Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago talks to media after casting his vote (Youtube-Clip)

My take on it:

He talks after voting today, about his posistion and about his validity of the posistion as the Lord Mayor of Kampala. Being ceremonial and not head of the city. Also about the rule of law and that he doesn’t have an direct issue with President Museveni. This here is interesting and shows the character of Erias Lukwago. That must be the reason why he has such an impact in as a Mayoral Candidate and won the election in 2011. He has had effective campaign in the city, even with the issues and detaining him during the pre-election period. This here shows the value of keeping his head cold and going through the obsticals to become the Lord Mayor again. He desverves respect for his posistion and the platform he describes the importance of “Rule of Law”.  Respect the rule of law, policy of the programs and policies in Kampala that lays on the head of the City and the Lord Mayor of Kampala. Something President Museveni does not respect.

As the Personal problems between him and President Museveni, but the issue is that with Lord Mayor Lukwago; President Museveni does not have direct control of Kampala, he cannot live with that! He sucks with trusting people and giving away power… As we saw in the Presidential Election and Parliamentary election on the 18th February.

Jennifer Musisi – “Go Out and cast your Vote!”; Here is why it is Ironic that she spreads the message of going out to vote!

Irony Musisi

The Woman who impeached and used every tool in the book to get rid of a elected offical to control City Hall and be parts of the Kampala Capital City Authority. The Message sending today is feeling strange as she doesn’t have much democratic backbone, as she like to be little Queen who controls Kampala without having a Lord Mayor asking for accountability and getting men in asking for transparency as Lord Mayor Lukwago wanted to do. Therefore they worked to get rid of him in last period.

So it is ironic and she just recently said this to the press as well:

““We are doing really well without the Lord Mayor. We have made tremendous progress without the Lord Mayor. Our administration minus the Lord Mayor is fantastic” (Mubiru, 2016).

So the LADY who does well without the ELECTED official asks people to go out and vote. I don’t accept the premise and the message from her. As she has done everything in her power to take away the value of the Kampala votes in 2011. There is something not right in that. As well as late in 2015 with the amendment of the KCCA ACT was to nearly abolish the Lord Mayors place and instead just have hand-picked men from the Parliament. So the Public and Citizens of Kampala would not have a certified and legitimate person to represent them. That is something Jennifer Musisi and Frank Tumwebaze has worked for. That is why I am irritated at this message from her. It doesn’t fit her or the KCCA as the KCCA only works for hand-picked cronies of the NRM-Regime, only the ones that haven’t follow it doesn’t know about it. Peace.


Mubiru, Apollo – ‘Home National KCCA without the Lord Mayor is fantastic – Musisi’ (10.02.2016) link: http://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1416769/kcca-lord-mayor-fantastic-musisi