The Calvary tools up; They cut off roads to Kasangati and make sure that Besigye does not attend the victory celebration at Nakivubo today!

Kasangati 09.04.2016

It just had to happen Today! The day of celebration, the day that the Opposition leaders around Kampala and Wakiso were to celebrate at Nakivubo Primary School or Nakivubo Settlement P.S. with special attendance from the FDC Presidential Candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago of Kampala City. But, hey IGP Kayihura have to show his friendly mercy to man.

As the organizers had followed the Public Order Management Act and sent the information with time, place and who was expected to be in attendance also reassuring about the stance of only one “Meeting” their at the time, not colliding with anything. So the proper authorities were respected and the laws were followed by the FDC and their winners in this regard.

Kasangati 09.04.2016 P2

Still the Police and DPC of Kasangati had to go use a Preventative Arrest strategy of cutting of the roads to Kasangati and Kampala with a giant new Roadblock to make sure that Dr. Kizza Besigye does not attend the Opposition Victory celebration.

So the Uganda Police Force and the Government continues to stifle him and not make him have an ordinary political life or even living as a person, so the freedom and the liberty of him is not there.

UPF Road to Kasangati 09.04.2016

I am sure that Police are using only subsection 9 of the POMA:

“(1) The police shall be responsible for preserving law and order before, during and after a public meeting”.

Kasangati 09.04 P1

The Police had to take-in and drag-in, pardon me tow-in the car Reg no. UAW 616W that Ingrid Turinawe was we’re travelling in with and is now taken to Kasangati police station; because they couldn’t help themselves.

Ingrid Car 09.04.

This is the grand gesture of the Police since they cannot and the ruling party cannot accept the truth or the concern of the opposition leader, as they have blatantly keep him under siege and house-arrest since Mid-February.

Kasangati 09.04.2016 P3

They said they would leave, but doing this when they have been more steady and active. As the visible signs of today, Don Museveni and his tribe can do as they please with no-sense of justice for the rest. Epitome of that principal is Dr. Kizza Besigye and his opposition Party Officials and Opposition Parties in general as they play in his playground and therefore can get silenced by any means. Peace.

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