Ethiopia: FDRE Government Communication Service – 74 trucks carrying food items and fuel are on their way from Afar, Semera to Tigray, Mekelle (23.04.2022)

Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – Regarding the Ongoing Military Operation in Oromia, and Audio Conversation between Jaal Marroo and Jaal Sanyii (22.04.2022)

Ethiopia: United Front of Ethiopian Federalist and Confederalist Forces (UFEFCF) – Denouncing the intensified war waged by the Abiy Ahmed regime and its allies in Oromia (22.04.2022)

Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – The Oromo Liberation Front statement on the Invasion of Wallo Oromo Civilians by the Government of PP and the Amhara Regional State (21.04.2022)

Ethiopia: The Government of National Regional State of Tigray – Open letter from the Government of Tigray to the Secretary General of the United Nations (20.04.2022)

Ethiopia: Oromo Legacy Leadership and Advocacy Association (OLLAA) – Amhara Militias (FANO) Launch attack against Civilians in the Wollo Oromia Special Zone (19.04.2022)

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