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Opinion: U.S. should offer Jovenel Moïse political asylum

When it comes to President Jovenel Moise and is mandate, the Haitian constitution does not clearly address the situation” Ned Price

The Core Group of Ambassadors, Organization of American States (OAS) and United States of America supported President Jovenel Moïse term ended on the 7th February 2021. However, he has used all his tricks, avenues and means to stay in-office. That is being done while the general public is demonstrating and the authorities are using force to stop.

Therefore, with this stalemate. It is only one thing that makes sense. That Jovenel Moïse seeks political refugee in the United States of America. This because his a puppet for them and not wanted by the Haitians. They don’t want him as their ruler. The people don’t want him to be in charge and be their highest ranking official. No, they want him packing.

Jovenel Moïse have been unpopular for years. His election was a mess to with such a low turnout it shouldn’t have been legit in the first place. This President have had scandal after scandal. A man who has now after his term ended given land away to the elites. Just to ensure the rich and powerful is on his side. While also striking at the Judiciary and elsewhere. Everything in order to consolidate power and not hand it over. Even when he knows his time is up.

The US is paying him lip-service, while the public is in the streets. Washington DC is clearly invested in him, as U.S. State Department Spokesperson Ned Price have defended him too. They are saying he have another year in office. Because, his their installed prince and puppet.

If the US wants him so much. Why don’t offer him political exile? Maybe give him shelter in Wilmington, Delaware. That since his position and role matters so much. However, in Haiti and Port-au-Prince his not loved or cherished. Therefore, it is only righteous that his returned to sender. Unless, one of the Core Group member states wants him instead.

The US and the rest of the supporters should get the memo. The Haitians don’t want him. That’s why they should read the stars, the moons and listen to the Gods. They are imperialists and acting as colonialists, imposing a leader on the general public. A leader and a man they don’t want.

Jovenel Moïse should be packing, leave and never be in office again. There should be elections and a new leadership in order in Port-au-Prince. However, the grand stand appears to happen, because the US and others are supporting Moïse no matter what.

The public wants him resign and call for a another. They don’t want a neocolonial puppet at the helm. Nobody can blame them for that.

If the US wants a puppet… they can take him in and shelter his ass. They should send him documents and allow him entry. Hell, they should give him citizenship and let him settle down in Little Haiti in Miami, Florida. Maybe he can play golf at Mar-A-Lago, if Trump allows him in.

Nevertheless, he shouldn’t be in office in anymore. If the US cares so much about him. Give him political asylum and stop tormenting the Haitians. Since they don’t want him anymore. Peace.