Joint Statement of Afar Liberation Front Party (ALFP) and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) on current Political Situation of Ethiopia (28.03.2018)


The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front/ Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (TPLF/ EPRDF) regime of Ethiopia is in a futile attempt to breathe life in to its dying regime. The regime is trying to do everything possible to restore their supremacy destabilised by popular struggle for freedom and democracy. Under auspices of the state of emergency, the regime’s armed forces assassinate, kidnap and mistreat innocent civilians. In an aim to divert the attention of the peoples from the current crises in the country and deter them from continuing wide spread protests, the regime is trying to sow seeds of mistrust among century long lived brotherly nations. It is in our recent memory that the TPLF/ EPRDF has instigated conflict between Oromo and Ogaden Somalis that costed many lives and displaced a million from both sides. The TPLF/ EPRDF regime committed and will continue to commit such heinous crime against humanity on a regular basis. The Afar Liberation Front Party (ALFP) and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) noted the recent attempt of the EPRDF force camouflaging itself in eastern and northeast border between Oromia and Afar regions in attacking peaceful civilians on both sides. This recent act of TPLF/EPRDF that was witnessed by local peoples is a direct replica of the drama which they were playing to instigate war among other nations and nationalities throughout the country.

Ethiopian regime has been doing every means possible to divide nations and nationalities in Ethiopia to weaken their liberation struggle for freedom, peace and democracy. To execute its diabolical objectives it is using all means to divide and rule. Both ALFP and OLF strongly condemn and vigorously fight all fiendish attempts that target the unity of both peoples. Both organizations reaffirm their commitment to fight any tendency that weakens both people’s unity.

Hence, the ALFP and OLF want to make the Afar, Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia to be aware of the intended evil plan of TPLF/EPRDF regime. This dying regime is desperate that it cannot refrain itself from doing all kinds of crime to stay in power.

We ask the international community to a pressure upon TPLF/EPRDF regime instead of replicating conflicts to find all-inclusive solution that enable the empowerment of peoples.

Finally, we call the Afar, the Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia to be vigilant and cooperate in solving peacefully any conflict that the TPLF/EPRDF instigates among them. We also call all political organisations to play a major role in making peoples aware of these anti-brotherly relations of TPLF and struggle in unison to remove this brutal regime from power.

Peace shall prevail!!


28 March 2018

ODF Statement on the election of Dr. Abiy Ahmed as Chairman of Ethiopia’s ruling party (28.03.2018)

Ethiopia: Dr. Abiy Ahmed have a long walk ahead!

A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones”Nelson Mandela

On the 15th February 2018 on National Television, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned as Chairman of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF) and also Prime Minister. This happen as sudden swift action, caught many by surprise. Since then the state has re-issued new restrictions and a new State of Emergency, where the state oppress the regions of Oromia and Amhara especially.

Therefore, now after 40 days and long meetings for the Council of Ministers, they have no been able to pick a candidate, the one who become the official chairman of the EPRDF to day is the leader of Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) Dr. Abiy Ahmed. He was elected the chairman of the party, just this 23rd February 2018. So, the rise has gone quickly and seemingly smooth for the 41 year old politician.

Addis Standard reports: “Update: Dr. Abiy Ahmed secured 108 of the 180 and came out the clear winner. The current Deputy PM Demeke Mekonnen, chairman of the ANDM, will remain in his position as deputy Prime Minister” (Addis Standard, 27.03.2018). So we can expect that he stays as deputy in the time coming. So the coalition still has different parties between the various post.

Fana BC Reports: “Addis Ababa, March 27, 2018 (FBC) – The Council of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) today elected Dr Abiy Ahmed as Chairperson of the Front. Demeke Mekonnen was elected Deputy Chairperson of EPRDF. The Council concluded the meeting it has been conducting since March 20, 2018” (Fana Broadcasting Company – ‘Dr Abiy Ahmed elected Chairperson of EPRDF’, 27.03.2018). What they are saying they needed 7 days or a week to vote for the future Chairman and also Prime Minister. They also waited 33 days before starting to have the Council of Ministers to decide the matter. Therefore, you cannot say the EPDRF isn’t careful and thorough on the matter.

This is not a clean slate, but for some a fig of hope, though I am skeptic, since the EPRDF has been a Woyane and a Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) infused government, where their needs has come first. That is why the oppression, the arrests and the killings has happen on their fields and town. With the sieges and the skirmishes to stop people from protesting the state. Therefore, OPDO chairman and now chairman of EPRDF needs time, but also hope. Because, it is a tricky road ahead. As the Command Post and the army are going-in on the population. Not creating peace, but havoc.

Jawar Mohammed put its very nicely: “Congratulation Dr Abiy Ahmed. You have ascended to the helm of power at the most critical time in the country’s history. To save country from the current dangerous crisis immediate task ahead;

1) Start dialogue with opposition to pave roadmap towards democratic transition immediately

2) Lift the illegal state of emergency

3) Release all political prisoners

4) Reform the security sector to reflect diversity of the country

I wish you Good Luck!” (Jawar Mohammed, 27.03.2018).

This here, what Jawar is writing and wishing for the chairman to focus on reconciliation and not further oppression against the civilians. That is what the state is doing right now, with the detaining of writers, journalists, bloggers, activists and politicians. All political prisoners, as well as the wounded and the killings. That has been all done in the favors of the TPLF. The other parties have idly looked by and let it happen.

So thinks this might settle the score with the oppression and stops the protest. Because the EPRDF have picked a Oromo to be the Chairman. It is nice gesture and token of respect, but the means on the ground, the violations and the hurt is still there. The lack of tolerance and the lack of building bridges is the reason for the outcome these days. That the TPLF is eating and taken advantage, while the other groups are left to play second fiddle.

There has to substantial changes to stop the protests in the regions. The EPRDF has to show signs, like they did in the days ahead of the resignation of the previous Prime Minister. Now, there is nothing, except for his ethnic background. But that will not matter if Oromia are burning and people are fleeing the army, like they have done during the recent 40 days.

There is need for progress and change, swift change, since the government are stifling own citizens and their own voices. This was an internal change and we could see how the new chairman of the EPRDF has gone up the ranks, first in his first party after the resignation and now he has been voted in the coalition too. Dr. Abiy Ahmed, has a long road to walk. This will not be easy, he has many pieces to play and uncertain how he will handle it.

He could be a puppet to the TPLF like his predecessor or his own man. Time will tell, but the protest will not unsubscribe because of his ethnic background, they will stop when the state acts right. Not like now, when it acts wrong.

The trust between the Woyane and where the provinces where the protests are is lacking, but is because of the years of oppression and violence. The TPLF has to understand that, they cannot get away with it and the Oromo will continue to block trade-routes, block oil-transports from Djibouti and so on. To hurt the Central Government, therefore, the new leader need to have dialogue and not send guns to the provinces. There is a need for change of methods and change of ways to handle this. So that all parts can feel involved and take parts of the decisions. Not just one group on top.

Therefore, I fear that Dr. Abiy Ahmed might just be a new puppet. But I hope I am wrong. Peace.

Ethiopia: Desperation hits the TPLF as they are detaining more political prisoners again!

Just as the releases has appeared, today and yesterday the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front with their State of Emergency and Command Post. Has again started to arrest both opposition leaders and activists. In both Oromia and in Amhara.

Also, just days ago, the state arrested again Seyoum Teshome, since the journalist is such a man, that the state fares his written word. That it might infest the public with hope and not despair.

In Bahir Dir, the state has arrested 19 political activists, because they we’re planning to form a political party, that is illegal by the State of Emergency, because all political activity is suspended. Except for the Central Government, that has for days struggled to find the next Prime Minister, as the Council of Minsters hasn’t been able to find anyone suitable or one that can be a puppet Prime Minister for the TPLF government.

In Addis Ababa. Eskinder Nega, Zelalem Workagegnehu, Temesgen Desalegn, Befeqadu Hailu, Mahlet Fantahun, Andualem Aragie, Adisu Getaneh, Woynishet Molla, Yidnekachew Addis, Fekadu Mahtemework and Tefera Tesfaye.

The reason for this that is leaked for the arrests in Addis was this: “Update: Police undergoing investigation, accused Temesgen Desalegn of killing attempt on Police officers. Police also inquired Temesgen why they haven’t requested permission to have gathering: Temesgen in response, there is no need to do that for a private gathering” (Ethiopian Press, 25.03.2018).

These arrest is happening, while the EPRDF has planned to publish more motivational quotes online, just to build up the spirit of the people. While there are detaining the voices of the people. Its is a miss-match of what they want to accomplish. Since they are not building fruitful changes, but just oppressing the people even more. Just like they did in the past. They are not trying to move forward. More going backwards, with some motivational quotes online.

Just to prove how foolish the EPRDF is this days, the state broadcaster Fana stated this yesterday: “In yesterday’s session, it also discussed on ways to address these challenges and bring about better understanding among the parties. The Council also underscored the need to protect the federal system from any threat, the statement added” (FANA BC – ‘EPRDF Council continued its meeting with sense of unity: Office’ 24.03.2018).

So because of the threat they see, they are now re-arresting the activists, writers and opposition leaders. Because they cannot do anything else.

We know now the State of Emergency is really making the state insane, they are fearing people meeting up together. Just like they have put the aggressive rules, and we know that if it is in the provinces, it is dangerous to even crash on motorcycles like in Moyale. This state makes everything spiral into a crisis. Instead of fixing things, they are creating new wounds and new battles. Not talking, not finding solutions, but silencing and oppressing the people.

That is why there are people who are dissenting in Oromia and Amhara, they are tired of being muffled by this regime, the Woyane, who doesn’t listen, but only shoots or detains. Peace.

Ethiopia: Wrongly blame Eritrea, its all self-destruction mode from the TPLF!

Reading in the recent hours that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) have started to blame the old adversary Eritrea. There has been skirmishes during the recent years, just like Eritrea has annexed land from Djibouti. Therefore, if it was true, it would be believable. However, I doubt that Eritrea is the reason behind the demonstrations and the protests in Oromia. That is lie from the Command Post Secretariat. They have to walk on water like Jesus before I believe that.

The TPLF and Aghazi squad is the one that is creating trouble on the Horn of Africa. The TPLF and the military forces in the provinces of Amhara and Oromia is the troublemaker. They don’t need forces from abroad to create chaos. They have done it perfectly well on their own. That is proven with the massacre in Moyale. Where total of 8500 approximately fled to Kenya. Therefore, it is not like the State of Emergency and the use of military force against civilians isn’t showing consequences across the border.

To blame this instance the Eritrean Government is a deception, as the matter in hand and the occupation troops are their own. They are the ones shooting, killing and detaining own citizens. Who is peacefully protesting, like the gasoline strike in Oromia this week. That has stopped convoys of petroleum to reach Ethiopia and the hurting of the economy that does. This is because their voice is not heard and if the security agents thinks something is happening. Like a motorcycle accident, it can turn into a massacre like in Moyale. We cannot have faith in this sort of government. Where they raid homes, throw tear-gas and kill kids who are parts protest. That has happen again and again. They don’t need outside sources for their troubles.

While Ethiopia is blaming Eritrea for the State of Emergency, they are the ones sanctioning and punishing their own public. They are using military seizure of towns, road-blocks and threats. They are limiting the voices and expressions. They are using all means to silence the ones speaking against the TPLF and EPRDF. They are pulling a blind eye on the ill-will of themselves. While not asking themselves, why these people are demonstrating in the first place. The greed for power is evident and has been for long.

They are blaming Eritrea, but they should be careful, because they are putting high stakes in Somaliland and you can wonder if they can pay the bills for their arrangements with Djibouti, with the railway and the possible pipeline. This will be proven if the Ethiopian government can carry that too. While the government might also pull strings into Somalia it cannot carry, as the relationship with Djibouti might become fragile. Therefore, the escalation of the protest and the demonstration might cost even more for TPLF.

The TPLF and EPRDF should be careful, but instead they are stirring the pot on the Horn of Africa. They are just missing to piss of Kiir and the Juba government. Saying something about Cattle Rustling from the border region. However, that has not happen, but wouldn’t be surprising. The acts of the EPRDF claiming this about the Eritrean. Is a way of washing their hands of dirt, instead of taking more responsibility for their actions against their own citizens, they claim a foreign power came in a created havoc.

The TPLF should look into itself and pound on the predicament it has put itself in. It is self-destructive, it will create a revolution that it cannot control. That because it didn’t reconcile, that was a decision it made and should regret, but the will to stay power by all means. Has been the way of this government. That is why so many political prisoners been detained, why so many innocent lives been taken by the soldiers and why so many people been hurt by the security agents. That should be shocking, but instead it is just another day in the TPLF era.

You can put blame, but that doesn’t make it real, you can make up stories, but that doesn’t make it true. It would better if you took the blame, used some of the courage of the decrees of shooting on your own population and carried the hurt on your own backs. Instead of deflecting and trying to spin it away. The only think it shows, is that your desperate for legitimacy and for making the ill actions righteous. Which isn’t a good move.

Time to step your game up, TPLF, take the courage, man-up and stand-up for the ills you have put onto others. Just because you want to be in power and rule the whole Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It is time, to swallow your pride and show some mercy, show some accountability and not just blaze the guns. You will just be further and further down the cliff of destruction and fuel a revolution in the provinces, which you cannot hold-on too. Because there isn’t enough of you, but more of them. It is simple math. Peace.

Kenya Red Cross Society Supports Asylum Seekers from Ethiopia, Currently Being Hosted in Moyale (12.03.2018)

Ethiopia: Yesterday, a motorcycle accident became a Massacre in Moyale!

The Command Post Secretariat posted after the massacre, that the foreign terrorist came into Moyale and the Aghazi “mistakenly” killed officially nine people, but some reports are saying over 20 people. Also dozens more hurt with wounds after the military attacked the town.

The start of the killings started like this:

A resident of Moyale town, who is a social worker and community monitor with Danish Refuge Council, told me that the incident occurred when two motorcycles collided on the highway and the two young men riding them started exchanging strong words that turned into a fight and people in the area gathered. Then soldiers in a military vehicle passing through started shooting indiscriminately” (Arefaynie Fantahun, Addis Journal, 10.03.2018).

So a small incident like that started and gave way for a massacre, shows how the State of Emergency is used to take down civilians. These people wasn’t demonstrating, they wasn’t working as a part of the Oromo Protests, these was not Queerroo. They we’re just civilians gathering around two motorcycles. Which shouldn’t be a crime, which shouldn’t be a reason for dying. It shows the mentality of the Woyane, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the EPRDF. They cannot run away from the innocent lives taken on their watch.

Yesterday, is another proof of the ill-will of the government, the acts of oppression and dismissal of liberty, as it is dangerous to even gather around a motorcycle accident. Then the Command Post says they does that by a mistake. That is a disgrace to all the lives lost, you don’t shot and kill someone by rare luck or by mistake. Especially not well-trained military soldiers like the Aghazi Squad. The Woyane knows this, all people knows this.

Because a good soldier knows how to carry the weapon, how much force it takes to pull the trigger and aim. How to use the weapon to make sure his enemy goes down. That is natural and not something that happens on dumb luck. That is disrespectful to the ones killed. That the EPRDF and the Command Post is saying it was an accident. Yes, the two motorcycles hitting each other, that was an accident, but what happen after was a military maneuver that aimed to get rid of the people. Woyane knows this and they have ordered this. Now the TPLF and EPRDF has to take responsibility for the killings.

[Wazema Alerts] The Oromo People Democratic Organization (Oromo People’s Democratic Organization) announced that it has killed nine innocent people in the town of Moyale in Oromia region. He expressed his sadness” (Wazema Radio, 10.03.2018).

Clearly this is a sign of the how far the TPLF and Woyane will go. In Oromia and Amhara, you cannot even have a motorcycle accident without having a military skirmish and killings. It is insane, but also the sad reality of the Central Government and the State of Emergency. We could anticipate this, but the worst really happen. The Aghazi did their thing and the innocent died, the people got hurt and families lost their loved ones. Because the government wants to prove their power and their authority. Peace.

Ethiopia: The New State of Emergency Rules bans the most common ways of Communication!

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defense Force (EPRDF) and the Tigray People’s Liberation Force (TPLF) are reinforcing the Command Post instructions and showing their lack of tolerance, neither their belief in liberty and freedom. As they are planning to further control the protests and the demonstrators in Oromia and Amhara. That is why there are putting up the ante and showing no mercy, as the Queerro has demonstrated and people have died over the weekend. That should not be forgotten, that in towns in Oromia, dozens of innocent citizens has died in gunfire from the Republics own guards. The ones supposed to defend them, not kill them!

The First ban of Communication:

The public should know that these social media posts are illegal and purposely aimed at affecting peaceful activities by terrorizing citizens, it said” (Asrat, 2018). So the Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other Social Media sites are now illegal and will be cracked down on. This is like last year, when the shutdown the internet in the regions to stop the diaspora and other activists from spreading the word of the oppression done by the state. This will be in the same fashion, this time as well. However, now this time it is anticipated.

The Second ban of Communication:

The directives issued by the Command Post prohibit disrupting transport services, free movement of people, service delivery of private and public service institutions as well as closing commercial centers and shops” (Asrat, 2018). This second one is stopping people from closing their shops, deciding that the people cannot close road or bar people from moving around. Like the roadblocks and the stones in the roads are now illegal. This sort of peaceful demonstrations and closing of public space is now illegal. Proving that the state wants to limit the space of demonstrations and to give an outcry of the Queerro and the Amhara. This is in affect stopping the closing the silent ghosts towns and the blockades that both regions has done.

The Third Ban of Communication:

The State of Emergency also prohibits preparing, printing and distributing writings, displaying signs or publicizing messages that could incite violence via other means of communication”(Asrat, 2018). This is like obligated from the state, this is stopping the youthful messengers of the Queerro and other types of spreading the word. Even if the he-say and she-say will spread the words if the state likes it or not. They are not allowing people to write or spread any writings, any sort of communication. This is just showing how demeaning the state is and how concerned they are.

The Fourth Ban of Communication:

It also forbids importing or exporting publications and exchanging via mobile cell phone, television, radio, social media and other means of communication without license. It also prohibits disrupting delivery and distribution of basic commodities” (Asrat, 2018). We can really see that even using the phones is illegal to spread the messages, the Short Message Service (SMS) is even illegal. They cannot use the phones and the extended services, which a modern phone contains. They are already not allowed to use Social Media, so the SMS and TV messages, even Radio are showing that all types of content and spreading it is illegal.

Banning disobedience against work:

Moreover, it also prohibits being absent from work without enough reason, disappearing from work, strike and intentional underperformance as well as harming by any means public, government and private properties” (Asrat, 2018). The public is not allowed to be off work and demonstrate, they have to show-up and is obligated to do so. They just have to be at the office, at the shop, at the mill and whatnot because the Command Post says so.

If you believed anything good would come out of the new State Emergency, this proves how belittling, how disgusting and how far the state takes their powers to silence and oppress their own. These are their own citizens and they have less powers, than what kids has from their parents. It would be like constantly be in the time-out stage, the paternalism, where the TPLF and EPRDF are using all techniques to silence them. Treating the citizens like kids, that is why they are taking away what they see as privileges, like day-offs from work. Having the rights to close their own owned shops, the rights of using the phones, spread information through all sorts of communication, even spread all digital content with their fellow citizens. All of that is forbidden, while they are in time-outs.

It just show how insane and afraid the state is of the message, of the power of the written word and the content that question their authority, because they are afraid that they go from being kids to teens. Who rebels against their parents and doesn’t want to follow, what they see as unfair rules. Its the state who hasn’t seen how the kids has grown, they are having a thinking mind and are justified to their freedoms and liberty. To grow and become their own person, not just having their free minds and liberty. Not being chained because the TPLF believes so.

You know the state has lost their value, lost their purpose and lost their way, when the people cannot communicate and cannot use the ordinary means of passing content between each other. That is so controlling and so outrages, that the TPLF should have a time-out, not the citizens who are losing all privileges. It is insane and showing how little value liberty, freedom and the representation of the oppressed has. They can lose everything so a little elite can have everything. Peace.


Asrat, Amare – ‘Command Post urges public to carry out normal day-to-day activities, reject social media intimidating posts’ (05.03.2018) link:,-reject-social-media-intimidating-posts

Ethiopia: The Parliament approved the State of Emergency – “Nothing good will come out of this!”

It was anticipated and now it’s official, that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Front (EPRDF) are using their powers to quell demonstrations, by any means and now by the sanctions of the Parliament. The TPLF will really answer the protests and done so by approving the State of Emergency, which the military and the TPLF supported. This will really advance the brutality and the killings in Oromia and Amhara. Where the protest has been the loudest. That is where the Aghazi squad and their fellow peers has assaulted people in their homes, killed dozens of people and hospitalized unknown amount of people, since the State of Emergency came into effect.

“Addis Ababa, March 2, 2018 (FBC) – The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) today approved the State of Emergency declared by the Council of Ministers on February 16, 2018. The House approved the decree by vote of 395 in favor to 88 against, with 7 abstentions. The emergency rule was declared to protect the constitution and the constitutional order, ensure freedom of movement and rights of people to generate wealth by maintaining their unity and equality. Incidents in violation of the constitution and the constitutional order as well as that could pose threat to the country have been expanding in some parts of the country since recently, it was stated. People living in various parts asked the government to give them the necessary protection as a result of these violence and conflicts, it was noted. The emergency rule was declared as the threat posed to the country has reached to the level where it could not be prevented and controlled by the regular law enforcement, according to the government” (Fana Broadcasting Company – ‘Ethiopian parliament approves State of Emergency’ 02.03.2018).

As seemingly as Sergey Lavrov and Rex Tillerson passes by Addis Ababa, they are still putting in full effort to silence the people. They are using the parliament to stop the demonstrations and circumvent the constitution for their benefit. This is done to make sure the uprisings in Amhara and Oromia are silenced by any means, as the Command Post orders lately constituted. There isn’t nothing in this, that is positive. It will only lead to more oppression, more death and more harassment of the citizens. The state will ensure to kill civilians, take away their rights and shut down any protest by anybody. Even if they are spreading political information or not. The TPLF is so afraid for losing the control, that they are killing their own people to rule. It is insane, but also the reality.

This State of Emergency is made to ensure the TPLF stays on top, by the guns and for the guns. This is not made for progress or for peace; it is just a quest to stay longer in power. The people are besieged in their towns are under a military occupation. This is fellow citizens and the ones these people are supposed to represent and they are answering with military force against civilians. Who only have demonstrated for fair representation of their group and their people! That is clearly a violation of their rights, concerning these fellow leaders in Addis. Who are now using the SOE to quell and silence them.

When concerning this SOE, there isn’t anything positive, it is just making the people prisoners of the conscious of the TPLF. They are all just taken for granted and losing their rights, because one political party wants to rule them all. The EPRDF, the TPLF controlled entity, is now forcing itself and using the military to stop the others from speaking up. It could end bloody, it already has taken lives and continues to do so. Even as the world leaders pass by, greet and walks away. Nothing is done to spare the innocent and the ones who just want a fair ruler. That is apparently, to much to ask for the Amhara and Omoro, who just have to follow the guidelines of the Tigray. It isn’t beautiful, it is despicable and disgraceful. No honour, nor bravery, just brutal enslavement of the minds, because of one groups who has the idea of total domination.

The Parliament agreed with it, even as many abstained, many didn’t even show up. That shows the discontent is beyond the reach, if it had been favourable, it wouldn’t have had that many people voting against and have that many representatives not showing up. That is just the sense you can have, after all of this.

The SOE will be brutal, will be fatal and will only bring destruction; nothing good comes out of this. Nothing at all and the people who deserves someone to represent them, are seeing their leaders sending soldiers to their homes, to their streets and to their meetings. The SOE will just be another reason for killing, detaining and silencing the people. Nothing, nothing good comes out of it. It only brings more hurt to the civilians, who just wished to have someone that actually represented them and their needs. Peace.

Eritrea Ministry of Information Press Statement on Ethiopia: “Repetitive lies cannot bury the truth” (28.02.2018)