Opinion: A rigging machine with serious malfunctions …

We are confident that we defeated dictator Museveni by far. I call upon all Ugandans to reject this blackmail. The dictatorship is falling” Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine (15.01.2021)

Yesterday’s polls was happening with all the irregularities that appeared just yesterday. There is little showing that the government, the authorities or the state is really giving way or crossing over to a peaceful transfer of power. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the President will cling on to power.

Even when they have glitches in the system, as the National Unity Platform (NUP) is getting a broad mandate of Members of Parliament. While the NRM is losing cabinet members and high ranking officials in government. The President cannot play this out and say the public is tired of just them. They are tired of him too.

President Museveni and his Electoral Commission is already issuing over 60% victory of partial results. While his MPs are losing their seats. That is even happening with the massive gerrymandering and intimidations. The state have used all of its means, but still the public rebuke so many of their MPs.

The NUP, which is in its new form has already gotten a broader mandate then what the naysayers would say. These folks are aligned with Bobi Wine and therefore, they got an head-start. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have already conceded to NUP as the main opposition party in the 11th Parliament. That shows the democratic values and maturity of FDC. That deserves recognition.

That the NUP gotten so many Polling Agents arrested. That the FDC Polling Agents arrested. That the ANT Polling Agents arrested as well. Therefore, the EC wanted to be able to rig without any questions. It is a reason why the opposition have been targeted and hit by the authorities. It is a miracle that the NUP is getting as many MPs as they are. Since, there was no outcome looking like they would get as much people behind it. They have slammed dunk where they could and proven real stamina in the election. As people are tired of NRM and the government itself. Therefore, in response, they have voted for NUP aspirants. Somewhere circulating that the NUP with its little machinery and party organization have won over 50 MPs into the 11th Parliament. However, that is preliminary results and could easily be changed by the authorities. However, the numbers game of winning MPs and getting a mandate. That seems legit and real at the moment. It also shows that there is signs of change and a will to vote for the people who wants the same.

The President and his EC will have a hard time explaining the astonishing rise of NUP and Bobi Wine. Still, he will only be announced with a fringe number. While his organization, a little party who has been able to create a real mandate and be vibrant in a manner, which the NRM and the President wasn’t prepared for. The public is signalling the wish for change and their votes is proof of that. To such an extent… that the Presidential Election should reflect that and the propaganda peddlers cannot sustain the argument now.

It is not like the FDC and NUP isn’t getting a great mandate in the 11th Parliament. Not like these parties doesn’t have a say and had the votes in the Parliamentary Elections. Therefore, it would be weird if that wasn’t really reflected in the Presidential Election as well. That is why we know the rigging is going on and the EC is fixing the results in favour of the President. Peace.

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Uganda Decides: Bobi Wine will lead in the preliminary results, but Museveni will be announced

Today was the polls in the Republic. This has been an awaited moment. However what is happening now will be anticipated. No matter what results and Declaration Forms is saying online. These results will be disputed. The ones uploaded to Uvote App will be good to save and have for a Constitutional Court petition, but these will not be final.

The Electoral Commission will use the 48 hours from the final polls to announce the final result. Even if everyone knows and has an idea. The game will be played some drops showing Robert Kyagulanyi in the lead. However, with every small drop this will cease and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be winning. There might even be funny glitches and weird statistical errors, which is beneficial for the incumbent. That’s just what happens.

Why I am saying all this? Do I want President Museveni to win?

Hell to the NO, but I have seen this before and therefore, not on the bandwagon of a VICTORY LAP. When I know how this pans out.

This Electoral Commission and Commissioner is making Badru Kiggundu look smart. The appointed head this time around is the epitome of crony and loyal cadre. To such an extent that nothing he does is believable or trustworthy. His a blind servant of Museveni and that is his endgame too. To get a giant mansion and live of the perks of serving Yoweri. That is really it.

So, expect the stats to flustered and bamboozled. Expect the results to rigged, mismatched and even in perfect tandem. Just so one man and his loyal subjects get elected. So, that yet again he has a mandate and can get his Eight Term in Office.

I saw the same drill and games of results dropping in favour of Besigye in 2016. Saw the possible change and defiance strategy panning out. Where there was hope for change, but in the end Museveni went to Kololo and got sworn in. While foreign dignitaries and envoys all made it legit. Therefore, please… even if Bobi Wine and NUP is winning. Don’t expect the result to reflect that.

In the end… there will be raids of NUP headquarters and Bobi Wine’s home. Especially, at the offices of lawyers who plans to petition the courts. Anyone who collects copies of Declaration Forms and other data will be targeted. As the state will secure all evidence and proof of the actual results.

So, know that the game is happening now. Museveni is using the army, the police and everyone to ensure his prolonged reign. There will be injustice, will be more suffering and more hardships. This junta will use force and law enforcement to get their way. It is just a matter of time.

This have been most tragic, horrific and campaign with rampant impunity from the state. The authorities have attacked and misused their offices in all efforts to stop and stagnate the opposition. Therefore, the only good news from today is that the polling happen in peace. Where only a few incidents, but not a blood-shed. However, it is when the counting happens the issues spark.

That is what is worrying me. As now the game of crooks begins and how that plays out can be vicious. Because, that will be done in favour of one man and nothing else. Peace.

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Uganda Decides: Museveni working on overtime to ensure that nobody trusts the process…

Today, there been more reports of either slow opening of polling stations across the Republic. The Biometric Machines haven’t worked properly and slowed the voting. Polling stations has lacked ink to dip the fingers to prove the people has actually voted. There is little signs of trust. As there is reports of pre-ticked ballots and filled ballot boxes. That is from various of districts.

There is like the Electoral Commission and President Museveni is working in tandem to ensure one result no matter what. That is why NUP Polling Agents are arrested. FDC Polling Agents are arrested. ANT Polling Agents are arrested. In general, the eyes of the opposition is dismissed and stopped from entering the polling stations across the Republic. If they weren’t already arrested in the days ahead of the polls, which has happened by army and trucks in villages picking them up.

There are even districts where polling material haven’t arrived to the polling stations, hours after they were opened. In the same districts there reports of stolen equipment and this further questions the usage and the trust in the process. As they have it, but not giving it to the public to honour their will. No, they have stolen it to tick the ballots in favour of the regime.

It is bad enough that the Internet is off. That Social Media is blocked and only one entity is having open gateways. There are reports that Uganda Telecom is up. The Mango is working, because the EC and authorities needs it. However, MTN and Airtel is off.

There are even reports that polling officials have signed off Declaration Forms ahead of the polls for their Polling Station where they are stating that NRM candidates are winning it. That is happening while people are still waiting in line for their turn to actually vote.

This election is the worst and nothing proves to be trusted. Even with not to much deployment of soldiers and police officers at the polling stations at the moment. Expect more to come. As leaders will be house arrested and be in legal jeopardy soon.

This election is a fraud, a charade and as fake as it can be. There is no level of trust or reports of the state and EC even trying to convene fair elections. It is just a heartache and there will be justice here. Only a one man game and his cadres doing their tricks to get ahead.

We don’t even need to wait for the awaited results about 48 hours after the polling stations closes. Some started late and they should also be allowed to be open until the last voter has gone home. However, don’t expect that too happens. In many districts it started late not because of lack equipment, but because of the rain.

We just have to wait and see, but I’m awaiting worse than Kiggundu Math and other tricks to ensure the Mr. 1986 another term, his eight one actually. They will also secure the mandate and total control of the Parliament too. There will be a game to secure the NRM all power, yet again. That was to be anticipated. Peace.

Operation “Enzikiza eyitiridde” in Kampala

Today there is two clear evidence of keeping the world in the dark. First the internet blockade is in effect. The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) have issued to the Telecoms that they have to stop all gateways to Internet in Republic. This after yesterday’s start of blocking Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. So, today’s first act is a sign of what to come.

The Second act is to jam and cancel opposition leaders phone-lines. The state is now blocking the phone-lines of National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Robert Kygaulanyi aka Bobi Wine and his family members. Also, the Presidential Candidate of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Patrick Oboi Amuriat. Therefore, these folks are not able to communicate. As they have not mobile-phones and neither internet. This is an deliberate act of the state to silence them totally.

We should expect for the worst. There should be news on how they are handled. We should expect journalists getting brutalized and arrested for monitoring the opposition leaders tonight and tomorrow. There will be ramifications of this and this isn’t done without a plan ahead.

The President and National Resistance Movement (NRM) wants to keep it dark or like many has luganda is saying: “It’s Getting to Dark” or “Enzikiza eyitiridde”. We are not supposed to get reports, messages or credible information from the Republic. Just as there was reports of massive rounds of arrests of NUP Mobilisers and other opposition activists in the Republic. This is a violation and a plan to have total control of the votes. So, the NUP and FDC cannot access or have the opportunity to challenge the election. As their polling agents is behind bars. That is clear message here.

The state wants the acts be done in the dark. They want the opposition to be silent and give way to a total charade of an election. An election that has been marred with pre-emptive arrests, extra judicial killings and human rights violations. The state authorities have been all partisan and the army is arresting civilians during the night. This is why this election will be rigged in favour of one man and his not risking anything.

He is blocking social media. His stopping all gateways to internet and VPN is even out of question. The President and his party is even going after mobilizers and polling agents. They are willing to be so dark and extreme, as they are making all sort of affiliation and association with NUP and other opposition a crime against the state. This is the sinister reality in the Republic.

That is why tomorrows election is a unfair and rigged affair. There is no reason to believe the result. When there is no accountability, no transparency and no justice served. Only impunity and injustice. Tomorrow, Bobi Wine and Patrick Oboi Amuriat will be arrested, one way or another. Other MP candidates of the parties will be taken to prison too. There will be house-arrests and other measures too. Therefore, tomorrow will not be a good day.

This is election is just brutal. There is no love and is no passion. There will be very few observers and the ones whose there is from the East African Community (EAC). These folks will only be there to verify the events and go home. They will not challenge or question. This Election Observers Mission will not challenge or question anything. Therefore, the President is fine with their report. That is why there is none from the European Union or United States. Not that these EOMs has done anything useful in the previous two elections. However, they could have made a difference in the sense of having boots on the ground. Now, they won’t even do that and the state is more free. Because, they know the EAC will not humiliate one of their own.

Yoweri is getting his will. President Museveni is getting his will of polls in darkness. Operation “It’s too Dark” is in effect and all sponsored by His Excellency in State House Entebbe. Peace.

Opinion: Reckless driving, really? Jaywalking, next up?

KAKUMIRO – Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat was on Thursday arrested and driven to Kakumiro Grade 1 Court, where he was charged for breaking traffic rules” (John Masaba – ‘Amuriat, driver charged for breaking traffic rules’ 07.01.2021, New Vision).

I don’t know if the Uganda Police Force (UPF) was really serious here. We have seen they arrest Opposition leaders and Presidential Candidates over nothing. They have arrested opposition activists for spreading COVID-19, but having them in giant groups into the courts. In a manner, which could easily spread the same virus. Therefore, my belief that the reckless driving charge isn’t legit, but a political ploy to stop the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Candidate from campaigning today.

Next time they will arrest him for spitting, sneezing and jaywalking. He will turn wrong and forget the tail-light or send a signal. He should maybe have pigeons to alert where his going and ensure the road safety. The man should drive from side to side on the roads, but straight path. Even his driver and himself is avoid the potholes, which is a lot of. Still, that is a tourism export and POA could show them off to the general public. Because, campaigning in 2020 and 2021 is a bumpy ride.

That is why he was arrested today. Not because I believe he was reckless driving, but the Police Officer and District Police Commander wanted to get a credit for good work. They were able to find a reason to stop POA from campaigning. That is why they did this.

Because, we have seen plenty of candidates drive SUVs like this during campaigns. With their convoys and in a open car. Standing through the wind-shields and waving. So, what is the difference if he was sitting on top? Both things can be seen as dangerous, but the authorities have allowed it both as long as I can remember.

It seems like a ploy to me. The state can create more reckless driving and havoc with their skirmishes and brutal ways of dispersing people in towns across the republic. Where the live-bullets, the driving after political convoys and ambushes. That is can create an atmosphere of uncertainty and adrenaline rush. Which in the end can end up in some dangerous driving. That is as a response to actions made by the authorities and law enforcement.

Therefore, the Police should look if they are as lawful themselves. If they are acting with caution or careful in traffic. They are not that good at Fika Salama and Rood Safety themselves. Maybe time to set forward an example? Maybe, they should also work on making believable charges for ones. Not only target politicians and make them look like outlaws.

The Police has arrested POA so many times in this campaign. They have abducted him and taken him away. This is a continued measure and its ridiculous. This is not free and fair campaigning, but a combat just to spread the message. That is the reality of this. Peace.