Opinion: Mbeki’s letter is right, but it’s too late now

Former President Thabo Mbeki penned a 8 page letter to the African National Congress Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte – “Re: Urgent Tasks of the Movement” dated yesterday on the 24th November 2021. This was his response to the failure of yet another Local Government Elections in the Republic.

Mbeki could easily see this coming and the ANC is own beast at this very moment. They are living on the past and on the stalemate they have on the political landscape. Yes, there are rising stars and movements, which can be a danger to them. However, it will still take time before they have manpower or capacity to overtake the ANC. That is what keeping the Movement alive and their current status as the ruling regime.

Cyril Ramaphosa haven’t ensured a better run state. No, the state is crippled and lacking service delivery, as it was under the reign of Jacob Zuma. They are both like kin, but Ramaphosa isn’t as conning and openly corrupt as his predecessor. Still, the systems are fixes, the financial forecasts aren’t getting better and neither is people changes.

The ANC have forgotten it’s purpose and seems to be a elitist and corrupt band of bandits on the top. They don’t seem to be fixated in governing or actually do what they promise to do. The same problems are reoccurring and generations are stagnating behind a cycle of lacking development. This is why they seek other politicians and parties. They don’t see any hope or promise in the ANC.

Why should they?

Yes, Mbeki says the ANC should implement Manifesto Commitments, but there shouldn’t be a need for a letter from a stalwart to do that. This should be basics, just like professionalising the public administration from the top to the bottom. However, that it get mentioned in 2021 is a travesty. When the ANC have been running the Republic since 1994 and had all the time to implement promises since then. This should be things they are busy doing already and if they are not. It says more about their nepotism, cronyism and their lacking concern with actually governing.

That’s why this letter is indicating what is lacking, but also what the ANC have forgotten to do. Which shouldn’t be thing in 2021. These should be the professionals and the grown ups in offices. Nevertheless, maybe fancy cars, siphoning funds and eating of the public plate is more important than, well actually do your job and fix the local government structures. It is easier to patch the hurt with a flair and boosting promises.

That’s why the words of the letter and the extracts of the pledges made only makes it more hallow. It shallow and not very promising. As Mbeki might mean every word and wants the ANC to succeed. What is striking is that this letter could easily just prove how the ANC has totally failed and is a failure of a governing party. When they need a reminder like this and to do what they said to do. This shouldn’t be the case… but it’s so in 2021.

Mbeki is maybe the conscience of the ANC at this point. He maybe has a heart and hope that he revitalize the ailing party. Nevertheless, his late to the party and the drinks have already been served. People are buzzed anymore, they are drowsy and some are ready to throw-up. Others are bailing out and wanting to go home. This party is a pity-party and his letter only shows what’s wrong.

Ramaphosa needs to address this, but don’t expect him too. He will let some of his handlers deal with this. His preoccupied with some sort of foreign expedition or conference to be bothered by this. Cyril hopes someone else can sort this out for him. Because, this is beneath him. Even if he is the head and needs to take charge. He won’t though.

So, Mbeki will not change things. The ANC is ailing and failing on it’s own merits. The ANC have created this and they can only change this… if they start to care or actually wants to govern. However, that is too much to ask and we cannot anticipate that in 2021. Peace.

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