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Opinion: Khan lost after challenging the opposition

The Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan lost the “No confidence” vote in Parliament yesterday. Which happens after his sided with China and Russia of late. The PM have been in power since the August 2018 election. Meaning Khan’s reign lasted nearly 4 out of the 5 year term.

Khan like any other PM in Pakistan’s history he couldn’t rule out a full term. The act of no confidence and him leaving the Prime Minister’s house as well.

After last nights vote. There is more turmoil in Pakistan. The Speaker and Deputy of the National Assembly did resign from their posts. It’s also put a “high alert” on all international airports of Pakistan and no government official is allowed to leave to Republic. Meaning the tensions are high and we should be worried about the outcome.

Khan has said he lost after foreign interference. That means that the National Assembly is all “bought” and “puppets” of the Americans or whoever that is behind this interference. That is a challenging quest to prove. As they are elected as Khan was too.

Khan has said the “Opposition” will install a “Foreign Meddled” government in his stead. By saying his… his initially stating their funded and directed from foreign powers. That is a dangerous sentiment and says the opposition has no agency of their own. While he can easily gain support and solidarity from Moscow or Beijing. That just says it all…

Just like Khan could seek support from Russia and China. The opposition could seek report from Washington D.C. that is the gist of it. Yes, he can claim foreign meddling into this, but it was internally it happened and after the Supreme Court ordered the “No confidence” vote too.

Also, a man that tries to dissolve a National Assembly and a Parliament better have legit reasons to do so. He better come equipped and have the popularity behind him. It is a risk politically to do that and that’s why he lost in the Supreme Court. Which gave way for the “No Confidence” vote.

Maybe, Khan felt invisible or to confident for his own making. The move to make himself a “care-taker” PM and dissolve the Parliament was a risky move, which backfired in the courts. That’s why yesterday’s vote was significant.

When you play a high stakes game, you better come prepared and ready. Especially, when you malign or try to even outmanoeuvre your opposition. Khan should have done more and tried to sway the opinion. In addition, if he believed the Anti-American sentiments to be strong or a viable cause to take. He should have sought after that first, before trying to dissolve or stop the National Assembly. However, that is something you can only say in hindsight.

Khan may believe he will get a new majority and control of the National Assembly in the next election. That’s why his taking it easy and is cautious now. He believes he will come out on top again and will be strengthen too. Because, he in his mind proved the opposition is “foreign” meddling representatives in Parliament. Nevertheless, that is not proven and is only his allegations for now.

Khan lost now… but maybe not forever. He can return and even gain more strength. Khan was lethal and smart in the opposition. That’s why this position can galvanize him again. Who knows… but don’t expect that man to give up and lay down. His waiting to hit another wicket and win this match yet again. Peace.

Opinion: Some says War has returned to Europe [and I say it was exported but now came home to roost]

It been a long time since the Yugoslavian war in the 1990s. That was the last big-war and conflict, which the world powers came into play and fought on separate sides. As all the Slavic people of region fought for their statehood and such. Which in the end has ended up on in several of independent nations, but has since then been at peace.

Alas, there haven’t been a moment where the European powers haven’t been involved or participated elsewhere since then. They have either done that by proxy, by exporting military weapons or equipment or themselves participated in North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operations or invasion. If not, it has directly invaded or made itself impose it’s power onto a nation. Therefore, it has never ceased to use weapons and war. The only difference, it has happen far away and for other means.

The United States has supported wars, been the main aggressor or the initiator in several of conflicts. While United Kingdom has participated directly too. Other European nations has been parts of coalition of a willing. Therefore, we know they are willing wage war and has done so too. This been done over years and the conflict ever ceasing. Even after they are leaving. The parties are still unresolved and the conflicts persist.

So, when I hear again and again that the war returned to Europe. I am saying “yes it did, but it was already here”. What I mean by that… the Europeans has exported the wars. They have supported proxies, which has fought their wars. Europeans has sent brigades, operative armies elsewhere and done warfare. This being as part of United Nations Peacekeeping Missions or directly work for own interests in former colonies.

That’s why the European nations haven’t been all peaceful. They have used arms, weapons and military equipment all across the globe. They have traded and earned profits on wars. This has been done and these wars has only been bylines or parts of bulletins in the tabloids. While bloodshed, massacres and whatnot happens in these conflicts. That is just what’s going on. If it is in Yemen, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo or in the Central African Republic. These things can be prolonged and the conflict is a very valuable commodity. A commodity and a business, which is a never ending ride of profits, both in weaponry and resources, which becomes easily accessible when you have the right leader serving any given territory. Therefore, these sorts of moves has happened and the West has gladly joined the ride.

This is why the powers of the West, United States and others has supported the end of certain leaders. In such a fashion, that it get rid of a popular leader who intends to nationalize or reform the mineral extraction industries and instead get a puppet regime there. While using armies and support to keep it up. A war for the interests of the West and not for the nation at hand. Just like it accepted to use illegal means to overthrow Morales in Bolivia. That sort of play fitted the U.S. and Washington D.C. and it could have been much more bloody. However, that’s how it does it and we cannot deny this fact in 2022.

Yes, Russia’s imperialism in Ukraine is wrong. Nevertheless, that doesn’t justify the imperialism of United States or any of it’s NATO allies either. What the USA did in Iraq or Afghanistan should be addressed. Just like whatever war-crimes that all parties have possibly done in Syria. The same can be said about the parties involved Yemen or Ethiopia for that matter. All war-crimes should be punishable and be investigated by the same International Court. Not just go after Russia now. The other nations and the leadership of that time should be held accountable. That is only fair.

So, when saying all this. African Union has worked for a few years now to “silence the guns” which is an ideal programme. No matter how faulty and weak the AU is an organization. How the AU as an entity tends to favour tyrants and dictators, instead of the will of the people. Still, the ideals of that programme is something the European Union and United States should look into themselves. As it is a set of ethics, which could inspire them to think about the consequences of it’s actions elsewhere.

Right now it is justified to enlarge military budgets, expand spending on upgrading the military equipment and vehicles, ensure you have a decent air-force and whatnot. When the war-drums are happening so close to your own shores. It only makes sense, as the borders and the length of distance to Ukraine set the parameter of action of own self-defence. However, Europe has participated and been acting in accordance with war. Just not on their shores or in the near borders of own capitals. It hasn’t gotten close to comfort. Neither has the consequences of it or the ramifications of a war. No, that has been held at a distance…

Now, the conflicts of Europe is coming home. The weapons exports is happening to far-away hinterland or to any of their allies world-wide. Therefore, this war is more consuming to the West. Since, it involves them all and it’s a worry of escalation. Also, if Russia want to further it’s borders and annex even more countries after Ukraine. That is unknown and uncharted territory of Europe in this day and age. They have accepted and participated in conflicts outside of their home-bound regions. But now it’s happening there and it makes things more edgy.

That’s why people are speaking of the wars are coming home. I will say they were always here. That’s why we was busy making advanced weapons, exporting ammunition and selling artillery across the world. While also either being part or being parties in conflicts across the world after the 1990s Yugoslavian war.

There is time to recognize this and acknowledge this. Because, if we don’t, we are hypocrites and people who don’t reflect on our own actions. My own home country has exported weapons and participated in NATO missions across the world, which has inflicted insufferable damage and destruction. This is why we cannot act like we didn’t wage war or had no say in it. Our nations and participation had consequences, which is felt today in Libya and Afghanistan. These sorts of acts shouldn’t be forgotten. It is the act of cruelty to forget that… and we can’t if we are honest.

The wars wasn’t in Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Rome or in Warsaw, but we never know our future. Yesterday it was in Kabul and Baghdad. Now it is hitting Kyiv and we should stand in solidarity with Ukraine. However, at the same time, we need to reflect on the policies and actions, which lead the West and U.S. into similar conflicts anywhere else. Peace.

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