Opinion: There is no reason to re-elect Odonga Otto

Just let me say this about tearing papers in Parliament. I have no regrets whatsoever for doing what I did. The only regrets I have in relation to the event of tearing or destroying papers in Parliament is that I should have eaten those torn papers, If I had a second chance, I would have eaten and swallowed them so that it goes into the Guinness book of Records. I am a no nonsense person. I did that very deliberately and I have no regrets”Odonga Otto MP (August 2013).

There should be more to say about Odonga Otto. The man who has been a Member of Parliament for over 2 decades. He has served in the Aruu County for 20 years and lost in 2021. A man of town should have more to show for himself. However, there is little to none and that’s just tragic.

It is not like your thinking of a brilliant, smart or hard-working legislator when you think of the likes of Odonga Otto. No, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leaning politician instead joined the political organizations, the Uganda Economic Party (UEP) ahead of the 2021 elections.

I am sure he made better scores of his pool games than his actual work at the Parliament. As over the years… I cannot remember him doing anything significant. Yes, he has been arrested several of times. Like he was arrested for participating in demonstrations against the land grab in Amuru district and Apaa village. So, it is not like he haven’t had his issues and that because he has taken a stance against the regime. However, there still haven’t been ever whining MP.

That’s why the By-Election of Aruu County should be about other candidates and not Odonga Otto. This OO has had his time and he wasted it. Not that I want a Movement MP from the County, but this man will not do any favours. It will be a lot of headlines and noise. However, nothing substantial has been served and neither any legislation worth mentioning.

In 2020 when he left the FDC he said this: “Many people have not yet reached the level where they see Opposition as those that check the ruling government when it is not doing enough for the people. My being in FDC was blocking me from many opportunities” (Odonga, August 2020).

Clearly, him leaving the FDC didn’t help his campaign or his ability to get into the Parliament. As a man who had been a legislator for 20 years. He should have the support and the love of his county. However, the MP is clearly out of his league and in an up-coming by-election. Not expect him to win or be a viable candidate. He has already lost earlier in this year. So, expect him to loose again.

The Aruu County should get rid of him. His all talk and no action. Only for the publicity and be like a commoner, but he isn’t delivering anything. Why have a man like this in your ranks? Why have a man like this to represent you? When you can have someone who actually cares and possibly would serve the county. That would try to legislate or even produce something, which can make a difference.

Odonga Otto isn’t a vibrant or a personality. Neither is he a charismatic leader. No, his just another one and he has shown what he does. Which isn’t much. He has opposed and been dissenting. As an MP has been vocal and direct, arrested and detained. However, he has not tried or used his terms in office to build anything.

That’s why he should reside to play pool and act like commoner on these here streets. His not bound to return. Unless, people vote him on a familiar name and hope he will change after losing earlier this year. That isn’t a viable idea and is flawed from the get-go.

This man has had his time and he spoiled it. Why give him another chance? So he can waste more time and money? Isn’t it better to see if some new-blood and a new character maybe amount to something? You have nothing to loose. Because, this gig is up. Peace.

The Return Form for the By-Election of Aruu North/Pader District – MP (06.04.2017)

Uganda: Programme for the By-election of Directly Elected Member of parliament for Aruu North county,Pader District (13.02.2017)


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