Opinion: PM May cannot play second fiddle with Brexit; She cannot carry dissidents in her own Union; While drinking tea on the continent!

EU UK Flags

Let it be clear the race for leaving the European Union will not be an easy on for the United Kingdom and their noblest of men. They need to be calm, steady and hope that none of the other in their Union abandoned the ship called the UK. If they do so… it is not a United Kingdom, but British Isles. And that is a downer being the PM when the mainland got chopped in half and 300 year old Union went bonkers.

Not only Nicola Sturgeon in the SNP that doesn’t want to be disfranchised from the European Union and its graces; as the Scottish people are people who export their trade of either salmon, oil or something else. Not only getting Trident in their backyard as the defence with nuclear weapons happens to be there… I am sure Theresa May doesn’t want a backhanded slap and feel snubbed by a fellow British politician. Since Sturgeon has her loyalty in Glasgow and Edinburgh, not in the City of London, therefore the struggle for PM May to understand that she doesn’t get votes from Norfolk or Suffolk, but from Scottish constituency.

Gerry Adams

The same issue she has with the Republic of Ireland and their leadership as they don’t want to leave other Irish people behind, as the Northern Ireland and their leader Gerry Adams is not interested in losing the greener pastures of EU, than being even more controlled by London. So that him speaking of possibility of leaving UK, is even more worrying of PM May as she doesn’t only has disregard from Edinburgh, but now from Belfast as they are courted by Dublin and get into the European Union by unification of the Irish people and the whole Irish island. From a split and divide island into one united Irish Republic, something that must boggle the post-colonial British and minds of Boris Johnson.

It is so weird to see Boris Johnson trying to have tact and bravado after disgracing the British public and addressing fellow human beings wrong on the African Continent and disregarding the European Union, but he is not the only partner in softening the relationship with the world. As PM May also appointed Brexit Minister David Davis. David Davis must work slowly nowadays as the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, gives ability for a country to disembark from the European Union as the Membership. So as long as that is put on the back-burner and trying to negotiate with fellow allies. The UK PM May have not a lesser hard road, as she cannot bully her own as she done with Jeremy Corbyn; while trying to win sympathy around the island.

Sadiq Khan

The PM May might been a hard an stubborn Minister in the PM Cameron’s cabinet, but as PM she should be careful as the Scottish and Northern Irish counterparts that has another play might not give in to the treats of London. The Treats of London lost their value when they accepted to willingly while getting free-trade and open borders with the Schengen-Treaty. While she has not even tried to discuss with new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who wants more autonomy from the United Kingdom as they voted like Northern Ireland and Scotland. Secondly City of London, the business and bank trading is based with investors from abroad and with more closed borders. With more closed border equals less investors who aren’t really welcome since they are foreigners now and not as welcomed as before. They rather invest in Madrid or Paris instead of London.

The mind-set of sweet-talking of future plans with Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Francois Hollande can speak for themselves. But having a PM trip around Europe to be smiling and looking like she takes it seriously, while downplaying the terms of Article 50; seems more like play for the façade than actual actions to honour the pledge of the British Referendum vote of 2016.

Stansted to the World

The business that went down right after the Vote have come back, but the corporations and such are in worry of the signs of the future. What will bring and how long with the negotiations and how far the taxations will, the exports and the limitations be between United Kingdom and the European Union. Certainly, the problems are coming as even Michael O’Leary of Ryanair have today said he would less flights from Standsted (London Airport) to Europe in relation to the Brexit. Even if the Bank of England agents said to the Guardian yesterday that they had resumed to ‘Business as Usual’. The reality is that for a time being there will be limbo between the vacuum of being an EU Member State and becoming maybe part of the European Economic Community or the European Free Trade Association. With this they will maybe secure more their borders, but the trade-off will not be cheap.

The reason I say so is that European Parliament that have been under fire from Nigel Farage and UKIP. An all the other nationalists in Europe as they want to see France, Netherlands and other nations also out of the Union; still with that in mind EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg might become more diplomatic and act more of statesman. Since the Brexit blunder and the promised leave the Union the acts from him as been measly and worrying.

If the clause of possible leaves we’re only made in the Lisbon Treaty to be there as fulfilled agreement; then the Lisbon Treaty we’re a compromised to fit the bill of the Member State without seriously considering anybody actually would leave. To be frank: if you have a clause in an agreement, than one party who agreed to ratify the agreement, might eventually use and write upon it to the collective. That is what will happen when the UK initiate the Article 50. Than the negotiations are there to retract the place in Parliament, Commission and all the forums of the European Union; as they will be an outsider.


PM May better act upon the vote and not be too proud and giant politician that she has acted as in recent week or so. As she trying to disenfranchise Labour Corby and the backbenchers, while trying to silence the wish for a another Scottish Referendum against the will of Holyrod; the real will of Northern Ireland and their Irish people as the Dublin government trying to reunite the lost brothers on the island.

I got nothing against Theresa May, but her ways are more in the spotlight and her actions will be described by pundits like me, if she likes it or not. I will never forgive her for appointing Boris “Doughnut” Johnson as Foreign Secretary in her cabinet. To show humility for the campaigners for the Brexit; if not it was to go and punch Michael Gove for his dagger against the opportunity for Prime Minister Johnson, which would be even more worrying for Europe and for the United Kingdom. The Northern Irish and Scottish would suffer in his reign, as he has the baboon traits and not noble statesman over him.

With this there are only one thing too, not sweet talk, but actually act and prove to business and people that being outside European Union goes well. I am not a fan of European Union, but I don’t like lying to the public for political gain by smooching princes and parliamentarians on the continent. The reality is that the Article 50 better be a focus and making sure a real team of negotiation are ready to make agreement between British and rest of Europe. Peace.