Keeping up with Kaguta S1E13: Another 14 days of Lockdown

Well, it is about that time. Well, the President, the Fountain of Honour, the bravest men of the all and the last Pan-African Hero (if you believe his son Muhoozi). Is back at it again. This time not on schedule, because he thinks everyone can wait for him during the imposed lockdown. Since, no one dares to boil chai or matooke while this man is on Telly or broadcast on the local radio station.

Like the previous editions of these National Addresses, whose way to long to our concern and has to much trash talk from the old man with the hat. The only man with a vision. I will only take my favourite quotes and digest them. Before calling it a day.

Quotes of this late evening:

What needs to be done is for our granddaughters to keep away from the drivers” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

Very soon, Uganda will be exporting sanitizers. Because you have always been having Waragi, killing you, now it’s going to be used to make sanitizers” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

Runyankore Proverb: ‘Owayangire kugojegyera ngu otarota’

Translation: You can’t refuse to sleep for the fear of bad dreams” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

Warehouses are vital for storing of factory products, they will be allowed to operate. Students should first stay at home. I am more comfortable with them being at home than going to school with these kinds of situations” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

Nobody who is coughing or sneezing should be allowed to mix with others. All the other measures will stay in place for 14 more days” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

All we are asking banks and landlords to do is reschedule loan payment, not forgive them. The government will not tolerant such inconsiderate actions of not reconsidering loans” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

So I am done for the night, the importance thing is that the lockdown is extended for the third time for 14 more days. This is from Wednesday. Therefore, the days with lockdown get’s close to two months as we are ticking into 45 days or so in my calculation.

Also, as we are seeing, the President is opening up the Republic. However, slow and soft. Who is wholesaling? Who is the essential mechanic? I don’t know, but Jason Statham isn’t around to verify whose the shooter and whose fixing the Land Rover. What we do see, is that the President is really vulnerable about the lorry drivers and their sexual affections towards the ladies. Its like a personal obsession at this point. What’s up with that?

He also went deep with the Runyankore proverb today. As the COVID-19 shouldn’t stop you from sleeping, but continue to live. Also, the opening of hardware-shops, restaurants for take-away and whole-sale. Not to forget the mechanics and the carpenters. Clearly a sign of less restrictions. However, when these people are crossing the LDUs, the Police Officers and whatnot. Will them get a pass or need a certificate? Since he cars of essential drivers needs that these days. So, how will this be enforced?

Let’s see how this goes. There is so much said in a speech like this, but not much to take from it. Only wondering, if the state will continue to deliver food and at what level. Since this is the third one of these and it only bites more with time. The hit gets harder and the lack of security is ever present. Peace.

Keeping up with Kaguta S1E12: It’s a Stupid Virus and don’t let the daughters touch the drivers…

Twelfth Time the charm, I suppose. As the President of Uganda is addressing his nation. I will not look into it all, neither dig to deep. Just take the gist of it all, as this thing is getting old. This is the second lockdown period and surely he will micro-manage some more and someone has pick up the slack tomorrow. Someone has make press releases and configure whatever the President said today. They will call it a Presidential Directive, but God knows where it is written.

So, with this in mind. I will just take a few favourable quotes. Since, to breakdown this speech is a waste of time and take the best and memorable quotes from him. Because, even if we are under lockdown, in quarantine or staying at home. We still want to spend that time with loved ones and not listening to the old man with the hat or trying to understand the “brilliance” or “vision” from this man.

Best quotes of the evening:

In the remaining days our experts are going to study more. Either our people are not getting sick or our people are dying” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

There is a possibility that there are no new cases. It could also be that people are getting infected but don’t get sick. It means they are getting immunity. 3rd possibility is people are dying but people don’t know it’s COVID19” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

Farmers should continue. This Virus is also stupid in a way. It is attacking people who are concentrated. It forgot that there are those who are not concentrated and yet the most useful” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

Stopping cargo is suicidal and unnecessary,it is suicidal because if we stop cargo how will our coffee, cement, Sugar,Milk etc be transported to our neighboring countries” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

Our daughters, tokwata ku driver oyo ate driver takukwatako. (don’t touch the cargo driver and don’t allow him to touch you)” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

I have been in statehouse here for 34 years but I have never bought even a toilet paper because it is not my job. There is a purchasing officer” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

Not that he said anything significant today or noteworthy. He mentioned how he was viewing the East Africa as a house. Uganda as the bedroom, Tanzania and Kenya as the Sitting-room. But we don’t know what Rwanda, Burundi or South Sudan is this manner. I don’t have the perfect quote, but he did that too tonight. Which is weird one in itself.

However, the rest is very standard. Just broad stories, which isn’t directing people, but just what he wants to talk about. Like the stupid virus who get spread in crowds, but on the countryside. Where the people are further between and farming the land. They are not as hard hit as the urban areas. Just like COVID-19 is hitting the capitals and metropolis of the world. That is why in his mind its stupid.

His then speaking of suicide to stop cargo-transport and also how drivers of those cargoes should not touch girls. Because, in sense he doesn’t want the drivers to be close to his citizens, but only transport goods and move along. Not be intimate or close to Ugandans. Because, the drivers are passing through and could bring the disease and therefore, the way of stopping the spread is not touching. Paternalism is a strong force with this one.

Well, if you thought you would get enlighten. You were apparently wrong. Well, that’s about it. He will come back for another edition or episode before the lockdown. As he has a comprehensive plan. He could have given a memo on that and not held a two hour speech. With little or nothing worth noting. Unless, this is a ego boost for the old man. Bosco aka Mzee wants the public to hear his voice and cough.

This was a waste of time. Peace.

Opinion: Zaake MP is in a perfect storm…

The People Power Movement Members of Parliament Francis Zaake has been arrested because he sent food with boda-boda to his constituents. Zaake MP didn’t act vile or in discontent with any law. He used his wealth of office to give food to the ones who needs it in the midst of the second lockdown period. Not like he went house-to-house or used broke the law in other ways.

Zaake only got into trouble, because his a vocal opposition leader and MP. If he was an NRM associate or one of them. He would have gotten away with it. Like the Pastor who did the same thing the other day. However, the President directive and all controlled through the COVID-19 Fund. That is why Zaake gets into trouble. Because, Zaake MP needs to be named in one of the National Addresses, since he would have spent more than 3,000 shillings on it.

Zaake is in a perfect storm. If he doesn’t spend funds on his constituents, they are not getting fed. If he does do it, he gets into trouble. He got the latter after trying to do the merciful thing. He had chosen to defy the directive and not use the COVID-19 Fund and OPM Food Delivery Unit. He decided to do it on his own in his constituency.

This is the same government that sent the public to the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to get food. Where they pushed the community to his doors during the weekend. So, its ironic that they are arresting Zaake for doing what they pushed on Lukwago. Lukwago who didn’t actually do this service was pushed and held captive by the public from Rubaga Division in Kampala. He had crowds around his compound on the 19th April. Yes, Zaake did it on his own merry, but Lukwago had more people around him. Zaake was in home as his home was raided and arrested for his operation.

The State House and Office of Prime Minister (OPM) is in-charge of an operation, where the state is asking for donations and the President specifically asks for cars. While, a man who defies Presidential Directives are charged with murder. Even if he didn’t make crowds, didn’t defy social distancing and such. Sent small tokens of foods in Mityana district. That is clearly the message.

Zaake should have just sent the food to the stockpile of the COVID-19 Fund. Not, that the food and packages would have been received to his constituents. Because, then its up to the ones who runs it. The COVID-19 Fund who has been busy giving out in Wakiso and Kampala, not in Mityana. That is why the President and his team is ignorant of the plight elsewhere. Maybe they are looking the other way and hoping this will pass.

Zaake could either let his constituents starve or feed them as he saw it possible. Now, his paying the price for doing this. However, this is also a signal of the failure of the state and the COVID-19 response of the central government. If the government was working, than Zaake wouldn’t need to do it at all. That is how you can see its a perfect storm.

He can either play with fire, add more wood or get burned. He got burned by playing. However, if he didn’t play, the fire would burn out and there would be no heat. That is why he acted. That says it all. Peace.

Keeping up with Kaguta S1E10: A fallen goat and other tales…

My car knocked a he-goat in Seeta or Bweyogerere. According to our UPDF doctrine, I should have stopped. But I couldn’t stop because people will gather. My people will compensate him” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (19.04.2020)

Again, the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is reminding himself of his presence. This time from the State House at Nakasero Hill in Kampala. This is the second term of lockdown and whatever rate of speech addressing COVID-19. Not like he will enlighten us, more show his flair and his existence. Also, ensure that the organizations of the state will work hard tomorrow with some newly created measures. Because, that is what he does.

So with in mind. I will take my favourite quotes and comment on them as I see fit. As there is always enough context to add to the gibberish and long-talking narratives the President does. He needs two hours just to escape 1986 and get closer to today. That is the reality of the matter and therefore, the TV Channels can escape making content for two hours the days Museveni is speaking. That is why its not worth to drop a whole speech, because we don’t want to waste your time.

Here’s tonight’s quotes:

I want to thank the scientists. That’s why I want to call on the bureaucrats, politicians to pay the scientists well. Their work is practical!” – Museveni (19.04.2020)

I was told that salt is a problem, that it’s coming from Kenya, and Kenya doesn’t have enough or something like that. But if you get the beans and the kawunga, you can eat ‘ebinyiga’ (food without salt) or buy for yourself” – Museveni (19.04.2020)

If I hear that food is not enough because people are hoarding, I will import… Those things of yours will rot in your stores… I will import cheaper food from Mexico…” – Museveni (19.04.2020)

We will kill locusts democratically. But they’re currently not keeping time because of heavy rains these last two days. We’re ready & set – when they come we will kill them” – Museveni (19.04.2020).

I want these people to buy us cars, talk to MTN if they can convert these into vehicles” – Museveni (19.04.2020).

Expecting mothers can use any means of transport to go to hospital. Pregnancy is something that can’t be faked, it’s obvious unless someone puts a blanket, if we find you, we shall arrest you” – Museveni (19.04.2020).

If a truck driver links with idiots, we shall handle them. We know how to deal with idiots. God can’t also be here looking after idiots when there are more people in other countries suffering more” – Museveni (19.04.2020)

I feel that this is enough quotes to address. Because, if we take over too much. Than you get to much out of him.

The first one is about paying scientists, blaming others for not paying them. When he could just directed the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education (his wife) to pay them more. Alas, the President hasn’t pushed for that, because that hasn’t been important for him in all the years in office. So, I call this rubbish from.

Second, don’t expect the President to deliver spices or salt in parcels or boxes from the state in their delivery during the lockdown. The President couldn’t care less and expect people to go out and try to fetch. When they are ordered to stay home. Just to spend money on salt, when they are not earning money weeks on end.

Third, this is the sort of expectations of a crisis like this. The prices will rise, as the lack of import already hits. Also, the state controls the consumption and also transport of food. That is why the prices are rising. Just like it happens across the board and worldwide. This is also from the President who has coined BUBU, “Buy Uganda Build Uganda”. If he buys posho from Mexico, doesn’t that undermine that?

Fourth, that locust will be killed democratically. How does that work? Is that petition the Parliament and see if the local councils are voting for the killing or nor? Will the votes happen in the Ministry of Agriculture and such? Because, this seems to kind for a pest and destruction of fields for farming. In this issue, he could go out with pesticides and ensure their death. However, he will have some kind of referendum on this, but didn’t need that on the age-limit. How convenient, right?

Fifth, ungrateful Ashton Kutcher knock-off and head-of-state. Duh… “Dude Where is My Car?”. That is where you at. MTN is a private company. They can give whatever they see fit. Unless, you taxes them in regard of cars and such. That would be weird and hard legislation to write. However, you cannot pin-point private companies and tell what you want. How ungrateful are you?

Sixth, here is a nice comment and will. The President is right. Pregnancy isn’t a joke and hard to fake. However, there been death and destruction by armed officers, police officers and LDUs towards pregnant woman. Therefore, he should direct the Police Force, UPDF and whoever else who causes this hurt. Not just sending them as pigeons into the streets and hoping no-one will clip-off their wings.

Seventh, people act like people.. If you want that to change… than you make them a better offer. They did this, because its all natural.

Mr. President this wasn’t it, unless you want to be a punchline. Peace.

Uganda: Press Statment on the Food Distribution in Kampala (15.04.2020)

Keeping up with Kaguta S1E9: Monkeyism and 21 more days of lockdown

Don’t sit here and say because it has spread in Europe, it will spread here. Please analyse your own situation, I don’t like that ‘monkeyism’ of copying this and that “Yoweri Kaguta Musveni (14.04.2020).

The President and his handlers had to move the speech, the National Address to earlier in the day. As the business day and the final day of the 14 days lockdown. That’s why the President hurried his two hour long speech. “Another One” like DJ Khaled would say over his tracks. The President who preside and his words are decrees. Still, not insisting on a “State of Emergency”, as that would make him culpable of review by the Parliament. That is why he uses the micro-managing efforts and campaign speeches. To look humble, but also sort of campaigning.

That is why his trying to deflect the shortcomings, but instead looking at things that are working. The President is only receiving the good news and only directing more measures to the civil servants and the ones has appointed. Not making more money for the RDCs or LC1 ones. They are just supposed to snap their fingers and let the trouble vanish. Therefore, hard to take him to serious, even when its detrimental. Ironic right? Well, the dire need doesn’t stop the horrific method of control, while playing footsie from the top.

The President could have used protocol, but instead uses his words. His the “High Above” and proves that by the way this lockdown has been and how the Second 21 days will be. As the Institutions, the government appointments and whatnot scrambles to follow the “guidelines”. Which is hurried through a speech, instead of put down in paper and voted on Parliament. Because the President cannot be questioned, he can only lecture the public.

Top quotes from today:

These Ugandans, money can kill them. Where there is money, Ugandans will die. We were talking about death and saying do not carry people because you do not know whether they are carrying a virus, private car owners saw an opportunity to become taxis”Y.K. Museveni (14.04.2020).

I know Ugandans, I led them through the war so these things we are talking (sleeping in markets and other workplaces) are nothing to us especially when we are doing them for our health, we should just give them treated mosquito nets” Y.K. Museveni (14.04.2020).

It seems our people are not used to manning this type of emergency. When we say the RDC is the one to give exemption, he should set up an operations office to receive calls, because the RDCs are busy” – Y.K. Museveni (14.04.2020).

‘The Government has decided to extend the lockdown for the next 21 days. All measures will stay in place during this period and this will help us fight the Covid19” Y.K. Museveni (14.04.2020).

With this in mind, we see the issues at hand. The way he describes the manners and takes the sword. The way he still speaks of the Bush to people who never seen it or lived through it. As most of the citizens was born after the Bush War and the 1986 coup d’etat. Still, the President proclaims it like nothing.

He says the RDC should do more, however, he never given them authority nor justification to do so. No budget, no funds and no direct order before now. He want them to do this out of pocket without guidelines and create something out of nothing. Suddenly local RDCs will drop phone numbers and lines, have their secretaries and whatnot taken calls like they are MTN. Well, that is not governing, but instead creating havoc for the ones who are appointed to promote government work and follow Presidential directives. However, that should be directed to them individually and not over the speaker on a random National Address. That is who you micro-managing without following protocol.

It will be three more weeks after two weeks of lockdown. Surely, the state has deliver more posho, rice and beans. Even other items and needed goods. Surely, the appointed people for the donation fund against COVID-19 needs more. As the need will go dire, as there will 5 weeks without hawking, selling or trading. There will be five weeks without work and the needed gig-economy. This will hurt the pockets of the public. The state has to direct even more funds and more coordinating work. Not only from the Office of the Prime Minister, but the whole fleet of the President’s entourage.

A speech like this has its funny moments, but the poor, the “vulnerable” and everyone whose hurting the last two weeks. Will be even more hurt by another 3 weeks. That’s five weeks of uncertainty and awaiting the opportunity to earn shillings. This has to be addressed. Not only temporary, but state the facts that remains. He didn’t address this, but its needed. Unless, he thinks people can live on air and a prayer. Peace.

OPM: Statement by the Prime Minister Rt Hon Ruhakana Rugunda on Relief Food to the Vulnerable Urban Poor Affected by the Lockdown due to COVID 19 (01.04.2020)

Government and donors enable WFP to assist 1.2 million refugees and build local economies in Uganda (31.01.2020)

KAMPALA – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) commends the Government of Uganda and all its donors for helping it to contribute to the basic food needs of 1.2 million refugees and their host communities across the country in 2019.

Donors and the Government of Uganda supported WFP to meet the basic dietary needs of refugees through monthly food or cash transfers. In addition, donors funded the treatment and prevention of malnutrition among refugees and Ugandans living around refugee settlements.

WFP was also able to support smallholder farmers to improve their yields and incomes while reducing food losses.

“The partnership between government, donors and WFP is vital to fight hunger and malnutrition in Uganda,” said El-Khidir Daloum, WFP Country Director. “The ability of donors to swiftly provide funding and entrust us to deliver assistance to those seeking refuge —often women and children fleeing unimaginable hardships—needs our heartfelt recognition.”

In 2019, WFP’s refugee operation received contributions from Uganda, Canada, the European Commission, Ireland, Japan, Sweden, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, the UN Central Emergency Response Fund and the United States of America.

Donors enabled WFP to help boost economies within Uganda by purchasing food locally. In addition, WFP strengthened its food and cash distribution procedures, including using biometrics to confirm identities in order to improve the accountability and integrity of the refugee response.

The government and donors helped WFP to expand cash-based transfers, reaching 35 percent of all refugees assisted. Cash allows refugees to choose what food they buy and stimulates economic growth in and around settlements. Cash also boosts government efforts to enhance financial inclusion.

Through cash-based transfers, WFP injected US$35 million into refugee settlements in 2019.

At the end of 2019, Uganda hosted 1.38 million refugees— the highest number of refugees in Africa. More than 67,300 refugees arrived from the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan between July and December. Women and people under the age of 18 make up 83 percent of refugees.

They typically arrive in Uganda with little to no assets, leaving them heavily dependent on assistance. A WFP and government study in 2017 found that even while the government gives land and the UN and other organizations provide additional assistance, refugees remain vulnerable for years.

By meeting their basic food and nutrition needs, WFP and its partners enable refugees to begin a journey toward self-reliance and resilience in line with Uganda’s refugee policy.

Donors to WFP’s relief and development work in Uganda to support refugees and host communities in 2019 were: Canada (US$562,000), the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (US$16 million), Ireland (US$2.3 million), Japan (US$2 million), the Republic of Korea (US$7 million of oil and rice), Russia (US$1.5 million), Sweden (US$1.7 million), Uganda (US$2.7 million of rice), the United Kingdom (US$56 million), the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (US$3.5 million) and the United States of America (US$110.6 million).

Contributions also came from multilateral (US$2 million) and private donors (US$306,400).

                                            #                              #                                 #

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies, building prosperity and supporting a sustainable future for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of climate change.

Operation Wealth Creation Handles No Procurement, No Money (26.03.2019)

Opinion: The State Minister for Teso Affairs have forgotten her role as a Minister by getting people arrested over nothing!

Until you put these things to right, you’re not entitled to boast of the justice meted out to thieves, for it’s a justice more specious than real or social desirable. You allow these people to be brought up in the worst possible way, and systematically corrupted from their earliest years. Finally, when they grow up and commit the crimes that they were obviously destined to commit, ever since they were children, you start punishing them. In other words, you create thieves, and then punish them for stealing.”Thomas More

We have this week been really introduced to the State Minister for Teso, Honourable Agnes Akiror Egunyu, who has made headlines for not having patience to wait in a queue inside a bank in Soroti. She is supposed to be busy help the Internally displaced in Teso, following up Presidential Pledges in the Region and other matters. However, for her it was more important to get people detained for making her stand in a tiny queue.

I will, first show the six key activities, that the State Minister is supposed to focus on, but she has apparently other motives in her work. As the quote of the Daily Monitor first and than New Vision follow-up. Seriously, it is a real mess, because the Teso Affairs isn’t that important to her.

Minister of Teso Affairs is supposed to do this: “1, Monitoring and coordinating the implementation of PRDP and other Government Programmes. 2, Coordinating/liaising and collaborating with other Government MDAs delivery of services. 3, Following up on the fulfilment of Presidential pledges. 4, Resettling former IDPs. 5, Promoting peace building and resolving conflicts. 6. Implementing special and specific affirmative interventions” (OPM – ‘Teso Affairs’).

A bank teller, who spoke to Daily Monitor on condition of anonymity, said Ms Akiror entered the bank and wanted to go past other clients straight to the teller. When the queueing clients complained, she got angry and called Mr Ogwal. Mr Ogwal told Daily Monitor that he was contacted by the minister for help on allegations that she had been attacked at the branch by two men as she made her transactions. “She called me like any other person for help. It is the reason I ordered the district police commander to rush to the bank where the arrests were made,” he said” (Muron & Emwamu, 2019).

Two customers of dfcu Bank’s Soroti branch who were arrested for allegedly disturbing the peace of the state minister for Teso affairs, Agnes Akiror Egunyu, in the bank hall have been charged and released on Police bond” (…) “In an interview with the New Vision, Akiror accused the duo for abusing her while she was making a transaction. “I found clients queuing in the bank without a teller in the counter to serve them. One teller accepted to help me after I pleaded for help, but those men started abusing me seriously,” Akiror said” (Opio, 2019).

She is really acting entitled with this action this week. Seemingly, the State Minister has forgotten her work, he play in society and that she is not above the ordinary people. The State Minister should have no issues waiting in a queue. That she got the two people arrested inside the Bank. Really shows her ways and how she has gotten corrupted by the Public Office she has. Instead of working for any of the key activities, because that is not to get people arrested for being customers inside a bank. Because that is what she did.

If she had been serious as a State Minister, we would have read reports where she took charge in the plenty of Presidential Pledges made in the Teso Regions. State Minister Akiror Egunyu did this to the citizens, which happened to be in the bank at the same time. Just so utter disgrace for her role in society and her natural entitlement.

She thinks she is that special now, that she can force herself first, as she is a Minister. That shows what is wrong in society, when the Police is called upon for this and detains them. Just because, they didn’t let her first in the queue. Peace.


Emmanuel Opio – ‘Two arrested over insulting minister in bank hall’ 17.01.2019, link:

George Muron & Simon Peter Emwamu – ‘Bank clients arrested for ‘disturbing’ Teso minister’ 16.01.2019, link:–disturbing–Teso-minister/688334-4936798-mklyiiz/index.html