Opinion: Kasaija MP unopposed [by the help of cronyism…]

The current Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija are now running unopposed as Member of Parliament in Buyanja County after Paul Kyalimpa dropped out. Kyalimpa already lost in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Primaries earlier in the year. However, he said he would still run as an Independent.

That happened until today. As the news are out that the sent his letter to the Electoral Commission dropping out of the race. Meaning that Kasaija MP is the only one running and automatically returning to the 11th Parliament.

It is not shocking that this happens, as President Museveni apponted Kyalimpa the Deputy Commissioner of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). This gives reasons for Paul to give way. As he doesn’t need to become an MP to have a job. His appointed and become a crony himself. He gets a pay-check and meal-ticket politicians continues to run in the NRM.

Initially this sort actions are making sole candidates a real thing. It is just issuing the results even before the polls. Ensuring the NRM an advantage before the others can even start. As they have several of MPs even month(s) ahead of the polls. Because, they are able to field and have the whole electorate secured. In these districts they cannot even chose anyone. It is prefixed, Matia is their guy whether they like it or not.

This is how the NRM operates and they are proud of it too. It is their modus operandi. They even bought this space and this office. So, that Museveni has a loyal cadre to run the Ministry in the next term too. If Matia wasn’t that important. This wouldn’t have happened. However, the man is important enough.

Therefore, to make easier in 2021. Kasaija could do a walk-over and easily return to Parliament. This is cronyism. Making Kyalimpa a Deputy just for the simple reason of getting Matia in again. Peace.