Burundi: Rumours of high ranking cases of COVID-19

When a Republic like Burundi kept on pushing the envelope and hold campaign rallies in the midst of a global pandemic. As the COVID-19 and Coronavirus outbreak hit internationally and also the Republic. It is weird that the state didn’t take any steps nor measure to contain it. This is why today is heartbreaking, because this could have been avoided to a certain extent. However, the late President bravado and self-belief was this ego could conquer this with the help of God. Apparently, God didn’t answer his prayers nor his faith in him. Since the fate of in-action and scrupulous acts were fatal.

Just as the alleged COVID-19 case of the late President Pierre Nkurunziza. There are reports that Evariste Ndayishimiye, the President-Elect is in the ICU at the Hospital with the illness. The mother of President Nkurunziza, Domitillie Minani, has passed on due to the disease at a hospital in Ngozi. A sister of the President is also in the ICU. ‎Pascal Nyabenda, the Speaker of the National Assembly and Interim President until 20th August 2020 is also in a hospital because of the disease. The Speaker and President-Elect is both admitted to the Bumureki Hospital in Bujumbura. They have already tested positive for COVID-19 or the coronavirus. That is the alleged rumours on this for now.

This is all alleged, not yet verified as the CNDD-FDD and the authorities are keeping facts to their chest. Something they are known for and withholding information isn’t new. Especially, when all the big-men and their families are involved. This is not only the President’s fate, but his family. After that its his close associates and successor were talking about. That is why they are so mum about it all.

If the high ranking officials and the first family of Nkurunziza is hit so hard. What does that say about the rest of Republic? What sort of levels or amount cases are there now?

Since the start of the global pandemic, the Burundian government didn’t purchase or procure testing kits even for it. They were not in the loop or concerned about in the end of March 2020. Therefore, the lack of testing in combination with no social distancing. Might have produced a gap and also uncertain amount cases. As the backlog in combination of mismanagement from the top. Which wasn’t steering into this, as everything was a go and nothing was supposed to stop.

The Supreme Leader of Patriotism and Eternal Guide said so. That is why everything went aloof and nothing was done. They were just praying and hoping for the best. Because, that is how you solve a crisis of a pandemic.

What we are seeing is a free-for-all created from the top. The man leading is gone. His interim successor is in ICU and the successor is also in the ICU. With that in mind its a hectic days ahead. Especially if anyone of these succumbs to the disease as well. The state is already downplaying the First Lady Denise Nkurunziza. The state isn’t official about the others either. Even as the reports of the death of mother is trickling in.

The COVID-19 Crisis in Burundi is real. The state, the President and everyone involved with him is to blame. They didn’t do their job and the result is his demise with others. As they could get the experts intelligence and wisdom. However, they made he WHO Experts “Person Non Grata” and banished them.

The gig is up and the dumb-foolery got to stop. There are lives at stake and instability to be created by these fluid changes. Even as horrific, brutal and destructive the reign of the Nkurunziza was. Still, this sort of affair is tragic, because this could have been avoided. However, that wasn’t in him. He wouldn’t let it happen, as he knew better than doctors and experts. That is who the President was and he went from being a militia leader to President to dead of COVID. He could beat a civil war, but he couldn’t challenge the invisible enemy Coronavirus. Peace.

Opinion: Appointing Museveni to mediate anywhere, was bound to go nowhere!

The situation in Burundi, just like the one in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan can’t be dealt with overnight. Anybody expecting a quick fix is dreaming” – Dr. Okello Oryem

Recently during this week, the Minister of State for International Affairs Okello Oryem has said this. It is very revealing of the arrogance and the stature of the talks, the dialogue and the works done by the Ugandans in the conflicts where the East African Community (EAC) has appointed President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to be the mediator. I never had faith in Museveni and to this day, I haven’t been wrong about that. Nothing has changed in South Sudan or Burundi, where Museveni is suppose to help changing it and get into a peaceful process. Instead it is more and more volatile.

What the grandest problem with having Museveni as mediator in South Sudan, is that his army is delivering weapons and ammunitions to the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, the SPLA and the SPLM/A-IG. They are serving the government with weapons and the technical training, while they are supposed to be there and secure the negotiations to a peaceful place. That is playing with fire and expecting to have the ability to drown it too. Your providing the opportunity for the government to continue to battle the opposition, while being a party at the table negotiating the possible peace agreement. That sounds like a bad mix of sources and interests at play. Museveni should clearly, just be a weapon brother and not a mediator. Someone who isn’t involved in delivering weapons to South Sudan, should mediate and not someone who serves guns to President Salva Kiir Mayardit. That is just wrong and has self interests in prolonging the conflict. He get to trade more weapons and ammo to the government there.

While in Burundi, the Inter-Burundian Dialogue has been directed by the President. A President that helped his fellow President to return in 2015 after a tried Coup d’etat and demonstrations against his third term. That led into bloodshed and also continued oppression of the dissidents inside Burundi. Where the dialogue haven’t materialized into anything, while the ruling regime has held a new referendum and now secured legality of Pierre Nkurunziza to to rule into 2034. Which is insane, when he entered into power, he was only allowed to have two terms, but he has changed the laws just like Museveni.

President Museveni hasn’t stopped the Burundian President and his control of the dialogue, deciding who could participate and when it could happen. Nkurunziza and his administration has totally muffled the Tanzanian chief talker Mpaka. Therefore, now that he has been part of this since 2015, as the African Union, United Nations and East African Commission have all said Museveni should do this. But they never gave him a proper mandate or done anything if Nkurunziza didn’t listen. They sent some police officers and observers at some point after 2015, but nothing has materialized.

Therefore, seems more like Museveni has been appointed and is lucky to shield his friends. Looking like he makes talks, but stalling for times. While both parties in South Sudan and Burundi are allowed to get rid of opposition, they are allowed to get weapons and use scare tactics to get rid of enemies. While he looks at in sometimes blaze some strong words. But Museveni will not act upon it, as they will do talks in secret and secure that Burundi and South Sudan get what they need. To keep the leadership, which is friendly to Museveni. Not to its people, but loyal to him. So he can be the big-man in East Africa. Peace.

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President Nkurunziza proves to the world that he has the Big-Man complex!

Burundi AMISOM

“Although African villages are often models of democracy, the concentration of power at higher levels across much of the continent feeds the cult of personality and one-man rule” (Chicago Tribune, 2000 – link: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2000-08-28/news/0008280177_1_nigeria-transition-from-military-rule-president-olusegun-obasanjo)

Burundian government are really trying to show strength to their donors and within the foreign affairs. There reports that the Burundian Government thinking of leaving the AMISOM mission because of lacking funds from the European Union to their brigades in the Somalia Peacekeeping mission. Have you heard this before? Yes you have, they have come with the same sort of words when coming to the peacekeeping mission in the MINUSCA in the Central African Republic.

If there is no payment by January, Burundi will recall the more than 5,400 troops from the 22,000-strong regional force protecting Somalia’s weak government from al-Shabab extremist attacks, President Pierre Nkurunziza said” (…) “Burundi’s troops have not been paid allowances for 11 months amid a standoff between Burundi’s government and the EU after the EU accused Burundian authorities of human rights abuses” (New York Times, 30.12.2016).

The Burundian Peacekeepers have come under fire of late, with their neglect and their also past-history as human rights violation at home has come to surface. Therefore the European Union doesn’t want to pay and submit funds to a draconian government that let people vanish, tortured or assassinated. That is within doubt a noble quest, but still hard when the EU doesn’t want to commit to settle battle-torn areas of Central African Republic and the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Because as this action happens as the troublesome Inclusive Inter-Burundian Dialogue is stalled by their questioning of chief negotiator H.E. William Mpaka, the term of President Nkurunziza happens without questions as the Police and even Youth Party Members Imbonerakure are taking away men and woman who has “insulted the President”. That is the law now. So the dialogue between the fractions behind in Burundi where the Opposition is under leach, as it has been since the start of Nkurunziza’s third term. While he today has claimed it is the International Community and the International Mining Corporations fault for the troubles in his country.


Nkurunziza said this today at his press conference:

“The crisis of 2015 was just related to the stakes around the minerals in Burundi. The mandate was just a pretext” (…) “Burundi has given the Waga-Nyabikere mines to the AMS consortium, with Europeans and Americans. But it was not enough” (…) “The Western powers behind the Burundi crisis in 2015 wanted to have the Musongati mining deposit” (…) “With this mining deposit of Musongati, it is not coltan that counts more. But iron and plutonium”(www.bujumburanewsblog.wordpress.com, 30.12.2016).

There might be some who would see it like this, others would say that he countered the constitution and used the courts to run for a sham election, that he won as the intimidation and the spark of violence erupted. There we’re no run for the mill for the mines or international community discussing the values of deposits except for the minor companies’ deals to the Government of Burundi. This is a valid display of trying to wash their hands of blood and blame others. A common strategy of the ones who are sanctioning the acts of atrocities, it isn’t new, it’s like saying it isn’t the drunk driving that is the cause, but the car-manufacture who didn’t have a alcohol lock on the door. The same is what the Burundian President trying to do.

He is blaming the European Union for their non-direct payment to his Government for the provided services in AMISOM mission, as they are trying to shift the funds directly and pay directly to the soldiers. That gives way for the Government to not handle the monies and the EU funds. So they cannot withhold or embezzle funds to other projects as the non-transparent entity of CNDD-FDD; who runs the country with machetes and violence.

Just as you thought that was enough the President continue to put blame on others:

“Kigali : This morning, during a public issue in the province of Rutana (South-East of Burundi), the President of the Republic of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, took it out in Rwanda” (…) “According to SOS Médias Burundi, President Pierre Nkurunziza said that the “Burundi has never represented a threat to the security of Rwanda” and has “called the Rwandans to stop disrupting the safety in Burundi.” (Rwanda News Agency, 30.12.2016).

Early in 2016 the authorities of Burundi claimed that Rwandese guerrillas we’re trained in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo we’re coming in 2015 to have a coup d’état to oust President Nkurunziza. This was dined by the Rwandan Government at the time and they also offered to expel the Burundian Refugees if this sentiment continued. Still, after all that and a month after Nkurunziza continues to blame the Rwandese for interference. As even close connected to the government have had to flee.

We can now see that President Nkurunziza tries to show power and be grand. Be big and ambitious; try to show the European Union and the neighbours to show that he is the man. As his reputation and his holding abroad is shrinking as much as the donors and funds are also becoming meagre.

Nkurunziza is under-fire and righteously so after the fraudulent attempt of controlling the republic and taking a third term. Now he is speaking of a fourth term with ease and saying if “people want me too”. Just like he learned from President Museveni and others who has done the same trick; because they think with fear they can install themselves forever in power.

Even if he pulls the Burundian brigades from AMISOM and MUNISCA he still needs foreign exchange and other donor funds. The concern for the Nkurunziza should be to mend the fences and try to be nice, but that isn’t his character as he uses youths to scare the population and take the people who doesn’t follow his party line. Therefore people are fleeing and staying in refugee camps in Rwanda, Tanzania and the DRC.

The world shouldn’t give in to the threats of Nkurunziza as he thinks he can outsmart the AMISOM. The Big-Man complex comes to the surface and also to world. That he is the one-man to rule and to control the republic without interference. If the world is getting involved it has to be on his accord. Not on somebody else, it’s his watch and his words that matters. That the EU is trying to avoid paying the government is a disgrace to Nkurunziza and that Kagame is threat is known. So the response should be with caution and with knowledge of this. The International Community should be worried and know that CNDD-FDD are not a democratic party, but a front for a centralized and militarized government who only cares for ruler, that he can rule by all means. Peace.  

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