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Burundi: Declaration du Parti CNL/Congress National pour la Liberte sur la Situation Politico Securtaire au Burundi (21.08.2019)


Opinion: Imbonerakura will be significant in the run-up to 2020

At this point of time, the CNDD-FDD and President Pierre Nkurunziza will defeat anyone that oppose as a threat to his hegemony. At this point and time, the youth-league, the para-military fraction of CNDD-FDD, the Imbonerakura will use violence and intimidation to seal the deal for the party.

This is known, and there is steady reports of usage of machetes, arbitrary arrests and kidnappings of the opposition. The Imbonerakura together with the authorities is doing this. There are released picture of the deceased, the hurt and the ones that has been violated by them.

That will continue, as the FNL, CNL and Ex-FAB will get into trouble by these people, who are working hard to show loyalty and patriotic means to the state. Their patriotism is proven in violence, not only in words, but in actions.

This here is a worrying sign, something that has continued since the Elections of 2015. A state of fear and intimidation, where people vanish and disappear. Where people are suddenly gone and not heard from. That is the reality we’re in.

This will not change, as much as the “donations to the Elections 2020” will continue too. That is what this government do, and it uses the Imbonerakura to silence the opposition. The paramilitary youth-wing is used to make people stop. That is their mission and therefore, the CNDD-FDD accepts that it does to their opposition.

Nkurunziza is living well on the fate of many people, as he is the guiding star and big-man, that everyone is supposed to follow. That is just the way it is in Burundi.

The Imbonerakura is just a manifestation of his drive to stay in power. Peace.

Burundi: Association Burundaise pour la Protection des Droits Humains et des Personnes Detenues “A.PRO.D.H” – Prosition de Sortie de Crise pour le Burundi (12.08.2019)

Burundi: CNARED-Giriteka – Communique (04.08.2019)

EURAC: La reprise de la cooperation francaise avec le Burundi affaiblit la position de l’Union europeenne et remet en question l’engagement fracaise pour les droits humains (25.07.2019)

Burundi: CNIDH – Declaration de la CNIDH Suite a la Mort de deux presumes Criminels dans la Province de Bubanza (19.07.2019)

Burundi: Olucome -Communique de Presse no. 009 – Portant sur la Penurie du Carburant au Burundi, une Piste qui va Occasionner la Hausse du Prix des Produits Petroliers et ses Consequences sur la vie des Citoyens Burundais Pauvres (18.07.2019)

Opinion: Annoy the Presidents of our time, expect the authorities to knock-on your door!


Well, were living the year 2019 and some things doesn’t change, the Excellences and the high above are still filled with vanity, which even make the kings of the middle-ages a bit jealous. They are all living in mansions, having power to end people’s lives and give it those who begs them mercy. That is who these men are, these President who has the armies behind them, have security organizations and have the police. If they are lucky, they have appointed all parts of the Courts, to ensure and secure the verdicts of Court cases to go their way.

That is why, it is dangerous to paint or play with photographs of the President of out day. If you do so in Burundi. You will get into trouble and get possible jail time. The same can happen, if you put a hijab over the Tanzanian President. You will get into legal trouble too. If you make a mockery of the United States President Trump in a cartoon, you might even be sacked from your newspaper. The same might happen if you mock the elite and the President in Kenya too. In Rwanda political satire is banned and also political cartoons, because of the fragile mind of the President. He cannot handle that someone makes fun of him and his ways. His vanity self-destruct, every time someone write something funny about him. That is why Kigali is so clean, because nobody is writing silly cartoons about the President. In China, Winne the Pooh, Peppa Pig and other cartoons are banned, as they have been used to mock the President and he cannot handle that. That is why they are banned too. That is just the way the world moves these days. The freedom of speech is limited to these men.

You better not speak of their wives, their kids, whose possible succession is on the horizon. If you do so or call a President a thief, a liar and hypocrite. Expect that you will be arrested and taken to the Courts. No one annoys a modern day President like Museveni on Facebook. No one dares writing something offensive. Especially not something, that might even be true. Because, your only supposed to publish content that has been written by syncopates like Uganda Media Centre, NRM SOMA or GCIC. The rest are supposed to Netflix and Chill, not speak up against the President.

That is just the world we live in, where it is dangerous to annoy our Presidents. They are so high and mighty, but show shallow and prestigious. They are representing us and the citizens of the state, but they are only supposed to kneel to their majesties, not mock them or speak the truth about them. No, we are all supposed to blindly following their footsteps and be honoured to share the same air as them.

We are really living in interesting times, when were supposed to be educated and be able to function as human beings. Where our leadership is supposed to represent us and govern us. Not be almighty gentlemen, who thinks its their right to govern us, they are there because someone has too. It could be their cousin for Gods sake, it could be our nephew, but it is them. Well, they don’t get that and thinks its their divine right and therefore, we better not shatter their calm. That is just the way it is.

As long as we accept this nonsense, that we cannot challenge, cannot joke or poke at the leadership of our time. Than, they will act live demigods, acts like they are above the rest and use the power to assault our freedom. Piece by piece, legislation by legislation. That is just the way it is. Don’t expect gifts, when they are only taking things away.

We need to annoy our Presidents, they need to get annoyed and think why we are doing so. Because, we have the rights to play, critique and ask questions, because they are there for us. Not the other way around. Peace.

IOM Partners with Burundi to Combat Human Trafficking (12.07.2019)

The project known as Burundi Counter-Trafficking 2019-2022 will reinforce the government’s efforts to combat human trafficking and other cross-border crimes.

BUJUMBURA, Burundi, July 12, 2019 – The International Organization for Migration (IOM), in partnership with the Government of Burundi, this week (10/07) launched a project to strengthen government capacity to combat trafficking in persons (TiP).

The precarious security situation in Burundi has created an opportunity for human traffickers who often target the most vulnerable. An estimated 346,000 Burundians remain in neighboring countries as refugees while 130,000 Burundians are internally displaced. though as refugees returned, these figures decreased. Refugees returning from neighboring countries and the internally displaced remain vulnerable and desperate.

The project, known as Burundi Counter-Trafficking 2019-2022, will reinforce the government’s efforts to combat human trafficking and other cross-border crimes. The USD 3 million project, funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, will run for three years.

Burundi is a source country for trafficked persons, according to the US Trafficking in Persons Report. Adults and children can be coerced into forced labour, domestic servitude, prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation throughout the region and elsewhere in the world.

This new partnership will serve as a coordination mechanism for government ministries and link them to the national police and civil society to implement anti-trafficking measures. Activities under the new project will include strengthening the national referral system for protection and providing reintegration assistance to trafficking victims.

While actively engaging border communities, the project will help build the capacity of security agencies to effectively reduce and prevent human trafficking and cross-border crime, raise awareness on the basic rights of populations and create standard operating procedures for law enforcement stakeholders on handling TiP cases.

The ad hoc committee appointed by the Office of the First Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi presented the Integrated Work Plan Against Trafficking in Persons 2019-2020 during the launch of the project. The Work Plan follows the adoption of the 2014 law to prevent and combat human trafficking.

During the project launch ceremony, the First Vice-President of Burundi, Gaston Sindimwo said, “We are aware that human trafficking cannot be fought effectively without an integrated approach based on respect for human rights and taking into account the national, regional and global nature of the phenomenon.”

“A joint action by all stakeholders at the national level as outlined in the Plan, which is our focus today, is aimed at continually improving our collective perception of the issues related to trafficking in persons and combining our efforts to maximize our effectiveness,” he continued.

Caecilia Wijgers, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Burundi, said: “Trafficking in persons is a subject that requires all of us to find a solution for these tragic cases, where ordinary people find themselves one day in a nightmare when they believed they would start a promising phase of their lives. We appreciate that IOM’s programme has an integrated approach, as it is a problem for which we must work together across various disciplines.”

AJ Morgen, IOM Burundi Chief of Mission said: “This three-year project will not only help combat trafficking and other cross-border crimes, such as migrant smuggling, but also improve the human security of communities affected by human trafficking and provide appropriate support to victims of trafficking.”

“Today’s launch is a milestone event for all, as it represents the basis for cooperation between different actors that will continue to be strengthened during the implementation of this project,” Morgen added.

The launch ceremony in Bujumbura was also attended by the Minister of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender, Martin Nivyabandi; the UN Resident Coordinator in Burundi, Dr. Garry Conille, a representative of the Mayor of Bujumbura, Christophe Kinshasa, representatives of various Ministries, local authorities, governors, civil society and members of the ad hoc commission.

IOM strives to improve collaboration and co-ordination between all stakeholders while supporting safe, orderly and dignified migration in Burundi.

Burundi: Red-Tabara – Communique (05.07.2019)

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