A Monster Museveni Created: The Failing Kayihura Police Force!

Gen. David Sejusa wrote this in a letter on the 7th July of 2014:

I wonder if Mr Museveni really knows what is going on in his own security institutions, or has he been rendered powerless by the very monster he created, i.e., personalised rule? It is because the officers who give him intelligence are the same arch criminals who need to cover their tracks. With no functioning systems, you wonder what information the head of state depends on to rule the country. Otherwise, how can he not see the danger he is putting the country into and himself? Not that it matters much though, because either way, he, Museveni, is personally responsible” (Gen. David Sejusa letter- ‘LOOMING WAR AND GOVERNMENT COVER UP: Government agents target civilians to scare population’ 07.07.2014).

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Edward Kale Kayihura, again you get on my radar, you are offering bounty for killers of innocent woman, who was dropped on the street like garbage. That is happening after dozens of strange foreign deaths are appearing all over the Republic. There so much weirdness going on, just like the Boda Boda 2010 relations and the Crime Preventers Program. All of this doesn’t add-up.

The sour relationship with Gen. Henry Tumukunde, the Chief of Military Intelligence (CMI) and the problems the police has with the Internal Security Organization (ISO). It’s like the Security Organizations are working not together to sting the criminals, but are trying to incriminate each other. As Muslim Clerical leaders died mysteriously last year, like group of woman in Entebbe too. There been so many strange unsolved crimes that the death of Assistant IGP Andrew Kaweesi seems like detour. Instead of the biggest hit-piece in the recent decade.

Within all of this as the Boda Boda 2010 leaders of Abdallah Kiatta and Paddy Sserunjogi aka Sobi. We can question how the police sanctioned this gang and let it off. And why suddenly it had to fall. Since the Police needed someone to go down and the Tumukunde had to pick someone to teach Kayihura a lesson or two. The striking revelations is how short distance it is from becoming a officer to act a criminal. That is what is worrying and also the signal, the only difference between the police officer and the criminal, is that the officer has the blessing of the state and a badge, the criminal has none. There is supposed to rules to the game, but clearly it is not.

On top of that and ICT scandals, the ICT frauds, that has escalated and became a big-deal, even the ICT Manager Amos Ngabirano fled from the country recently, because of how he was involved and that he feared for his own life. In all of this, the State House, the External Security Organization and the Police are also fighting for how to monitor the mobile money market. This is after who they should assigned the program and who can monitor it, if the its the Uganda Communication Commission, the Police or even the State House. So all of them can use the software to monitor the spending of Ugandans. This is happening, while people are busy seeing the external fights between Tumukunde and Kayihura.

They have even pushed further a New Vision reporter was abducted and gone from the paper for days, this Charles Etukuri, who has had close relationship with Kayihura and nicknamed his “Social Media Manager”. Therefore, this was another assault on the pride of Kayihura, who had seen many of his men taken and his lieutenants.

We can question what is going on, as the crimes are not solved, the bounty on Susan Magara killers proves the lack of mentality to solve the crimes and the lack of honest work within the Police. That is not strange, as the state of affairs isn’t getting better. All of this has happen quickly, as Kayihura has to even beg the Parliament for additional funds, since only 5 % of his operation are getting salaries. They are lacking funds to pay salaries as the police squad has increased and also the equipment of the police has become better. That is not strange as before the General Election of 2016, they got everything from new mambas, tear-gas and more manpower.

To top it all off, the Minister Jeje Odongo, Internal Affairs Minister has told Kayihura to polish the image of the Police. Kinda hard to do that on a little candy and not even paid-in-full. While the structures are even smashed by other security organizations. This is happening while the monitoring of the political parties and the enemies of the state. Not following the criminals and such. They have spent fortunes to follow and monitor the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Even more on house-arresting Kizza Besigye over the last two years, even the financial costs of tear-gassing, live-bullets and the misuse of power against political opponents of the President. That has all to cost a fortune, the extra hours and the equipment. Even the famous van and mobile terrorizing place, can be seen as project made out of nothing.

The sudden loss of funds, the lack of budget to an organization blown up to be political and block politicians cost. When they are not serving the people, but the will of man. Who want to beat everyone into submission. Especially the ones he cannot bribe into it.

We you combine all of this factors, I have not even addressed the saga of Crime Preventers, who has been used by the Police and the State during the elections, paid for uniforms and weapons. This together with all the other factors, the training and the constant move of leaders. The strategic forces and questionable work of the police. The sudden Fika Salama campaigns are cool, but the issues are deeper, than just on the surface, that cars are overloaded.

The police force is up-to something and certain things kept quiet about. Even the stories of Gen. Sejusa might have some power in them. As his warnings year back is now coming into light. The darkness and lack of institutions, the lack of oversight and use of gangs to keep things at bay. Are now shown, as much as the police is acting as criminals. Just as the sudden militias that came and went, where police-shootings was appearing in Kapchorwa Police Station attacks with SUN, Gulu Central Police Station with National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the insurgency of Kirumiramutima in Kasese. All of this had violence and killings involved, but they silently stopped without any resurgent attacks by anyone of them. The government sanctioned violence was the one visible against the Rwenzururu Kingdom, as it was also on these two Police Stations.

We can clearly, see that the vision of Gen. Sejusa has power, as he saw this all coming. It is now visible, the lack of clear leadership, the reckless behavior of IGP Kayihura and Security organizations. That his involved other questionable activity and use of organizations that was beneath and beyond the services supposed to be delivered by the Force. Also the lack of investigations and the lack of actually policing. More of just brash PR stunts and picturesque shows of public display, instead of actually catching the murderous, the ones picked up is quickly released.

All of this madness is connected, the lack of funds, the growing organization, the battle of supremacy between Tumukunde and Kayihura. All of this isn’t a game, but real life at stake, they are all doing all of this because the President wants it like this. They want to use the Security Organizations to make insecurity to fake their own agenda.

This would been a pulp-fiction novel, a quick-fix book you buy at a flea-market. Instead, this is happening right in front of our lives. They are misusing the state funds and violating our intelligence, while they are proud of their craft.

There is to many things missing, the plots and the ideas, the scenarios where this is making the regime winning, other than spreading fear and silence people. If that is the only goal, they are using high-power weapons and expensive monitoring of politicians. While they are using the police to create crime and not actually fight crime. Which is weird in itself. It is visible and vicious!

Kayihura, should wonder and be boggled, he has lack of funds and giant mission, he needs manpower to fulfill the Public Order Management Act and the others things he want to do to serve the President. He is the presidents loyal servant. That he knows, but the actions and the now internal squabble between him and Tumukunde. We can wonder who else will join in and if the Mobile Money, will make the UCC and other go against him too. Who knows at this point, but the words of Sejusa should be with all of us.

The words we should remember today, as the police are in tatters and the public played for fools, we should remember: “I wonder if Mr Museveni really knows what is going on in his own security institutions, or has he been rendered powerless by the very monster he created, i.e., personalised rule?” (Sejusa, 2014).

We should ask if he is powerless because of the monster he created and he made during his rule. If he is able to understand and get into his mind, what sort of violence and policing his has sanctioned. Kayihura and his business has been accepted by the State House for years. The ISO, ESO and CMI, are all organizations that Museveni has created. Not only the UPDF and Special Force Command, who are other groups he has given powers too and training too. They can now fight each other and use methods of state organized violence against innocent citizens and possible troublemakers. However, most likely they will create trouble themselves. These are the monsters Sejusa described, the reckless organizations that will make him powerless. That is why he tries to pull the strings on the Police Force, but is it too late?


Let’s be clear Dr. Kizza Besigye isn’t appointed as the UN Envoy for Uganda!

Besigye on the 25th July 2016

The Junta deliberately circulates FAKE news to discredit social media! Am legitimately elected President!” (…) “Absolute rubbish: M7 isn’t legitimate President of Uganda. Propaganda to legitimize him or discredit Social Media!” – Dr. Kizza Besigye

By yesterday an unknown source and someone did photo-shop a picture where the text was spelling out that Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader Besigye was handpicked and appointed to be the United Nations Envoy of Uganda. That is a noble position.

KAMPALA–President Yoweri Museveni has this evening named Uganda’s Opposition leader Kizza Besigye as Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. “In exercise of the powers conferred on the President of Uganda by Articles 108(1), 108 (2), 113(1), 114(1) and Article 99(1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, I have appointed Mr. Kizza Besigye as the new Uganda’s Representative to the United Nations,” said President Museveni” (TheT1mes.com, 26.05.2017).

I would think it is more likely than anyone of the Presidential Advisors, that means the 164 appointed men and woman the President already trust and also pays. These people are more likely to be appointed, even Ragga Dee for his trying to pursuit the ballots in Kampala for the President. There, are so many loyal cronies and people who wants his envelope.

Therefore this story in Red Pepper in March, says enough:

FDC sources have confirmed to PIU that the recently appointed Ugandan Permanent Representative to the United Nations (New York) and formerly with the African Union, Amb. Adonia Ayebare, was agreed upon by both sides late last year as the mediator of the talks aimed at bridging the increasingly widening gap between government and the opposition. “The ambassador has in fact already met both leaders on several occasions to lay groundwork for the talks,” our source added” (Pepper Intelligence Unit, 2017).

So the UN Envoy Adonia Ayebare has had two terms before in the United Nations, but his latest appointment was on the 29th January 2017. It would be strange to be cut short on his third term by just months. To hire the biggest competition and the worst enemy to a honorable position. It is not like Besigye has been bitten by the envelopes or empty promises like Beatrice Anywar or even Beti Kamya.

This was how the news of the newest term for Ambassador Adonia Ayebare: “The President has appointed the following ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions Pursuant to Article 122 (1) of the Constitution. The President has sent the names to Parliament for consideration and approval” (The Kampala Times, 27.01.2017).

So, with this in mind, we should know that today’s news isn’t real, as Dr. Kizza Besigye wouldn’t trade away Kasangati or the FDC leadership role for becoming an Ambassador for Museveni and his regime. Especially considering the battles between the gentlemen. Knowing Besigye is not the kind of person who stops his causes or his ideas. They are steadfast even as the troubles comes his way. It is more likely that he is visiting Nagalama Police Station in Mukono, Kira Road Police Station or Kasangati Police Station. Before he ever get hired by the NRM and their loyal cronies.

Let’s be clear, I don’t want Besigye detained on fake charges or become a jail-bird, that is what the Movement has done steady in the recent decade. It is their M.O. when controlling the FDC and Besigye. They use the Police and even uses his home as prison on-end without charges if they have too. So it is not like I am thinking of fiction. It is the sad reality of the Police Force and the methods of oppression under President Museveni.

Key point from today’s rumor: More likely that Besigye get’s detained at some Police Station, than him being hired as Ugandan’s Permanent Ambassador at the United Nation. Peace.


Pepper Intelligence Unit – ‘UN Envoy Cited In M7- Besigye Talks’ (01.03.2017) link: http://www.redpepper.co.ug/un-envoy-cited-in-m7-besigye-talks/

Opinion: UPFF seems like made-belief by the Calvary, as the NDA and SUN never reappeared!

Kaweesi Murder Probe: Police warns public against conspiracy theories and speculation, adds that such will slow down investigations” (…) “Police are investigating a group calling itself ‘Uganda Patriotic Freedom Fighters’ that claims to have murdered AIGP Kaweesi” (…) “The group posted on social media commending itself for a job well executed and blamed police for arresting innocent people” (NBS TV Uganda, 27.03.2017).

There been many rebel outfit of late who has taken claims of violence and robbing Police Stations, what is common is that that they come into light and fade into dust as quick as they came. These ones has all been parts of questionable acts and taken weapons and ammunition from the Police Force. Still, there has not been anyone who is caught for these crimes, neither has there been anyone taken to court. Therefore, I wonder about the newest who appeared this month!

In March 2016, the sun set on Uganda, and initially “We, Save Uganda Now” (SUN) that took responsibility for the attacks on Kapchorwa Police Station, where the former army commander ‘Mali Moto’ we’re running it. And ever since then they have not reappeared!

In June 2016, a new surfaced rebel outfit named National Democratic Alliance (NDA) attacked the Gulu Central Police station, as it was even stated by the Police Force that is was UPC Deputy Secretary Dan Odiya Oola, who was in charge. The NDA has not attacked anything else since the day in question.

Than there was the Rwenzururu Kingdoms Royal Guards and the “Kirumiramutima” (the Strong Hearted) that was a militia in the Rwenzori and Rwenzori Sub-Region. These ones created problems in the region after the election and supposed to done so since 2014. Still, the violence only appears when the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) arrives in Kasese, like last year in November, when the Flying Squad twice attacked the Buhikira Royal Palace in Kasese. It is easy to forget, but the problem of rebels appears when the Police and Army attacks innocent civilians in the region. That problem also disappear when the army leaves the region. Than the locals are preoccupied burying the dead.

So when I here that a new rebel outfit takes the responsibility for the assassination of the Assistance Inspectorate General of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi, they we’re suddenly a group who claimed on social media called Uganda Patriotic Freedom Fighter (UPFF). They came out of dust and has no history, just like the groups who apparently was in charge of the assaults on the Kapchorwa and Gulu Police Stations during last year. The pattern are written in the sand.

The serious rebel outfits has been scattered and are now based on foreign territory, as Allied Defense Force (ADF) is based now in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Lord Resistance Army (LRA) who are in Central African Republic (C.A.R). So these are not something that is apparent problem for the security organizations or the Police Force.

So I have a hard time believing that a new outfit of rebels has that sophisticated and knowledge about top leadership inside the Police Force, that they get the knowledge of the Police Commanders house, road and about the time he leaves for his office. That the Rebel Outfit UPFF came into force and with actions all of sudden. It came from the moment of clarity as it usually do after the incident.

Just like rebel outfits came into action right after the Police Stations was assaulted in 2016. All of a sudden the ‘strong hearted’ rebelled in Rwenzori.

Now that Jospeh Ssonko, appear and claims responsibility days after the death of Kaweesi. As much as the new Police Spokesman today Asan Kasingye speaks these words and tries to explain the on-going investigation. Since the UPFF, SUN and NDA are all coming from the same source and sources are all quick and brief online. Still, their placement and quick relief of information comes and goes as quick as the government needs it.

Therefore, the government hopes people forget the other rebel outfits and leaders, as they dwindle in presence and importance. However, the dead and the families of the lost will still wonder what really happen, this are the losers of this political game, as the ones who ordered and got the AIGP Kaweesi assassinated. As well, as all the other speculations that opens up questions of this public display. That the Police Force and their leadership wants to peddle this sort of false narratives instead of dropping proper intelligence. This proves that the Police Force is rotten, as the government is lacking will of accountability and transparency. So if the Police Force and key leadership together with other Security Organizations had offered or created this sorts of violence. Than, the Republic would know that rebels and the other created stories, might just be hogwash.

That this is a possibility, that the Uganda Police Force, that the Army and the other agencies wishes to subdue and silence the public discourse as they comes with false information. This seems probable, as this is yet another group arriving to court without any invitation or knowledge of their origin and their leadership. Like the knowledge of the start of ADF and LRA are inescapable and accessible. But if you tries to get knowledge on UPFF, NDA or SUN, your have to invent the wheel and than take ride.

So, I have doubt that UPFF exists, as the NDA and SUN is made belief, it is as believable as the manufactured cases against FDC leadership and the made-up case of treason against Dr. Kizza Besigye. The same is about the believed aggressors who appears out of nowhere. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s response to Kaweesi’s assassination is horrendous, typical blame-game and pure retaliation with force!

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is more focused on putting blame on anyone else than himself, yesterday as the family and friends we’re mourning the killed police officers and driver. Instead of coming with a speech of solace and care for the deceased, care about the loss of life and show some integrity as the President. Instead, the man of 3 decades tried to pin the assassination on all other institutions and on all other leaders who has failed, but not him. The outtake of the speech and message is under neath!

President Museveni message at the house of Kaweesi yesterday:

Now these criminals have shifted to methods of using motorcycles. They are doing this because the boda bodas are many and they think they can hide. We have arrested some of these criminals and others are still at large. I want to tell these criminals that we shall get you. We shall kill you or capture you. But if they don’t want to die, let them surrender. I want to assure Ugandans that this is a cowardly crude act that we shall defeat. These criminals are going to die because they’re killing our people, young people who we are using to build institutions. The second group are the public servants. I have had a hard time explaining our priorities as a country to this fraction of the population because their commitment is to themselves alone. Projects like the installation of security cameras on roads have been stalling because of misplaced priorities into salary increments and such. As a result we now have idiots getting away with murder and instilling unnecessary fear in our people. This is putting undue pressure on our security agencies who are working under very strenuous circumstances in cases like these. This must stop. The third group is the Police and other security agencies. There is a growing concern of infiltration in these organs. Stories of leaking information, intimidating and even sometimes killing witnesses are coming to me. This is undermining our strong relations with the wanainchi who now don’t want to work with our security organs. I would like to caution that you young people in these agencies are letting yourselves down” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – 19.03.2017).

That there are problematic crime and violence is not something to hide, that their killings and murders happening in Uganda, as the Teso killings and others are being uncovered, as there been reports of criminals interfering in the Police Force. That should be priority of the President to change leadership and stop the groups creating violence and killings. Not just blame them when on of the men in-charge, the AIGP Kaweesi was brutally murders 100 meters away from his own home.

That the President Museveni says this murders put fears into people, the same levels as the killings of Police Force during the rallies at the election, the post-election killings in Bundibugyo or Kasese. Therefore, there are instances where the Police Force could have shown the ability of transparency and justice. Instead, the republic are now filled with uncertainty if they can trust the police as the 3rd in command of the Police could even be touched and fall.

That President Museveni talks about avenging the murder on a wake, is spineless and shows his fatigue as a leader, instead of begging for mercy and asking forgiveness as the man in charge and the man who played a vital part in the AIGP life. He stood there blaming the Police Command and blaming civil servants. Not a second he cared about the family or the deceased legacy.

President Museveni was more concerned with putting blame on the ones that we’re around him. Not trying to be the one in charge. Since everyone is else is at fault. So now the IGP Kale Kayihura has work to do, as the President has designated that all issues is in his shop! However, this is more systematic than that when the third in command of the Police is gunned down with his loyal men on an early Friday morning.

Still, the President ungrateful and unforgiving puts blame on the ones he can and says he has done enough. AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was a loyal Police Commander and one who worked tirelessly for the regime, still his own legacy will be tarnished by the acts of his fellow commanders. Kaweesi, did his duty to suppress people and work under IGP Kayihura. What President Museveni didn’t do in speech on the wake of Kaweesi, was to let the man rest in respect and let the fellow men who fall, fall in grace for their duty. Instead, the Commander-in-Chief is more working for his own goodwill, than caring for the ones who lost their lives. Peace.

Constitutional Court adjourns hearing defiance case until Besigye is present (Youtube-Clip)

“A coram of five justices of the Constitutional Court converged at Tweed Towers to begin hearing the main petition where the Attorney General is seeking a court order to ban Dr Kizza Besigye’s defiance campaigns, purportedly to overthrow the regime. However, the Justices adjourned the hearing of the petition saying that it would be unfair to hear the petition without Besigye in court. Besigye did not appear in court because there was no production warrant” (NTV Uganda, 2016).

IGP Kayihura have set Besigye under House-Arrest again today; This comes as a result of the defying the Interim Orders of the banned Defiance Campaign!

Road Block at Kasangati 22.02.2016

After a few days of ability too move freely the buck stops and the Police Force have again sieged the Kasangati compound of Dr. Kizza Besigye the former Presidential Candidate of Forum for Democratic Change. This comes after the FDC have shunned the Interim Order of 29th April as they planned to pray at their offices for the future of the country. “For God and For Country” this is illegal by the maneuvers of the Police today.

So that the Police Force already had taken many of major leaders and affiliated FDC members around the FDC Headquarters in Najjankumbi in Kampala. As I have taken notes on earlier today. But the movement from the Police to seal of the compound of Dr. Kizza Besigye is the latest, not surprising as the Police have a special unit soon made for him alone.

Dr. Kizza Besigye is yet again not allowed to have a life and be an ordinary person as IGP Kale Kayihura and his Police Force together with DPC Kasangati James Kawalya will make sure that he does not leave the compound; yet again!

This is just a mockery of justice as the Interim Orders made by the Deputy Justice Steven Kavuma/Stephen Kavuma is not justified.

Kasangati 03.05.2016

As these orders from both the Deputy Justice and the Inspectorate General of Police have breached this two articles of the Uganda Constitution of 1995:

“27.    Right to privacy of person, home and other property.

1)     No person shall be subjected to—

(b)       unlawful entry by others of the premises of that person.

(2)     No person shall be subjected to interference with the privacy of

that person’s home, correspondence, communication or other property”

That is not what the State does when they are interfering with the communication and the correspondence of the actions of Dr. Kizza Besigye, they are breaching it again and again. To a point that this passage of the Constitution is useless, because Besigye is not allowed to walk out or be part of Political Party by the orders of Police chief today. Here is what piece of legislation that the Police Force is breaching when they stop the administration:

29.   Protection of freedom of conscience, expression, movement, religion, assembly and association.

(1)    Every person shall have the right to—

(c)       freedom to practise any religion and manifest such practice which shall include the right to belong to and participate in the practices of any religious body or organisation in a manner consistent with this Constitution

(d)       freedom to assemble and to demonstrate together with others peacefully and unarmed and to petition; and 

e) freedom of association which shall include the freedom to form and join associations or unions, including trade unions and political and other civic organization”.

So with these breaches and the stops proves how little both the value of the constitution of 1995 is right now for the NRM Regime, as they can take these rights away every time it is needed or can help them to shut down the opposition. The FDC is now practically a unlawful organization who is not allowed to function or have their Political work in the country.

FDC Najjankumbi 03.05.2016 P2

Because they are not allowed to pray, that is part of the “freedom to practice” as every person supposed to have the right too.. the same right is to demonstrate, or the ENGLISH different where I am from and the ones that Stephen Kavuma and Kale Kayihura is reading. They are might learned in specialized and coded English that says something else than what I am reading, because the constitution is the LAW that supposed to set the BAR and level for Justice in a country. Henceforth the Constitution of Uganda, the Constitutional law of the nation. The Republic and the Constitution that gives the land the rule of law; and gives the rights to the citizens, so they can be lawful persons and make sure that the government does not act unjust towards them!

This action today is again and again taken the opportunity to House Arrest Dr. Kizza Besigye while the NRM Regime, their Police State and the reality of the thieving regime does not even honor the laws they got credit to make 21 years ago. The Police Force does not care about the general laws, they use the Public Order Management Act and the other laws that fits the authorities, even if they does not work in the manner the Constitution sets the precedence for the legal authority and the rights a civilian or citizen might have. Something that Dr. Kizza Besigye supposed to have and is now again taken away. Peace.  

Pastor Sandra K. Ngabo Statement: “Regarding My Husband’s Arrest” (03.05.2016)

Ngabo Arrest 03.05.2016
Dr. Happy David Ngabo now at Katwe Police Station.
It’s well; God revealed it to us before hand and all is in plan so we are strong! Shame upon the Loser! The Devil! God is mighty to save Deut 29:29 whatsoever is revealed to us God has empowered us to face and overcome it! Have you heard, Lightening just struck Statehouse and some soldiers are reported dead others in critical condition? Touch not that which is Annointed! The fight is now on another level!
Daniel was thrown in the den of lions and he survived but those that conspired to throw him there once they were thrown in and their families none survived! Watch this space! Our trust is in God Almighty who is mighty to save not in M7

Police lob teargas to disperse demonstrators in Kisumu (Youtube-Clip)

There was drama in Kisumu after a lone protestor chained himself on the main gate of the IEBC offices in Kisumu. Fred Ouda, a member of the Siaya county assembly, said he was protesting against the roughing up of CORD leaders and their supporters by police. Police were forced to lob teargas to disperse demonstrations who were headed to the IEBC offices led by Governor Ranguma Kisumu Ouko Okusah with the details” (NTV Kenya, 2016).

The “Free-Man” named Besigye of Kasangati can’t have a NTV Crew filming “The Fourth Estate” at his home tonight; Not within 24 hours the Police proves that Besigye and his visitors are not really free!

Kasangati 27.03.2016 NTV Crew

“Dr. Kizza Besigye is under close monitoring but not under house arrest” said the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura during a press conference on the 26th March 2016.

We can yet say that IGP Kale Kayihura, that he yet again spoke to media during the last 24 hours in Kampala saying that Dr. Kizza Besigye is only under monitoring by the Police Force and not under house. While that was happening hours later at Kasangati the scheduled Live TV Show Fourth Estate was supposed to have a live feed and interview with the Dr. Kizza Besigye at his home in Kasangati.

Kasangati 17.03.2016

As we know the Mzee has issues with the NTV, they have been banned before by the NRM and their Sole Candidate and front runner. So today the Police around the gates of Besigye home decided to gag the media and close the feed and the inital planned broadcasting of the TV Show. The Police actually ended up confiscating the cameras and equipment from the NTV TV Crew who was supposed to be live from the home.

This proves the words wrong, if he was a free-man as IGP Kale Kayihura recently said to the media and on the press conference, then the NTV TV Crew would walk like free-men in to his home and not go through roadblocks, signing in visiting books and checkpoints with heavy security personnel. I am sure that IGP Kayihura doesn’t sign in, get all of his visitors checked before they get to his own home in the suburbs of Kampala where he lives, right? I presume his living place, since he is surely not living in a shack in the Kalerwe slum. While eating the wealth of Mzee’s embezzled money.

So the Police have initially banned the Program from broadcasting as they had planned. The Fourth Estate is not allowed to discuss the manners and democratic values to the Ugandan people as the Police Force is in embedded with the NRM-Regime and follows their instruction without questions. They was allowed to go in, but not with the NTV first barred from entering the home, later allowed with the Fourth Estate Charles Mwanguhya Mpagi.

The Government and the Police have no honor and proof is just with the comment; you can tell your lies to somebody who might believe them. Because this is just a mockery of the justice system, the laws of the country and the regard for human rights in the case of man, who happens to be a symbol of everything the present President is. That is the scenario and as stated before, every actions and every single day the legitimacy of the President lingers away. Peace.

Fellow brothers and sisters lose their lives because of ballots and rigging; I am in sorrow and in pain; elections feels pointless, but the struggle should continue in peace, as we should not act as the oppressor, because then we are the same

Mandela Quote

It’s saddens me and with sorrow is coming to me. As the knowledge of people dying for politics… people dying for rigging of ballots, dying for pre-ticked ballots, dying for others people’s power.

It is saddens me, as some people are mourning, not only the thieving of their ballot, but their family member suddenly gone from their lives. Which is the biggest loss a fellow human being can have, as the family member can’t return back to them, the person is gone. What we can back is a bottle of coke or waragin, but not the brother who got killed as a candidate got the UPDF or the Uganda Police Force to assert actions in Kasese today as a result of the Local Council III election in a sub-county in Kasese District. It is so sad to see the footage and the unnecessary deaths. The men and woman was unarmed while the Police Officers was having newly polished AK-47 and shooting at them.

It saddens me this as the unsolved murder of Christopher Aine is still in the limbo, as the family and the Amama Mbabazi of Go-Forward has not gotten answers from the authorities or the police, as they are supposed to pick up intelligence to solve the matter.

It is with sorrow that the public has not gotten answers with the fellow persons who came onto the shores of Lake Victoria in December 2015, in the middle of campaigning and right around Christmas. So the silence of the matter is tale of sorrow and pain that has been addressed or talked about as they just died and the society or families deserve to get the justice for the men and woman who lost their lives at the time.

It’s saddens me knowing that a person got bombed on the day before the presidential poll on the 17th February. The bomb and explosion has not led to anything or created anything else than pain for the families who lost their loved ones.

It is with sorrow that the killings are getting staggering levels after the Presidential Election Day on the 18th February 2016 and the Announcement on the 20th of February 2016. From the demonstrators who even got killed on the 15th February as they wanted to Kizza Besigye passage through Central Kampala. They all died and we can ask are this what we all wanted?

That people are dying for seeing a politician, even if he is the epitome of everything the regime of the country is not. It is not easy to write this as a man died while waiting in que for the delayed ballots. The person just wanted to do his civic duty, not die for the soil. It seems so pointless, as he would have thrown a vote that most likely the Electoral Commission would not admit in their final result, as the stations would not be deemed valid by Eng. Dr. Badru Kiggundu and his henchmen.

It’s saddens me what happen in Sembabule district on the 25th February 2016, an Election Supervisor got beaten to death. He was beaten to death by unknown men. It saddens to know that an unknown killed him. Feels sorrow for his family and loved ones, as he was just doing a duty for the rigged voting machine.

It’s with sorrow that a giant group of people died in Bundibugyo on the 27th February 2016, and even more people has fled the area in the aftermath. As the area that has seen guerrilla violence, also see skirmishes between government forces because of local elections. It seems so pointless to die for yet another ballot.

It is with sadness that 3 people lost their lives in Soroti on the 5th March. As the UPDF killed them and injured even more people. The sadness of loss their lives and the killings from the government force on yet another day.

It is with sorrow that two police officers we’re shot dead during the raid of Kapchormwa on the 5th March of an unknown guerrilla, UPDF deserters or rebels. It is with sadness that the attack happens on these men as they have family and friends.

On the 11th February today, have many unarmed and ordinary citizens been shot in Kasese District, for no other notion than election result and election rigging. In the power of bullets and ballots have yet more fellow human beings lost their lives.

It is in the this notion I cry havoc, the deep pain of these men and woman who died for a cause, for a country or for just being near the decisions of big men. Many of them was not closely involved in politics, some of them was a part of the government as men who worked for that salary, not necessary that they had a pro-government stance and for the oppressive regime who have taken most of these lives. Even though the ones who takes a life does not always matter, because the most important one is the life that got taken away.

I cry and weep in sorrow. As the people who see and feel the emotions and knowingly the bullets in Kasese could have pointed towards us, pointed towards our brother and pointed towards our sister. We could be the target and the random person who got our life snatched away for the mercy of the men of power.

It’s in sadness and staring into the abyss, as some people might wish to retaliate with the same force as the government, as the police and the army. But if they kill and the opposition kills, who can you tell apart? If they tear-gas us and we try to tear-gas them, what is the difference between them and us? If we answer violence with violence aren’t we are the same as our enemies? Let us not be as the one that brings pain to our homes. We need to defy the state by defiance and in disobedience that weakens the state, not use the violence and killing methods of the state. As we who feels this pain and sorrow does not want to deliver the same pain to our enemies. As we are not the same and does not wish to be the same; we are different. We suffer with the ones who suffer, the ones who has lost their family members and the ones that has been in the midst of the dark tombs of the state. Not because we understand their pain and suffering, but because we care and want to bring the peace, liberty and justice, by defying with peaceful means, and through the dignity and honor  the fallen brother and sisters.

We cannot in this pain and violence, join the ones who kills and destroy, the ones that steals and corrupt. The ones that deliberately tortures, detain and arrest innocent citizens, activist and opposition. We are here today in the midst of our pain, our sorrow and with meager hope. As we have seen the government machine and the military police force go and take lives in Kasese. The pain that eat our hearts and souls as the lives matters as much as ours. We could have been the ones the government had picked. They didn’t pick us now, but we could been; therefore we have to remember them and the others who are detained, arrested, who are missing and the ones who lost their lives today and yesterday. As tomorrow will soon shine over us; the pain, the sorrow and the sadness will still be carried, the memory of the actions of our oppressors, but know that our struggle is not over and the fight for justice still has to come. The road might lead us into even a darker shadow and a stronger pain as the government plan is not easy to predict. What we can is stay strong together, remember the violence, remember the ones that got lost, remember the ones that are detained and carry them with us. As they shall not be forgotten and the men and woman dying shall not be in vein; but not done in return in a way where family members of the ones who oppress get the same sorrow and pain. Then we are not different from the ones that take us for granted and take the one we care about right in front of us. Peace.