Gogonyo County By-Election: Return Form for Transmission of Results (11.08.2022)

Updates from Gogonyo County and Bukimbiri County By-Elections

Today is the day of the polls in the by-elections that is running simultaneously. Gogonyo County in Pallisa district is sort of over before the polls. As there are no real opposition or candidates against the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Flag-Bearer. This is why the real score is on the Bukimbiri County By-Elections in Kisoro district.

The Gogonyo County has had low voter turnout and it’s really an uninteresting affair. The only bothersome thing is that the Electoral Commission didn’t change the ballots after the withdrawal of candidates. So, the Polling agents has to enlighten the voters about if they vote for any of the candidates who pulled out. Their ballots becomes invalided one and will be counted as a spoilt one. Instead of casting a vote that really matters…

In Bukimbiri County is a whole other ball-game. There is already reports of abductions and arrests of the polling agents of the independent candidate, Asigaro Turyagendya. They are now detained at various of police stations. In addition to that… A team led by the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Minister Sarah Mateke and Moses Kamuntu is traversing the county arresting the polling agents and supporters of Asigaro Turyagendya. So, the acts of Soroti East has come to Kisoro for sure.

It is also reported: “Voters in Bukimbiri County By-election are being given between 2000 and 5000 Ugandan shillings to vote either Asigario Turyagenda (independent) or Eddie Kwizera (NRM). This has led to physical fights” (Voice of Muhabura FM, 11.08.2022).

The amount of voters in Bukimbiri is said to be moderate. While drones and heavy security detail in the district. As reported earlier there are alleged voting bribery in the district. However, it is also stated that there have been ballot stuffing going on in Nyanamo Town Council. The source for this was Julius Nkunda from the Voice of Muhabura FM.

We can assess the circumstances here and the outcome is most likely a resounding victory for the NRM. Not because they have the best candidates or the flag-bearers. No, because they have rigged the elections and ensured safe-landing for their anointed ones. They have invested, intimidated and bribed to make it happen. It is just formalities and awaiting the Return Form for Transmission of Results.

Derrick Orone (Gogonyo County) and Eddie Kwizera (Bukimbiri County) is scheduled to be sworn-in and be the next MPs of the 11th Parliament. To think otherwise and naive. This is why the population isn’t eager to show up or participate. Because, everyone knows the drill and it’s close to pointless or derivative at this point. When everyone knows what will go down and who will be announced.

The rest is just publicity, smack-daddy posturing and open blindfolding of the population. Hoping they don’t understand the gimmicks and the games. These weren’t elected MPs, but selected ones. The NRM didn’t need to do much, but they did enough to secure the poll position. That’s very obvious. Yet, another few hallow “victories” for the Movement.

It can celebrate, but everyone knows what’s up and the reality will sooner or later hit them. They cannot do this forever and the public will not accept either. They are made fools off and everyone knows. Peace.

Gogonyo County By-Election: The NRM is soon winning on “walk-over” here…

The NUP candidate Mr Joseph Okoboi Opolot announced in a press release dated August 7 that he is pulling out of the race in the forthcoming by-election of Gogonyo County in Palisa District. A few days ago, FDC withdrew its candidate in favour of NUP. NRM’s candidate Orone Derrick who has been the incumbent MP is almost unopposed with the withdrawal of his major rivals” (Emmanuel Busingye – ‘BREAKING: NUP Gogonyo candidate bows out of race’ 07.08.2022, Ekyooto.co.uk).

The 11th August 2022 can just appear in Gogonyo County By-Election, by all means the results are already appearing and announcement is pure victory of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Some are already saying that the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) shouldn’t have trusted the National Unity Platform (NUP). However, it wasn’t long ago that the FDC barely could have a candidate in the Omoro By-Election after the NRM pulled a similar stunt on their first candidate there. So, the FDC should know this game and understand the trickery that the NRM is pulling.

It is tragic that this is happening in Palisa district. The election is now barren and close to pointless. The NRM is as close as running unopposed and has no real competition. The NRM could just be sworn-in and be a part of the 11th Parliament now. Especially after the late pull-out of the NUP Flag-bearer.

The joint candidacy of the opposition is meant as a good way of organizing the campaigns and strengthen the parties ahead of the polls. Since, the NRM uses the state machinery and the authorities to ensure victory. The elections are hallow and so barren of democratic principals. That the idea is well founded and shows unity. Alas, it also has a backside when the NRM and the authorities are able to corrupt their candidates.

The FDC saw what happened with the self-abducted original flag-bearer in the Omoro County By-Election. So, let us not forget about the tales of Denis Dickson Owani this quickly. Just as he “escaped” and the FDC was able to field a substitute. The authorities and the NRM was able to pull this off much later… which means the NUP and FDC isn’t capable of replacing Opolot either. That’s the tragic thing here.

The NUP is at fault to not ensure total loyalty to the cause and that he would properly stand for election. However, the same greed that ate Owani has now corrupted Opolot. That is the gist of it here.

That gives way for Derrick Orone who is contesting for the same seat for the second time in two years and this time around he has practically no real competition. This means that this By-Election is already cooked and ready to be served. Peace.

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