Opinion: Three Generals dies mysteriously in one month [Tumusiime, Kuteesa and Lokech]

In general you must either pamper people or destroy them; harm them just a little and they’ll hit back; harm them seriously and they won’t be able to. So if you’re going to do people harm, make sure you needn’t worry about their reaction.”Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

In death there is always speculation. Especially, when you are speaking of high ranking officials and the ones that in beyond us ordinary realm of people. That is why the demise of Generals and Army Commanders is unique. They have a aura and a way of living, which we common folk could dream of. They are warriors, loyal soldiers and men who has fought for a higher cause than themselves.

That’s why there been mysterious deaths before and certainly in the manner, which they have happened. In the Republic of Uganda and under President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, high ranking generals have died of unnatural causes before. They have just suddenly died and nobody has ever recovered or reported properly on their death. Therefore, it is unique and special when three generals just happens to die in the same month.

The list itself is brutal and just shows the mere days between them:

1st: Maj. Gen. Stephen Tumusiime Rwabantu died on the 8th August 2021

2nd: Lt Gen Pecos Kuteesa died on the 17th August 2021

3rd: Maj Gen Paul Lokech died on the 21st August 2021

When such fall of men happens, it is natural that speculations appear. Especially, when they happen so short time apart. Maj. Gen. Stephen T. Rwabantu is said to have died of throat cancer. While Lt. Gen. Kuteesa illness was liver damage after excessive drinking over the years. The most recent Maj. Gen. Lokech is reported to have died of blood-clot.

What is striking here… is how the reported illnesses has been kept away from the public and it’s been mysterious. The generals has just fallen and died, one by one. Like in Lt. Gen. Kuteesa’s case, there was even talks of operations in India and the UPDF stated that itself. However, all news of his final days was in Nairobi. That’s how you ensure questions and doesn’t make it better. In combination, that one report is liver damage over drinking and others that the COVID-19 vaccine was the nail in the coffin. When such statements comes out. You beg to wonder, how come now?

All these men have been loyal to the cause and served for years. That is why their demise, so suddenly makes you wonder. Just like other has fallen on trips abroad for the state. They just fell and for various of reasons. While the general public never got to know the real reason for their demise. Meanwhile, their stories and their internal knowledge was kept to the grave. Only a little heroics and tales of grandeur was spoiled to public.

Just like these three gentlemen, the generals who are suddenly gone. They have all participated and been part of the inner-circle. One by one, they have fallen and died. Within three weeks and the reports are scattering. That’s why some even claim all three was poisoned. Many of men and high ranking officials in the Republic has fallen for the same before. That wouldn’t be revolutionary or the first time. With that in mind and without proper evidence, the speculations will just run rampant as well. It doesn’t help that token “misleader’s” and “spin-doctors” comes out quickly with some reports and later that is changed. This is just telling that the authorities and the regime don’t want the truth out. Certainly, the authorities and government don’t want the public to know about poisoning attempts or murder of own high level cadres. They are heroes and not villains.

What is striking, as we were not there and that’s why speculations run rampant. What we do know is what the government and the inner-circle has done before. That’s why we easily question it. Just like there been attempts of murder and assassinations, which shows the means to an end. Where even the anointed can be silenced and never heard from again.

So, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) have had this issue since it’s inception and this is why people wonders why this happens. It is really striking when it’s three generals in the same month. People will start to speculate and wonder. Like there is even rumours of the connection to the “Project Muhoozi” and that these gentlemen wouldn’t entertain the “monarchy” ticket of Lt. Gen. Kainerubaga Muhoozi. That’s not what they fought for or was loyal too. This is why the regime had to silence them and make them dead “heroes” instead of defiant old men.

At this point we cannot know and we don’t have the verified information. Neither will the ones in the inner-circle tell the truth or have the heart to do so. They want the word to believe their stories and continue like nothing happened. Just like they have done in the past await the next scandal or crisis to get people to forget about these deaths. Because, that what has happened to others and we are just supposed to “move-on”. Peace.

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Surely Mzee didn’t see this coming, as the Government of Uganda, can’t hold their secrets until their official. The are certain men who release the information. The Nepotism and the value of NRM loyalty. As it been promised to so many during the election. Now the deals and promises are beeing revealed. That is why I say it is unfortunate.

Mzee, can play some men and play the guards, but this term will hard to keep business as usual, as the tension between the men who really wanted change, and the men who still wants to serve his brown-enevelops. Peace. 

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