Eswatini: The King who didn’t listen [and appointed a new PM]

King Mswatini III held today an extraordinary Sibaya, which went as anticipated. The protests and demonstrations for a multi-party democracy continues. This was brutally silenced with bullets and state sponsored violence.

The king continues his path of not listening. He rather be the absolute monarch and respond to no one. That is shown by his words of disrespect to the ones fighting for their representation on the streets and across the kingdom. He could have acted like he care and instead he demeaned them.

We know the King doesn’t care about civil society or their rights. As he went for the ring-leaders and the public leaders behind the march today. Just like PUDEMO President Mlungisi Makhanya was arrested by the Police in Sidvokovoko 20km away from Manzini.

While answering the general public with guns, ammunition and state sponsored violence. The King has appointed yet another Prime Minister. This time it’s Cleopas Sipho Dlamini. The PM is yet another chosen one and not elected one.

Showing the deaf ears of the King who wants to be the absolute as long as he can and order his soldiers on the street to keep this idea alive. He rather use force and even kill civilians, than actually govern with heart. This king will be remembered for the tyranny and his use of force to keep it up.

The king has had the opportunity to listen. Today’s Sibaya only showed his arrogance and his entitlement. As everyone is just supposed to bow their knee to the King and be his servants. This was a show to find out who his enemies are and nothing else.

This Sibaya wasn’t about dialogue or even about reform. No, this king isn’t willing to give up a little power to be loved and be seen as respected leader. No, he rather use the guns and the armies to get his will. That’s who he is and his actions show it.

Now, Dlamini have to carry his dirt and sell it like a treasure. The new PM have to be the spokesperson and the loyal servant of the King. If he differs or act a fool. The King will take away his title and office. That’s how this system is and nothing genuinely good about it.

The King has refused to listen continues his warpath. He continues to use weapons to settle civilian matters. That says a lot about him. More than the words of a speech or address at any sort of ceremony.

The King isn’t a man for his people, but a man for his position. That is clear and there is no indication that he will give way. No, he intends to keep all power and not willing to see the general public picking who represents them. Peace.

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Eswatini: The King will not listen to the “pleas” at the upcoming ‘sibaya’

His Majesty King Mswati III has called Sibaya to be held on Friday, 16 July 2021 at Ludzidzini Royal Residence from 10am. As per the Kingdom of Eswatini’s Constitution, “the people, through Sibaya, constitute the highest policy and advisory council (Libandla) of the Nation.”” (Eswatini Government, 13.07.2021).

The Sibaya have been said to be: “The mechanism has been condemned as superficial, unrepresentative, and counterproductive, since participation and discussions are pre-empted by government representatives coordinating and choreographing its deliberations. Individuals expressing differing viewpoints are known to have been immediately classified as enemies and their privileges invalidated in the process” (Dimpo Motsamai – ‘Swaziland’s non-party political System and the 2013 tinkhundlaelections’ 15.08.2015).

It has now been two weeks with clear violations of human rights, where people are not allowed to assemble and go after the citizens who has protested the absolute monarch of King Mswati III. His family is running the Kingdom like a family-business. That has been deliberate as his family has businesses, appoints cabinet and secures the extended family in high ranking offices.

King Mswati III have held Sibaya before and not even listened to the pleas of the general public. At one of them they wanted to get rid of the current day Prime Minister and his Cabinet. However, the King retained the PM and his appointed cabinet. Because the wishes of the King is final and his orders are law. That’s why the mechanism of a Sibaya is more of a public display of looking like you care, but in general it is a smokescreen.

The King will not ask for forgiveness for shooting, killing and silence his citizens. Not like he will take any real accountability. Because, he has the army on deck and the government under total control. Whatever the King decides happens and he choose the path ahead.

Over 70 people have died as a cause of the actions made the King. He ordered the soldiers on the streets and in the kingdom. This was a controlled blood-bath and where the state went against its own citizens. As they we’re protesting for their rights. A right the King doesn’t seem interested to give them. Instead he will use force and show his power.

The Sibaya will not change this. Just like previous ones. He is just doing this to make it seems like he listens. The King could easily started real reforms to get proper representation and a multi party democracy. There are already parties ready to participate and become viable options for the general public. However, the King is still appointing everyone and that’s isn’t right.

This is why the Sibaya will not solve this. Unless, his willing to reform and change the current status quo. That means giving up some powers. He has already made a bloodshed to keep the system in place. Nevertheless, if he is smart… would have listened already, but at I doubt it at this point.

His ego and his arrogance will not muster this change. Just like in previous Sibaya. He will not give way, but instead find out who is the enemies of the throne. That’s why Friday’s meeting will not bear fruits, but be another wasted opportunity. Peace.

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