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RSA: DA Leader Mmusi Maimane letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa – “Urgent Appeal for Full Transparency on the Extent of our Country’s Energy Crisis” (22.03.2019)

RSA: Mmusi Maimane letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa on Jacob Zuma’s legal fees (07.01.2019)

Opinion: Degraded yet again, Zuma ordered to pay legal fees!

Former South African President Jacob Zuma has today lost in Court as he battles the State Capture case and bountiful of other charges, as his time in the limelight and being the Executive is ceased indefinitely.

Zuma has gone from being the king-maker, the almighty dealer and corrupt state official, the high-ranking official who secured his fellow family and cronies jobs, tenders and work with the State Owned Enterprises. Now, he is battling in Court to defend his actions. Clearly, as the time goes by, that it is not going well. He is not sipping tea in Saxonworld anymore; he is lingering between trials and awaiting further judgment.

The judges have even ordered that the three previous occasions, when the courts has allowed it to be covered by the state, have been revised. Meaning, the old legal fees and the ones that has been paid by the state has to be recovered from the previous President. That is a costly affair, as he is paying back legal fees into early 2005 or so. We are in the midst of 2018 and there are more to come.

That the previous President has come into this bargain is all on his own. It is his own intention and miscalculation, as of one point, it didn’t seem to ever backfire. The planned corruption and the grand corruption done while in office. While now, as times goes by and the skeletons are out of the closet. The reality is dawning.

The reality is actually damning. He is pinched, his friends has abandoned him and left him alone. The previous ally and now President Cyril Ramaphosa, didn’t even try to counter sue or try to test the case put forward by Economic Freedom Fighters and Democratic Alliance. As the EFF and DA got a final revenge after the hardships for justice in this case.

Malema must be jolly, as he was stabbed in the back for supporting the previous President as the Youth League and Wonder-Boy, who was cast astray as he challenged him after the anointing. Therefore, this is a payback for the time; he was got banned from the African National Congress (ANC). This here is at last a little vindication for Julius.

Certainly, Zuma has gone from vast fortune and power, into the unsure oblivion and misfortune. Where his allies has vanished, where his cronies has fled and the ones thriving man are now struggling. Now, he has to cough up money and surely empty deposits, maybe even sell real estate too. Also, not marry another wife for a while to bear the costs of legal jeopardy he is in at the moment. Since the state will not cover the expenses anymore.

Zuma is fallen, now it is just to find out how hard and what that counts they will charge him with and how deep the state will go, since he wasn’t in it alone. Zuma was doing with the ANC and the more that is out. The more people are implicated, not only in the Gupta Family, but also within the leadership of the ANC. That is the reality and time will tell, because Zuma was the big-man, but not big-man alone on his quest. There was A Tribe Called Quest following him and doing as his asked. He was Q-Tip and the others followed the pursuit to happiness. Peace.

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South Africa: Home Affairs Sets Dates for Hearings on Gupta Naturalisation (05.09.2018)



The committee visited the office on Friday last week and raised concerns around reported security challenges around the centre.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, September 5, 2018 – The Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs has set aside three days to hold the investigation into the process followed in the naturalisation of the Gupta family. The committee has concluded the initial phase of the inquiry (collection of all relevant information) and has identified gaps which need to be clarified by certain people to assist the committee to arrive at a conclusion. The investigation will be held from Wednesday to Friday next week.

The committee has resolved to call the following people to give evidence before the committee:

The MEC for the North West Department of Education and Sports Development
The Head of Department of the North West Department of Education and Sports Development
Former DG Mkhuseli Apleni
Mr GC Christians (Former DHA employee)
Minister Malusi Gigaba

Any addition to the list will be determined by what information is received from the initial hearings.

The committee considers it a must for the identified individuals to attend the hearings and will request the Speaker to summon those that are not prepared to appear. “This matter has been in the public domain without resolution for too long. The committee is thus intending to bring this matter to finality,” said Mr Hlomani Chauke, the Chairperson of the Committee.

Meanwhile, the committee has resolved to move the meeting with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the Tshwane Metro Police on the criminality happening around the Desmond Tutu Refugee Reception Office, because on one hand the SAPS and Tshwane Metro Police did not send a representative to the urgently called meeting. On the other hand, the Department of Home Affairs did not seem prepared and willing to take responsibility.

The committee visited the office on Friday last week and raised concerns around reported security challenges around the centre. “The main reason the committee called the urgent meeting was to afford all role players the platform to find solutions to the security concerns. It is in this context disappointing that the matter was not ventilated,” Mr Chauke said.

Despite this unfortunate occurrence, the committee has committed itself to finding workable solutions to these concerns. It is in this context that the committee rescheduled the meeting to Tuesday next week and will invite the Ministers of Home Affairs and Police, the MMC for Community Safety (City of Tshwane), National Police Commissioner and the Tshwane Chief of Metro Police.

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