Opinion: Nancy Kalembe, a reality star aiming for the highest office

The favourite daughter of residential district commander (RDC) Patrick Bageya is now seeking the highest office of the Republic. This is Nancy Kalembe, the former Miss Uganda contestant and Miss Sanyu FM. Who participated for 10 weeks at The African Apprentice in 2014.

The businesswoman, the entrepreneur who is running two companies. This being the CEO of Mbalimbali Limited and Spring Clean Limited. So she has leadership experience, but she also have an inkling for the pedestal and being in the spotlight.

If that wasn’t true, she wouldn’t join beauty competitions and participate in the Apprentice. Kalembe has also an news anchor on UBC. For the moment what she is working in and doing is trading jam.

Nothing wrong with trading jam, nothing wrong with her past in the media, reality TV, but it shows something. Also comments about her leadership skills at the Apprentice isn’t flattering. You can easily find commentary about her style and its not singing psalms to the heavens.

We know she has made headlines before, not only that she got proposed to ended up in New Vision, but also that she could swim. We can wonder if these sorts of things will happen now too.

Kalembe now how to stir interest, but will she have a platform or candidacy worth the highest office?

If she would be sincere about herself and anything else. Maybe go for Local Councillor or become a Member of Parliament (MP). I have said that about other Presidential Candidates too. Since, they have no clear mandate, nor any visible popularity.

Nancy is known. She has been in the headlines. As a reality star and Miss Uganda Contestant. However, her political career have been non-existent. At least in the press with headlines like “Nancy can swim!”. That is not a joke, but a reality she was living in.

That is why its a spectacle that she stands as a candidate. Not even aspiring for offices to represent locally or in Parliament. Nancy aims at the top and that without a machinery behind her.

Maybe she hopes this will last longer then the T-E-N weeks on the Apprentice. Peace.

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