Lettre ouverte a Monsieur Mende, ministre de la communication, porte-parole du government (01.07.2016)

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Statement of the Africa Liberal Network on the recent warrant of arrest for Moise Katumbi and his arrival in South Africa for medical treatment (21.05.2016)

Moise Katumbe 20.05.2016

21 May 2016

Release: Immediate

The ALN notes with extreme concern the warrant of arrest for Moise Katumbi, opposition leader and former Governor of Katanga Province.

Mr Katumbi has recently arrived in South Africa for medical treatment following the firing of teargas directed at him and his supporters.

The charges against Mr Katumbi follow extensive intimidation and arrest of numerous opposition supporters. With elections scheduled for November this year and President Joseph Kabila showing clear indications that he seeks an unconstitutional extension of his term, there is an urgent need for inclusive dialogue amongst all stakeholders.

The lack of both state resources and empowerment provided to Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante (CENI) further inhibits the democratic right of Congolese citizens to participate in free and fair elections.

ALN President and former Minister of Planning Olivier Kamitatu states that: “President Kabila has deliberately sabotaged the electoral process. The ruling policy is one of chaos and fear”.

Further to the ALN’s resolution (adopted at the 12th General Assembly in January 2016) on the political crisis in the DRC, the Network calls for the end to violence and the start of peaceful, legitimate dialogue within the context of the rule of law. All parties, both opposition and majority, must be protected and guaranteed their rights in political activities and assembly.

The ALN furthermore calls for the protection of Mr Katumbi and a fair trial should there be credible evidence. If not, the government of President Kabila is to cease its intimidation and arbitrary arrest of the opposition.

The Network maintains the position that functioning democracies are bound by the rule of law and constitutionalism, including adherence to presidential term limits.

Letter – No. 3010/RMP.V/041/PGR/MIM/2016: Requete en expatriation de Mr. Moise Katumbi pour des raisons de soins medicaux en Afrique du Sud (20.05.2016)

Katumbi 20.05.2016. Letter of State

Moïse Katumbi saga continues with him in possible exile; as he takes a hospital plane to South Africa for treatment!

Moise Katumbe 20.05.2016

Moïse Katumbi, the Opposition Presidential Candidate in Democratic Republic of Congo; who was recently charged with connection to mercenaries and problem for National Security, as President Kabila tries to secure his third term. This has happen while the Demonstrations in Lubumbashi and tear-gas have hurt Moïse Katumbi, and hospitalized the man; in this tale there is sad news.

Katumbi 20.05.2016

He has taken together with his entourage went to the airport of Lubumbashi and went on a Hospital Plane that we’re going to South Africa. This means that the both he needs treatment after the violence from the government security forces attacked him and his supporters recently. There was one of his lawyers that were first verifying his travel plans, today. Even Minister of Communication Lambert Mende confirms the authorization for the travel for Katumbi to Johannesburg for treatment.

UK Katumbi 20.05.2016

Moïse Katumbi is initially going into exile and going for treatment as his candidacy is to hurtful for the ruling president and his strong-man tear-gas fear spreading policies into the General Election.

The remains of Mobutu's Palce
The remains of Mobutu’s Palce

This is the legacy that Joseph Kabila will leave, not so he could usher in something new. Certainly his home will be fled like the home of Mobutu and his palace in end up like this one in Gbadolite, the same that I am sure Kabila is building for himself. Until his reign ends and a empty palace for the forest to eat, since they (Congolese people) do not want to remember the oppressive behavior of Kabila. Peace.