Hoima By-Election: Return Form for Transmission of Results (27.09.2019)

Hoima By-Elections: Into the darkside.

Just as the reports of a shift of results going from the joint opposition candidate running on Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) versus National Resistance Movement (NRM) for Woman MP in Hoima District.

However, as the counting is going-on in darkness and the uncertainty follows. Nyakato Asinansi (FDC) was looking well earlier in the day. However now hours later, the NRM Businge Harriet. There is report of children been voting at the polls, pre-ticked ballots and several of opposition activists and coordinators arrested today. The biggest one today was FDC Deputy Secretary Harold Kaija.

We cannot know the result before the declaration form from the Electoral Commission, but how we can verify that, as the EC and the officials are doing it in darkness. They are doing it, as the opposition are behind bars. There even been speculations of the arrest of Woman MP candidate for the FDC. There is no verification of Nyakato being arrested, but there others.

We know the state has used their resources on this and doesn’t want to loose. As they have spent the Special Force Command, the Military Police and the Police Force in favour of the NRM. The same with the DPC and RDC working in favour of the state. The same usage of government officials cars to spend money on voters and buying voters.

It is like all the tricks are out. They are only missing the Kiggundu math. We can anticipate by tomorrow morning and altered result in favour of the NRM will happen. The stakes been so high and the reason why the opposition cannot follow-up on it, because their high ranking officials are arrested. This is something that never happens to the NRM, because they are the state who arrests the opposition. Did you see, that yes you did.

This is not a free and fair election. Not that its been from the get-go. There been tear-gas, been blocking opposition on the radio channels and journalists arrested for monitoring the elections. It is a merciful thing, that the CCEDU have been allowed to monitor it this time.

When, the counting is continuing like this, it is hard to trust it. As well, as the state are not giving way to the opposition. They cannot make a fair fight, not in the polls and not during campaigns. Especially not behind bars. If the NRM believed they would win this fairly, they wouldn’t have done this. But, alas they got to be deceiving…and rigging like their is no tomorrow. Museveni of 1980 must be so proud of himself.

The is the prequel to the shady 2021 election. Which is coming and with a bang. Peace.

CCEDU: Polling Day Statement – Hoima District Woman Member of Parliament By-Election (26.09.2019)

Hoima By-Election: Steady intimidation and arrests ahead of the polls!

There should be other ways around the matters, but there is not. I wish I could focus on the possible results or the electoral message of the parties. However, the acts of the authorities and the police force are eating the time and energy.

The army arrested yesterday Hon. Paul Mwiru, who was the Nyakato Election management last night. As well as the District Police Commander from yesterday is former Mubende DPC Martin Okoyo. Today, as the polls was happening the arrest of journalist Hamza Kitakule. This is all following a normal protocol of the state, to intimidate and control the polls.

The CCEDU stated this in their preliminary statement yesterday:

Security matters and deployment:Several arrests were executed throughout the campaign period. About 10 people were in and out of police cells on account of electoral related crimes. Security agencies played a key role in maintaining peace in a bid to prevent pre-election violence in Hoima. During the last days of the campaigns, a group known as Sipapa entertainment was evicted by security while trying to disrupt the campaign rally of the opposition candidate” (CCEDU, 25.09.2019).

There is even reports of the RDC of Hoima, going around trying to buy voters for the National Resistance Movement (NRM). This very common, but the opposition will be arrested for stepping their feet in the district, while the NRM and the government officials can act illegal without any consequences.

While People Power coordinators are taken out:

Bukomansimbi district woman MP aspirant Zulaika Nalukenge, People Power Movement coordinator Kampala metropolitan Namayengo Lydia and ten others still incarcerated in Hoima police cells” (The Whisper Eye, 26.09.2019).

The source said to The Whisper Eye: “Our People Power coordinator Kampala metropolitan Lydia Namayengo and Hon. Zulaika were brutally arrested by SFC, says the source. Now taken to Masindi, in an attempt to intimidate the forces of change. We’re not scared we must win this election” (The Whisper Eye, 26.09.2019).

This here shows what they does and how they do it. Even as the state does this, the current result is in favour of the joint opposition candidate in Hoima. Therefore, the acts of the military, Special Force Command (SFC) and anyone else might be useless. They still acting crazy like this, because they have to buy and intimidate to win.

We can hope the NRM lose, but that is only final with the declaration form. Which is not yet released, as we have only the preliminary counting from several of polling stations. Not the whole picture nor the possible rigging of this. Because that happens later.

The Electoral Commission, have already said that some of the numbers released on social media is fake and saying its wrong from some polling stations. So, we can really get worried, if the NRM will take it, either by hook or by the crook. We just have to await and see, if the provincial or preliminary counts will be the indicated victory or loss. Peace.

CCEDU: Pre-Election Statement – Hoima District Woman MP By-Election (25.09.2019)

Kaabong By-Election: FDC letter to Electoral Commission – Re: Objection to Withdrawal of Adyaka Judith Nalibe (15.09.2019)

Kaabong By-Election: Adyaka Judith Nalibe letter to Electoral Commission – Re: Notification of Withdrawal of Candidature (12.09.2019)

Kaabong/Hoima By-Elections: People Power is now in the same trouble as previous opposition been in!

“I’ve just spoken to the DPC of Kaabong district regarding the arrest of People Power mobilisers Asega Habib, Opondo Dem Gaster, Maddo Isaac and Mustafa Mwonda who went to campaign for Adyaka Judith, a candidate in the Kaabong Woman MP by-election. The DPC says he has orders not to allow People Power in the district. A teacher called Yohana Pilimon was also arrested for informing the candidate about the arrest of our mobilisers. These arrests were ordered by the RDC, a one Achilla Rex” (Joel Ssenyonyi, Truth and Justice, 06.09.2019).

It is now two reports of the last few days, that the mobilizers in Kaabong District, as there is an up-coming by-election. That they have been arrested by the Police on orders from the Residential District Commander. In Hoima, as there is a by-election there too. The Radio was shut-off after ten-minutes, when the People Power candidate and others was on-air.

This action happen yesterday and today. That very typical. There are also reports of sudden kidnaps of People Power associates in Kampala Metropolitan area too in the recent days. Therefore, we are seeing the acts of the state, which has happen to other opposition leaders and organizations in the past.

This is not a new tactic in the Republic. That the RDCs, Police Force and other security organizations are brazen with their usage of force against the opposition. Especially, the one whose not compromised by the junta itself.

That People Power Movement are now directly attacked, feeling the pain of promoting its cause and its candidates. Shows what is wrong with the state and also its supposed democratic principals. Since, this is not happening with the government candidates or the government party. They can bulldoze everywhere at any time, but the opposition is happy if it gets a breather.

We are now seeing that the orders are directed from government officials like RDCs against the People Power. That is sign of what to come, that they will use all means to silence and stop the PPM itself.

That is not surprising and not shocking. This has been done by the state before and will not cease now. Because, the state lives on intimidation and fear mongering to get their way. Instead of showing progress and proper fairness. Since that is something the state cannot manage to do.

They got to use force to enforce their rule. Peace.

Opinion: Patron Andrew is a lost sheep!

In this here piece, I will digress the words of Andrew Mwenda, as he has published these earlier in the day on the 4th September 2019 on Facebook called ‘The corruption of People Power’. These sort of pieces get written by this man, now and then. Especially more often when its campaign season and when he can show token of loyalty to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and National Resistance Movement.

Today, its yet another day of this. I will take some small fragments of it. Because, it is not needed to read the whole thing. Since, these small pieces says what is vital from it. The rest is more of the same hogwash and stone-age mentality is known for the political voodoo that Mwenda is now known for.

People Power is the most trending political cult in Uganda. They are angry at the corruption of President Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) government. While its followers carry a deep sense of victimhood, they are not resigned but energized. They want to get Museveni out of power – but what for? To that later!” (…) “Museveni has ruled with the same corruption and patronage as Mobutu of former Zaire. However, he has done this while sustaining an impressing rate of economic and therefore revenue growth. This has allowed him to continually build the institutional capacity of the state and meet the demands for more patronage and a bit of welfare. By not sustaining economic growth, Mobutu ate the goose that was supposed to lay the golden egg of state consolidation. Museveni has demonstrated that patronage and clientelism (corruption) are not necessarily injurious to state building but are an important accompaniment to it.” (…) “Thus control of state power became a means of controlling economic resources and in turn control of economic resources became a means of reproducing power through neo-patrimonial networks. African elites did not fight for independence to dismantle the colonial state but to inherit its privileges. Listening to them, it becomes clear that People Power is the embodiment of this popular expectation. Given power, it would reproduce exactly what Museveni has presided over – massive corruption and patronage – but most likely (and sadly) without his finesse” (Andrew Mwenda, 04.09.2019).

Fist and foremost, a cult is a organization with internal secrets, who comes with a mission and trying to catch people to it. Where they will keep them, with the mystique and personality driven, as the organization is playing a rouse and keeping them captured. That is why people are trying to leave cults, unless they are brainwashed.

Secondly, this is not how People Power Movement is operating and neither very secretive. It has a smashing personality driving it. But his not trying to cover his stances nor brainwashing his people. That is more the works of Mwenda and the NRM. Who uses propaganda and government outlets to unleash unverified “truths” and deceptive methods to silence opposition.

Third, what is weird with this text. Is how openly Mwenda defends the excessive patronage and corrupt behaviour of President Museveni. But because its him and his ways its fine. It is dandy, because his taxing it right and making the elite dance after him. That is really a message, which someone who supposed to speak sense shouldn’t do. This sounds like a brainwashing operation done to Mwenda, because, when is thieving acceptable? When Museveni steals for his Patronage. That is really a mental breakdown.

Fourth and final address, how can you know the outcome of the possible PPM driven government? When your considering them to continue what NRM did? How do you know? What is the evidence of anyone becoming Museveni 2.0? Just because Museveni became a Modern-Day Mobutu. Well, that is just a prophecy from a man that says thieving is fine for Yoweri. I don’t know what sort of charlatan, who would believe a man who says theft is fine for some, but believe me… this other dude will wreck the Republic.

Mwenda is a lost sheep. His a lost man. Surely, the defiance of Besigye broke his mental stimulus or something. Lost his marbles. Because there is a while since I respected the perspective of Mwenda.

Andrew where did you go? I don’t know, but certainly not somewhere, where you get enlightened. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: CCTV Images at Casuality Ward Released (26.08.2019)