Opinion: Charamba is high on his own supply

Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba is delusional. Maybe there is something in the water his drinking in his office. Since, the article released or edited today named ‘Chamisa is Hindering Talks With ED – Govt’ published in the Daily News by Sindiso Mhlope. If it wasn’t for that piece and the quotes from Charamba, I wouldn’t even retort to him today.

Now that the cat is out of the bag. Let’s be clear here. It is not a level playing field. Neither is the POLAD anything else than PR stunts by the government, which Charamba represent. He will not state that, but what has it achieved? Well, pretty little to nothing. Except for feeding the fuel of the useful puppets of the regime within the rest of the opposition.

So, the supposed talks there between Chamisa and Mnangagwa would be fruitless. The premise and the platform is only for press releases and statements. It isn’t made for true reforms or changes within the institutions of the state. No, it is just a work-shop with no tools, no mandate and no results to speak off. That is the state of POLAD and the “talks” with Mnangagwa.

In my mind hindering these talks isn’t a real bother, because what is anyone getting in return? Your putting in no work and you still expect a feast? That isn’t feasible. You need to harvest the food, prepare it and then serve it. However, the state expect a three course meal with fine wine without any burden.

Why do I say it like that?

Well, if ZANU-PF had any legal issues, pounding pressure and was squeezed by the state at every turn. Would you talk to anyone? Would you give way? When the opposing party owns the state and has all power. The ZANU-PF runs everything and has all the advantages. They got everyone pinned their way. Nothing is going in favour of Chamisa and the MDC-Alliance. It is like they cannot even speak before going directly to prison. The MDC-Alliance cannot even be a running party without have some sort of play from the state to stifle their every move.

Therefore, Charamba wouldn’t be all high and mighty if he worked on the toils, the sweat and the hardships, which Chamisa and his comrades are doing. He would be running across the border into exile.

It is like the guys of ZANU-PF is obliviously blind to their own actions towards others. Nevertheless, expect someone like Chamisa to kiss the ground that ED walks. ZANU-PF expect the opposition to just dance to their tune and play along. That is how it looks like with this interview. The spokesperson trying to pin it to be a battle of the ego’s of Chamisa and Khupe. In that regard, Khupe is a pawn of ED at this point. Chamisa is independent, Khupe needs the state to fuel her tank to get anywhere. Therefore, the thought that this is stifling the talks is obnoxious.

Even if there was talks, they would be futile, because what part would the state offer to Chamisa and the MDC-Alliance? What would they give or offer to contribute to the damage, the hurt and the suffering put upon them?

Most likely they are not planning to do that. Since that would mean they need to humble themselves and actually give something up. That is not how this government operates or behaves. They rather bury their enemies, than actually talk to them. That’s why the delusion of the spokesperson is as clear as day. Peace.

Opinion: POLAD is Mnangagwa’s vanity project

““The President has invited all members of Polad for them to appreciate what he is doing at the farm,” presidential spokesperson George Charamba said yesterday” (Moses Matenga – ‘ ED meets Polad members at his farm’ 21.12.2019).

Today, all propaganda stations and whatnot has proclaimed the greatness of POLAD or the Political Actors Dialogue in Zimbabwe. The President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his team needs to hang on to something as they pass into the decade and new year. He wants to look inspirational and likeable character, which is hard when his government isn’t doing its job, neither reforming as promised after the coup d’etat.

That’s why the state has pushed the achievement of it, which is a hallow list of mediocre things. Things that are really not to be proud of, its like we got validated and meet, we talked and not forget the cuppa of tea in the afternoon last summer. It was like that. Nothing to scream of victory or achieving anything.

This is why POLAD was launched in May 2019. Not like it was made for really doing much, other than buying time and look relevant. Because, it is the President acting like his doing dialogue and talks with the opposition. However, it is not really that deep, as he even uses one of his farms to hold a meeting. Not even trying to meet on a sort of neutral ground or venue. That shows the value of the meeting itself today.

The POLAD is only made for the ZANU-PF to act like it cares about others, when it really doesn’t. This is a vehicle to pay them and meet the ones they can compromise. So, they can bask in the glory of the ruling party and be their loyal subject. Not like these people have achieved anything since May 2019.

If so, why give it a mediocre list and call it a day. You have not even been able to really talk with the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-A). You have the other MDC with Khupe hanging around, but what relevance has that?

That is why this is just a smokescreen, a play for the guards and a mockery of dialogue. Mnangagwa can talk game, but there are nothing offered on the plate. It is not bringing the meat to the barbecue and its not shocking. Because, if they brought the beef, they had to buy it and offer it in a way that seems promising. However, they cannot do that, because that means they have to bend to demands and accountability for the other parties.

POLAD is just a smack-daddy vanity project, which will create as much stuff as the President deem fit. If not, why else would they meet on his farm just mere days before Christmas eve? Peace.