Press Statement: Media exposed, Guptas cleared! (14.06.2016)

ANC Coal War

The big story over the weekend by City Press revolved around the alleged Eskom untoward “bail out” of the Gupta business. 

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, June 14, 2016 –  The Gupta family has now been cleared by over four entities of any wrong doing but you wouldn’t know this from the media reports. The big story over the weekend by City Press revolved around the alleged Eskom untoward “bail out” of the Gupta business. But Eskom has issued two detailed statements which clears the Gupta family business more specifically Tegeta which is one of the coal suppliers to Eskom. The Eskom statements come at the backdrop of the Gupta family also being cleared by the ANC NEC investigation which followed the alleged “state capture” by the family. It must be remembered that when the long term auditors of the family KPMG stopped its association with the family business it made it clear that there was nothing wrong with the books of the Guptas, an assertion which was confirmed by the new auditors who undertook their own independent “due diligence” on the state of the finances of the business. As if that is not enough, even the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has come out and denied that there is any investigation against the Guptas. These facts make a fair reader to ask; why is the media spreading lies?

The stories by both city press and Sunday times are devoid of any factual truth, are malicious and possibly illegal as well. City Press was given clarifications by Eskom which showed that their story had no basis in fact. But they ignored all that and continued to publish lies and fabrications.  City Press essentially alleges that the Tegeta was given preferential treatment on the Arnot deal to offset the losses on the Hendrina deal. The readers not familiar with the Eskom deal might know that once Guptas bought the Swiss company known as Optimum Coal, they continued to supply coal at  R150 a ton as opposed the R530 demanded by the Swiss company under threat of unleashing load shedding. That is the Hendrina deal which continues until 2018. What happened in between is that Eskom needed more supplies for the Arnot power station, and the request was opened to other suppliers which included Tegeta. The quality of the coal is different from that which is required by the Hendrina station. Eskom explained in its statements that, the quality of the coal for this station is “export grade”.

City Press chose to lie openly when it says, coal was ferried from 50km away to offset the loss making of Optimum Coal deal.  Eskom clarified to city press in a statement that, “The Optimum Coal Mine provides two coal qualities to Eskom.  The Optimum – Hendrina supply is a blended product of run-of-mine and washed product. This is supplied under the existing Optimum-Hendrina contract that expires in 2018.” Eskom was explicit that; “The second product from Optimum from their export mining compound.  It is a higher quality coal and this is supplied to Arnot under the current short term agreement”.

City Press deliberately omitted the distinction between the coal supplied on Hendrina and the one supplied to Arnot. Furthermore, City Press deliberately misinformed its readers by not disclosing that Tegeta was one of the seven suppliers for the short term contract named by Eskom. This shows that City Press has an agenda specifically against Tegeta because it’s partly owned by the Guptas. Eskom on Saturday issued a statement which made it clear that; “Eskom firmly rejects the suggestion that Tegeta was favoured or that due process was not followed”. But City Press is not interested in the truth it’s only interested in the agenda to kick the Guptas out of the coal sector because white owned companies now feel the heat of competition.

The racism of City Press report comes with how it does not believe that a black owned company can do better than a white owned business. White media asks how Tegeta can turn around a loss making company which whites had given up on. Instead of recognising Tegeta for business skills and innovation they cast aspersion suggesting wrong doing. “If whites can’t do it, blacks can’t do it either” is the philosophy behind City Press report supported by Sunday Times. Furthermore, City Press and Sunday Times in their campaign to destroy the Gupta family, failed to inform their readers that Eskom has declared that the deal with the Guptas has saved it R1 billion in mere 8 months. This is a big positive story, when Eskom saves money it means South Africans benefit. But such truth comes in the way of the agenda of the media.

The media is also silent about how Eskom explains how Tegeta has stepped in when there was a crisis at the Hendrina power station and has saved thousands of jobs. City Press furthermore, withheld information to its readers which would have shown that in fact the deal they claim is bad, comes at much lower price for Eskom than the deal before which was under the white owned Exxaro which sold R1 132 per ton as against the average of R500 by Tegeta. That is half the price the white companies use to demand, but such facts don’t support the campaign and are therefore suppressed.

The Gupta business tired of distortions and has called on all the media houses to a live debate on their stories. None are willing to do so because a live debate doesn’t allow for distortions. Oakbay Investments CEO Nazeem Howa has thrown the gauntlet and till date only Media24 has accepted the challenge to a live debate and the result is quite revealing on how the media is doing the bidding for white owned companies who are feeling the heat of the competitive edge of the Gupta owned companies. In the media 24 live interview, the public gets to learn a lot about selective reporting and the revelations that the media has ignored the Eskom own statement and the SARB. It would come as a big surprise to many readers to know that actually, Oakbay only supplies about 5% of the coal to Eskom. The other about 80% is supplied by white owned companies who are not being hounded by the media.

The media needs to be asked as to why it is not interested in the 80% coal suppliers of Eskom. The reason is patent to all fair people. The troubles of the Oakbay started when they out smarted the Swiss giant Glencore and bought their ailing company which was trying to blackmail Eskom by withdrawing its coal with the hope of hitting South Africa with another outage and then to be able to name the price it wants to sell coal to Eskom which would have been outside the agreement it had. It was the foresight and courage of the Eskom CEO Brian Molefe who stopped the whole scheme and quickly put the Swiss giant on a back footing and was forced to sell their business called Optimal Coal to the Guptas. This has infuriated white business and had led to the political attack sponsored by white capital and the Gupta must go campaign on the one hand and on the other the same white monopoly capital in competition with the Guptas has pressured the banks to close the accounts of the Gupta business. The media is not interested in the linkages including the serious impact on the 7500 workers and their families which comes to affecting over 50 000 people!

The renewed media attack on Oakbay seem to be linked with the realization that the Guptas are turning around the loss making Optimum Coal. A few months ago the business was on its dead bed but today has been removed from the ICU to the bitterness of white monopoly capital. This means Oakbay is establishing itself in the coal sector which is currently dominated by white owned companies. What is even more intriguing is that one of the companies which are major players in coal are those associated with Johann Rupert. Together with the companies linked to the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa who is personal friend of Rupert their companies have respectively milked over R8 billion from Eskom. Clearly Rupert and Ramaphosa are concerned that their milking cow is now doing business with companies which are not linked to white monopoly capital.

Given the lies written by the media against black companies and businesses it makes sense that government should without any further delay institute a media tribunal and criminalize lies and slander by the media. The South African media is no longer held accountable by media ethics, it has become peddlers of lies and distortion for narrow racist ends.


My Letter to President Zuma after the “Spy Tapes” verdict of late was recently deemed “irrational” time to rethink you position Mr. President!


Oslo, 30th April 2016.

Dear His Excellency President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma!

I still hope you are okay in your grand home and travelling still like the President of the Republic of South Africa. I know that you’re still having lots of hot soup and getting more time to spend in court or fellow hired lawyers to represent you and your lordship.

I am writing to you again as the allegations of corruption is becoming the envy of reign. Not that you have written and made progress, policy even of magnitude for the South African people. You are in the headlines because of the acts of corrupt behaviour and intended conspiracy of using the Executive branch to gain monetary gains. That is not Statesman supposed to do. Parts of you know that right?

“President Zuma improperly benefited from the measures implemented in the name of security which include nonsecurity comforts such as the Visitors’ Centre, such as swimming pool, amphitheater, cattle kraal with culvert and chicken run”. (Public Protector Report 10.5.3, p 431)

I am also pouring my heart to you as the Nkandla scandal is just fresh in mind and the Constitutional Court case was not in favour and you have to pay-back to the tax-payers the money you used on the fire-pool and amphitheatre in Kwa-Zulu Natal homestead. So it’s not like you have had breathing space between the allegations and even verdicts entailing the trailing prospects to your name. Not that you are famed for Nobel approach to life or deceive in the matter of economic prosperity and education of your fellow citizens. Your last name Mr. President is synonymous with Corruption. In the next Merriam-Webster dictionary your photo will be right under the word “Corrupt”. And “Acts like a Zuma” and the word in google will be “Corrupt”.

ANC Cartoon

This is not easy to write to you as I am the man who you hire to clean your pool in Nkandla. As I am not even a ANC Stalwart or ANC member, I am foreigner with squat to say really. I only have my word and my mind. So I still don’t expect you or any of your loyal men in the National Assembly to take my words into account. But I might show you the opinion and demeanour the rest of world has of you.

But today, I don’t write the letter because of the Nkandla, have already addressed to you and think you should consider the proposal I had when I wrote it back then. So I will not readdress it and repeat myself to much. As that is something more than often do, as you constantly gets you name caught up in court and get petitions against your actions. Even cases that been dismissed, gets back to life and hunts you.

As the Democratic Alliance Versus Acting National Director of Public Prosecution and others (19577/2009) ZAGPPHC 255 (29.04.2016) that was on the 29th April the current decision on the big spy tape case of 2009 is now here:

“Having regard to the conspectus of the evidence before us we find that Mr Mpshe found himself under pressure and he decided to discontinue the prosecution of Mr Zuma and consequently made an irrational decision. Considering the situation in  which  he  found himself, Mr Mpshe ignored the importance of the oath of office which demanded of him to act independently and without fear or favour” (…)”It is thus our view that the envisaged prosecution against Mr Zuma was not tainted by the allegations against Mr McCarthy. Mr Zuma should face the charges as outlined in the indictment” (…)”This Court, for the reasons stated above, finds that the decision of 1 April 2009 by Mr Mpshe to discontinue the prosecution of the case against Mr Zuma is irrational and should be reviewed and set aside” (North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, 29.04.2016).

This must be a slap on the His Excellency the ghost of the corrupted past hits back at you. That another judge calls the former verdict a irrational one and deem it unfit; as the judge see the case upon fresh review and new process to get into the facts of the matter. That cannot be a great look, you have to pay-back the tax-payers for the fire-pool and now you have to again go through a public view of the old “Spy Tapes”. As you don’t have enough on your plate as your son have quit his job at Oakbay Investments, as the ties to the Gupta Family supposed to not be entangled in your political vision. That as much as the triple finance minister brawl of December 2015, had nothing to the with the use of money for a private plane or other procurement that the state did not have funds for.


So the controversy around never get muted Mr. President. This continues to pressure you position, just as much ever before. At this point you have again a review and over 700 counts of alleged conspiracy of corruption. That must be hurting as you are supposed to be an Executive and the grand leader of the country. The statute of the Presidency, the head honcho and the Commander-in-Chief isn’t supposed to be this much in the court room or have your name synonymous with corruption.

If you are not supposed be a thief or a gangster I would have understand Mr. President. But you have not planned for this. You thought this chapter was done and you could continue with being the leader and grand master with some flash. Instead the Democratic Alliance and the Higher Court have pulled more gasoline on the fire. The one burning sensation that does not cured with taking a shower.

Mr. President, Jacob Zuma you have now more counts on you than the worst criminals. You have now had more cases had more allegations then anybody I know who actually are a current President and also a majority party President. That is in an achievement and not a positive one. All the other issues and trade-agreements that have hunted you; they are following your shadow no matter where you walk.

So His Excellency Jacob G. Zuma, you are the man who still is the head of the ruling party ANC and also the President, means you are the Markie man in the National Assembly. You should be man of honour and man of valour of justice as you represent the chamber; that set the standard for laws and regulations. That makes your position valuable and also significant. Something you already know as you have had for few years now already. You should consider resigning or start seeking for succession as the dishonour you put into the courts, national assembly and your own party says it all Mr. President.    

This is just written to you as a consideration and a kind reminder. As I know you won’t directly read any of my letters, but I hope some of your advisors will. And parts of me wish that you would step down as you tarnish the reputation of the ANC. The ANC who was a benchmark and was a party to look up to for guidance and inspiration as he leaders had character and was men of integrity and solidarity towards fellow citizens. That is what is missing in the ANC and you Mr. President is symptom of what the party is missing. Peace.

Best regards

The Writer of Minbane

Letter – Re: Impassioned Plea from Oakbay Employees – Please Save Our Jobs (20.04.2016)

Oakbay Employee Letter 20.04.2016

My letter to President Zuma after the Con Court judgement and the outcome of the Motion of Impeachment in the RSA Parliament recently


Oslo, 13th April 2016.

Dear His Excellency President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma!

I hope you are okay, not really though, but the human parts of me does. As I know you eaten for long while and is far from starving. I am not somebody you or your loyal cronies in the African National Congress listen to, as I am the man you had hired to wash your Amphitheatre or clean away the grass there or painting part some of the walls that need a fresh paint at Nkandla village. I am sure you would hire me to clean your fire-pool. So I understand if you will not listen to my reason, but I hope somebody does.

I know that you have gotten rid of the people who also wanted access to power, as you have done with Julius Malema as he was young and vibrant, while you we’re busy getting married and getting new children with the new wives. That is why you have a village in Nkandla. You have so many house and private clinic there for your service. You even swallowed Thabo Mbeki the intellectual, who muffled his career and said yes to let the finally ANC eat, and eat heavy. As you have done for a while now, maybe time to let go of the plate? The gig is up?

President Zuma you we’re able to get rid of Mbeki and make is legacy be mixed up in a bad-deal and PR for supervision of Zimbabwe and their Government of National Unity (GNU) where President Mugabe (ZANU-PF) still where the Executive, why the winner of the election became his deputy Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T). That helped to tarnish the powers of Mbeki and make you rise as the deputy of Mbeki to block his place as the executive of South Africa. The way you did it was to sell the “the Arms-Deal” to Mbeki, and let him swallow the scandal.

KZA Farm

You have always used reason to get away from scandals, corruption cases and maladministration of government funds and procedures. You have always stead steady with the allegation and able to deflect it. The share amount of cases and the times you’re named in curious cases is staggering for an Executive of a Nation. If you we’re a famer I would expect you to act respectfully to your animals and use your dirt to produce quality food. But you happen to be the Executive, the President and His Excellency! With those titles comes the certainties of honourable acts that are expect, not only by your constituency, but also by the rules and laws of Parliament, as well as the famous guideline of the nation, a constitution.

As you know the Constitution set precedence for you role and position Honourable Jacob G. Zuma. You have certain abilities and opportunity with that position, but at the same time; which is hard for you to see the extent of that power.


The Nkandla is a promising corrupt case and all, but you have not honoured the power you have had; Honourable Zuma you should have emulated late President Félix Houphouët-Boigny of Cote d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast in 1983, the honourable Houphouët-Boigny moved the Capital of the Country to his village Yamoussoukro from the well-known town of Abidjan and build a majestic town out it. By two years even LA Times said there was more traffic-lights then people in Yamoussoukro. You might have built a village in Kwa-Zulu Natal for yourself, but in the prospect of other rulers of recent times. So when you first were corrupted you could have staged something more out of it.

You have already displaced arrogance towards the rest of the Parliament or the National Assembly. As you have over a few years deflected this case, as you also does not discuss the matter of how you got rid of Mbeki. Even if you proclaimed near the end of his last tenure that you we’re his man. Something you we’re not.

Two and Half Gupta

Other than Nkandla, you have spoils with the Gupta Family and their involvement into politics. As there been said and asked for covering if the Gupta family and their Oakbay Resources and Energy; especially when we can consider the sudden axing of Nene Nhanhla as Finance Minister, while David Van Rooyen had the position for three days or so, before a third Minister Pravin Gordhan was the excellent choice. All happen under two-weeks in December 2015, and made the already fragile markets react and also suspect business from the government and executive into lights.

As the questions for a Private Jet for the Executive for 4bn Rand in November 2015, that Minister Nhanhla would not accept. Some says that the reason for his axing, what do you say Honourable Zuma? Or was the Gupta’s behind it all?

There should also be worrying for a President, at this day and age: to have over 500,000 searches on google for you if you type “Zuma Corruption”. That is worrying isn’t it honourable Zuma?

Though I am sure you will deflect it all, it is a western paradigm and that you should not be in court as you deserve the same honour as Richard Nixon in his time. Well, Nixon didn’t build a village for himself with tax-money, didn’t have shady business connections with Gupta investors, Swaziland connections and so on. You have treated the Executive Position to earn money and eat for yourself.


Your legacy will not be how you established ANC as more as liberation movement, but a fully-fledged political party. Instead like so many liberation movements, you have started to eat and forgotten why they fought against the oppression. So as you can now payback the monies used for “Security Upgrades” of Nkandla homestead. While you might gotten enough votes in the National Assembly as the ANC members of Parliament is loyal to you and not the Constitution apparently. But I am the guy who you hire to paint your walls at Nkandla, so I don’t expect you ever to listen or read my words. I am a pundit and nobody. As I presume my existence in the shadow, let it be certain, if you even survive your career as the Executive while sophisticated stealing of government funds. You still will not leave a legacy and the name Zuma will not be standing in for-front of well-renowned character those parents wants to teach their kids to emulate.

Why I say this is because the amount of scandals, the way you brought yourself to power through the ANC and the way you have used the government organizations to access wealth. Creating networks for your own gain and not the general public as you’re supposed to as an Executive. Also by facilitate and use all courts and time of the state in your name.

I got to recommendations to you, though I know you only listen to Court judgements or verdicts, as this is merely a suggestion to what you could do now. And with that in mind, I know you won’t listen to any of the advice. As they are suggestions and not something you should follow as the constitution, but hey; parts of that you don’t follow either. Let’s skip that and give you the advice. 


Here are my two recommendations to you:

First: You should have followed the EFF and DA motion and stepped down, resigned and leave with valour of honour, as possible to give space to your party to sort itself out after the debacle with the Nkandla and Gupta connection you have. As the Con-Court set standards for you and that you did not listen to Public Protectorate considering the case.

Second: Following President Houphouët-Boigny of Ivory Coast, continue to build Nkandla into a magnificent city with more streetlights then people in Nkandla, Kwa-Zulu Natal. So if you’re really corrupted Honourable then ever President Zuma you should make the home and town more extravagant. Extravagant for Nkandla in the sense send in a motion to the National Assembly to move the Capital from Pretoria to Nkandla; as a gift to the proud folks of Kwa-Zulu Natal. So you can prove the value of the constituency you reside. Be a truly African President that South Africa ever has had.  So quit that meagre estimated building of Nkandla Village Project and secure that instead becomes Nkandla Metropolitan City Project. So the ANC big project before next election will be to make Nkandla a City and trading centre, not just a hangout place for the wives, kids and grand-children of the Executive.

Honourable President Zuma, as I expect you not to ever read it or the loyal cronies in the inner circle of the ANC. But it should be put into consideration as the expected ANC Stalwarts and ANC Veterans who has spoken against the presidency and the Executive asked politely to step down. So I am sure the ANC Party and ANC Organization listen more to them then to me. An you should listen to them, because their vocal about their grievances together with Civil Society Organizations, Churches and Opposition Parties feels about the codes of conduct and justice of your part in the National Assembly and continuing to be their Executive. Peace.

Best Regards

The Writer of the blog MinBane.

Press Release: The Gupta family welcomes ANC review (22.03.2016)

Zuma 2

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, March 22, 2016 – Regarding the release of the ‘Statement of the African National Congress following the National Executive Committee meeting held 18-20 March’, the Gupta family said:

“The Gupta family welcomes the decision of the ANC to investigate the alleged capture of the state by any business entities.

We welcome this process which should ultimately allow the truth to be recognised and end this current trial by innuendo and slander. We will fully cooperate with the Office of the Secretary General during the information gathering process.

We reiterate our support for the country’s Constitution and the rule of law and believe state capture from any quarter should be condemned.  We remain committed to the overall well-being of South Africa and all its citizens.”

It would be inappropriate for us to comment any further until publication of the findings.”

About Oakbay Investments and the Gupta family

Oakbay Investments ( has invested more than R10 billion in South Africa. Oakbay Investments is 100% transparent – all numbers have been verified by one of the world’s most respected accountancy firms.

The Gupta family has a 23-year history of strong business performance and turnaround skills. This strong performance has come almost entirely via successful activity in the private sector, with less than 1% of the Group’s revenue coming from government contracts.

Sector diversification has also enabled Oakbay companies to deliver consistent growth and job creation throughout times of both economic boom and bust.

For example, 47,000 jobs have been lost in South Africa’s mining sector between 2012 and 2015. In contrast, Oakbay’s mining companies have created 3500 of jobs in the sector.