NRM – Picture of day: “Money, Cash, and More Cash Money!”

03.02.2016 NRM Uganda

I am sure Nyombi Thembo is somewhere involved in this, as he is famous for giving away millions to LCVs during all of 2015. When the NRM gave money to the local government members of the party, millions after millions. This here pictures surfaces as the report in recent days of the grassroots funding of each village in the country, as they are expected to get 250k by the NRM-O. This here must be real and not photoshopped as the amount of Kampala program and village program comes up in the billions. This here is small-fry. I just wonder which district is this and who are the lucky lottery winners in the NRM donation program? As these people got giant donations from the NRM organization. The picture says enough of in it’s own. Mzee must be so proud! Peace.

NRM begins giving out money for grassroots mobilization (Youtube-Clip)

“The ruling NRM party has begun giving out money to villages in Kampala for mobilization ahead of the 2016 general elections. State Minister for ICT and senior NRM mobiliser Nyombi Thembo told NTV that the exercise will soon be rolled over to other parts of the country. He explained that the money will be used to buy water and other items. Village chairpersons received the money” (NTV Uganda, 2016).

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