amudat today, you would see that RDC Saban Kachimete of Amudat was first busy getting police to pin-over FDC presidential candidate poster in the day before his arrival and his campaign rally. They we’re also tearing them to pieces like they have done with Go-Forward posters before their campaigns. The Police is so impartial in the campaign work for the NRM! They are really the NRM Police Force, why not just switch names, maybe that is the next for IGP Kale Kayihura and CP Fred Enaga to do, to prove loyalty to Mzee.

FDC Rally in Amudat Hospital 090116

Well, the local police we’re not doing the work for Mzee.They was stationed at the Amudat hospital to make sure that the Campaign convoy of FDC held themselves far away. If you needed the police today in Amudat, then forget the police posts in the area; most of the crew seemed to be stationed there, because all the crime and prevention of crime seemed to be there.

Now read what the People President says after all of this.

Defacing Poster Amudat P1 090116

Dr Kizza Besigye message after the rallies the 9th January 2016:

“Nakapiripirit and Amudat was a great experience! Thank you to everyone that made everything possible for us to have our campaign done and completed in the two districts. In Amudat, the police manning health centre 3s continued, our posters were all defaced and covered. But this we know that our support comes from people’s hearts. The RDC, police and NRM members are so desperate to deny us visibility in people’s eyes, but it is evident we are in their hearts. Thanks for the support for the party and my candidature. God bless you all. One Uganda One People».

FDC Campaign Rally 090116

That’s enough today, Peace.

Press Release: UPF statement on the allegation of brutalization of the Go-Forward Team by the Police (07.01.2015)

UPF Press Release Go-F P1 070116UPF Press Release Go-F P2 070116

Press Release: UPF tries to reason for their violent actions around the Teriet IDP Camp today (06.01.2016)

Besigye IDP 06.01.16 P1

Today, Wednesday, 6th January, 2016, the Police at Bukwo, restored law and order, after it dispersed violent crowds at Teriet IDP camp using means within its dispersal powers that included the use of rubber bullets.

The public order concern arose after the FDC Presidential candidate, Dr. Kiiza Besigye, who had successfully held two campaign rallies at Bukwo Trading centre and Suam Border Town council, diverted from his harmonized schedule to Amananga primary school playgrounds, and unjustifiably chose to proceed to Teriet IDP camp at Kapkoros. As a result, acts of public disorder emerged due to the indiscipline from the FDC camp.

During the course of engagement, two men were taken to Bukwo Health Centre with injuries sustained while policing the protests, that are however, not life threatening. These included Kokop Walter who was allegedly injured to the right hand by a stray rubber bullet and Kewei Augustino who was injured by a stick hurled from the violent crowd. One officer, PC Ngabo also sustained minor injuries.

The FDC presidential candidate cancelled his unscheduled visit and reverted to his campaign schedule. He proceeded to the two remaining venues at Amananga Primary school play grounds and Sosowel sub-county headquarters that ended successfully.

The police that is in charge of providing security during the electoral process, will continue protecting all law abiding people and political actors who play by the guidelines of the electoral commission.

We want to thank all candidates who have conducted themselves in a peaceful manner and caution those who fail to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission, that the police will not tolerate any acts of political violence, because it is criminal and punishable by law.

CP Fred Enanga

Press and Public Relations Officer, Uganda Police, 6.01.2016.

Mzee doesn’t care about the Electoral Commission; since he brakes their campaign rules in minutes; visits House of Worship!

M7 Kitabi Church 1.1.2016

Earlier today at 7:05 PM the spokesman for the Electoral Commission said that the candidates were not allowed have campaigns in hospital, schools and house of prayers. Later 7:07 PM were holding a campaign rally in the Kitabi Seminary Church in Bushenyi.

The President Museveni proves that he doesn’t care about the laws or setting standards himself. As he has proven again and again; there is the issues of the land; he is really one of the main issues. If he supposed to be the man, he should comply as the opposition leaders have to. Dr. Kizza Besigye would been barricaded and hurt by tear-gas for pulling off the same kind of stunt. Amama Mbabazi team would be detained in jail and the police would throw away the key without any court trial.

In Bushenyi while talking and campaigning he manifested his arrogance and ignorance for the common law. As he doesn’t need to comply the Electoral Commission decree that the Go-Forward or Forum for Democracy have to, because if they don’t they see the police force or Special Forces Command who take them.

It would be like if Dr. Kizza Besigye went into a hospital again and it wasn’t shut down by local police or followed by orders of the local DPC in some random district in Uganda. That would not happen. The next is Museveni going into a Referral Hospital pinning a poster of himself and having a Press Conference speaking of the power of #Steady Progress. He could do that tomorrow because he doesn’t give a rat’s ass of level playing field. But that we all knew. When he blocks opposition leaders, pays local public to shun opposition leader’s rallies and paying boda-boda drivers to shun opposition rallies.

Museveni Kitabi 1.1.2016

The reason for why he was at the church we’re these:

“I officiated at the launch of centenary celebrations of St. Peter Kitabi parish in Bushenyi, today. The key places that changed Banyakole are Kitabi, Ruharo, Nyamitanga, Kinoni, Bweranyangyi and Kitunga. My first time to come to this area was in 1956, my mother took me to Ishaka hospital. I remember I used to see glass buildings on the right, and I was amazed. When I joined government, I knew about its development and continued to work for the people. So when I was called here by His Grace Archbishop Paul Bakyenga , I could not fail to come”

When the other Presidential Candidates have to comply to the rules and regulations of the Electoral Commission to get out of trouble. The main man and head-in-command for 29 years should oblige to do the same. If not there is a breach of laws and regulations of campaign trail and on the Campaign Road Map for General Election 2016. But that we already knew!

We know he will go without any issues and walk scotch free. Because the NRM Flag-Bearer will not get any scratches or issues for the simple matter that it will not lead to anything else then waste of time.

The Mzee is powerful and controls the Governmental institutions therefore he does as he pleases while the other just has to keep driving against the grain. That is what is happening. This is just another proof of the foolishness of it. Peace.

Police tried to arrest an FDC supporter in Elegu Border Post…

Elagu Border Post Arrests FDC Supporter 24.12.15 P1

Today is the day where the Police again show their true color. In the border town of Elegu, the motorcycle driver was supposedly driving reckless and vile or as they claimed: “for dangerously riding a motorcycle”. But in all intentions was arrested for being a FDC-supporter and taken across town.

Elegu Border Post Arrests FDC Supporter 24.12.15 P2

Because they didn’t have any evidence or could charge the man they let him go! But this proves that the IGP Kale Kayihura and his police force are imbedded with the NRM. Peace.   

Elagu Border Post Arrests FDC Supporter 24.12.15 P3